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Best $1 Steam Game - Hand Simulator

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Text Comments (311)
Woppersamich (1 day ago)
Haha very funny delete my comments is it because there to good for you? Or is it because your a pussy and you wont actually talk to me LIKE A MAN
Woppersamich (1 day ago)
The fuck is node anyways is it just a bunch of cringey people adding music to games to fuck with the game because they hate the games actual music and yes i have heard the actual music and the people say the game sucks just because there bad and i know people are going to comment saying like "well fuck you because your being salty over a one dollar game!"maybe im being salty because I ACTUALLY LIKE THE FUCKING GAME AND I THINK ITS THE BEST GAME EVER AND I DIDN'T OPEN THE GAME FIND A GLITCH AND THEN JUST START SAYING "oh this game is soo bad it sucks omg i hate this game" IF IT SUCKS DONT FUCKING PLAY IT AND IM READY FOR YOUR SHIT COMMENTS BECAUSE I DONT FUCKING CARE ABOUT YOU AND IF "node" IS FUCKING READING THIS I HOPE YOU CAN GET IT THROUGH YOUR FUCKING CRINGEY ASS.
Woppersamich (1 day ago)
Woppersamich (1 day ago)
These guys just suck
Woppersamich (1 day ago)
Woppersamich (1 day ago)
Woppersamich (1 day ago)
Woppersamich (1 day ago)
Woppersamich (1 day ago)
Fuck you guys
Marcus Fenix (1 day ago)
Put it in simulator
Paul Salvini (3 days ago)
Node is good for your health
SairAerwyn (3 days ago)
I got pretty firm watching this. Good one boyos.
leathery420 (5 days ago)
Say what you want about the game, but it's got a really nice AKM texture and or model. Don't know about 1$, but it is nice.
Obliterator 007 (5 days ago)
I'm near first
Obliterator 007 (5 days ago)
Mr.Neff16 (6 days ago)
I like furryquest
Mr Mario (6 days ago)
cost 2 dolars
Austin Matrix (7 days ago)
You an play this on vr
Jordan Rogers UK (7 days ago)
Would it be easier with a controller
LivingLife (8 days ago)
Omg I lost it. Great video!
This game is possibly even worse than Wolf Quest. :P
flamingogaming 45 (9 days ago)
Steelaxitives (9 days ago)
hey u can VR this game
Lily and Maddy (9 days ago)
Enern (9 days ago)
I love Brandon, he's such a cheerful guy!
Lucid (10 days ago)
The Eternal shine of Wolf Quest will never dim in my eye...
Papa Jeff (10 days ago)
revisit due process
HardCoreGaming 2 (10 days ago)
Do they know this has VR support?
HardCoreGaming 2 (9 days ago)
Architector #4 Oh ok cause my friend has the game without VR and he just said it had VR support so idk anything
Architector #4 (10 days ago)
As far as I know, it's only to look around - and that won't help using the keyboard and mouse to control your hands.
Papa Jeff (10 days ago)
More wolf quest!!!
Frayzix (10 days ago)
Christopher Formisano (10 days ago)
I haven't laughed so hard since Wolf Quest
• salvucci91 (10 days ago)
*Win one who will stay alive!*
_Dampedweevil766 _ (10 days ago)
“Named ass D.”
Sam is a confirmed furry.
Vargarv (10 days ago)
we really need this on VR
TurboGamingUK (10 days ago)
I understand Sam's frustration. I too hated the game at first but once you get a little used to it, it's good wholesome janky fun with friends
Jonah Reid (10 days ago)
Good lord, more of this game please. I know it's frustrating in terms of jank, but holy crap I was crying with laughter the whole time.
you kay GEMING (10 days ago)
Play pubg mobile
you kay GEMING (10 days ago)
Hay vcl
evanlittlejohn8 (10 days ago)
You guys should play War of Rights. I feel like you guys would have a good time with that one.
Angry snare Drum (10 days ago)
Hey guys you really need to get together and do a D&D campaign again , some of the best content released on this channel 👌
Hmmm (11 days ago)
More hand simulator!
TopLessTanks (11 days ago)
Worst demo of the game ever. They wasted most of the video on a bugged server.
Frank Achterberg (11 days ago)
And I'm sitting here, having emptied all 3 mags of the ak in the shooting range, getting consistent hits...
Kprojects Kurt (11 days ago)
Sponsored by hulu
Molitov Michelle (11 days ago)
"Can't they just play the VR Gun Game Brandon was developing again?"
The most funest way to play the game is to load a gun and try to kill your self.
Diamond Ninja4 (11 days ago)
This would be easy and awesome in vr
lynx lot (11 days ago)
So firm
lynx lot (11 days ago)
Bram e (11 days ago)
Nice video!
Nick McCarthy (11 days ago)
more jurassic!
Luv Scars (11 days ago)
The way Brandon tried to sneak D at 6:10 has me dying.
Falcon (11 days ago)
funny how you shit on the devs but it's intentionally janky like QWOP so every insult is a compliment.
Mshojat (11 days ago)
For the first few minutes for some reason I thought they were playing in VR, and was wondering why in the world a VR game has such janky controls/response.
the dragon craft (11 days ago)
Play TTT again
Takoshi Hitsamaru (11 days ago)
I have 3 words for this game. What The Fuck?
"Win one who will stay alive!"
I’m guessing you guys watched Vanossgaming videos before you decided to buy the game
the steel botanist (11 days ago)
More of this comedy plz
Nick Chance (11 days ago)
GamingMaster (11 days ago)
The game is supposed to be like that. I think.
FunGuyStudios (11 days ago)
Please read the whole thing where will you go if you were to die heaven or hell? if it's heaven why do you believe you would go to heaven , if you say that because you are a good person then that is not right we have all sinned and are going to hell because of it and we can not do anything about it that's the bad news. the good news is even though we can't do anything about it, but the Lord God did something about it the Lord God sent his son the Lord Jesus to die on the cross for our sins and for the penalty of sin which is death and after three days being dead the Lord God raised him up from the dead and if you repent towards God and put faith in his Son you shall be saved. The Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. Also, you must confess with your mouth, that Jesus Christ is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised, him from the dead.
yog- slothcloth (11 days ago)
Whoop whoop!
Curtis Paull Vlogs (11 days ago)
do the hand gun one
Denis Guba (11 days ago)
Last time I played it, the controls were absolute cancer.
Jacob Carlson (11 days ago)
I lost my shit when Brandon snuck away at 6:10 😂
NightIIJester (11 days ago)
Surgeon simulator PVP? I think I'd rather use the dollar to pay a bum to berate me ;). 6:37 You can always tell when Brandoh is focused :) Wolf quest would be funny or some more Jurrasic park :) or really Anything!
Shahriyar Mustafiz (11 days ago)
Renegade Cz (11 days ago)
*WIN ONE WHO WILL STAY ALIVE* 5:40 All your base are belong to us, anyone?
Andrew Voegtli (11 days ago)
If I wasn't already subscribed for the plethora of games you guys cover already, Hand Simulator would be enough to win me over - single handedly. It's the best game to date - hands down... I'll go away now.
dylan alleyne (11 days ago)
Zany Productions (11 days ago)
Oi (11 days ago)
Can you do a troll murder mystery where every one is a innocent and one a detective like if you agree also only for one round
Cooper Stang (11 days ago)
Wolf quest! Wolf quest!
Ros Kahuna (11 days ago)
This was so cringey hilarious lol
Arthiem (11 days ago)
shame it has no VR support.
Kevin Nguyễn (11 days ago)
Don't watch this if you have OCD .. lol
StarGazerLuminosus (11 days ago)
It's like they were born adults so theyre having to learn how to use their bodies
Asian Guy (11 days ago)
Hey you guys should try the new game CUISINE ROYALE on steam
Jack Craig (11 days ago)
If you play this again, I recommend the last hero game mode, its the easiest one
Phillip Miner (11 days ago)
Most awkward episode of Node ever...
ItsMeFarrel (11 days ago)
play rainbow six siege irl with drones
Jack Von Vichenstein (11 days ago)
So is it like 7ish days until Brandon and Alex announce the greatest VR FPS ever?
JazzyCabbages (11 days ago)
As soon as I saw the Title, I knew that D, Brandon, Niko, Sam, and whoever the Hell was with them, was gonna have a hard time with this game.
BobdeepGupta (11 days ago)
Combine this with Jurassic World Evolution and you've remade Jurassic Park Trespasser.
bigbossignition (11 days ago)
The glitches had me laughing so much. For such a stupid game that was some great entertainment.
Logan Southam (11 days ago)
"I crouched into blades by accident." _BrandonJLa
Mike Marino (11 days ago)
Could you guys do more D&D. Could it be a traditional campaign like Call of the Wild
Yuki Terumi (11 days ago)
I miss seeing you guys play insurgency. Maybe you should do Squad next lol.
xIAMDAVEx (11 days ago)
Why arent you doing this in VR!?
Joseph Yenkosky (11 days ago)
"Jank" the game, now on Steam.
Plz play this more
Tionanima (11 days ago)
9:39 That spin tho...
Eric Frazier (11 days ago)
What a shitty game
Bryson Spaulding (11 days ago)
You guys should do Rainbow Six
Play more hand simulator
captainsnuffels (11 days ago)
so frim
zinkyre (11 days ago)
Win one who will stay alive!

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