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How to Tie a Bow Tie

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Bow ties are cool. Everybody knows this yet so many of you bow-curious out there resist the urge to simply tie one. Here's how to tie one on: http://altonbrown.com/how-to-tie-a-bow-tie/
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The Garlock (10 days ago)
Next, could you tell me how to tie my shoe? I'm a touch dyslexic so it's easier for me to someone else's shoe than my own.   ;) thank you.
finalbossd (4 months ago)
I have been searching far and wide for the rounded club bow tie, but I have been completely unable to find one. Does anyone know of a place that I can procure one?
Rye Hots (4 months ago)
it took me 3 of the most hilarious hours of researching and screaming before i figured this out. This video - the last few seconds about tightening / adjusting the length at the back is genius. Would have never thought of it and would've just untied and started over
Shadsy The Hedgehog (5 months ago)
Time for a Death Battle!!! Bill Nye The Science Guy vs Alton Brown!!
Dale Lenze (7 months ago)
I’m still a little to large to pull one off.
AceTheMemeLorde (8 months ago)
Wait, so this isn't just about food? Alright, this channel just got even more awesome
harpomarxist (11 months ago)
He has two massive dildos behind him on that nightstand
peachie05 (11 months ago)
Sorry but bow ties are the unsexiest garment ever. Even on AB.
AL MAYYAHI (1 year ago)
How much mustard you put in your sandwich
Mediocre Pasta (1 year ago)
That Matt Smith reference at the beginning I knew he would say that
Txawjhlub Lao (1 year ago)
He cam talk about a white piece of. Paperntuats blank and it would still be epic
MishasPickle (1 year ago)
its 3am and im watching alton brown teach me how to tie a bowtie
Technicolor (1 year ago)
Welp, imma going to just tie on one of my bow ties now. Because I'm cool like that.
soooo... Does this mean AB is a Whovian? or nah...
do bow ties work with shorter people? Lets say, 5'6? I'm just worried how it might make me look shorter than I am :-/
TheSleepingInsomniac (1 year ago)
0:21 shirts are expendable.Ties are not.
Jonathan Cheng (1 year ago)
Hi Alton, I love your bow tie tutorial video!
akirak (1 year ago)
I've been wearing bowties for quite a while now. Put one on sometime, and you'll be surprised how many compliments you get! They're also more comfortable and easier to wear. You tie it once, and you're done! It more or less stays the way you tied it. You might have to tighten the ends a few times a day, but you don't have to straighten it or constantly adjust the knot. Wear a bowtie for a while, then switch back to a regular tie. You'll wonder how you ever put up with that thing flipping and flopping around! A bowtie + suspenders looks great. I like to throw on a cardigan or a dress vest to make a complete outfit.
sethraptor (1 year ago)
Alton brown you should totally mix it up with some fashion videos more often dad
Cari Garafalo (1 year ago)
i need a gif of the strangulation
MadeOfTime (1 year ago)
It was this easy D: ?? I've tied bows and ribbons with a similar technique but for bow ties, the instructions I've been seeing made it sound/look more complicated LOL
Stephen M. Stouter (1 year ago)
Doctor Who, Lindybeige, and Alton Brown, champions of the bow tie.
nexisssss (1 year ago)
Chelsea Geoia (1 year ago)
I will never understand people who dislike Youtube videos, especially ones as great as Alton Brown's.
Tarrabyte (1 year ago)
Do you think Bruce Wayne wheres a Batwing. I mean he drives the Batwing but ya know
talknerdytome sevens (1 year ago)
God, I love Alton Brown!
The Abortion (1 year ago)
Alton Brown. the Bill Nye of cooking. they need to do a show together
inczo757 (2 years ago)
Alton's double loop is the key, that is the step I keep getting messed up on in other bow tie directions, this way is so much easier!!!
Hannah Crawford (2 years ago)
did anyone else watch this in a mirror?
Nathaniel Luke (1 year ago)
Hannah Crawford nope
flipingboredcritic (2 years ago)
That's so awesome, that exactly how I tie my bow tie. It's beautiful
flipingboredcritic (2 years ago)
That's so awesome, that exactly how I tie my bow tie. It's beautiful
Benzene (2 years ago)
I can't believe I just heard Alton Brown say "bow-curious".
Sherlock Holmes (2 years ago)
Alton Brown and Lindybeige need to make a collaboration video.
chemikalguy (2 years ago)
Darn right, they do!
Lian Pangilinan (2 years ago)
This made me laugh way too hard.
Illumi Nati (2 years ago)
"Bowties are cool" sounds familiar.
bobstery 7977 (1 year ago)
Maddox Campbell ayy...ahhh sad...
Jenna Keith (2 years ago)
don't forget that fezzes bunkbeds and Stetsons are cool as well
Mytagforhalo (2 years ago)
Is there a formality difference between the two? Or is it a personal preference/ style sort of thing?
James Pawson (2 years ago)
I love wearing bow ties, and wool ascots too.
Samuel Logan Hazel (2 years ago)
I'm bow-curious...and I just bought a bow tie yesterday. Thank you for teaching me so much about bow ties, Alton!
Darrin Smith (2 years ago)
Did he really make a pun with ties about sexuality? Goddamn, that is hilarious.
rockjonroll (2 years ago)
This was amazing. I didn't realise how much i wanted a bowtie. Batwing me up!
TGI Joe (2 years ago)
blizzaroxxx (2 years ago)
Bow ties are for old people
Jenna Keith (2 years ago)
no they are not they are cool you must not watch doctor who. Alton watches it many others like me do to
Dem (2 years ago)
is alton brown coming out of the closet?
Kelsey Carbary (9 months ago)
Not until his bowtie is bowtied ;) lol
jetnut89 (2 years ago)
I knew there would be a Alton Brown is in the closet joke haha
Frog Puppet (2 years ago)
+Dem The accuracy of your picture.
sai (2 years ago)
Larry West (2 years ago)
Alton - love the video, but where do you get those ties with the buckle? All the ones I seem to find have a nutty sizing scheme, that isn't even the same from tie to tie! Looking forward to seeing more!
Ezio Auditore (3 years ago)
Bowties are cool
amanda cabrera (3 years ago)
how to tie a bow tie... take the tie, wad it up the middle thusly wrap this side around like that and finally toss there the perfect bow tie.
Mike Morris (3 years ago)
Hi Alton! it's been a whole year since this episode was posted, are you due to make anymore, I know your a busy man, but I would love to see more of your videos and inventions, advice and instructions, thanks for giving me the courage to wear bow ties too. Cheers Mike
Andrew Shriner (3 years ago)
This is magical.
Scott Bechard (3 years ago)
How to tie a bow tie
aimee vang (3 years ago)
What are those octopus shaped stackables there behind him? Curiouser and curiouser.
kylerfelder (3 years ago)
Alton Brown is the epitome of a "TRUE GENTLEMAN".
Christopher Panossian (3 years ago)
Alton Brown is a Whovian! Woohoo!
Jenna Keith (2 years ago)
yep he even made fish sticks and custard
Addison Schmidt (3 years ago)
Why aren't there more of these videos!? Mr. Brown, your content is always very informative as well as hilariously entertaining. Well done, sir. I'll be watching Good Eats while we all wait for more uploads. Thank you.
Steve Lewis (3 years ago)
Well, JCPenny did not have any diamond tips so I had to settle. Next time. Now let me say that this particular method is the best way to tie a bow tie. It was a frustrating two hours, but only because I tried to do it with a tee shirt on. Put on a collared shirt and try it that way, makes all the difference helping to keep the knot tight. The majority of videos instruct one to tuck it into the loop behind the bow, but I couldn't get it that way. Like most Alton Brown tips, this one rocks! 4 stars!
Ron Garner (3 years ago)
Thank you Alton! I love bow ties now I can tie one properly!
Pastor JD Miller (3 years ago)
joseph burtulato (3 years ago)
My Dad said "I bowtie should not look perfect or else it looks like a clip on."
WilliamSenpai (3 years ago)
0:34 Lmao got me laughin till i cry
James Pawson (2 years ago)
+William Sherwin Fortunato Funny but very true. If some tried that with a bow tie, it would either come undone or do nothing at all.
John Chapman (3 years ago)
P.S.  Where can a new Bow tie collector score a cool rack like is behind you (and do you have a favorite BT source?  Have you considered selling Alton signature BT's at you shows?  Come back to Portland, ME with a collection!)
John Chapman (3 years ago)
Better living through Alton Brown.  Your pretzel recipe has made me (locally) famous...your bow tie lesson has made me... well... almost AltonAwesome.  After watching the video a couple of times, I decided to pop over to my local mans warehouse and pick out some ties for a get together for friend who was having a soiree at the Marriott in Annapolis.  Saturday evening, I donned my best coat, new fancy checkered bow tie and headed downstairs to the bar for pre-dinner cocktails.  I had only been a bowtie man for FIVE minutes and as I stepped off the elevator a lovely lady immediately commented that she LOVED my bow tie!  (And then turned to her significant other and suggested HE were one).  It was a half win.  I strutted to the bar and had a fabulous time knowing I was the second coolest guy on the planet courtesy of Alton the Fabulous.
Niki Groeger (3 years ago)
What?  No fez in this video?  I'm disappointed.  XD
Hunter (3 years ago)
"Searches how to tie a bow tie" "learns someone's life story"
jonathan abeles (3 years ago)
Regular ties are what people typically wear
purplemutantas (3 years ago)
Bow ties are cool -- The Doctor
Jenna Keith (2 years ago)
yes. I am so happy that Alton is a huge Whovian like me
John Russell (3 years ago)
Nope, nope, nope. Could not get this to work for me. The pinch created in step four prevents the knot from adjusting as step 5 requires. Maybe you will have more luck. I'm done trying.
Kyle Armstrong (3 years ago)
I know you don't read these Alton but we love you! more of everyday life stuff as well as cooking
Purple Penguin (3 years ago)
Bow ties are cool. Just ask Matt Smith
Mathew Mendez (3 years ago)
Getting tie strangled in a fight, never worried about that till now. Great visualization too.
Waterflame (3 years ago)
How to tie a bow tie. It's so much easier than I thought!!
Kacey Anderson (3 years ago)
Leave it to AB to make bow ties sexy.
Perry Turner (4 years ago)
I need to get me a Jackson. Oh, and I find it easier to tie with the slack on my non-dominant hand (maybe that's just me)
Siper2 (4 years ago)
+Alton Brown  for President!   ...Or perhaps Secretary of Awesome.
Olivia Tseng (4 years ago)
You are killing me with all the doctor references!!! I practically died when I found your fish fingers and custard recipe. My respect for you has grown tenfold<3
TheSysops666 (4 years ago)
I'm still waiting for the precision rifle tutorial. Given in the detail that only Alton Brown can.
The Stig (4 years ago)
This is literally the coolest youtube video I've watched in my whole life  
Mia Perez (4 years ago)
So ecstatic that Alton has a channel!!
Frederick T Schurger (4 years ago)
AB, Thank you SO MUCH for this video!!  I've taken to wearing bow ties almost daily since this summer, and I really love them!!  We're eagerly awaiting more videos & dare I say podcasts!!  Thank you as always!  A gracious fan!
MyNameIsCleoful (4 years ago)
I'm a girl- 13 years old - and tomorrow is picture day for me but I'm going to wear my uniform because I like how it looks and I'm going to wear a bow tie- is that weird?
naturallysimi (4 years ago)
DatsFunnyXD (4 years ago)
Followed all the instructions then looked at myself in the mirror only to scream in disappointment😒
icemaniiscott (4 years ago)
Bow ties ARE cool... when I went to my first dining in (a VERY traditional military dinner) I was the Junior Officer in the ward room, and I was wearing a tied bow tie, not a clip-on... after the meal, a more senior LT addressed the president of the mess recommending I be fined because of my crooked tie.  When the president of the mess asked if I had anything to say for myself, I replied "I will pay whatever fine you think appropriate,as long as the LT can do THIS" as I untied my tie. a hush fell over the room, and everyone left me alone for the rest of the night (Naval officers are notorious for wearing clip ons)
shawaniea (4 years ago)
0:44 Alton Brown does the nae nae lol 
cdoconn (4 years ago)
Are you a Whovian?
Jenna Keith (2 years ago)
yes he is
Susan Evatte (4 years ago)
THANK YOU, Alton!! You have inspired both my husband and myself to have more respect for ourselves and those we meet by dressing better. We're not there yet, but we are making progress.
Brimstone Pyro (4 years ago)
You would make a fine Time Lord Alton ;)
Lindsey Distler (4 years ago)
Bill Nye: Vs. Alton Brown = Bow tie show down! Lol
Jenna Keith (2 years ago)
meh I say him and Matt Smith
Knayt Clark (4 years ago)
Nailed it on the first try! Thank you!
Eric Laston (4 years ago)
Clemente Lopez (4 years ago)
First you taught me how to stick a penguin in the center of an apple pie, and now this. You are a true Renaissance man. Cool! Thank you! 😎👍
Grant Uchida (4 years ago)
that blue bow tie with the double white stripes is the one I always wear!
jonathan abeles (4 years ago)
You can spill anything on your tie not just mustard
jonathan abeles (4 years ago)
Hey you know what? Maybe tying a bow tie isn't that hard
Meg Creelman (4 years ago)
Great vid.  BTW, stumbled across this.  http://www.fluevog.com/code/?item=Fluevog%20Bows
BennettJ (4 years ago)
I bought a bow tie but I think it is too small. How can I tell.
Miika (4 years ago)
I'm gonna rock my new bowtie (even if I'm a girl :P) ! :D
Jenna Keith (2 years ago)
me too ! bow ties are cool
Dash Costello (4 years ago)
thats why my dad wears ties he used to be a clown
Luke Fortin (4 years ago)
This man needs an oscar.
Matt Worley (4 years ago)
Thanks +Alton Brown, I'll be burning all my old ties and taking on the diamond tip look. Where did you get the tie you used in the video, I dig it!
CSLFiero (4 years ago)
You've gone through the trouble to dress yourself sharply, an ode to your sincerity and professionalism. Then you decide to throw a guffaw in that plan by wearing a bow tie. You must realize irony has no place in this uniform, and if not worn with an ironic sense, then it is worn simply because you believe it was the right choice. It is not ever the right choice. A Google intern, maybe. The rest of us, no. *unemployed and posting from bed in underwear*

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