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GOLF KART JUMP from MAX HEIGHT in Fortnite Battle Royale

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Text Comments (8804)
LazarBeam (3 months ago)
Had a rough time getting good games so I just did dumbshit in karts
Angelia Potwin (3 days ago)
LazarBeam a
RAF DE POOTER (4 days ago)
LazarBeam .ffhgggt gnyh
Jessica Pavis (6 days ago)
An ,);:?:)()/[email protected]@&$;())3 bra,<]€🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚨🚨🚔🚔🚡🚨🚨🚔🚥🚧🏁🛳🚒🚑🚓📝📝📝📝✏️🖍🖊🖊🔏🔓🔒🔒🔐🖋✒️✒️📝🔎🔎🔍🖋
Paul John Ferrannini (7 days ago)
LazarBeam Z
Patricia D. (8 days ago)
LazarBeam Mk
magdaliz padilla (6 hours ago)
Im a deafult can give me a skin.
dark wolf (16 hours ago)
Rip loot llama
KitKat Rebel11 (17 hours ago)
2:28 Lazarbeam.exe has stopped
Alyxbel Ramirez (23 hours ago)
I love all your fortnite videos
Cuphead Manic (23 hours ago)
You found a scar just floating in a house
Edward Figueroa (1 day ago)
11:08 you missed a legendary weapon XD
paige Pottie (1 day ago)
paige Pottie (1 day ago)
Jaelon Hamilton (1 day ago)
That intro tho
JimGamesHD (2 days ago)
Im selling A Ali-a Meme 0:02 go to that but give me a like xd
Joseph Pulido (2 days ago)
Little did he know... Rifts would be disabled
Gavin Cain (2 days ago)
I just watched this today van we get "F" in the comments for the tactical smg
Axel Rosales (2 days ago)
Say hello to my little friend , pulls out a drum gun
Thunder Boy (2 days ago)
He died from a default LOL😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂
Carter Ingram (3 days ago)
It's called a chug Joogie
umut erol (3 days ago)
Wat is the bloody outro song Can someone tell me please
Dylan Matulessy (3 days ago)
The Theoretic Gamer (3 days ago)
Watching in Season 6?
Orlando Godinez (4 days ago)
Keeps burst ar leaves blue pump🤦‍♂️
Dionne Lewis (4 days ago)
Season 6 anyone
Geometry Dash Boy GDB (5 days ago)
Hey Lazar, go inside the boat ok?
What's that song at the beginning
Matthew Marshall (5 days ago)
Frank pitbull Gamer vlogs Penis Daddy by Fuck me like my dog fucks my dead cat with a lizard in its ass
Rosanna Clough (6 days ago)
Rosanna Clough (6 days ago)
scare dur burger taumayo
Mr Pumpkin (6 days ago)
Ali a intro the memes😂
Animegirl Lol (6 days ago)
Ethan #1 (7 days ago)
Mary Douglas Burns (7 days ago)
It is in paradise
Matthew Marshall (5 days ago)
Mary Douglas Burns oh you don’t say
KLG is Dope (7 days ago)
So your battle pass was powered by lachlan
Mack and Stars (7 days ago)
He's to LazarBeam he's true blue, He's a [email protected]!* pot through and through
Lazar fortnite game 50 vs 50
Silly Boi playz (9 days ago)
I will name a more iconic duo doctor lupo and ninja
Meme Machine (9 days ago)
Now it’s season 6
Furious Razor (9 days ago)
Who else thought they accidentally clicked Ali a
Fortnite Pro (10 days ago)
I am in session 6
TheCrustyTomato (10 days ago)
"Name a more iconic duo" Me: Lachlan and Muselk
Doumy The Gamer (10 days ago)
bro can you give me 10 000 v bucks my username is Oni555
totally epic (11 days ago)
Season 6 anyone
Andresplays 900 (11 days ago)
It said I fucked an mermaid
Ray Wood (12 days ago)
The music makes it so much cooler😬😬😬
Steven Barrack (12 days ago)
Noob you died by a no skin but i got no skins you killed someone i Can't kill i have ark Xbox one and 1 kill lol
Mohammod Hossain (12 days ago)
Shit you killed me
Maria Novoa (12 days ago)
Who is watching in season six Lake is a tornado
Corey Jefkins (12 days ago)
Nice video mate
Natalie Buchanan (12 days ago)
Lazerbeam do a video of Fortnite and try not to curse
Matthew Littlewood (12 days ago)
You are Odom.
Tina Sedgley (13 days ago)
I've got full stage ragnorok
Only- Ameng -YT (13 days ago)
most earrape intro
Rage Carter (13 days ago)
Now thats cool but a lot of money so i wanted to ask HOW ARE U SO RICH!!??
Alex Zigmann (13 days ago)
Season 6 anyone
Koby and Rory (13 days ago)
Your ping got to 1
RafaelSAN ROBLOX (13 days ago)
I got a victory Royale just driving with a golf cart in the middle of no where
Jamie Cline (14 days ago)
Hi poo I hate you
Luddelump1981 (14 days ago)
Hey lazarbeam i premiss that you Will never answer me if i would say that i want you to be my friend on fortnite my name is luddelump1981
Branchin' Out (14 days ago)
Quicky changed the photo
Branchin' Out (14 days ago)
Branchin' Out (14 days ago)
I am watching this after season five to
Branchin' Out (14 days ago)
C it
Branchin' Out (14 days ago)
My3Bros (15 days ago)
Can I have v-bucks
Marko Madriga (15 days ago)
Dogs chameleons and dragons
Marko Madriga (15 days ago)
Season 6 has pets
Robert Asumda (15 days ago)
Im just now watching this in the begin of season 6
Luis Angel Silva (15 days ago)
Anyone watching in season six
Dawgkingz 22 (16 days ago)
An ad for baseball popped up and said “are you ready” and lazarbeam said “I’m ready”
Wolfie_Drawz 01 (16 days ago)
Anyone notice the pickaxes in the atk in the beginning
Fellow Default (16 days ago)
When Lazarbeam said he was going to drive the golf cart into the rift, I got an ad talking about “the right way to use a golf cart”
IA WORLD (16 days ago)
1 like=1 rip for the cart
Prehistøricgamr1 (16 days ago)
Muselk And Lachy are more iconic
Mr. Pug 1121 (17 days ago)
Ravinesh Narayan (17 days ago)
Why'd I drink 2 minis and then a slurp so stupid
Evan Ringsrud (17 days ago)
Dumb Nut (18 days ago)
It's season 6 not season 5 anymore
Mr. Crazy (18 days ago)
Archie Biddiscombe (18 days ago)
On gussiboiz13
Archie Biddiscombe (18 days ago)
Can you give us 5k vbucks
IOS Gaming HQ (18 days ago)
Im watching this the day season 6 cam out so this is a bit weird to watch
Carmelojimenei Jimenez (18 days ago)
V bucks
can you belive season 6 is here
EMKAPOLECZKA (18 days ago)
Season 6 is here guys
Zac Pearson (18 days ago)
You should’ve got those for kills
Nathan Rowe (18 days ago)
I love your ideas for fortnite
Mutru Vaara (19 days ago)
one season late. :)
Peyton Leonard (19 days ago)
No 6
Kellie McFaul (19 days ago)
Rip season 5 today is season six 😭😭😅
Am I the only one who's watching this on the day Season 6 started?
Mr Dodo (19 days ago)
Can’t wait for Lazars vid on season 6 I’m watching 2 hours away from it. SO EXITED
Mr Dodo (19 days ago)
It feels like only yesterday that season 5 was released. Now I’m watching exactly 2 hours away from season 6
Jess Cor (19 days ago)
That was me
Gooey Gaming69 (19 days ago)
I’m watching this at the last day of season 5
Toxic Taco (19 days ago)
It dident show the vid channel so i said if this I sent laser beam I will pee in my mouth hole
Spoilered (19 days ago)
12:48 rip tactical smg
Mr Gamer 33 (20 days ago)
Anyone else watching when season 6 is tomorow (26 September)?
Jordiam 1 (20 days ago)
U best
Brittany Liddell (20 days ago)
How you get that many V BUCKS
Pratham Patel (20 days ago)
R.I.P drum gun
Luke MP (20 days ago)
R.i.p drum gun
Zombiesrektmypc (20 days ago)
Damn the jump at 7:48
Willy (21 days ago)
Apart from this video, i dont remember him using Ragnarok.
oh hello there (21 days ago)
Who’s watching this at season 6
TJ Dignan (21 days ago)
Lazarbeam: Name a more iconic duo Me: Pornhub and Incognito mode
Jaxon Clark (21 days ago)
Nice Alia intro I dare you to steal it

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