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LEGIQN Is In The Crew 2!? Behind The Scenes The Crew 2 Tournament Footage!

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Text Comments (110)
ARYA 8B (30 minutes ago)
NIce vid!
Fortnite Hentai (1 day ago)
Woo was
ISgtVishnuI (1 day ago)
Awesome! 😁
Matas Kisielius (2 days ago)
Jayden Macario (2 days ago)
Alex Rivera (3 days ago)
Leonel Hernandez (4 days ago)
Great vid! Looking forward to playing a bit more.
MRAX Forever (4 days ago)
Lasherz Lasherz (4 days ago)
R49H .J (5 days ago)
Naisaiah Fierro (6 days ago)
reallyfunnyCj , Not (7 days ago)
TheBMJ4life (11 days ago)
ItsBrennan (11 days ago)
Dewey Hughes (11 days ago)
"I'm really close to being famous" lol
Get_Aced (12 days ago)
KingSingo64 (12 days ago)
Noah Gullion (12 days ago)
is it me or hova drifting in a front wheel drive car. :)
TheCult22 (13 days ago)
The beta was really fun.
LokiLeto (14 days ago)
Clarissa De La Cruz (14 days ago)
JohnTheTank 17 (14 days ago)
Great vid Hova!
Bluemoss collections (14 days ago)
So fun
beckyc1218 (14 days ago)
This game looks so awesome!
DarkInstinct21 (14 days ago)
I <3 Hova
Chuy Castillo (15 days ago)
I miss the krew :(
Nigel Thornberry (15 days ago)
Cole Tsonchoke (15 days ago)
Michael Shull (15 days ago)
hova is the 🐐🐐
Dawid Kapkowski (15 days ago)
Tone (15 days ago)
Fuck yeah
Josh Decker (15 days ago)
Can’t wait to play
Kobeog (15 days ago)
Hova you da best
Kevin Popoca (15 days ago)
Penis cat (constructive criticism)
LukeLeeOFC (15 days ago)
Spleen Ripper (15 days ago)
i love you hova
Connor Billetts (15 days ago)
Plowman (15 days ago)
IvEy (15 days ago)
Steven (15 days ago)
EpicSpartan58 (15 days ago)
Eminemisme (15 days ago)
Swarm_of_crows (15 days ago)
This game looks so neato
Anthony Hazelton (15 days ago)
Contest said I had to comment so here you go
Jonathan Vecchio (15 days ago)
Amazing video
SuperCodCraft (15 days ago)
robby smith (15 days ago)
loved it
keith mcqueendog (15 days ago)
Loved this.
Corey Evarts (15 days ago)
Too funny
Andrea Phillips (15 days ago)
Siggy (15 days ago)
Term986 (15 days ago)
Cameron McCaw (17 days ago)
I love it when an all wheel drive focus rs rear wheel drifts....:)
K Winter (17 days ago)
This game looks like what swamp ass feels like
lolololo 2001 (17 days ago)
Decent60 (18 days ago)
According to Hova, a large part of The Crew 2, is penetration.
Joseph Lance (18 days ago)
Is legion really gay?
MarcosTello34828 (18 days ago)
This funny as hell
TANIMAL13 (18 days ago)
I really like this game, a lot better than the first one for damn sure.
KRoberts1299 (18 days ago)
I got a crew ad, on a crew video about the crew! What is life?
The ZythicJr (18 days ago)
The crew is returning 🤙🏻
imanol angulo (18 days ago)
Yellow fd appears on screen, eurobeat intensifies
popwarhomie (18 days ago)
lol drifting the euro Focus RS thats front wheel drive.
Call of Warfare (18 days ago)
So is legion back in the crew or no?
iemand ja (18 days ago)
damn that's amazing hova
Fernando Cruz (18 days ago)
Upload more
rzrselliott (18 days ago)
To be honest, I completely forgot about legiqn lol it's been so long since I've watched one of his videos. Yall were doing it big back in like 2014. I hope yall start playing more competitive games again because you guys would always wreck.
Powerslayer (18 days ago)
Liah Lili (18 days ago)
Vegas got them government planted trees (just like SF here in Nor Cali). I hope you guys play with Legion a bit on this one some day. His action pose was fantastic lol
Onegai Gunmai (18 days ago)
Matthew Moffitt (18 days ago)
Some fucking guys, top top people 😂
Mike Johnson (18 days ago)
See, these are the kind of friends everyone needs in life. LEGIQN wasn't even doing anything that funny, but it cracked Hova up. The kind of friends where you just do the simplest, goofiest stuff that makes you bust out laughing are the best.
DreZzBE (18 days ago)
Typical LEGIQN pose xD love it
Adnan (18 days ago)
MORE you need to play with the whole crew
Birdman-12 (18 days ago)
i love you guys
Slifer549 _YT (18 days ago)
Legion james
KARll 0S5 (18 days ago)
Great car Knowledge
BL00DY M355 (18 days ago)
TheKillerkyle95 (18 days ago)
How is speedy going to make fun of the Focus when he's driving a shitty Miata
NotThatGoodHD (18 days ago)
That was one sexy pose Legion did there
Hova (18 days ago)
Share this video with your ENTIRE family! Email your friends! Link it to all of your contacts on AIM! 8===D<3
Vicious Oz (18 days ago)
Sent it to my grandma. You’re welcome.
Nathan X (18 days ago)
Ok, but I’m doing it because I want to. NOT because you told me to
KMM (18 days ago)
my family is dead tho
Semper R (18 days ago)
<3 Does this mean that you guys will play more with him?
Dylan Zrim (18 days ago)
Semper R I think lequan is like Hova and focuses more on twitch
Bradley Dean (18 days ago)
I hope to god
FeralvVulpes (18 days ago)
probably not
cris solis (18 days ago)
1987jeepyj (18 days ago)
God damn the intro had me dead how did u not fall on the ground laughing
1987jeepyj (18 days ago)
Thanks daddy for giving me the heart

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