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***New PUBG Hacks*** 1-13-18

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NEWEST PUBG HACKS VID: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8xGnHIP7s4 This is absolute GODMODE. Playerunknown needs to get this fixed asap. This will be the death of this game if it goes untreated. Catch me on Twitch at http://twitch.tv/gunz or follow me on Twitter @gunnywrx Also, add me on Steam! http://steamcommunity.com/id/gunnywrx/
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Jazmyn Yadira (1 day ago)
--> bit.ly/-NEW--PUBG-HACK --> bit.ly/-NEW--PUBG-HACK
Erika Cellottini (2 days ago)
-> bit.ly/-NEW--PUBG-Hack-2018 -> bit.ly/-NEW--PUBG-Hack-2018
Captain derp Derp (4 days ago)
Fuck you im Chinese no cafes have cheats and Chinese people don’t all cheat stop gossiping
Intake Steam (4 days ago)
Download Link: https://goo.gl/GWzswy
Samet Demir (10 days ago)
Mobil PUBG HACK APK Link : http://dosya.co/rogv2e8q7agp/PUBG_HACK.apk.html
DefinitleyNotJesus (14 days ago)
cunts like this is why the game died and fortnite is a thing
Wuts Sarcasm (15 days ago)
yawned x6 times waiting for it
xhP321helderx (16 days ago)
Hey guys, found a working hack undetected and updated. After searching for hours... Comes with Battleye Bypass.. I've been using for days and no ban, just avoid being reported... PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS EzMultiHack - ESP/Chams/LootESP/Aimbot and BES AntiCheat Bypass Link: bit.ly/2wh1OeW
Reenu Sharma (16 days ago)
Jana Willams (17 days ago)
Do not report me that is me don't you dare report me
eggroll s (18 days ago)
Nithin Danday (20 days ago)
2:00 thats not how bans work
Private Cheats (21 days ago)
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EMPIReZ 9801 (21 days ago)
ok i think he used word.exe
Cristin Chirosca (23 days ago)
-= STATUS 22.10.2018: [UNDETECTED] =- Thank you guys for your support! We currently have over 500 downloads per month! Download: https://bit.ly/2CsjA2D
F.mode (24 days ago)
-= STATUS 22.10.2018: [UNDETECTED] =- Thank you guys for your support! We currently have over 500 downloads per month! Download: https://bit.ly/2CsjA2D
Kh Estate (24 days ago)
Super like in this url link https://youtu.be/nq_PH0SXR1Q
las vegas (25 days ago)
chinese ....
photonman54 (25 days ago)
Most hackers are chines because most people are chines. Over a billion of the fuckers
Cristofer Nord (1 month ago)
New cheats for Pugb are here: https://bit.ly/2PzGSr5 Don't thank.
Gamer AJ (1 month ago)
PUBG HACK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ssdCxXLv9M&t=6s
Joseph Wellbrock (1 month ago)
At least you killed that pos
أديب (1 month ago)
james phibbs (1 month ago)
updated hacks here https://youtu.be/92V6PGTBYwg
xTonyFTW CriticalOps (1 month ago)
3,3K Retards disliked
Devin Lin (1 month ago)
hes not cheating just pro
Ghost 18473 (2 months ago)
Hackers are fucker
Ashbin Sunny (2 months ago)
Konothile video. Oola.
Dacus Decebalus (2 months ago)
This game is so broken
WAPP 30SEC (2 months ago)
Share this pubg hack apk link ...?
Jesse Brennan (2 months ago)
That's why many mmo's suck ass now. The game makers get their money and fuck everything else.
Thomas Zhou (2 months ago)
“lots of chinese hackers” u fking racially cunt
Achmed Metzor (2 months ago)
block his graphics card? O_o
Gamer TV (2 months ago)
best hack for pubg free Works 100% UnDetected . Subscribe my Channel aimbost ,ESP , weapons , AirDrop https://files.fm/f/p9hp74a8
ASSYRIAN (2 months ago)
i hope banned the pubg in china
Oliver Lopez (2 months ago)
shikha bais (2 months ago)
This cheating is done by those who have provided him this hack shame to those😤😤😪😒😠😠
elias fernandez (2 months ago)
Fuckin cheater
Ratialgames Rtm (2 months ago)
Taube Ratte (2 months ago)
100% worthless hacking game
c young (2 months ago)
I want my money back from steam I won't play his game no more hackers can't be stoped I don't understand why but guys no this no game
Cl0rox Bleech (2 months ago)
This is quite easy to do btw
Cl0rox Bleech (2 months ago)
Btw when you said we're gonna block your 1070 or 1080 you know there are hardware spoofers/ HWID spoofers so it's not very helpful
Cl0rox Bleech (2 months ago)
Vac is a joke
Fawad Khan (2 months ago)
Lol People are disliking cuz they thought it was a hack client to download lol i dont know why cant people play without hacks i hate being killed by hackers all the time thats what makes this gane shitty asf and blue ball does noting wow just wow
Baby Salva (2 months ago)
Awesome graphics
Falz (2 months ago)
this person is obviously cheating/exploiting with ESP AIMBOT and other usages, some people do this and think they are clever and smart about what they are doing but that is obviously not true, exploiting is just sad it proves your not capable of playing the game by it's normal directions so all they do is use cheats because they are complete trash at PUBG. (Btw the exploiter is not Gunz)
EXONZIX (2 months ago)
he just has a good gaming chair, he's not hacking
quyen301 nguyen (2 months ago)
mother fucker hack bicth
Funky Seal (2 months ago)
Rojhat Atar (2 months ago)
link bro ?
Juan GERARDO Blanco (2 months ago)
AgentKhoon (2 months ago)
I got killed by him before, I’m sure he’s notorious
even with cheats he suck... lol
Dan Graphic (3 months ago)
There should be an especially painful section in hell for all of these hacking assholes.
Fais Azly (3 months ago)
I would love if pubg has a slingshot
Fais Azly (3 months ago)
How do you enjoy playing like that? I dont get it
Niko Pleci (3 months ago)
Flex It (3 months ago)
everyone thinks that youll have to buy new components to play on pubg again after cheating, well thats not the case, they ban your HWID but you can get a HWID changer and then start playing again. super easy to do
StopDropAndGame (3 months ago)
Guуs I just fоund free $5432.this аwеsоmе cash gеnеrаtоr:(just go to) frepplmoney.win/?grHIGQ its working.
Frickin Mustache (3 months ago)
China should be banned from pub g
TheSniperDude (3 months ago)
Goes and pick up an ak....... HAAAAACKER!!!!
Lucifer 666 (3 months ago)
Fuck china fuckin burden on earth , fuck them chinese hackers bunch of coward pussies fuck them small eyed bastards
Switchfoot81084 (3 months ago)
Lets be real... it was probably the gaming chair.
fireZollaRed'. HD (3 months ago)
Böyle pic ler yüzünden oyunu oyniyamiyoruz aq
Anonymous (3 months ago)
new discord hack https://discord.gg/tBrcgh
victoria elbelau (3 months ago)
Played with two chinese one time, i dont see anyone mind u i had a 4x and 8x they keep shooting and shooting and people keep dying when i ask where are the enemies ur shooting they just laugh, it was a boring game for me like i couldnt kill anyone coz no one ever came near us, they just eliminate these people one by one. One of them had like 30 some kills and the other 20 some i had zero with our other teammate. And we won. I tried to grenade them but couldnt was so scared they’d kill me 🤣🤣
Kyla Indino (3 months ago)
You guys whos thinking that hes playing you dum
TOMT (3 months ago)
Hey men stop cheating!!! Is not funny men. Reporting you in pubg and youtube.
Dhiraj Islary (3 months ago)
Hacker gg
ForumExeM Com (3 months ago)
www.forumexem.com/ PUBG NEW HACK GOOO
ForumExeM Com (3 months ago)
forumexem-com/fortnite/ Fortnite NEW HACK GOOO
LuzuVlogs Gamer (3 months ago)
Yes PUBG sucks Go to FORTNITE nigers or just enjoy get Hacked every game
Fr3ZoN PUBG Mobile (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/xUDqltpPjfU This is a wall hack
Jason B. (3 months ago)
The thing is i was playing in a lobby with him the other day he isn’t banned lmao
Michael Allen (3 months ago)
It was at this moment we realized. PUBG hackers have been the most cancerous cheaters since the old spin bottling days of CS.
DUDA Fernandiz (4 months ago)
hacker PUBG updated, this hacker has certain aim, infinite ammunition, and the best immortal does not die functioning today 14/07/2018 file password and 123
Hakan Pekcan (4 months ago)
say bb account idiot MF
Liam Kim (4 months ago)
What just shoot in the air
xXliljigglesXx (4 months ago)
I've been through 5 hackers in the past few hours i finally got off after this guy fell from a 2 story building shot throught the side of the wall through the mountain mid air headshot not even fucking aiming PUBG is shit with hackers
dizznuttz (4 months ago)
i understand you want hacker gone but new hackers will allways come you understand or he.s gone make new acount if he.s banned but i know what you mean
vladimir trump (4 months ago)
Hahah hacki hack
Anthony Gutierrez (4 months ago)
this games so bad theres to way to take action. you should be able to get enough reports in a game to get a temp ban
TheRealKicker (4 months ago)
i am a fortnite player why is this in my recommended?
Jason G (4 months ago)
First Vietnam and now this this shit wont stand
ajax gamerz03 (4 months ago)
Kartik Rocketbunny66666 (4 months ago)
Go to polarisred home...and kill him...such a asshole shut bastard!
Ahmad Style (4 months ago)
PUBG hack tool for PC : Full Ammo And Never Died Never Reload And All Weapons with"x8" https://bit.ly/2KJ1hei
Vargas Survivol (4 months ago)
Mee das asco
CLUMZY RANDOM (4 months ago)
He cant win without cheat for sure😂😂
Taca game (4 months ago)
kk hay
Quack009 (4 months ago)
You think you can lock their gpus....
Lightecold (4 months ago)
Lol the dislikers expected something link to a nice hack
Alex is beast (4 months ago)
were is the link
Rich Alejo (4 months ago)
NormSky (5 months ago)
I would want to die if i'm that bad even with these hacks 😂😂
NormSky (5 months ago)
Fuck all hacker cunts
People that hacks are so bad in pugb that even with the mods they are not able to win
Weekly Gaming Videos (5 months ago)
Who else at 5:13 checked their discord?... I fell for it :)
rick van stiphout (5 months ago)
So you think theyre gonna ban his...... Graphics card? Thats some next level shit
dank dank (5 months ago)
This looks boring tbh

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