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How to Get ghillie suit on PUBG (Training)

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Now you can find ghillie suit in Training Mode. You will not find everytime but u can if you try again. Now You Can Find Desert Ghillie Suit In PUBG Traing Mode Here : https://youtu.be/KamqfgfR2sE Thanks for watching guys! PUBG FACEBOOK COMMUNITY Facebook Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/63172575049226 AKFROLIC ENTERTAINMENT ----------------- Follow me on ------------------ Facebook Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/akfrolic YouTube Channel : https://goo.gl/vd4Xad Twich : https://www.twich.tv/akfrolic DISCOD SERVER (early access) : https://discord.gg/7sHECfy TWITTER : https://twitter.com/akfrolic REDDIT : https://www.reddit.com/user/AKFROLIC/ ---------- GAME --------- PUBG Mobile L&Q (chinese version) : http://pg.qq.com/act/a20180328desertpc/tt.shtml PUBG Mobile L&Q ( English ) : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tencent.ig&hl=en_IN
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Text Comments (198)
DroidWiki (7 months ago)
awesome videooo
AKFROLIC MrZ (7 months ago)
DroidWiki thanks bro
Bhat Nisar (18 days ago)
Anonymouz clasher (1 month ago)
Vere level
Anonymouz clasher (1 month ago)
Aliya pwolichuuuu
DJ GaMeR DIKPAL (3 months ago)
Check mine Video I have got a GILLIE SUIT and a Chicken in the training Camp!! Watch it guyzz
VINNIE GURJAR (3 months ago)
There is no bomb in training mode
Android Gameplay Stream (3 months ago)
Please see my video also
Android Gameplay Stream (3 months ago)
Hello shroud
Archita Ghadi Sardal (3 months ago)
Nice one bro
Chandan Roy (4 months ago)
oh there is the dessert version at the top compartment of the blocks in the training version try to reach there use frag grenade
AKFROLIC MrZ (4 months ago)
lilvic44 (4 months ago)
How u get blue blood
AKFROLIC MrZ (4 months ago)
Emanuel Avalos vid’s its Green 😂😂🤣😂
AKFROLIC MrZ (4 months ago)
Emanuel Avalos vid’s blue ?? 🙄
Chay Myrick (4 months ago)
https://youtu.be/veeLxlfLZIk heres the updated version on where to get it!
Derp Jello (4 months ago)
There's also a suit at the tall big building with Easter egg
heaven nicolle (4 months ago)
I found it but why can't i keep ot
PUBG MOBILE (4 months ago)
Only Sonu (4 months ago)
Lol 😂
Tensektana (4 months ago)
Music bruh
name song pleas
AKFROLIC MrZ (4 months ago)
zaco gamers زكو جيمرس Am not alone - alan walker
ali rekani (4 months ago)
If i tried this this clothes will be saved or not
AKFROLIC MrZ (4 months ago)
ali rekani not
Raiyana Tasneem (4 months ago)
Nice music
Raiyana Tasneem (4 months ago)
Just take a car and park beside the house then jump u will get in top
AKFROLIC MrZ (4 months ago)
Raiyana Tasneem have you try this https://youtu.be/KamqfgfR2sE
AKFROLIC MrZ (4 months ago)
Raiyana Tasneem 👍
Itz_Me_Ellie (4 months ago)
Omg I’m chinese too
AKFROLIC MrZ (4 months ago)
Myviolin999_ Gaming If you like to play with me add me IGN : AKFROLIC
killer Gamer (5 months ago)
See my videos of how to hack coc.rope hero.my talking Tom
200IQPlayer346 (5 months ago)
Level 3 backpack can hold 34 granades
Anjelica TV (5 months ago)
can you add me in pubg my name on pubg is edgardotolled and aicatcher
king C (5 months ago)
Once u leave training. Can you keep the suit?
AKFROLIC MrZ (5 months ago)
king C No U can't... U have to find in game after the mach started
`SkyZz0` (5 months ago)
https://discord.gg/FZuWzpw Oubg mobile discord server
naim neymar (5 months ago)
Alex James (5 months ago)
I try it its real brb :P
Alex James (5 months ago)
Why it allways need a korean language
Ian Shoel (4 months ago)
Alex James dumbass its chinese racist kid
AKFROLIC MrZ (5 months ago)
Jake christian its Chinese broo
Do you get to keep it
AK FROLIC thank you!
AKFROLIC MrZ (5 months ago)
ᏁᎬᎾᏁᎶᏒᎬᎬᏁTM Its only for training purposes in training mode
Soknov Lorn (5 months ago)
Where can you help tell me Chat inbox Facebook me name ( Lorn Sok Nov ) thanks you so much
AKFROLIC MrZ (5 months ago)
Guadalupe Vera (5 months ago)
I ceant find it
AKFROLIC MrZ (5 months ago)
try again you will find it
Lil panda (5 months ago)
I got the ghillie suit up there
Harusal LTK (5 months ago)
naice hack
Raiyana Tasneem (4 months ago)
Harusal YT sped its training
Yoda Ekiandi (5 months ago)
This is really unpredictable
RickOngGaming (5 months ago)
chinese hehe...
jermie sonido (5 months ago)
Why cant i see ghillie suit in training mode
Billy Twens (5 months ago)
绝地求生 刺激战场 i thought is pubg mobile xD
Billy Twens (5 months ago)
Ouh okie
AKFROLIC MrZ (5 months ago)
its same in the English version alsoo
Billy Twens (5 months ago)
Uhu , this is china version
AKFROLIC MrZ (5 months ago)
Yashu (5 months ago)
Blackops3 Blackops3 (5 months ago)
“Grab a few grenades first” Grabs 16 lol
F. Riz (5 months ago)
Now i know it if this location no ghillie suit there is another places 1.race track *just pick vehicle in parking lot move forward and turn right there is a bush go to the bush enjoy your ghillie suit ghillie suit* 2.pier *go to the midle places there is a stone in the misle of pier go to the stone enjoy your ghillie suit*
Austin Gray (5 months ago)
If it’s not there it will also show up on the little island in the middle of the pond
Saeedali Khosrawi (5 months ago)
shaked 321123 (5 months ago)
Thx thx thx thx!!!!
More With Enzer (5 months ago)
Use the 3 wheeler motercycle then go behide the house then get on it and you can climb up
Aldryn Santos (5 months ago)
Donis Lajqi (5 months ago)
You only get it on the chinese version
Sunita sapra (5 months ago)
Ghille suit air drop main HOTA hai last wale main
Devender Kumar (5 months ago)
Hey there is another ghillie suit lie on the rock inthe pond or lacke in the training map
Yassine Lakhdimi (5 months ago)
Song name please ?
A Yeezy Boost 350 (5 months ago)
Yassine Lakhdimi alone by alan walker
who who (5 months ago)
I tried another way where u drive the car and speed boost and go to the hill in front of the house and the car will go on top of the house that is how I did it
hyper PLAYS (5 months ago)
i didnt saw that
AKFROLIC MrZ (5 months ago)
Choon Beng Lim try again u will find it for sure
hyper PLAYS (5 months ago)
chinese version of pubg
AKFROLIC MrZ (5 months ago)
Choon Beng Lim Now both the versions have this
Guestgamer Tag (5 months ago)
Cool thanks
KING AMRUTH (5 months ago)
Send "HI" to my mail 🆔 [email protected]
KING AMRUTH (5 months ago)
Nice I also Found how that suit but one question how do you got unlimited health how how how how 🤔
AKFROLIC MrZ (5 months ago)
In training mode we have unlimited health and supplies
emde hangxing (5 months ago)
even if we get that suit it cannot be used in real game
Gaming with Sparsh (5 months ago)
I got this in mid Iland but I cant get this suit after going back to main menu...can I get this as permanent
AKFROLIC MrZ (5 months ago)
Gaming with Sparsh More tips and tricks COMMING soon
AKFROLIC MrZ (5 months ago)
Gaming with Sparsh No u can't get that for permanent. You can try only aftr going back to main menu. If you like the video like , Subscribe
Suga Yoongi (5 months ago)
AKFROLIC MrZ (5 months ago)
i have checked recently and its still there LOL
Kry0 (5 months ago)
Suga Yoongi thx
Gaming with Sparsh (5 months ago)
I did do there but the suit is not there..
CoolAtharva_ 21 (5 months ago)
Lance Utleg (5 months ago)
Gaming with Sparsh Fake!!!
AKFROLIC MrZ (5 months ago)
Gaming with Sparsh keep tring, u will find for sure
Bharat Thore (5 months ago)
GgEasy 84 (5 months ago)
Can't you just get a car and jump on it?
AKFROLIC MrZ (5 months ago)
GgEasy 84 yhaa its so hard to find in the game... anyway try again you will find for sure...
GgEasy 84 (5 months ago)
Damn. Maybe it changes places. I swear it wasn't there. Anyways, it's god damn hard to get in game that's the problem.. Sometimes it's in the construction park.
AKFROLIC MrZ (5 months ago)
I have just tried now... i hv got it from there... LOL
GgEasy 84 (5 months ago)
AK FROLIC Yeah I've tried it finally. It works with the car too, but the ghillie suit is not there anymore.
AKFROLIC MrZ (5 months ago)
Not enough hight... but can if you try some different ways
chug 245 (5 months ago)
Let’s be honest here everyone take only lvl 3 stuff lol😂😂
AKFROLIC MrZ (5 months ago)
GAME WORLD (6 months ago)
Music name pls
GAME WORLD (6 months ago)
Arvin Palope thx bro
ZY Stealshot (6 months ago)
Im not alone by alan walker
Alif Hakimi (6 months ago)
the ghillie suit is on the small island . find it there . i've found it there just now lol
Chay Myrick (4 months ago)
ZY Stealshot https://youtu.be/veeLxlfLZIk here is where you actually get itt 100%
Chay Myrick (4 months ago)
Crydan https://youtu.be/veeLxlfLZIk heres an updated version on where to get it 100% all the time
Crydan (4 months ago)
AK FROLIC Yeah, because some people actually take the gillie suit, it respawns after a few seconds
ZY Stealshot (6 months ago)
Ok thnx
AKFROLIC MrZ (6 months ago)
Arvin Palope keep trying. i have found that after long try man
Avish Gumber (6 months ago)
I couldn't find it in Chinese mode🙁
Avish Gumber (6 months ago)
AKFROLIC MrZ (6 months ago)
Avish Gumber u can find it in traing mode... try again u will find.. Lots of people found it
oragami arts (6 months ago)
Where we have to go
AKFROLIC MrZ (6 months ago)
Ashwini Mali 1st. Go to Training Mode then follow my steps
Sergio :v (6 months ago)
How do i get training mode
AKFROLIC MrZ (5 months ago)
Subscribe for more
Martin (5 months ago)
no no no verry gud
Seviko Attalarik (5 months ago)
Martin rip english
Martin (5 months ago)
u ned to heck da gem, go indo tha .ini files an ededt dem. u hav to rite /gimmetraining// and den u vill get it. (:
ZXPHANTOM _YT (5 months ago)
It's on the down left side
freeuKeagle gaming (6 months ago)
How to do trainning mode
Sergio :v (6 months ago)
AKFROLIC MrZ (6 months ago)
freeuKeagle gaming Tomorrow u can get traing mode
freeuKeagle gaming (6 months ago)
Awww man :(
AKFROLIC MrZ (6 months ago)
freeuKeagle gaming in Chinese version you can now select traing mode.in english version u can get only aftr the next update
TUSHAR Gupta (6 months ago)
Hey when I open pubg it say that download failed resources not found what shall I do to fix that pls help
AKFROLIC MrZ (6 months ago)
if u need english version u have to wait... there is an update comming for the English version. you can download from your phone's store like app store or playstore
TUSHAR Gupta (6 months ago)
AKFROLIC MrZ (6 months ago)
TUSHAR Gupta download from the link in the description then install
Balongxki Visage (6 months ago)
Cheat mode
who who (5 months ago)
Ibnu Yusuf Fauzan bruh it does not take any damage
Ibnu Yusuf Fauzan (6 months ago)
Balongxki Visage Its training mode all player have unlimited health
AKFROLIC MrZ (6 months ago)
Balongxki Visage training mode
PEPE the FROG (6 months ago)
They changed the location
AKFROLIC MrZ (6 months ago)
Poot Poot not yet....
Vasko Minkov (6 months ago)
How can i get the training map or is it only for the chinese version
AKFROLIC MrZ (6 months ago)
now its only available in Chinese version.u can find it in English version after the next update version 0.4 or higher
chillar party Dhamaka (6 months ago)
Adil hussain (6 months ago)
How to get ghillie suit on....english version
Adil hussain (6 months ago)
AKFROLIC MrZ (6 months ago)
Adil hussain That ghillie suit is from drop. U can find ghillie suit in some drops..Need luck to get that
Adil hussain (6 months ago)
AK FROLIC I killed soneone who wear ghillie suit in english version
AKFROLIC MrZ (6 months ago)
Adil hussain Only after the next updates
God mode ?
Ibnu Yusuf Fauzan (6 months ago)
Rafael Antonio Rodriguez Avecilla in training mode all player have infinite health
AKFROLIC MrZ (6 months ago)
Nop, Training Mode
Dhruv Desai (6 months ago)
What is the name of the location in English?
Dhruv Desai (6 months ago)
AK FROLIC like ghatka , school or pochinki or like that
Dhruv Desai (6 months ago)
AKFROLIC MrZ (6 months ago)
Dhruv Desai U mean server location or My location ?
Dhruv Desai (6 months ago)
AK FROLIC I mean location is where Asia or where ?
AKFROLIC MrZ (6 months ago)
Training mode is not available for English version... so you have to wait for the next update.
INTRO MAKER (6 months ago)
Give me download link of this game not English one
hyper PLAYS (5 months ago)
INTRO MAKER this is chinese i know chinese anyways
AKFROLIC MrZ (6 months ago)
direct download for android : http://dlied5.myapp.com/myapp/1106467070/pubgmhd/10025553_com.tencent.tmgp.pubgmhd_h107_0.5.1_6b5b47.apk
AKFROLIC MrZ (6 months ago)
ok then go to this web site and select your os http://pg.qq.com/act/a20180328desertpc/tt.shtml
INTRO MAKER (6 months ago)
AKFROLIC MrZ (6 months ago)
do u use discod
Professor X (6 months ago)
Nice video
Dhan The cuber (6 months ago)
Can i get the location?
AKFROLIC MrZ (6 months ago)
Follow the steps in the video
Nade gameing (6 months ago)
Hey check out my video coz i have liked your vid
Cristian Torres (6 months ago)
Can you use the suit in a real game
AKFROLIC MrZ (6 months ago)
Only In traing mode
Apex Slone (6 months ago)
You can,but via supply drops or at rare occasions,just laying around.... (Got one during an intense arcade match)
AKFROLIC MrZ (6 months ago)
Cristian Torres No only in Training Mode
TECH STEP by STEP (6 months ago)
Bro its place where change now now find again it
Adyan Vecchiarelli (5 months ago)
AK FROLIC let me know where the ghillie suit is at
AKFROLIC MrZ (5 months ago)
what ?
Adyan Vecchiarelli (5 months ago)
AK FROLIC let me know when ur done
AKFROLIC MrZ (6 months ago)
MattyGuy Tacosan ok i will look in to it... and come back to you gys... i will uploade the video if i found anywhere els.. so subcribe for and if you like give me a thumbs-up 👍. will be a appreciation
MattyGuy Tacosan (6 months ago)
AK FROLIC I have checked there in 0.4.3 us android release. I didn't find it rhere.
Deluxxxe (6 months ago)
Ooh, boy, our videos are the same:D
Deluxxxe (6 months ago)
AK FROLIC https://youtu.be/4kH_KlhmI2w
AKFROLIC MrZ (6 months ago)
ok.share yor link here i will spport too
Muhammad Willy (6 months ago)
Kok nggak ada ya
Muhammad Willy (5 months ago)
D' Crispy iya bener,, ane udah nemu, salah satunya di pohon kecil sekat jembatan yg dibawah
F. Riz (5 months ago)
Muhammad Willy tempatnya suka pindah gak cuman di situ aja
Anissa Sabyan (7 months ago)
sudh lengkap di tunggu subs backnya..

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