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Text Comments (654)
Nikodem Caban (8 hours ago)
In TTT you need to find weapon
Bowman426 (2 days ago)
Where was Sam’s punishment
Austin Newsom (4 days ago)
3:37: The Scream of Death
RunicCrafter 19701 (4 days ago)
If d grabs a gun you better run
WAR10RDUNLEASHED (5 days ago)
Oh, I read "take the thot", next video then lol.
Pinoy Gamer 2k02 (5 days ago)
Galing umacting ni niko na hindi sya ang traitor hahahahaha #pilipinoako
Nove Dee. (7 days ago)
ωнєяє ωαѕ тιм αт тнє fяιѕт яσυи∂
stgm (8 days ago)
Every once in a while they should throw in a "dirty cop" card, where the detective is the second terrorist.
Shining Darkness (8 days ago)
Tim is really bad at being innocent.
Shining Darkness (8 days ago)
"I wanted someone to get punished" what a scumbag. No wonder we rarely see him in these TTT vids
DspMatty (8 days ago)
I feel like sometimes D just goes god mode lol
flic1100 (8 days ago)
I m a man of culture. I see TTT, i like
Mathias Montagner (8 days ago)
the d tective
foxy the homestuck (8 days ago)
Even though the other content on Node is still fire this is the only thing I watch for some reason.
Irish Mods (8 days ago)
Leah is thicc
FishyFTW (8 days ago)
2:33 with regret in his voice.
Aw4rdingGam3s ? (9 days ago)
Smartest Play By Niko And Sam, Sam (Traitor) Shoots At Niko (Traitor) And Misses On Purpose After He Shoots At D (Innocent) To Make It Look Like Niko Is An innocent, Well Played
Elias Strömberg HAGe (9 days ago)
Can't the detective just kill everyone?
p g (9 days ago)
This whole series is just dramatic irony
The420people (9 days ago)
You should make it so the detective can rev (bring back to life) one player every game
David Evans (9 days ago)
Sometimes I think it would be better to just take your chances and go loud as a traitor.
Andrew Nguyen (9 days ago)
Tronenix (10 days ago)
you should do ttt but not show us the traitors and all the others, so we can try to figure it out also.
Smile army (10 days ago)
Hey How about the hide & seek!!
TheDrunk SpaceLord (10 days ago)
U should have so in the beginning of the match when everyones picking their cards it says mystery instead of innocent
Sasori Plays (11 days ago)
Been here since 200k
Camron Hackett (13 days ago)
What is your pubg username for I can find you on your mobile device
Joshua Rowles (13 days ago)
You can just tell the anger and disappointment in D’s voice when he gets detective
TheBigmetalhammer (13 days ago)
3:12 *New Fortnite dance*
Jacob Marical (13 days ago)
Niko seemed so innocent 😂
Jake Parman (13 days ago)
Alex like giggles when he’s it
D1scharge arts (13 days ago)
can we have an episode where its just Tim hunting everyone down?
James Z (13 days ago)
Can jet stop yelling every time he gets stealthily shot? It ruins the whole point of being silent
Dick Rugburn (14 days ago)
I like how jet is the only one in a suit
JoeHanes (15 days ago)
really? you couldn't have made the video 1 second shorter?
Lego Loon (15 days ago)
WAIT if it is Trouble in Terrorist Town then that makes the traitors the good guys, right?
Keith Cooper (15 days ago)
3:34 wtf was that???
EPIC TACO900 (15 days ago)
I can't believe d managed to get niko before getting hit
Fizite (15 days ago)
Niko is legit spy from TF2. His acting is pretty good.
Gamer4Life _ (16 days ago)
More ttt please
SuperNerd Productions (16 days ago)
“It’s gonna be D” *Britney Spears music*
Zach M. (17 days ago)
What type of pistol does Matt have? It looks at fires amazing.
Zach M. (16 days ago)
Man, its really expensive.
Zach M. (16 days ago)
Thank you! Gonna go buy it now!
-Oliver- (16 days ago)
its a hi capa its basically the Best airsoft pistol out there
Invisible Scout (17 days ago)
3:45 ...like a little bitch.
Camburger826 (17 days ago)
Guys... its the *D*etective
Doctor Zed (18 days ago)
I only watch these guys for their TTT matches
DeepIn Thought (18 days ago)
This one was great
Josh Miller (18 days ago)
Batter Royale?
SeldoM (18 days ago)
They always blame the asian
Nøderak (18 days ago)
I WAS JUST REWATCHING ALL the old ones yesterday HOW DID I MISS tjis
Jason12kool (18 days ago)
In the end Sam was the traitor. "take the shot" lmao
Zakron , (19 days ago)
Why does Sam's pic look nothing like him
Undergravity downforce (19 days ago)
Take the shot eh Sounds like a seannners title Oh wait it is
Ethan Michell (19 days ago)
This was uploaded on my birthday! Lol
BRANDON GARCIA (19 days ago)
I miss these videos I wish I could subscribe on million of other accounts to show you how entertaining these videos are
angrytyrone (19 days ago)
12:51 Did someone reference Sysnyster Gates's take the shot
Rhino546 (19 days ago)
Have you all considered getting a drone for some drone shots in this? That way you wouldn’t need as many camera operators following players and it would be pretty cool.
Light Saber (19 days ago)
D has aimbot
Earth Titan211711 (20 days ago)
Matt, D and Tim would be an awesome team
Jacob Hahn (20 days ago)
What gun does jet have in round 1
TheAsthmaticAirsofter (20 days ago)
RIP Tim tho.
Ben Thony (20 days ago)
Those are some good games!!!
A guy with no name (20 days ago)
D: Niko is good, because if he wasn't, he'd already open fire on us. Niko: Thats true. Also Niko: *:)*
Tage Hatch (20 days ago)
k i subscribed now more airsoft!!!!!
SuperAdamska64 (21 days ago)
You guys should introduce jesters and phoenixs, that would REALLY spice up the ttt
WHALE (21 days ago)
Finally my favourite game on Node! I love you guys :D
Andrea Ros (21 days ago)
Airsoft TTT, your best playlist ever!
Caleb Hajek (21 days ago)
I watch this while doing the dishes. Thats all.
Jeho Shaphat (21 days ago)
Man that "D, take the shot" part was so good. And Niko had awesome acting, out played everyone.
james Hall (21 days ago)
Niko a trader
Exploding Emeralds (22 days ago)
Look up yogscast ttt they have more roles in their games called jester, infected, and survivalist u guys should consider adding those roles to the air soft version
V2 Stílerz Tekkerz (22 days ago)
Do more nerf ttt in mansions
Max Jones (22 days ago)
I don't know how Sam knew that, but that was a nice ending.
Simulated Sky2 (22 days ago)
Like it my dude
Thomas Hage (22 days ago)
Fun that you Guys are helping pubg mobile a starving game i would play it if they didnt have bots in it till then FORTNITE !!!
moose craft (22 days ago)
can sombody explain what the punishments are plz?
Fluffy (22 days ago)
Deadbrother (22 days ago)
I don't understand what is the purpose of the detective ?
Collin McLaren (22 days ago)
12:41 fuckin' stone cold
Jacob Mull (22 days ago)
I'd sub if you did more airsoft vids!!!!
Joseph Cola (23 days ago)
I love how Tim might as well have not been in the game at all. We literally didn't even see him once.
Random Baka (23 days ago)
It’s back I love it
Coded Sky (23 days ago)
10:24 that's a nice car :P wtf is it doing in there?
Elid Serifi (23 days ago)
Luis Alimorong (23 days ago)
Play more Dead by Daylight please!
D it is not tim it is alex
OverdoseGamer :/ (23 days ago)
Where did the murder game mode go?
Cole Keegan (23 days ago)
That was a beyond brilliant play by Niko
Scout (23 days ago)
You should add a rule in TTT where nobody can say any names.
Mr. Ces (23 days ago)
Dammit Alex, you should know this by now... never trust Sam!
Vxx Gaming (23 days ago)
Herp Derp Gaming (23 days ago)
What the Hell are those iron sights? 11:30
Kenny Swab (23 days ago)
yes I love airsoft ttt
Garrett Hicks (23 days ago)
I originally subscribed for the Airsoft videos but you guys do a lot more nerf and video game videos 🙄
Hooligan -G (23 days ago)
This is my fav. Thing to watch of yalls😎📯☠♔
Kristofer Magallanes (23 days ago)
Death at it's finest
Imliam Alright (24 days ago)
My name is Jet
Arctrooper SM (24 days ago)
Sam nodding....take the shot!
Chris Ayala (24 days ago)
Sam: d take the shot D : (nods) shoots Alex 😂
Matt Dalziel (24 days ago)
Who else wants more PUBG?
S a d n e s s (24 days ago)
Did anyone else notice Jet wearing a suit and tie? 😂

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