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All highlights are from my stream :D ► Follow me! TWITTER → https://twitter.com/shroud TWITCH → https://www.twitch.tv/shroud YOUTUBE (2ND) → https://goo.gl/e4dRqE ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 👌Channel Manager - https://twitter.com/stun_empire ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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Text Comments (2438)
Shroud (1 month ago)
Statement at 4:54 Also sub to second youtube for 1 free hi-five: https://goo.gl/e4dRqE
Parak33t (4 days ago)
Dreamsic I agree that the burden of proof is on the accuser, I reject your claim that this accusation is remarkable and thus requires remarkable evidence. Multiple top players in many sports have been caught cheating as have top players in computer games. It is a common claim. Common evidence is all that is required. What you are attempting is to put a ridiculous burden of proof on the accuser that can never be met.
Parak33t (4 days ago)
Robert S, you can't actually prove a negative so there is no way for him to "prove" that he hasn't cheated.
Parak33t (4 days ago)
People accuse him for lots of reasons, you just don't like their reasons so you pretend that they are accusing him for "no reason."
Parak33t (4 days ago)
Christian, people who accuse shroud may indeed just want attention, or maybe they think he is an actual cheater who needs to be stopped or maybe they are doing it for some other reason entirely. Your not a mind reader, don't pretend to know what people think. Everyone does not know that Shroud doesn't cheat. I don't know that. Neither do you, you just believe that its true. Why you would have such childlike faith that someone who has lied, cheated and stolen in the past isn't cheating or lying now?
Parak33t (4 days ago)
Ripcurl6, I agree completely but would actually go even further, I would say that Shroud has done things in the past that give us a foundation for actively distrusting him and we would actually be verging on delusion if we trusted him.
I like shroud but bragging online about credit limit and telling everybody about buying a rolex is not a good idea. Take care.
Nandar OD (1 day ago)
Real skill
Tim (2 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zrt6EioL0XE check at 3:55 u cant go around the blur going back and forth building and enemies and him calling them out followed by him shooting them using the blur(auto-aim gimmick something)
Rick Sanchez Jr. (17 hours ago)
What the hell... He just spotted them in the building without even seeing them...
Mr. Cancer (2 days ago)
Shroud is da bot
Retierashia (3 days ago)
*D I L L U S I O N A L*
Captain Teamwork (3 days ago)
Im curious, I want to see your movements 😃
Nic Pete (3 days ago)
Shroud is the man. Love from Canada
pablo Hill (3 days ago)
2:09 he says he peaking right before he even looked
Kyrin (3 days ago)
stop gropping me
hunter rothwell (3 days ago)
I feel like ppl think ur cheating bc u play on PC and they don't get that on PC u have faster reflexes and movement speed with a mouse more so than a controller
nick gillett (4 days ago)
I will say Shroud is ungodly good, and it HAS crossed my mind if he has some kind of autoaim. But I believe him when he says he just is really good at the game. He isn't always perfect after all
Thekker3b (4 days ago)
6:43 Just another casual walk in the park for Shroud...
Lucas Pinguim (5 days ago)
Imagine if S1mple decided to play PUBG lmao
Rick Sanchez Jr. (4 days ago)
You're talking about this guy right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lF042I3ARlg&t=104s Or this guy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkYnjgMI5Ok&t=4s Which one would you prefer?
billy bob (5 days ago)
Hari Tan (5 days ago)
Casually headshots someone while munchin on some food. My kind a dooood. XDDDDDDD
Bernd Lauermann (5 days ago)
jewish hacker
SkyeLife (6 days ago)
He's a hacker
PUBG PLAYER (8 days ago)
All the hack accusations are making him look kinda more of a pro because they cant tell a difference b/w hack and pure skill.
Katherine Wedgwood (8 days ago)
People wanting to see his mouse and keyboard doesnt mean anything he clearly turns aimbot on before streaming u can see how quick his aim locks on instantly soon as he is near a guy he doesnt know is there his reaction of not been bothered proves he is using it because he isnt surprised he gets the kill haha all his followers obv going to defend but reality is he has been banned how many times because off hacks and is using hack that simple if not using aimbot he is still using a verry powerful aim assist so still cheating either way
dumb cunt (8 days ago)
this nigga flexing with 60k cc limit
Martin Delgado (9 days ago)
Confirmed that shroud is hacking at 10:50
ADDRESSING THE HACK ACCUSATIONS http://hoangmanhh.blogspot.com/2018/06/addressing-hack-accusations.html
Jerred Collins (9 days ago)
Yea literally no snap-2-target... Haters gunna hate.. Keep slayin em shroud.
Danilo Ortega (10 days ago)
After watching many of your streams i have to admit you have insane skills keep it up very interesting videos 👍👍👍👍
Nick Wilson (10 days ago)
Bashes people who say he's a cheater...That's guilty in my opinion. Won't show cam footage of his mouse and keyboard, that's a cheater. Stopped playing "professionally" so not to get caught cheating. You're making too much money to confess to your lies. You're like the only fitness channels claiming to be steroid free. You lie for money. Those of us with a brain can see that.
Steven Thomson (3 days ago)
So if I plead not guilty in court that's it, cased closed I'm guilty for defending myself. Ok.
Ray Fonseca (4 days ago)
Nick Wilson >Look like a thumb >Has brain Pick one
ssabykoops (10 days ago)
4:29 Why why why
Nexures (11 days ago)
who was the guy talking at beginning
alpha esfinter (11 days ago)
fas mala olor!!!
alpha esfinter (11 days ago)
mmmm??? el tiempo dira si llevas mierda, algunas jugadas son muy sospechosas parece un walhack. yo no me lo creo
alpha esfinter (5 days ago)
pero que polla subnormal!!! si no tienes ni pelos en los huevos niño rata hahahahhahaha crece primero pedazo e inútil!!!
Iam watching you (5 days ago)
alpha esfinter speak English so you can suck my glorious cock please
Iam watching you (6 days ago)
alpha esfinter speak English so we can argue
alpha esfinter (6 days ago)
a pastar tonto la polla
Iam watching you (6 days ago)
alpha esfinter speak English ffs, I can't speak russian
Soviet Caliber (11 days ago)
Really wish idiots would stop using the guy fawkes mask -_-
Silver WaVe (11 days ago)
Just letting it out there nice auto clicker on the m16
Iam watching you (6 days ago)
Silver WaVe yeah shroud hacks11!!11 he should quit gaming and suck Ur cock
Ankletwistsnap (11 days ago)
Night Stalkers Gaming (12 days ago)
Guess I'd rather be delusional for wondering, then just blindly believe. Considering he doesn't have a completely clean track record. Oh well.
Night Stalkers Gaming Your jealous
Isaac Hernandez (12 days ago)
this video is BS is so obvious, I dont really know if he is cheating cuz I have no proof, but after watching him since like a few months I'm starting to realize he is, he clearly see where people at, I dont know how he just shoots through someone direction and all the shots land on the target every god damn time, he even knows how many time he needs to spend shooting at someone because he already knows the shots are going to land no matter what, and well who knows?
Ray Fonseca (4 days ago)
I mean sound whoring and good common sense are stupid apparently.
Otterino (8 days ago)
Thats just called good game sense and aim.
Inside121 (13 days ago)
Iam watching you (6 days ago)
Inside121 you call that aimbot? Lmao
David Schneider (13 days ago)
2:41 Damnsonized
AlphaNerd (13 days ago)
LOL how do you want to see if someone is cheating or not by having a view on the pressed keys on the keyboard while he is using autoaim or steady aim hacks ?! OR What happens to us a few days ago a player are used some kind of no clip hack which makes him able to shoot through walls/hills ... i recorded it and made vid of it... its realy ugly
Ryathor (13 days ago)
we want proof that you're not cheating or riot
Lokpriya shukla (13 days ago)
At 2:50... my god..!!
Doggo (15 days ago)
Just look at his face while hes playing hes not cheating hes zoned in as fuck
Gray Bolide (15 days ago)
aimbot ehehe
Iam watching you (6 days ago)
Gary Bolide holy shit ur right no
Khaos Inoculation (15 days ago)
Cheats or a never degrading hand eye coordination system. Never underestimate the potential of DNA data storage.. We did.. Then found out we could put the worlds data in a single F-ing room with it.
Taiphoz (15 days ago)
So many pro players have been caught cheating its not so far fetched to think.. I think you blew past that comment a little too fast. possibly addressing it in more depth might improve perception.
Bryce Fountain (15 days ago)
I think we need a cam of shroud's monitor, its easy to make cheats that are blind to the stream, but he can still use walls and see hit boxes.
Bryce Daugherty (15 days ago)
The real truth about Shroud and cheating. I'm not a subscriber to Shroud but I subscribe to practically nobody. I do give him a fair amount of views though. And cheating? You can almost be certain he does just because of his intense skill and reflexes. But he doesn't, because he can't. From an in depth analysis, Shroud has proven his skill in competition many times. If he cheated, ever, it's a guarantee that his skills would dull. Cheating makes you weak because you train your mind to do nothing while the client does everything. Is he insane? Hell yeah! Do I think he cheats? He's so good I almost believe it. But in the end I honestly can't let it go, I give him mad props. He's next level and legit. Haters can just hate. GG Shroud, keep doing what you do
Chris Alexy (15 days ago)
There are tons of people cheating, esp in the csgo pro scene. I don't believe shroud is one of them. c9 isn't innocent tho.
Rick Sanchez Jr. (15 days ago)
*cough* Stewie2k *cough*
Straight Jack (16 days ago)
Say what ya want there sure was a lot of rifle snaps cough cough aimbot
Ethan Kinser (16 days ago)
6:43 so casual about it lol
Cheetos Christ (16 days ago)
Nick Kallechy (17 days ago)
Pathetic dodge going on the offensive there. It's not delusional to question if a high performing "player" is playing legit. Be it in video games or sports, integrity of the game is everything... Either you don't get that, or you do and are avoiding the issue going after those who put forward the criticism.
Saden Thunderhawk (17 days ago)
"If anyone thinks I'm cheating, they are clearly delusional" So you insult people who say that your gameplay is a bit suspicious and would like proof that you are not using 3rd party software? "I would do it for people who want to watch my movements" well, people WANT to see the movements to confirm that you are -in fact- as good as you say you are. "I don't know whats happening in life" Playing the humility card, huh, classic. So far, I just see insulting, question dodging, and attempts to make the whole thing humorous to write it off. Anyone who has taken a high school psychology/sociology class knows that all of the above are commonly found in people who have committed a crime/are guilty of something. Why don't you make an ACTUAL video showing you are as good as you say you are. there are many programs you can download that scan for various aimbots, triggerbots, etc. All you would need to do is run the program before and after you play a game. (while showing the program in action) to clear any/all accusations of cheating. As I see it, there are no moral reasons that would get in the way of doing this. (other than being guilty, which by staying silent and passing it off is akin to saying that you ARE in fact guilty of cheating. As doing nothing is just as bad as confessing in the first place) Feel free to reply with your own opinions, however as I see it, He is still guilty. While he might not be a confirmed cheater, he is deliberately trying not to show his hands while playing. To me that is like a man refusing to take a breathalyzer test after being pulled over.
Saden Thunderhawk (17 days ago)
also, what is the 'aiming canceled' you see at the bottom of his screen when he dies? I havent played PUBG since the lawsuits started so im a bit out of the loop, but that just doesnt look right to me
ExEcUtIoN W33D (17 days ago)
Till this day they think shroud is hacking I've been watching shroud way back and he is the best I loved as big as he was being become the you hack had started and it hasn't stopped True shroud og fans will like this
Donee Gamez (17 days ago)
Shroud just starting watch you, your gawd
Dominic Spucches (17 days ago)
He said hold on let me put my fork down and headshots... love it!
HardAnall Jr. (18 days ago)
If anything , it's a complement
StringVibes (18 days ago)
6:47 play at in 0.25 speed; there is crosshair for headshoting enemy. But could be glitch in game idk.
ruffffusssss (18 days ago)
"people who think I'm cheating, and want me to prove that I'm not, are crazy" wow solid argument also explain 1:40 LOL
Delta Squadron (3 days ago)
ruffffusssss Im typing this slow cuz I know you cant read fast (cant see either). But you can see the guy in the winder run by..... If you cant see it slow down the video to 0.5 or something. Time - 12 minutes 32 seconds to complete.
IcicleTFL (15 days ago)
You can literally see the guy passing through the window as he turns. Hence him saying "oh shit". Please don't play FPS games.
Scrimjaw (18 days ago)
The only thing which could be seen as suspect is his ability to guess where players are going to come from, which appears to happen 80%+ of the time. 3:58
Lexus Callanga (10 days ago)
Scrimjaw he heard footsteps nuff said
IcicleTFL (15 days ago)
Jesus, I hope you people never play games where sound is actually really important, or else you'll never make it. You can prefire most things in games or predict where people are coming from because running tends to be *really loud*. This goes across most FPS games. As long as you have your sound up pretty high, you can likely make 50%+ of your plays purely on hearing where someone might be coming from. Also keep in mind that Shroud uploads highlight clips. For every time he guesses correctly, there's at least 3 times he guessed wrong and didn't upload.
bryce jackson (17 days ago)
Scrimjaw he is the best pubg player tho
Darth BadGuy (19 days ago)
Prove it quit acting like a cheater and running your mouth, put a camera behind your head and record the monitor so we can all see your esp and aimbot, record starting from the time you turn your pc on before you launch game so we can see your cheat engine and then if you try and turn it off and play normal and you get killed a lot and don’t snap on to people anymore like you always do then we know you are cheating, if you still snap on with provided proof that to don’t have a cheat running on desktop then everyone knows 100 percent your legit, so why hide it? You not going to waste your time proving it cause you are cheating and you want to keep stealing everyone’s money lol
Iam watching you (6 days ago)
Yeah shroud should suck ur dick to prove his not cheating
Anej Lasič (20 days ago)
Explain 1:40...
Lexus Callanga (10 days ago)
Anej Lasič ever heard of prediction?
IcicleTFL (15 days ago)
You can literally see the guy passing through the window as he turns. Hence him saying "oh shit". Please don't play FPS games.
Aito (15 days ago)
so you've never predicted an enemy movement?
MrCOLT050 (20 days ago)
filthy cheater FACT
Krimson Beat (20 days ago)
Address the “hack situation” for 30 seconds, upload 10 minutes to get those tasty midrolls boi.
Fogy Tube (21 days ago)
I just started to invest Bitcoin
Iam watching you (6 days ago)
Fogy Tube nice
Mr22Vpm (21 days ago)
The fact that you didn't call this video "adressing the hackussations " make me so angry right now .
DAVISON85 (21 days ago)
Is this game cross platform on xbox now cos I been getting my arse kicked since the miramar map update also I've seen people wearing the yellow tracksuit which sure u can't get on xbox??
Ryan Brown (21 days ago)
the two kills after 2:43 seem sketchy. watch at 0.25 speed. the last millisecond tiny adjustments directly onto the heads right before the shot is so insane if hes that good. tho one wasnt displayed as a headshot. i dont know what to believe haha. hes just extremely precise and that good i guess.
Cody Purcell (21 days ago)
He don't hack I played like that back in crysis days. It's called being in you're prime time.
WAstateofmind (21 days ago)
Ooo more clickbait
Iam watching you (6 days ago)
If you like clickbait, go watch fortnite clips vids
KyleSquidMLG (21 days ago)
eye tracker??
Iam watching you (6 days ago)
KyleSquidMLG there's a vid bout him using an eye tracker, check it out
Dj Boy (21 days ago)
Check this link out for cheap PUBG: https://www.g2a.com/r/cheappubgverycheap
Louie Andrew Capulso (21 days ago)
do you have a vid here somewhere where you have mouse/keyboard view? I wanna know how you control recoil. :D
Dr Strangelove (21 days ago)
Lambsy Pte (22 days ago)
Everyone gets luck in almost every game and some just seem to know where to look and have 20 times the luck that anyone else has. Don't get me wrong , you are good but not everyone is a dumb sheep.
Thomas Barb (22 days ago)
I can see why people think you hack. Youre eating chinese food and are getting sniped at from the mountain somewhere and just aim right to him and kill him with one shot and continue eating...
Plebtile (22 days ago)
All professionals of any kind are hackers, there's no way a person can get that good at anything while devoting their lives to it!
reelkena (22 days ago)
reelkena (22 days ago)
Shroud was def hacking during the apple toss.
Osiris Zoran (22 days ago)
Shrouds not hacking he just aimbot head shot someone while looking down at his plate while eating a sandwhich
kevin reyes (22 days ago)
Shroud that nigga I’m telling you
Joey64bit (22 days ago)
It's nice to see Principle Skinner's son is doing well on YouTube
Thot Hater (22 days ago)
I always wonder how he knows where enemies are at all times. He aims his gun at a corner and then a few seconds later an enemy walks by and he kills him. How does he know wtf
Manu (22 days ago)
Anyone whi thinks hes cheating just watch him playing other fps games that hes playing rarely for example fortnite hes really rarely playing it and still he manages to have mechanics like one of the best builders etc... hes just a talent u have to born with it. Face that u cant be shroud even if u practice as much as he does.
Chris (22 days ago)
i dont need to i know you are cheating cos ive been in the cheating scene for 10 years.a blind moron can see you use slow aim
YZ Frosty (19 days ago)
Chris i like how theres a whole seen for this
Tim (22 days ago)
I guess you can call them hackusations.
pugggz (22 days ago)
Is able to fire the m16 full auto when it's on single fire, aims at cars front tires from close range and it hits both driver and passenger.... provides nothing to suggest he doesn't hack. GG
Sunnydoe (22 days ago)
What kind of Rolex are you interested in Shroud? I’d look into the DateJustII It’s a 36mm bezel with jubilee band. Often comes in 2tone(which is regarded as more classy opposed to plain gold). Don’t flood a Rolex with diamonds, looks terrible and loses value if they’re not set by Rolex themselves.
devinray95 (22 days ago)
I know cheating makes things less fun for other players if it’s online based. But content wise ( gameplay and commentary) is still awesome to watch. I used to be a sucker for glitches and such back in the day. I don’t see why a massive fuss.
Lil J (22 days ago)
seth cochran (22 days ago)
shroud what is your DPI and sensitivty
The Cat (23 days ago)
"people who think I'm cheating and want me to prove that I'm not are crazy" wow solid argument
ruffffusssss (18 days ago)
This should of been upvoted to hell and back but shrouds noob army protect him
Josip Erak (23 days ago)
Of course hes cheating. Wallhack is obvious, probably an aimbot as well. Dude, whoever thinks you are legit, is fucking retarded as fuck. This is mindless shooting, you know where anyone is hiding behind any wall, or corner without seeing them before
red Diamond (23 days ago)
I dont care what ANYBODY says dammit! Shroud is a cheater! Fuck whoever disagrees
Boris the Blade (23 days ago)
only bad people call cheats on shroud. they think just cuz they cant play as well he must be cheating. newsflash youre just garbage
playa0789 (23 days ago)
5:30 so much loot but no space to pick it up :(
hosermahbob (23 days ago)
Go fuck yourself shroud. Virgin
Mark Albiar (23 days ago)
How do your weapons have no recoil? None at all
FeronGER (23 days ago)
get some sunlight! u not so awesome, cause PUPG sucks Big Time!
xX_ McGaming _Xx (24 days ago)
Player: Fucking cheater! oh wait its shroud... nvm... :/
Smeefy (24 days ago)
It’s time for shroud

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