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SHROUD PUBG CASE OPENING | NEW CASE Shroud : https://www.twitch.tv/shroud
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Text Comments (121)
Rodrigo Escobar (1 month ago)
Shroud is getting in love with his own pubg character
Yameen Tazwar (2 months ago)
I know this is completely unrelated to this video but fortnite like to say that pubg is still buggy . I bet they haven't played pubg for 6 months. Pubg is ALOT better now , but the fortnite players wont admit
KFB Gaming (3 months ago)
There is one thing we’ve learned today opening pubg cases are better then opening csgo cases
King Dre (4 months ago)
Character lookin juicy
Sir Taco (5 months ago)
Shroud looks like the white faze rain
Niklas Tonning (6 months ago)
he gets purples and shit and i opened like 100 cases gets only turtlenecks. g fucking g
Zack Halu (7 months ago)
sold out wtf
carter (7 months ago)
6:50 someone answer
Salsa T (7 months ago)
1:26 haha
D3aD M1c3 V3n0m (7 months ago)
definitely not a favored user by the system. He gets almost every rare / uncommon item and its rare for him to get grey items?. Naaaaaaaaaaah he is definitley not getting sugar coated odds from the sytem
John Wayne (7 months ago)
BlubbrS (7 months ago)
bruh i opened 5 crates got 5 gloves i think its bugged for me :)
Emil Tylkin (7 months ago)
OMG how you get so much BP you are fucking nerd go get life do something to the world ....
khaki man (7 months ago)
Streamer loot if I've ever fucking seen it LUL PogChamp
Lucas Biittner (7 months ago)
Amazing, famous streamers always have great luck? coincidence? Surely Bluehole helps!
X hard rocker (7 months ago)
Lucas Biittner im not a streamer and i have god like luck
he opens 16 crates and gets stuff worth over 200$ and i open 100 crates and am at 1$ right now
Pewdiepie Sanchez (7 months ago)
StraightOuttaNorthpole TV lol it's called Stream loot low-key the creators of PubG give out
Zen Blinded (7 months ago)
shrouds characters gonna go to burning man
David Wade (7 months ago)
1:21 careful what you wish for
Apski (7 months ago)
How lucky can a single man be?!
Gotik (7 months ago)
Zest Denim Jacket - 200$ Cropped Corset - 150$ shittii profit
Analyia Agustin (6 months ago)
Gotik he's a lucky mf
wolfehdotexe (7 months ago)
*casually unboxes items worth $400+*
Tristan Kyle Currin (7 months ago)
How.......he gets quite a few of the rare items ..... maybe this is rigged for streamers to make others want to buy crates???? Would love that Denim Jacket and Denim bootcut pants but not for $160 as of today!
darkmatter lull (7 months ago)
Goddamn the loot system sucks dude. Especially for console
AlanhAkk (7 months ago)
2.5 per key? lulz internet 2018 plz.
stoptakingusernamepls (5 months ago)
Its actually ez profit tho, as long as youre not dumb enough to blow all of your money from selling it by opening crates or buying skins, i can guaranteed to get at least 40 dollars every time a new crate came out.
AshioTeni (7 months ago)
AlanhAkk Wut? 🤔
AlanhAkk (7 months ago)
Lulz "ez profit" by selling crates
AshioTeni (7 months ago)
AlanhAkk Lulz selling crates is ez profit
Matěj Šebesta (7 months ago)
Shroud : " Do i have 42 dollars on my account ? " switches to donation screen :D " I doooo" no shit we all know you have.
Fr3cFerw (7 months ago)
This jacket is 150$
Vehementtoast (7 months ago)
lol the skins in this game suck and are useless 80% of people play first person fortnite gonna kill this game
Spcsullivan (7 months ago)
shroud is the most uninteresting people I've EVER heard in my life.. poor guy feelsbadman
Jacob G (6 months ago)
hes good though, thats why people watch him
Nigthdaker (7 months ago)
1:25 dat timing XD
Bashirskiy (7 months ago)
wait did they added keys in pubg? RIP
Danny (7 months ago)
what rip? pubg is more famous then csgo
Rexzone (7 months ago)
lesson learned, if you are not with big twitter do not open boxes, just sell them, because until they get many skin rubbish but as they open enough boxes you do not notice. PS: sometimes I feel that shroud account like that blue hole tricks him so that the good thing comes out as an advertisement, because I've seen people open up to 100 and come out repeated garbage
aiRWave (7 months ago)
1.44 That face xD
Syafiq Dow (3 months ago)
aiRWave 1:44
MastaPlaya1337 (7 months ago)
Catashi (7 months ago)
''How they can sell the skins on the market already?'' Because they had the keys a week or so before the crates came out :)
UmutKızıltug (7 months ago)
soo hes rich now?
Gabe Hernandez (7 months ago)
Why does his character look like mia khalifa?
Stacks (7 months ago)
love how all they add in this game is different clothes to add on your character and still try and make you pay for keys to open crates its a joke lol. No wonder fortnite is taking over
du bist schlecht (7 months ago)
Go to Work . Only playing Games ist Nerd lile
Paulius Šileika (7 months ago)
Cropped corset is like 200€
Khizo (7 months ago)
so, is it only me, or buying 30 crate keys is actually profitable by alot? cuz he literally got like many rare stuff or whatever its called, and one of those is 50% of the money he spent already.
Leelaseal (7 months ago)
I’ve probably opened £70 of crates/keys and about 500k bp worth of crates and only ever gotten shit lmao the most expensive thing I’ve ever had to sell is £6 so no it’s not the road to go down for making a profit + if you’re spending real money you’re essentially just trading it for virtual currency which is a loss on its own.
SplasJ (7 months ago)
WollFii not rly
Khizo (7 months ago)
but still, there is more % in winning than losing.
Pepe Boludin (7 months ago)
well yeah, but sometimes luck fucks ypu
Rooster D (7 months ago)
Dont even try open this shit sell it on spot
Rooster D (7 months ago)
this is definetly fixed no one gets dat purps its like 10000 loot in 1
kurotsuya (7 months ago)
that scarf is worth a lot
e[X]ile (7 months ago)
Shroud @1:26 😂
Stropatici (7 months ago)
e[X]ile ahh... Ouuh... Spicy.. ahh... Oh yeah... Oh yeah XD
cbfilmrater (7 months ago)
He unboxed nearly $500 in 2 crates and he takes it so casually.... I'd be losing my shit.
OneRandomOsuPlayer (7 months ago)
If stocking were a thing in pubg it'd be fucking amazing
Spleghegg (7 months ago)
shroud doesnt know how trading works
Ghost WOW (7 months ago)
1:22 lol something new
Keith Beckett (7 months ago)
always thought that myself...how are people selling the new skins so early when they have days and days restriction once opened ? there are a bunch for sale on day 1 of the patch. Which means they opened them daaays earlier ?
Fernanda (7 months ago)
Because they bought the key when they open the crate.If they had bought one week later they could sell it
Keith Beckett (7 months ago)
i would assume staff are not allowed to sell items earlier...before than the rest of the community. Because they would be directly profiting from selling them first before anyone has them/can sell them. these brand new items are temporary 'rarer' when they first come out as there are barely any on the market yet...the price are very high as a result. Certain items cost like over £10 at first, then eventually they sell for less than £1. And this difference is even higher with the rare items that go for over a hundred. And anyone buying these items are waaay over paying, its not untill all the restrictions expire and suddenly thousands flood on the market place that the price drops to the normal point. So yeah....it seems very unfair if the devs can sell a bunch before anyone else can sell them.
Keith Beckett (7 months ago)
but i get the trade restriction on items I have also opened....(it might not be as long...i think maybe its only a couple of days instead) but its still there.. from a crate i bought in game with BP and opened myself. The item is still not tradeable. So that still doesn't explain how people are selling the new items on day 1 of the patch release.
Rooster D (7 months ago)
probably staff related
Mathew Luong (7 months ago)
omg i wish shroud opened my box <3<3<3
SotoSpitsFire (7 months ago)
how do people sell right away?
Ashwin Kunal (7 months ago)
they used tradable keys.the keys used is the same key for the gamescom and desperado so shroud must've had some
Ömercix Warspear (7 months ago)
@6.51 he is right how people selling them ?
Syafiq Dow (3 months ago)
carter (7 months ago)
so have the key thats not trade banned and then buy the case ingame and open?
Ömercix Warspear (7 months ago)
Ok man thanks :)
Vuong Dao (7 months ago)
they bought the keys 7 days in advance so they dont have the trade ban
Mtndewgang (7 months ago)
Omercix Warspear people get them with points, you can sell them. But if you buy the crates off the market, you can't sell them until a 7/15 day waiting period.
Stropatici (7 months ago)
1:32 ahh.... Spicy XD
Rabbit The Hunter (7 months ago)
Give away plis hahah
Gee Actub (7 months ago)
where da fak i am ??
kljghg (7 months ago)
Gee Actub :)
Gee Actub (7 months ago)
pussy channel 😂
HighlightsOfTwitch (7 months ago)
lol, it's always fun to watch streamers open loot.
TheInsaneGhost (7 months ago)
47g in the account
TheInsaneGhost (7 months ago)
HipHopVibesOnly (7 months ago)
with that hours he spent on playing pubg , mostly per game has like 12 kills average and 50% of his match is #1 ofc
TheInsaneGhost (7 months ago)
Jmoss7 (7 months ago)
So fun to watch people spend money and wish I could do the same
Bite Za Dusto (4 months ago)
Fat Virgin You won't be a billionare so don't bother too much...
Strong Chad (7 months ago)
I could be a billionaire and I still wouldn't spend money on stupid shit like this.
Zergidrom (7 months ago)
Jmoss7 I know this feel bro
Adnan Khan (7 months ago)
same to You hahah
Frane Juras (7 months ago)
Yes u can, just be good in school and finish college and work hard!👍
mangoman (7 months ago)
How much were the purple items he got?
Ashwin Kunal (7 months ago)
NinjapowerMS they had keys way before it came out
NinjapowerMS (7 months ago)
How are people even bypassing this 7 days.
Ashwin Kunal and where we can buy keys if not via in game or market?
Ashwin Kunal (7 months ago)
coz the keys you bought was via in-game or market which gives a market ban for 7 days
Aevoke (7 months ago)
Alex Graynh how do i sell my denim pants i just got some but i cant sell because i just opened it
Dániel Csizmár (7 months ago)
wow fuck
ItsKennyFool (7 months ago)
Must be nice to get streamer loot I opened so many of those crates and not one good item
ItsKennyFool (7 months ago)
they give big streamer the goods to show them off and make everyone else keep spending
ItsKennyFool (7 months ago)
bs its streamer loot
tomeetoucan (7 months ago)
ItsKennyFool not streamer loot, streamer luck
Rayer (7 months ago)
Drop Svt If you woud have sold all those crates, you would have made a nice profit tbh
Drop Svt (7 months ago)
Seriously ive blown over like 200k in bp and have nothing good. I litteraly have 13 pairs of working boots
Void Games (7 months ago)
I love shroud. Keep the clips coming.

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