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PUBG introducing locked Loot Boxes!?

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Bluehole has just announced a new PUBG patch update that has been rolled out on the test servers and is anticipated to go live in the retail version of the game soon. The two most significant additions are upgrades to the game replays, including new ways to report suspicious behaviour and two new types of loot boxes. One of these new types of boxes, the Biker crate will be free to open but the second one will require players to purchase keys on Steam costing $2.5 each. So, what do these crates look like? Let's buy 6 of them with Battle Points to see what's inside them! Also, let's try these new reporting tools out on a cheater I met while streaming recently. My giveaway for the Rainbow Six: Year Three Season Pass will end this month! Take part while you still have the chance: https://gleam.io/5DOqP/rainbow-six-siege-year-3-season-pass-giveaway Join me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/RogueN9 Discord! https://discord.gg/GFbWWhC Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/Rogue.9er More Rogue-9! R6 Gun Guides: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7b_pqdIu5g&list=PLP2MwDk1r3q1A8z3g9f0OFj2O2sMLMVOa Battlefield 1: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP2MwDk1r3q3F7Oj-hF0EFFma-l2hy5UD Music: "Press Start" - MDK (https://mdkofficial.bandcamp.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (196)
samljer (1 month ago)
just saved me money, was going to buy it b ut fuck loot boxes. ty
The Life (1 month ago)
Pubg has loot crates now? LOL
HARNESS84 _ (1 month ago)
fucking shit game, so glitchy awkward movement and jumping, terrible controls. blaaaah whatever
RW Eragon xeno (8 months ago)
i like this video
darkknight-edusc (9 months ago)
More likely you should buy Outbreak Packs
Vicoris (9 months ago)
If i wasn't gonna buy PUBG Before, I'm sure as hell not going to now.
Jiggle_eagle (9 months ago)
Hell yea unboxed a 200 dollar jacket on my 3rd despardo crate
macdaddymario (9 months ago)
Remember all that ground people thought they gained by trashing BF2 for having loot boxes at all? All that work, down the drain xD
GhostReconReach (9 months ago)
Man PUBG looks SO good on PC I play on Xbox (I know I know console pleb) but like why does everything look like a potato on console!!! I hope that’s their first priority on console nothing else bc I never get a ton of bugs
MidnightPhantasm (9 months ago)
I opened 1 crate and got the turtleneck sweater, and it looks really good. Then again, I'm that guy who sold his CSGO knife for the PlayerUnknown Trench coat right when the game became popular. Profited 250% so...
I like the videos where he points out the bullshit.
Xabre2th (9 months ago)
maybe add a feature let you suit up a killed player's cosmetic item in that round.
P B (9 months ago)
im sure the boss of the game is a jew that why loot box the greed is in the house
のあ高峯 (9 months ago)
You know the days of f2p games where they allow you to buy the clothes you want? Yeah, I remembered. And it was free to play, not some buggy, piece of shit game that cost money.
Paddy Hector (9 months ago)
Salty as when I dropped my pretzel off my private yacht XD
Tyler Strong (9 months ago)
I wouldnt complain too much about locked loot boxes... Theyre selling for $5 a piece! You can easily make $15 a week selling them. Not a bad way to fund other games.
Neves7561 (9 months ago)
I got about 12 euros from selling those
SOLID SNAKE (9 months ago)
ffs here we go again, well goodbye pubg
Sabertooth (9 months ago)
Yet another reason I will never buy PUBG
Pensive (10 months ago)
I got a desperado crate, bought a key and then received an item that's worth 21 euros so I don't think it is that bad.
Fred Krazé (10 months ago)
lol this got soo acurate and funny at the end, i recommend watching the whole video!!!!!
George Edwards (10 months ago)
Haha! Awesome
Peter Papovitz (10 months ago)
u are so right with the keys bro!!!!!!
DGARedRaven (10 months ago)
Ich bin gerade über das GSG-9 Lied gestolpert. Und musste mir selbst ins Gesicht hauen. :D Ich dachte allen Ernstes, dass du Engländer wärst. Wunschte, mein Englisch wäre so akzentfrei - die meisten halten mich für 'nen Russen oder 'nen Iren. So oder so, Gute Arbeit, und bitte gerne mehr :)
Travis Allington (10 months ago)
No no no! Sick of this shit.
mario megale (10 months ago)
I agree with Rogue BlueHole is full of greedy capitalist scum
Captain Assist (10 months ago)
As much as I love your channel, I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one. Players now expect titles to be supported for several years. This is accomplished by these companies continuing to be able to make money on said title. Pay to win is god awful, but having SOME paid cosmetic loot systems in a game shouldn't be demonized. If you don't like it, don't buy it, bc it won't change your win/loss ratio. If you want to support the title, buy it.
Chris P. Bacon (10 months ago)
Darren Yeung (10 months ago)
Absolutely agree with your view on this. Never liked it when CS GO did this (my 1st exp with a game making clients pay for keys to open loot boxes) and my view hasn't changed since. This is unregulated gambling targeted at children or young adults. An unscrupulous practice by game publishers (usually not the devs that have the say in this). Glad certain countries, like Belgium, are looking into this and many others should follow suit. If other industries implemented a practice like this I doubt the general public,media and governing body would/could turn a blind eye. Was thinking about getting PUBG to see what all the fuss is about but I think I'll just save myself the money and grief.
Fiz zle (10 months ago)
Rogue-9, are you British
omniemon (10 months ago)
Hey Rogue what are your thoughts on Payday 2 coming to the Switch with an exclusive character?
Rackie (10 months ago)
Meanwhile ubisoft(think of it, Ubisoft) is still working on it for R6S
Violet Vappy (10 months ago)
How can game companies after the whole SWBF2 debacle keep doing lootboxes? Like...do they not realize how much of a taboo that shit is right now in the eyes of the community? "How can we, as a dev team and publisher, relate and cater to the player in the early months of 2018?" How does anyone come out with the answer of "lootboxes!" after all that's happened. I just don't understand.
FeFe Ass (10 months ago)
Why are they adding more “ micro transactions “
Sarah (10 months ago)
I got the exact same items as Rogue-9 out of those free testserver crates. This is a scam
Rogue-9 (10 months ago)
Wow, what are the chances of that?!?! crazy
Stavr Ognev (10 months ago)
BlueHole found same "random" generator, a UBI? 🌈6 have same problem with "random" defender spots @ casual.
Marley (10 months ago)
Great video Rogue :)
WhiteOut76 (10 months ago)
Yo marley love your vids bro
Rogue-9 (10 months ago)
Drummercommander (10 months ago)
We can sell the crates via Steam? I think I will give mine away in stead. I don't want to be part of this...
Stratop Gaming (10 months ago)
They really released a locked loot boxes with all the shit going down with EA ? xD
The Boss (10 months ago)
Great phycology, the loot boxes are "locked" to create the impression that you desire to buy their pay to win crap.
Liam Home (10 months ago)
Want to downthumb the video just because this addition pisses me off. But it's you so I have to give it a thumbs up
Rogue-9 (10 months ago)
Thanks! A lot of people will sadly "shoot the messenger" in cases like this, even though I agree that this is a crappy move :'D
Mau (10 months ago)
I opened a Aviator sunglasses... on the test servers
Eason Wong (10 months ago)
All I know I sell those crates to buy rainbow 6 stuff 😂
CK_32 (10 months ago)
Didn't PUBG swear they wouldn't add loot boxes and paid DLC?
watermelonpoop4 (10 months ago)
why loot boxes.....what about the netcode
DroolingHalfling (10 months ago)
Was on the fence about this game. Now i've made my decision. Fuck this game, fuck greedy game publishers and I hope they get a massive backlash from this crap.
VulpeRenard (10 months ago)
PUBG had unlockable pay-crates earlier with the Gamescom crates. I actually paid for the game and several others by selling a few. The difference for _that_ was you could specifically select pay-crates or free crates. I was okay with that. I'm *not okay* with not getting the opportunity to select between the two now.
Дамян Эмилë (10 months ago)
What do you think about the new patch on rainbow six siege?
Medicreaper (10 months ago)
great another lootbox on ptp game with key to add more salt
Crankystixx (10 months ago)
how can people sell items they got from crates?
Crankystixx (10 months ago)
But it says not tradeable for a week
VulpeRenard (10 months ago)
You can sell them on the Steam Marketplace. They appear in your steam inventory.
SickBabySeals (10 months ago)
Loot boxes that require actual money, NEED TO FUCKING DIE.
CPT Purrfect (10 months ago)
I mean they were impressed how the devs went back on their word in PD2...
SPEEDYNOOB (10 months ago)
Liam Tiel (10 months ago)
Rogue-9 is the normal update out now?
Rogue-9 (10 months ago)
+Somebody37 not yet. Just on the test server for now.
Felix Peng (10 months ago)
Everyone in comments raging about lootboxes when the teams that work on cosmetics is completely separate from the team working on the netcode and game features lmao
Iya Iya (10 months ago)
And what does that has to do with people not liking paid gamblings in-game? And I'm pretty sure the modelling team has more purpose than just doing clothes for loot boxes, no?
Fatal Oath (10 months ago)
NaN0s7 (10 months ago)
Your opinion is fact.
Michał Saloni (10 months ago)
Gambler's fallacy. The chance of getting second gloves was still 7,5%.
Michał Saloni (10 months ago)
True, but he sad, after getting one already, that NOW the chance of getting the second 0,56%. Which is wrong it was still 7,5%.
Andrei Valdez (10 months ago)
Michał Saloni Right, but the chance of both being the same 7.5% chance becomes some stupidly small number because they're exponential. For example, the result of a 10% chance result twice is 1% because that's 10% of the last 10%.
OverDose665 22 (10 months ago)
I don't mind paying cash for cosmetic items, but if they put items in that give you a advantage nope!!! At least it's not COD or Battlefronts system. It's just clothing and if you want to pay you can. Now I hope they don't put camos for your weapons behind a pay wall
Liam Currie (10 months ago)
The percent chance of getting a dupe is slightly wrong, since you already have the punk gloves your chance of getting a dupe is not .56%, it is just simply 7.5% again.
Liam Currie (10 months ago)
Ahh okay, yeah then you are right there
Rogue-9 (10 months ago)
Yes sorry if I was not quite clear. What I meant was: the chance of getting the gloves twice with two draws is 0.56%
Fabulous5 (10 months ago)
One moment of silence for the salt pretzel.
Hunter Stanek (10 months ago)
Love the video Rogue
Search4Views (10 months ago)
Cash grabbing while riding the wave of popularity! Weeeeee!
Narutocjw (10 months ago)
Haha, broken game releasing loot boxes. Ha, this just proves Fortnight is still better.
R G (10 months ago)
ghillie is also cosmetic
Andrei Valdez (10 months ago)
Pacifist Dolphin That's an actual advantage in this game.
Tristan Crawford (10 months ago)
Thought about PUBG and never mind.
P K (10 months ago)
I can get along with normal lootboxes with cosmetics, that's the line for me, but fuck locked lootboxes. Absolutely stupid.
Kieran Gillies (10 months ago)
Thank you for the video it was great. ❤
Kieran Gillies (10 months ago)
Rouge-9 actually liked it omg thank you love you man
Paul Reckless (10 months ago)
Awesome video. I keep watching your videos even though i dont like pubg . Thats how good you are
Lord Gaben (10 months ago)
I'm an hour late
DingleFluffles (10 months ago)
Whats with the giving out BP points that were never given out. I got 27 points whereas all my mates I play with got anything between 300 and 900!
kingemocut (10 months ago)
Rouge-9, there's a reason payday 2 players were especially pissed off about their loot boxes. we not only grinded to unlock those fuckers, but overkill software broke EU law with them being locked. they said it'd be free to the entire community. it was NOT free to the entire community. they also added pay 2 win mechanics with the ability for the skins to have an stat boost, and with the legendary skins some of them gave a better sight picture (if you prefer ironsights, and in some cases you'd need irons for high power crit builds.) hell, i was the guy who broke that they were breaking EU law. it's not the same as with blue(ass)hole's fuck you pay us twice system, payday 2's was on another level.
kingemocut (10 months ago)
oh that's an understatement... i totally didn't spend over 120 GBP on payday 2 DLC... nor did i spend 20 GBP just on some fucking gunskin i'll never use... (i joined right around the first paid heist, Big Bank. in fact, just before big bank) thing with their DLC model was it was smart. whenever a new DLC came out, all the other DLCs went on 75% sale. in some rare cases, the new dlc would also go on sale for 25% off (normally around chirstmas time) and they had a steady stream of "freeish" content. there was also the fact they knew how to control the hype somewhat well. just not when people get pissed off, or give legitimate criticism ("and shame on you if you thought otherwise", it was "your opinion, my choice" for example. that first one was almir outright saying before release they'd never add any skin/box stuff IIRC, and YO,MC was to that flashbangs were not RNG... back when they were RNG) payday 2 also HAD to make content for 4 years, as they had a contract for 2 years on release that got renewed for another 2 years. as a "fun" sidenote, the first page of top posts on the payday subreddit is all "fuck you overkill" related stuff, with like 2 or 3 non-fuck you stuff, from that event.
Rogue-9 (10 months ago)
Fair point and we can add to that the fact that PD2 already had one paid DLC after another so locked crates were just a step too greedy.
Some Bullshit (10 months ago)
Netcode fixes or putting chinese people in their own servers? Who needs that. But lootboxes. Yes, please.
Andrew (10 months ago)
Am i the only one how got a black hoodie in the test server?
AJ Harice (10 months ago)
They where the choosen one!!!!! They where spouse to destroy bad companies not join them
Lt Col Rayquaza (10 months ago)
Damn i hate pubg just cuss it's boring AF and full of bugs/glitches but loot boxes that cost money in a paid game...
tadhgkeane81 (10 months ago)
Nice video Rogue. Love your sense of humour:)
MaJIbIu (10 months ago)
dying game tries
Nathan (10 months ago)
Holy shit your voice is sexy, Subbed!
Nebula (10 months ago)
PUBG is cancer of course they would go that way and add cancerous gambling micro transactions in form of NOT only lootboxes BUT closed lootboxes. The devs that are so entitled to their genre and want to sue their "copy cats" apparently don't have enough money even though their game is the most popular on steam. Pathetic greed.
David Feeley (10 months ago)
rouge ... you sir are a legend !
Adrian Navar (10 months ago)
Boycott Bluehole for gambling instead of progression
Andrei Valdez (10 months ago)
Adrian Navar Wtf. What progression would they add, lmao? Just don't buy the keys and complain about it until they change their scheme.
Samir Radoncic (10 months ago)
publishes a video from 3 weeks ago on jan 11
Samir Radoncic (10 months ago)
sorry so i only watched like 5 seconds and i thought the test server does nothing s
Rogue-9 (10 months ago)
?? I rendered and uploaded this today
Duck Guy (10 months ago)
Maybe they should stop wasting time making shitty skins and work on getting servers.
Ark2ruX (10 months ago)
The new loot box keys should be earnable through winning...... or obtainable like sieges aplhapacks on a % based system
keygan versfeld (10 months ago)
Im allways confussed that when i watch your videos it seems that my pants mysteriously get wet.
Rogue-9 (10 months ago)
Don't worry, it's perfectly normal ;-D
stegosaurus (10 months ago)
For fucks sakes really??
Steve mc (10 months ago)
PlayerUninstalled Battlegrounds
Cyclic (10 months ago)
No no no N O NO NO NO
Meat (10 months ago)
Of course it costs $2.49 to open. Why even try to innovate?
The Algerian (10 months ago)
I'm acting astonished!
Nope why (10 months ago)
Did you know that red shirt can save your life from teaming buggers from specific country?
Andrei Valdez (10 months ago)
Nope why ok
Luke (10 months ago)
Can't get more English than having an angry cuppa tea
Ghost Nappa (10 months ago)
Well time to uninstall and get a refund :)
Ghost Nappa (10 months ago)
Thankfully i can still refund the xbox version but looks like im stuck with this tumour in my steam library
christ0 s4msic0 (10 months ago)
Ye cant if you either had own the game over than a week or played the game for 2 hourz
Nope why (10 months ago)
and I love your contents, can you do analysis vids about pubg? they keep add subtle(masked) changes in game and it is super annoying not to know if I changed or the game did
Rogue-9 (10 months ago)
I do want to get into analysis videos for PUBG. Just need to figure out the best way to find out the stats. Testing on regular servers is just not feasible
Legatus (10 months ago)
Now on SALE: T-shirt red, great for getting spotted and sniped at all ranges! (while supplies last)
ExdeusMachina (10 months ago)
Asm Ас then you complete the "target employee" set
Asm Ас (10 months ago)
for almost same reason you need brown pants in this set.
Falling Koala (10 months ago)
They cant see you bleed
MiningMikeHD (10 months ago)
Legatus I always wear the red T, fuckem
Kaz (10 months ago)
Why fix the net code when you can add lootboxes am I right?
Rogue-9 (10 months ago)
Nope why (10 months ago)
They should reward with BP when you get cheaters right, like overwatch(valve) XP reward system And I do like the replay system in sake of viewing experience. BTW I do want to set fire on bluehole company's office, shouldn't they block Chinese IP(99% of cheaters are chinese) as you regulate the gay person giving blood?(I do know this can be offensive but it is sensible to do, not being homophobic)
Boycott that sht! Boycott lootboxes!!! If u don't like games with lootboxes, don't buy that!
Banded Landed (10 months ago)
Rouge-9 i love you bro. No gay sh*t tho. Your content is great Keep it up "V-sauce" of games.

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