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Everything playable RIGHT NOW from E3

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E3 2018 is of course jam-packed with new games, from The Last of Us Part II, to Halo Infinite and tons more. New Elder Scrolls and that. New Spider-Man. All sorts. But they’re all far away. Months, if not years. What about the games, trials and betas you can play right flippin now? Hosts: Mike Williams and Gareth Evans Script by Liam McKelvey Edited by Jake Kulkowski Sources https://2018.e3recap.com/ More Videos Podcast 67 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0dy8gyzU2w Australian Gamers Up Against It - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDI5H1SFMzk Huge Games Incoming - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rrhc4tmlSeA Gaming News Round-up - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwLn7-Mmu8s No Man’s Sky Community Prepares for PVP - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YC8P3jzof8 SUPPORT US on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/prettygoodgaming SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCodK-9eXEm_hWSDDfLr4QzA?sub_confirmation=1 Follow Pretty Good Gaming TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/prettygoodgamingyt FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/PrettyGoodGamingPage/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/PrettyBadTweets WEBSITE: http://www.prettygoodgaming.com Follow us Gareth - https://twitter.com/prettygoodgaz Mike - https://twitter.com/MikendrickW Jake - https://twitter.com/Theonlyjakeever Liam - https://twitter.com/Liam_Says_Hi
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Text Comments (371)
De Brown (1 day ago)
😂 "it just falls in the criteria" "it's available" 😂 almost the best review ever! Go on broski's 👍
asifur rahman (3 days ago)
what will happen if i just pay for one month then download The Division, Fallout 4. Those game will be playable or after one month it will be locked. Like Xbox Gold or PSPlus games. Can anyone answer me this question? if the games here will be locked after one month. then i dont know about the value u guys so hyped for. if downloads game will be on my Xbox / PC library after date expires for Game Pass.then just think about it overall. u already paid for Xbox Gold for one year then add another 10$ for ech month! if u have good Net connection then subscribe to PSNow. if u really have good net connection then its the best value for this. u can play it anywhere n u dont have to download anything. u just stream play any games u want. This will be the FUTURE of gaming for sure. they added now 640 plus games on PS NOW. EA/MS now try to jump in with ONLINE GAMING like PSNOW.
cabinzy (5 days ago)
DO internet providers on your side of the pond not charge you per GB data? I dont understand how people are downloading all these games without paying out the ass for extra data.
Mikey's Basement (5 days ago)
Hermit Wizard (5 days ago)
That cyberpunk prank, I didn't buy it for one second.
Iheb Mhamdi (6 days ago)
Get a pre-alpha of a mobile game now. Wow didn't think i'd hear this.
Tai Ngatokorua (6 days ago)
In all honesty, ubi might pull a six seige and revive for honor this way. It wasnt a bad game from what I heard and played, but the servers were trash. Unless this is still the case now, they might see more players coming back
Dedicance Archangel (6 days ago)
I can't find Quake Champions on PS4
fg g (6 days ago)
Where’s the beat my wife simulator
Gainz And Games (6 days ago)
For honor has a low playerbase and massive lag. June 2018.
Lock3 (6 days ago)
Rivals is a shame and your response to including it made me laugh
Mr_ Yourname (6 days ago)
Unravel 2!!! Yay, thanks guys! I never heard of that one until now! Loved the first one👍
tj (6 days ago)
Rivals is a insult to old C&C fans
Cody Daily (6 days ago)
Soccer sucks
RuddsReels (6 days ago)
HEY! I went on GOG and there is NO CYBERPUNK on there!!! WTH PGG?!
Mcmuffin927 (6 days ago)
For Honor really is so much better now. More people have been coming back too. When the devs really support a game like they have, people notice
Muddy Boots (6 days ago)
Just bought the For Honor starter edition recently. Buy the time i'm finish downloading the game it is free. Sick sad joke on me
Miguel Martinez (6 days ago)
Muddy Boots NOOB
Arian E (6 days ago)
I got For honor starter edition but can I get the better editions later? Or do I have to buy in game
Oscar Perez (6 days ago)
Lol I thought it was funny that this video is only 7min long
Vapaa Sana (6 days ago)
Free weekends and starter edition deals have been working well for breathing new life to Rainbow Six Siege, so they'll probably do it for different games other than For Honor in the future.
MountainMonkey (6 days ago)
I need the for honor update
LucasLucas Lucas (6 days ago)
Did you just forgot Skyrim super special edition for Alexa? It's technically playable. By voice.
ENG adsraaf (6 days ago)
Was COD Black Ops 3 even on PS4 or was it just on PS3?
ravensfootball52 (6 days ago)
I play for honor daily and it really has come a long way. Glad I stuck with it through all the hard times
B Thiel (6 days ago)
i really wish hi-rez would go back to working on Tribes.
Tom Blay (6 days ago)
Game pass is £1 for first month for next 4 days
Daniel (6 days ago)
Just so you know, Lawbreakers is free to play for the time being. Just in case you were wondering.
Bailey Energy (6 days ago)
As someone who has been regularly playing R6 Siege since launch I wouldn't say it's "completely different" to what it was upon release. I love the R6 franchise but Siege in particular really caught my interest because of how different it is to every other PvP FPS and it has definitely kept it's essence and it's heart. What Ubisoft have done however and continue to do is consistent updating and tweaking. Some maps have changed, some operators have changed, plenty of new content has been added etc. Love these round ups btw guys keep it up!
Arthur Kimes (6 days ago)
I was going to play CyberPunk 2077 but I didn't want to install the sketchy looking Time Travel patch to my Win10.
Alspider (6 days ago)
Nice T-shirt.
EseChava 22 (6 days ago)
U guys get way off topic too much and easily
Mi Ke (6 days ago)
Fallout ... Shelter: Warning: DON'T go near it. Avoid it like the plaque it is. Do not touch this money grubbing piece of shite.
cuddling2 (6 days ago)
A small error in this video: The Division 2 is next year, not later this year
Decisive Redd (6 days ago)
Ive watched your Videos but never subbed for some dumb reason. Your disclaimer after the Command And Conquer Bullsh...Rivals......I smashed that Sub button lol
Sebastian Durando (6 days ago)
Hollow Knight is a fantastic game and it is a steal for $15.
Bigtimes EU (6 days ago)
Thx for the for honor headsup!
Andrew Walters (6 days ago)
What are they arsing around with mobile games for they should just do more like Tiberium Wars/Kane's Wrath. I still have yet to play a better RTS than the original Total Annihilation by Cavedog though. Where is the remaster of that? It was way better than supreme commander and planetary annihilation.
Torva Messorem (6 days ago)
Unfortunately For Honor is still unbalanced as all hell. Yeah, a lot of exploits and stuff got removed. But the issue lies in the huge gap of viability between top tier characters and low tier characters. Then there's the issue that Ubisoft doesn't balance the game separately for PC and console. PC runs on 60fps and console on 30fps, and Ubisoft hands out 400ms attacks like candy nowadays. Which is perfectly fine on PC, but it's too fast on console. Personally, I can react to it and block it 70% of the time, depending on latency. But I know a lot of people for whom it's too fast and it turns into an infuriating mess where people can just spam those 400ms attacks with zero effort or skill and win. And unfortunately many people leave the game because of this.
Stephen Sawyer (6 days ago)
Gareth, where did you get that kick ass shirt dude?
Nirav Makadia (6 days ago)
get the for honor guys, its awesome!
Fran - Syco (6 days ago)
I would like to point out for honor has micro transactions but they are only cosmetic for anyone planning on getting it so don’t put let it put you off
Colin Solomon (6 days ago)
Lol the shitty thing is, you can actually play cyberpunk type games on gog. It says play cyberpunk... Its very misleading.
BlazingTiger786 (6 days ago)
Just downloaded Cypher Punk 2077 when i start the game it comes up as a black screen.... Send Help...
SpaghettiandSauce (6 days ago)
"C&C is coming back!. . . . . . . .as a mobile title.. . . . . . " It's like a grieving husband being told his dearly departed wife will be returning to him! . . . . . . . . . as a mindless flesh eating rotted corpse.
Mr_StephenB (6 days ago)
As other have mentioned you aren't limited to 6 heroes, you have access to all heroes but you need to unlock them by earning or buying steel. It's the full game for free which is worth it regardless of how much you hate Ubisoft as the developers for that game are a really nice group of people. A lot has been fixed with the game and although bugs still exist it is a really good game.
Case H (6 days ago)
The information on Command and Conquer Alpha equates to Grandfather telling me about when he got lucky with Memaw last night.
Tekhartha Zenyatta (6 days ago)
Karthik mk (6 days ago)
Overwhelm, an indie game also released during E3 PC gaming show.
iconicist (6 days ago)
U guys should do a video on the new walking dead gameplay compared to the cinematics. That would be hilarious
Symmetra's Wife (6 days ago)
Aw I loved Unravel! Such a sweet game, hopefully I can convince my friend to co op with me
Dard 151 (6 days ago)
What does your cyberpunk look like? I'm playing as a dark elf.
The Fox (6 days ago)
Why pc only ffs
Shockingbeard (6 days ago)
I don’t think the developer realize how dead their game is.
lwaves (6 days ago)
Ah gotcha. From what I gather they have manged to get a fanbase back, much like The Division and No Mans Sky. Not bothered myself, it's not my type of game, but that's what I've heard.
Shockingbeard (6 days ago)
lwaves for honor
lwaves (6 days ago)
Which one are you referring to?
M (6 days ago)
For Honor ftw! Come a long way.
Fredy Quintero (6 days ago)
You forgot to mention Call of Duty: Black Ops III was available for PS plus subscribers for free for some time. I actually download it.
dxnw (6 days ago)
all I really wanted (but 100% knew wouldn't happen) was sony would say they'd do crossplay. company of dickholes
dxnw (6 days ago)
just a PSA, you can currently get the game pass for £1, or $1 or whatever your equivalent is
Guillaume Gauthier (6 days ago)
thanks god new game + on prey :D
Bird Monster (6 days ago)
Uhhh yeah guys For Honor starter Edition does not limit you. It gives you less to start and more to grind. But it doesn't stop you from getting everthing. Great video Keep up the good work.
Blank Omega64 (6 days ago)
Todd Howard may believe anything on the internet but that doesn't mean you should
Nide (6 days ago)
Todd Howard must have a bunch of viruses on his PC after browsing PornHub. Poor guy.
Somebody once told me (6 days ago)
owen taylor (6 days ago)
I've seen you guys grow your channel and it's awesome to see how professional you guys are. keep it up !!!!
Jacob Sutherland (6 days ago)
They deserve way more subs
Martim Pereira (6 days ago)
professional until the last segment: cyberpunk 2077 out right now ;)
Daniel Lucassen (6 days ago)
do video about devil may cry 5!!!! a sequal after 10 years T_T , (no video about dmc or thou shall be cursed by the gods)
Daniel Lucassen (6 days ago)
foto realism enigineT_T
Devin West (6 days ago)
Is for honor free on ps4
Devin West (6 days ago)
Marco Polo HOE Dang, anyway thanks
Marco Polo HOE (6 days ago)
Devin West PC only
Doran Martell (6 days ago)
Can't wait to join a 4Honor match and get rekt by the silver5 there who will insult me for how trash I am at joining and saving their beloved game.
Sugarhighme Gaming (6 days ago)
Poorly worded burn. -4 internet points.
Doran Martell (6 days ago)
Toxicity and shrinking player pool.
Marco Polo HOE (6 days ago)
popcornfilms1 (6 days ago)
What are you on about
Captain Kirk Crunch (6 days ago)
You guys always upload so early! you're lucky I'm doing grave night shift
Vicky 24 (6 days ago)
thnks for telling about for honour, didnt knew about that
Vatsalya Verma (6 days ago)
for honor in my library but 50 gb for sword fight nope but I am waiting for update
Philip svedlund (6 days ago)
I juste played an hour of cyberpunk it was great! Got it for free from gog😂
RS63 Gaming (6 days ago)
My mom asked me a 1000 times if i wanted a switch, i said NO ! I said i just needed a razor keyboard. Now i can confidently say to myself that i am a certified IDIOT.
RS63 Gaming (6 days ago)
Marco Poli HOE because i have a PC and already have a PS4 so a while ago The Switch had absolutely nothing going for of my taste. I dont like platforming games or family based games. I like games like GTA, COD and other games of that sort. Yeah well now the switch has just taken off. Splatoon 2, skyrim, fortnite, LA Noire... I mean what does it not have ? It has everything !
Marco Polo HOE (6 days ago)
RS63 Gaming why would you want a simple keyboard over a whole console.
GuvnorDread (6 days ago)
Sick and tired of this over hyped E3 nonsense! 90% ain’t even out till next year or even got a release date! Hyped for a game a year away dumb as!
Dead shot (6 days ago)
I downloaded cyberpunk 2077 and played it, Ya kinda good game but too many loot boxes and pay to win this is why I only play EA games atleast they don't have pay to win.
Dead shot (6 days ago)
Testudox Arrow maybe but don't tell any one
Testudox Arrow (6 days ago)
You must be from the bearinsteen timeline
The GhostHero (6 days ago)
No I did 🙂
Dead shot (6 days ago)
naled it
Arif Ahmed (6 days ago)
Yeah, only EA games give me sense of pride and accomplishment.
NTB027 (6 days ago)
Surely it was Jake that wrote the description hahaha
Basement Dweller (6 days ago)
command and conquer has now officially died
Balabhadra Das Wilton (6 days ago)
Hollow Knight is phenomenal.
DJmouton (6 days ago)
S-Starter edition ? No ! *R6 Siege flashback*
Marco Polo HOE (6 days ago)
Oh no free :'(
Holy Thunder Eze (6 days ago)
Surprisingly, compared to R6 starter edition, this one aint too bad. It's actually pretty decent, not going to lie.
Doodlebugdude (6 days ago)
@ Pretty Good Gaming. We the audience accept your apology for including C&C in the video. Your lives shall be spared. Be well.
Atachzy (6 days ago)
But most important question is: Can i buy loot boxes in Fifa 2018 trial version?
Copperdish (6 days ago)
Great video again guys. Worth mentioning about the game pass tho is that the three titles mentioned is not on PC! Sadly :(
SpirallingOut (6 days ago)
Not sure if it's out right now but check out the trailers for 11-11:Memories Retold. Looks good!
Masaki CXLI (6 days ago)
I just bought starter edition last month
Mark Hackett (6 days ago)
If I can not get 10 hours of play out of a game, it ain't a game you're getting access to, so the sub really isn't giving you anything. And if you can, then it ain't a game worth £20. And I presume this is per month, yes? So if I spend 8 hours a week playing games that are "full experience" 16 hour games, that means I'm "buying" games that are generally free to play for about £7 each every month. This isn't much of a benefit, is it? At least with preorder they tell you what the game you get is notionally about before they demand your cash, but this just tells you "you'll get some games, dunno what they are or do, now pay up". Worse, as soon as I stop subscribing I lose all those games. At least if I'd bought them I could resell them or give them away or just keep playing them. This way I lose it all. So I'm paying that £7 for the games I continue to play after I've already paid £7 for it. And get it removed from me if I stop paying for that game...
Mark Hackett (6 days ago)
"Not sure what you're on about" Well I hope you see a specialist about your learning difficulties. Thankfully, however, it is not my problem. " its $10 a month" Nope. They might have said $20 a month rather than £20, but it wasn't that. Hope your hearing gets better. And even so, if it's so little, would YOU pay it for someone? Or is it only a tiny cost if someone else is paying it? And you're not buying a lunch. Did you not know? Kinda important to know what you're talking about before posting. It's all kinds of embarrassing if you get it wrong in black and white for all to see.
Marco Polo HOE (6 days ago)
Not sure what you're on about in the beginning but its $10 a month, the price of lunch. Not mention if you have the pass you can save $10 on some of the games there. Not to mention try new games.
Mushroom Head (6 days ago)
Why is Tony Bellew in the command and conquer trailer
RT Kratos (6 days ago)
for honour is not free at the moment , why???
Holy Thunder Eze (6 days ago)
It's free only on PC. Specifically using Uplay to download it.
Father Grim (6 days ago)
Yes Cyberpunk (games) is on gog. HOWEVER IT IS NOT CYBERPUNK 2077.
lwaves (6 days ago)
I wondered if that was the joke, rather than a direct lie, that there was a game called Cyberpunk.
iPlayGamesITA (6 days ago)
Not true. For Honor Starter Edition doesn't have limited content. Content is still for everyone but heroes cost much more and to play heroes not from your faction you need to spend those coins, while from your faction can still be played but not customizable until bought. The only difference from the standard edition is the higher price of heroes, not less content
redice (6 days ago)
"The only difference is the higher price of heroes". In the R6 starter edition, from 300 in game credits to 12k in game credits to "unlock" operators. I don't see why they won't do the same here. Up to you to think if that's worth saving a few $ instead of just buying the standard edition in the first place.
iPlayGamesITA (6 days ago)
Damir Vukovic uhh nop, playing rewards you with steel that you can spend on heroes
Damir Vukovic (6 days ago)
u all forget that heroes can be unlocked trough regular play
iPlayGamesITA (6 days ago)
xTw1sTeDK1LLAx Yes, the Starter Edition is only on Uplay (PC). I think in this period on consoles it should be 75% off on Standard
xTw1sTeDK1LLAx (6 days ago)
iPlayGamesITA only PC correct or on consoles as well
Valgaris Ericsson (6 days ago)
downlaoding for honor NOW!
Valgaris Ericsson (6 days ago)
kyle hillier aye matey I had the same problem with it. Just create new account
Valgaris Ericsson (6 days ago)
Liam just sent the request. My user name is Valgaris
kyle hillier (6 days ago)
i tried but my uplay client dosent work. can login on the website but the client keeps saying my username or password is incorrect.
Valgaris Ericsson (6 days ago)
nah i am studying atm dontr ha ve much income and cost of living is very high here. so no more spending on games id much rather grind
Liam (6 days ago)
Deadsoon2017 - have a look at MattyOnTour YT vids and join his Discord - very friendly group very welcoming to new players like us
nikk254 (6 days ago)
Justin Y. (6 days ago)
Playing Halo Infinite right now!
Joshua Joseph (6 days ago)
The GhostHero there was another guy who was basically Justin's predecessor, commenting relevant stuff on tons of videos getting thousands of likes, I think a few months before Justin became a like attractor himself. I really can't remember his name right now but he did confess that he was like botting before vanishing.
The GhostHero (6 days ago)
Joshua Joseph also, how do you know about that, if it's not just a assumption
Joshua Joseph (6 days ago)
The GhostHero I just explained to you what was obvious, nobody was getting Triggered lol. Just wanted to point out that he was toying with the system, doesn't really affect me much
The GhostHero (6 days ago)
Joshua Joseph common, are you one of this triggered snowflake because a guy dared to made himself a reputation that doesn't affect the life of anyone whatsoever? You should check your priorities
Joshua Joseph (6 days ago)
The GhostHero no, he watches the video for sure, but he uses bots to put hundreds of likes on his comments, until people start liking his comments whenever they see him. So he probably doesn't even need to use a bot now since there are a bunch of morons liking his comment for no reason. This same thing was done by another guy a while ago, and he confessed too. Can't wait for this Justin guy to leave
redice (6 days ago)
*Starter Edition* of For Honor? We all know how R6 *Starter Edition* turned out. Who's falling for this BS still?
redice (6 days ago)
madman19979 You got me on "Plus, For Honor isn't the kind of game where you switch characters constantly between matches. " But my point still stands, "free" Starter edition < Standard edition. I'll stay skeptical and look at this starter edition as a trap. Remember triggered kids, just because it's "free" doesn't mean it's better... unless you have no job and life. If you love the game so much, then just buy the standard edition.
jacky yo (6 days ago)
redice wow FK ur stupid. U have the understanding skill of a 4 yo
jacky yo (6 days ago)
madman19979 exactly this guy is deadset on this being a bad thing
Radial9Gaming (6 days ago)
It's free, stop whining
madman19979 (6 days ago)
redice The grind for R6 operatives is considerably harder than the grind for For Honor characters. Plus, For Honor isn't the kind of game where you switch characters constantly between matches. It's not important to pick a character that complements the rest of your team, and the characters themselves often have vastly different movesets and playstyles. It might take you around a week of play or something to unlock a new character but it'll also take you around that long to get a good feel for the character you're already playing, so it's hardly even an issue - especially considering the fact that you get 3 right off the bat to tinker around with. It really is nowhere near as bad as you keep making it out to be, and I must reiterate that you're getting the game for *free.* You mention having grinds similar to F2P games, and in this instance For Honor is literally a F2P game, so I don't see the problem.
Smoosh Potatos (6 days ago)
So EA is doing the first drug is for free with FIFA now?
Jan (6 days ago)
Fair enough, with all the weed going around at the time I assumed we were talking the "good" and not the Meth type
lwaves (6 days ago)
+Jan Nobody said it was good, that's the point of smoosh's comment.
Jan (6 days ago)
drinking sewage water is also free, doesnt make it good.
ArcaneThinker (6 days ago)
What about the Warframe update????
Twitched Fire (4 days ago)
Sometime this week for PC. Console may have to wait a bit
Noa Namex (6 days ago)
It is now!
Lead Paintchips (6 days ago)
It wasn't out when they released this video, and it was shown at E3.
Australian Wi-Fi (6 days ago)
plus it wasn't shown at E3 was it?
sirsupertaco (6 days ago)
I've looked everywhere but I cant where to download cyberpunk 2077. help?
LucasLucas Lucas (6 days ago)
sirsupertaco yeah and they forgot Skyrim Alexa edition
sirsupertaco (6 days ago)
then why did they put it in a video about games that are "playable RIGHT NOW"??
dorianjp (6 days ago)
sirsupertaco they're messing around it's not gonna be out soon
leodf1 (6 days ago)
It was a joke. (You knew that didn't you..haha)
He's a wanderer (6 days ago)
Not out for at least a year
Gavin House (6 days ago)
I've gone back to playing the PS3 games I missed out on till RDR 2 releases
Dave L (6 days ago)
I may be a simple man but I love to tune in for your guy’s unique take on this beautiful industry. And to listen to all you guys say the word “battle.” So good.
Dead shot (6 days ago)
NTB027 I'm 19 2 u wanna hook up? That was a bad joke.
NTB027 (6 days ago)
Actually, I'm not bothered, forget I said anything, have a good day.
NTB027 (6 days ago)
Dead shot I'm 19, just don't act like a 12 year old
Dead shot (6 days ago)
NTB027 NP grandpa
NTB027 (6 days ago)
Dead shot "it's a prank bro"
Gavin House (6 days ago)
Yahya Ali (6 days ago)
go back to 2001 you relic
Harry Yates (6 days ago)
Everyone should re try for honor. It’s totally worth it. They have fixed so much stuff, there’s dedicated servers and lots of balancing.
Blind Fox (5 days ago)
Mark Hackett lmao. you keep trying to make this about me which is weird. Take your psychotic arrogance elsewhere man. A guy was trying to convince you to play a video game and you had a fit. Simple as that.
Mark Hackett (5 days ago)
That was still bugger all argument, just you whining about your attention span being less than a stunned two day old ferret. Not my problem, moron. Yours. So stop trying to pretend it's my fault. I ain't buying that.
Blind Fox (5 days ago)
Mark Hackett There is no debate. There are no counters. Your comment was pointlessly long and it seems like you think people care. Did your parents abuse you? Or were you neglected? Maybe you just have a tiny phallus.
Double Dose (6 days ago)
Man, for a second I actually fell for that Cyberpunk 2077 joke.
TheHunterWolf (6 days ago)
At first i thought they are maybe talking about some old obscure version of Cyberpunk 2077 that was directly based on the tabletop RPG or something (since they mentioned GOG, and that's where you find all the good old games no one remembers anymore, i'ts like a games museum), then i realized they are just joking, that deadpan humor though XD
Burgurah (6 days ago)
Bruh... A second is still too much...
Harry Yates (6 days ago)
Everyone should re try for honor. It’s totally worth it. They have fixed so much stuff, there’s dedicated servers and lots of balancing.
NEAmilli (6 days ago)
Harry Yates I doubt it’s balanced because of how gear works people that never stopped playing are probably god-like not even mentioning skill and experience
Adi Jain (6 days ago)
Looking forward to playing cyberpunk today!! Have been waiting for years! So excited
Nathan Coley (6 days ago)
I wish CP2077 was available about right flipping now 😂
Adi Jain (6 days ago)
David Ramirez xD
P ear (6 days ago)
Yes, yes cyberpunk is available on GOG and Crackdown 3 and Dayz Gone is available on the Microsoft store right now, just not on the Xbox One until next month for some reason.
Adam Etherton (6 days ago)
Can't wait to unbox Elder scrolls VI, took the day off work for this!
David Ramirez (6 days ago)
Tendril Vibrate are you even aware that our whole lives are a joke?

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New Ideas Into Pubg Android Version Never Before Revealed PUBG mobile version isnt a surprise. In any event, its tricky to observe how a mobile model of PUBG wont be a huge moneymaker for everybody involved. Apparently a cell version was just a great bonus thrown into that offer. Furthermore, a cell variant of the game is in development. The English version also includes the extra advantage of linking your FB account with the game The Ideal Approach for Pubg Android Version The Android version looks like slightly more generous in that respect. Contact Us The present version doesnt represent the last quality of the game, as well keep optimizing existing content and adding new capabilities.
Android was constructed from the ground-up to allow developers to create compelling mobile applications that take full benefit of the specs a handset has to offer you. PUBG Android demonstrates that the release will shortly be available in all markets in the marketplace. Even though a smartphone may not lend itself to a control scheme with pinpoint precision, the port still ought to give you an opportunity to become involved in the action. PUBG Mobile has an exceptional approach to bypassing the should collect money. Before youre able to learn ways to get PUBG Mobile on Android, theres a couple of things you will need to know more about the games soft launch first. PUBG Mobile is as challenging and a little bit more frustrating than the PC version because of the controls, but its immensely addictive and difficult to put down. Utilize PUBG Mobile cheat to acquire in-app purchases and obtain freebies in the total game without having to spend any Money. Unlike the desktop version, PUBG mobile is totally free to download, thus theres no barrier to entry if you wish to give it a try. Anyway, what you ought to know is that mobile PUBG is very fantastic. To start with, youre likely to want to understand how to download PUBG mobile, wherever youre in the world. The perfect way to take pleasure in the game is if youre a fan of Battle Royale movie or The Hunger Games. It contains numerous updates and a significant amount of skins, which means that you will be addicted in a matter of hours. It is basically a full port of the PC version of the game, which means that it does come with most of the PC versions features. The very first game which is comparable to PUBG is Rule of Survival. You dont need to fret anymore since there are a great deal of games that have similar mechanics. The game contains multiple unique stories and each story is broken up into different Ultimate Utility for PUBG. It is not unusual for new games to be published in Canada first, employing a more compact subset of the North American market for a test bed.
If you would like to take your game to another level and boost your odds for winning, you have to use free of charge now our amazing PUBG Mobile Hack on-line Cheat Tool. The game consists of a ranking system which means that its competitive. There are two PUBG games can be found play shop.