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Doc's Funniest Game Ever on PUBG with Random Kid!

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Text Comments (2388)
Mega Grair (11 months ago)
2 things you have to watch when you talk to the 2 time: Your mouth Your wife
Andrew Luv (2 days ago)
[Me] Liking every comment that bashes Ryan. Ex d.
Lisa Lapratt (7 days ago)
Mega Grair you are the best
hashirama senju (27 days ago)
+Frank Rizzo Damn ryan, u are one bitter sounding jelly powered hater.
NickFoles IsGoat (1 month ago)
Mega Grair lmao
Sam Clay (1 month ago)
dude he stole a few jokes your acting like you haven't repeated a joke before
Megamon (1 day ago)
Except he was lying about being the champ
Mr. FrostY (1 day ago)
Does this guy normally look like that or is he just wearing all that to get into character?
Angel Corpin (1 day ago)
Why is this on Trap Adventures 2 pewdiepie playlist?
Gomdoltube (2 days ago)
MoneyRose OGB (3 days ago)
ToNzHoLtZ (3 days ago)
Great videos btw
ToNzHoLtZ (3 days ago)
I played PUBGfor the first time 2 nights ago.. The only thing I don't like is the gun finding bull.. I think everyone should be equipped the same.. But pick up better armor and Heath! What do you think could be better about the game?
abhishek singh firmal (4 days ago)
How do play with those shades Can you see the screen 😂🤣🤣
Hargobind singh (5 days ago)
Bro play with me I can play a way better than u
Lord Devil (5 days ago)
I need 1 like.
Lord Devil (11 hours ago)
U dont get what i said. I just want people to like my comment. Lol.
I need 3 likes
Pip Meyer (5 days ago)
Lord Devil I need 2 likes
Andrew Williams (5 days ago)
The kid he is playing with sounds like UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw lmao.
Rideforlife3 (5 days ago)
“Man you got a lot to learn about respect” 🙌 keep rockin dr. Love your content. Hope to be st your level one day
Advaitt Ashok (6 days ago)
he is using gunnar
NaSaKiD1000 (6 days ago)
i feel so bad for his partner. kudos, I would've muted his ass soooo fast.
Khalid Hashmi (7 days ago)
that guy is a god spotter
Dshadowj (7 days ago)
I hate this guy
Para (7 days ago)
funniest game ever? ... ok... not really but ok...
Jay Hymon (8 days ago)
Doc cannot snipe!
Neil Smith (8 days ago)
Well he owes the kid 5 bucks!
Pixl TV (8 days ago)
Before the Doctor disrespected his wife...
Gautam Adhikary (9 days ago)
20:43 enter in a house, reload gun, *Awkward silence* . . "BOOM!"
Brian G (9 days ago)
My god how did that radio tower guy take so many hits I get shot twice in every game and die.
Youtube Account (9 days ago)
What happens in Pachinki, stays in Pachinki
World Vines (9 days ago)
U look alike powerstar of kollywood
Gregory Kelly (9 days ago)
You and me. Let’s go
Tap Out (10 days ago)
you make such good videos. You inspired me to do the same! Hopefully i will be as big as you! Keep up the good work!
Renji the Cat (10 days ago)
Spunkmire (10 days ago)
"See how I take care of you?" lol, id be like, thanks dad
Mugen (11 days ago)
Man, doc cant shoot a kar
None Of Your Buisness (11 days ago)
wooooow soooo funnnyyyyy if this was his "funniest game ever" im never watching another video of his ever again lmao i get more comedy from a toilet bowl
Game Play (11 days ago)
U are jst too good man.... really... i have never seen a gamer like u before.... keep it up bro
Wasim Ahmed (12 days ago)
Zoom in zoom out Zoom in zoom out Zoom in zoom out Zoom in zoom out Zoom in zoom out Zoom in zoom out Zoom in zoom out Zoom in zoom out Zoom in zoom out Zoom in zoom out Zoom in zoom out Zoom in zoom out..... -_-
Monki Sethojane (13 days ago)
9:23 on a red superbike lol
vict0r chakma (13 days ago)
i bet this guy is definitely Indian. 1:09
Dron Viorel (14 days ago)
the face of the sausage u nave
Abhay Namboodiri (14 days ago)
I thought two time was the name he got after he was caught cheating on his wife lol
Ateeq ur Rehman (14 days ago)
I cant use that shit akm with a scope
fadl abdi (15 days ago)
Silly fk
Villamor78 (15 days ago)
Speaking strictly from a technical view point, that ACOG that far forward on the AK is just wrong.
Lord Iec (16 days ago)
Shroud could have rekt dat boi on the radio tower in 3 secs
xavier99g (16 days ago)
Shroud is still way better
Denim White (16 days ago)
He's from the 70s
Denim White (16 days ago)
Just kidding lol
Bangerz Radio (17 days ago)
I'm so happy I jus found out about this guy lol. "You know I appreciate all the call outs and everything but I'm the 2x champion" 😂😂😂😂😂
LAL SINGH TYAGI (17 days ago)
He looked likes as if he belongs to South India. Particularly from some movies
Kid Canada (17 days ago)
"I will make you run laps" - 4th grade teacher Haha
Tom Black (19 days ago)
I like that I can watch you play through the reflection in your sunglasses
Looking at this loot on PC is amazing...on console you’d be lucky to find two energy drinks on the whole military island.
To be a 4th grade teacher, you at least need to be as smart as a 5th grade student.
Rayhan Ahamed (20 days ago)
doc is so bad at looting
Ed jokers (20 days ago)
that kid better respect before doc punch his face in doc heart: dont show your face kid
NeSro TV (21 days ago)
Dude wtf is funny😕😏
mehvish makhdoom (21 days ago)
That other player was also good
ShadowVat (23 days ago)
You get a Thumbs up from me. lol Doc you're one funny mofo.
Fallenweise Da (23 days ago)
Was I just watching a video of a psychopath? Man I think you really have some issues to behave like this, for clicks?
Target (23 days ago)
notor psd3 (23 days ago)
ads in 10mins , no SKIP gg
turtledude27 (23 days ago)
I wish they would team up again. One of the funny games doc had.
Joe Evans (24 days ago)
The Bad Santa of gamers! lol
captainthrall (24 days ago)
who is entertained by this? it was horribly boring
SlowPlay (25 days ago)
I will make you run laps
emprrah (25 days ago)
First video I seen of this guy. He reminds me of me. Talented n Arrogant af. Oh.. and hilariousss. Subbed.
Heather Cremins (17 days ago)
You should support him on twitch, someone else uploads his vids on here and make money off of other people's content.
Byshakto XD (26 days ago)
Kid's attitude is on point
Drum Beats (26 days ago)
Tabitha Harrison (26 days ago)
Sorry but cocky people like you ruin the gaming experience for other people. Maybe you should stick to solo if you're just going to be rude and act like you don't need a teammate. The kid was great!
"Funniest Ever" Great click bait.
youtoober2013 (26 days ago)
16:10 "He has a pan." "What am I going to do, cook?" "Cook a chicken dinner!" Nice one kid.
youtoober2013 (26 days ago)
7:45 The moment he realized. LMFAO
nkonde Mulenga (27 days ago)
I thought he would apologize after being revived for the second time 😂
simple gaming (27 days ago)
4th grade teachers
20:50 when u got full marks in maths but u r expecting 60%
Kartik Mathure (27 days ago)
improve u r sniper skill nubest player ever
Kartik Mathure (27 days ago)
nub mf
Jaime Gonzalez (27 days ago)
Lol the motorcycle part lol
Suvadip Chatterjee (27 days ago)
ur a jerk
Suvadip Chatterjee (24 days ago)
+Sam Palen still better than being a jerk
Sam Palen (24 days ago)
Ur a sensitive wimpy boi
Joe Hikuroa (27 days ago)
Ha! Love this one, watched it half dozen times Lol
kerplunkboy (27 days ago)
That's the funniest this guy can be?
taff_G1 (28 days ago)
looks like ekolimits twin
David Nguyen (28 days ago)
Guy funny af
Toni Petrovic (28 days ago)
Kidd-"where are we going?" Dr."we are going to military base and if you wanna argue about that we will have some problems"
ale rodz (28 days ago)
Thats auto aim
Shuma Knows (28 days ago)
He won the bet
natter man (29 days ago)
How is this the funniest game ever? Its just another game
Cornelius Romeo (29 days ago)
You've got a lot to learn about respect lol this dude belongs in a movie funny as hell
Games play Pubg (29 days ago)
Generic Cringe (29 days ago)
9:45 haters say its photoshopped
if that was his funniest game ever he shouldn't quit his day job for a comedy tour...
Mason Mabrito (29 days ago)
What was funny about this?
Allan Dale Lacuna (30 days ago)
Hey Doc your a real Asss! Cool
Adam Aljamal (30 days ago)
U play Europe ??
Dhaval Chavda (30 days ago)
This dude has a lot of attitude
Dank arc3122 (30 days ago)
Doc u really gotta work on ur aim when ur snipeing u should play with me on mobile and on xbox one my name is TAOIReaper and im calling u out
COG Birdman (30 days ago)
"Doc's Funniest Game Ever on PUBG with Random Kid!" Funny because I didn't laugh once? It was more like boredom watching you miss sniper shots like crazy.
Jordan Arnold (1 month ago)
SHROUD reacting to "The difference between Shroud and pro pubg players" https://youtu.be/-B8vmwyTtqM
SpEy JruK (1 month ago)
I love you somuch despech
Reizei Mako (1 month ago)
the way this guy play, he will wrecked by nekomiya_hinata...not aggressive at all and boring.....
Christian Kristyl (1 month ago)
Why does he do that 20:50
Stephanie Cureno (1 month ago)
You both have to learn about respect

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