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Doc's Funniest Game Ever on PUBG with Random Kid!

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Text Comments (1978)
Mega Grair (8 months ago)
2 things you have to watch when you talk to the 2 time: Your mouth Your wife
Niral Patel (12 hours ago)
Mega Grair ijp0
Nehemiah Smith (3 days ago)
Hey i would like to play with you my name for pubg is joker4d5 k mayby can we play
bull shyte (8 days ago)
You jelly Franky baby ?
Gio Bumanglag (12 days ago)
Frank Rizzo wow the fact you take this man seriously LOOOOLLLL it shows how small minded and ignorant you are
Justin Feuge (14 days ago)
Frank Rizzo you mad bro?
Paul Joseph (1 day ago)
your hair look like wig
Kyle Palmer (1 day ago)
He’s the 1 that said that he wasn’t going down b4 him and he went down twice 5 minutes in 🤣🤣🤣
Seb Hale (2 days ago)
loooool Oh this was published on my birthday. loooool
Pubg Ray (2 days ago)
gOoD shit
Blazing Rex (2 days ago)
10:37 , E.T is that you :D :D :D
Lorri (2 days ago)
I've never watched him before but if this is his funniest game, I don't think I'll start. Is this clickbait??
redznov (3 days ago)
Shroud is better
Sniper Pheanom (3 days ago)
I don’t like this YouTuber he irratates me so bad this is the only video I’ve seen from this guy and he sucks
UrMomsCreditCard (3 days ago)
The video itself isn't bad. The fact though that you just ripped this from one of his streams though, then having the guts to put midroll ads in the video is disgusting. All you have to do is rip footage from one of his streams, put midroll ads in it, than you earn a profit. You are not original and should not be profiting, I wouldn't mind if you actually took out all the midroll ads. Please take the midroll ads out and thank you.
Sante (3 days ago)
I watch whole video, where is fun?
Review (4 days ago)
This was solid gameplay guys, fucking good work, especially from the random too.
Fireblaze Lighter (4 days ago)
Was just wondering what game system you use for this PUBG game
Lanuakum Imchen (4 days ago)
Kid:Here's a Pan Doc: what am I gonna do cook??
Scott Johnstone (4 days ago)
I supported every move you made thoroughly - Until you turned and in cold blood, murdered that poor, little, defenceless, white picket fence.......... You sir, are an utter animal - May the fences have their day on the battlefield! 😜👍🏻
abdullah alharbi (4 days ago)
Why is he look like borat sagdiyev ? 😂😂
FrostGaming CSGOLive (4 days ago)
Evan Abbott (5 days ago)
You watch your GODDAMN mouth....!
Sowmik Rahman (5 days ago)
U play like a 🍌
Ajinkya Kadam (5 days ago)
hiii pls can i also play with you
Josh Johnson (5 days ago)
Docs aim was sooo off...weird!!!
Mike Williams (5 days ago)
Anyone else think he looks like Freddy Mercury?
Christopher O'Neill (5 days ago)
Seeman c (5 days ago)
Are you power star fan??
Donald L. (5 days ago)
Kids like that have never had their asses beat. They cower in real life and go shoot up their school when they loose it.
SpartaLee YT (6 days ago)
The Kid: " There's a Pan " Doc : " What I'm gonna do, cook " 😂😂😂😂😂😆lol
Jonathan RC (6 days ago)
Good shit brother 💪😎👍 🤣🤣🤣
Carl Bakers (6 days ago)
At.first.I.didnt.know how to take.how u play but my god you have grown on.nother fan.keep.up.the awsome.game play man funny stuff
justin st aubin (7 days ago)
Hit that guy at the RT too many times
capsuleboy (7 days ago)
Foo fighters - Learn to Fly. just watch that video.
Sam Vukovich (7 days ago)
Bragging about being a video game champ over 20 years ago 😂😂😂 There’s better people than you now
Craig Buckner (7 days ago)
Where was the funny part?
Just Nobody (8 days ago)
Where was the funny part?
bull shyte (8 days ago)
Daniel Macaspac (8 days ago)
wilkins anu na?
Bman Playz (9 days ago)
anger much
Zohaib Ahmed (9 days ago)
See this is how you can take the best help from others...just disrespect😂😂
Steven Atomals (10 days ago)
looks like 1 man squad
Simo Shakur (11 days ago)
dr Disrespect teaching others to respect :D
U ēdosheipā Gēmu (11 days ago)
Your my favorite streamer
Ritik bagdi (11 days ago)
That was not funny!!!!!! I wasted my 30 min. 😤😤😤😤
St George (12 days ago)
If you can dodge a wrench. You can dodge a dodgdball
Jim Walker (12 days ago)
saw his nose hairs???? nose hairs? nose? head? boom
Raphael (13 days ago)
Watching a coke head play a game 😂
panda playz (14 days ago)
7:16 why did he not take up m416
Charlee Killen (15 days ago)
He reminds me of Will Ferrell lol
Kevin Bolor (15 days ago)
The face of pub-g. This guy. Face of fortnite H20 Delirious or ninja. You decide.
Tanner Shadburn (15 days ago)
I promote the challenge of watching the video through doc’s sun glasses
SadBoi REDEYES (16 days ago)
He giving Doc some sass
MrVecetti (16 days ago)
Guy initiates the conversation by shouting at someone and then talks about respect. Unless this started in the lobby, I find it sadly ironic..
Don Kashh (16 days ago)
Funny how this blonde hair punk kid started to warm to the doc as the game went on no one can mess with the 2 time
Fab Funty (18 days ago)
how he can even see other players with that shades
RamonNZ (18 days ago)
He's no Shroud with his sniping, but fun to watch.
mu (18 days ago)
9:10 XD
Jim Ricketts (18 days ago)
That kid sounded so much like my cousin but I don't know if he plays PUBG
Pridhvi M (18 days ago)
Does he look like Powerstar only to me? Any Tamizhians?👀
Kenneth Hildebrand (19 days ago)
Doughnut Operator I know that's you!
Scott Carrell (19 days ago)
come watch me on twitch.. nightly at 8pm twitch.tv/bazketballsc
AnuTime19 (20 days ago)
@SlickDaddy You look like jugghead from police academy LOL!
Danielius Rynkevič (20 days ago)
How can you play games with sunglasses???
Caleb Prado (20 days ago)
This is boring AF
Anand Gedam (20 days ago)
Those sniper shots -_-
Aldebaran Hadiwisastro (20 days ago)
I really love the kid's accent
Emerson Uy (20 days ago)
Man...hahah ou have good eye buddy..i respect your strategy aggressive to..best regards
Birkhang Daimary (21 days ago)
Are u shroud
Jonas Sandvik (21 days ago)
PUBS is so bad coded, it looks like the characters have parkinsons
David Estrada (21 days ago)
Here clean your self up
Star Lion (21 days ago)
I was like "waaahhh????" at 9:21
Br1ckInTh3W4LL (21 days ago)
20:30 DIE FENCE!
Shalom lisby (21 days ago)
can someone tell me wich part it gets funny at...please
Nicole Kuhlman (21 days ago)
I go HUGGYBEAR camp grounds to
Firman Firdaus (21 days ago)
He must be here somewhere
itscringey (21 days ago)
dude pubg sucks fortnite is better cmon you know better your losing subs from pubg like bruhhh...... ;-;
Big Doug Taylor (21 days ago)
montell lee (21 days ago)
why does this guy make all these faceses when he is playing so noob pressing f to pic up loot wow
Mathew Lengyel (22 days ago)
this was funny? What a troll.....
M O N K E Y (23 days ago)
respect my authoritah
Jon Snow (23 days ago)
What that thing is on the rupper right side of the screen . Blinking red .
Raymond Loh (25 days ago)
Wow....Honda CBR 600RR
Damon Mitchell (25 days ago)
"hes got a pan" "what am i gonna do, cook?
白浪 (25 days ago)
china no1 usa no 3
daemanic (25 days ago)
ROFL doc trying to act COOL NOBODY GIVES 2 FUCKS about the 90's ANYMORE stop talking about it AND JUST play LOSER
JT Games (25 days ago)
Ben stiller is lookin hairy!
Vaibhav Shrimali (26 days ago)
he missed like 20 sniper shots
Vaibhav Shrimali (26 days ago)
this guy is so bad at sniper.
Mr DaoBaDau (26 days ago)
How was that funny??
The BEAST (27 days ago)
You can see his background in you look closely I. In his glasses
ThePhantom (27 days ago)
You guys know that guy from Dispicable Me 3, the dude that got too old to do his show.(DrDisrespect)
Daniel Karlsson (27 days ago)
"I need you to be agressive!". Then staying behind fence and says: "Once he peek, once he peek!" while "the kid" is being agressive and gets hurt. "Are you sure you don't wanna apologize?". Geez...
Mr. K (28 days ago)
I'm the luckiest person ever I've played a match with the DOC once
Strutting_strat (28 days ago)
Matt Petch (29 days ago)
Actually this kid was pretty good.Respect was established by both parties in the end. Love it!!!
Neo Nitrox (30 days ago)
Blllueeee... House
J.F. M (1 month ago)
Hahaha sir yes sir
Caz Silko (1 month ago)
Dr you're one of those guys you hate, you're entertainingly hateful, but somehow I need your approval
Paul Gordon (1 month ago)
The kid was good.
Austin Isaacs (1 month ago)
Never watched doc but If this is his funniest game I don’t plan on watching
Flip (1 month ago)
I wonder who your favorite streamer is🤔
Drew Babos (1 month ago)
do u see how I take care of you lol

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