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PUBG: Epic & Lucky Moments Ep. 16

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Text Comments (217)
Accgnes 3 (1 month ago)
hello New video Fortnite Funny Moment here : 😀
Jayde Just (1 month ago)
wat da fck is dis ad fcking ad y did u show me an ad of a man and woman having s**
LapM Gaming (2 months ago)
__심영 (3 months ago)
RS is Here (3 months ago)
Boom boom boom blast
Vaibhav Deshmukh (4 months ago)
Kebra des Bois (5 months ago)
You should put a trigger warning for DarkSyde Phil...
Klleq (5 months ago)
damn that car play was insane :)
ghu kha
codeine vision (6 months ago)
Very nice content dude !
HoXy TV (9 months ago)
wouuuuw holi sit dud
boliver30 (9 months ago)
What is this spectator mode shit?
Realeased Fungus7 (9 months ago)
The dude with the pistol that killed a squad is hacking
keen (9 months ago)
Does everyone play TPP? wtf
nicoshiet (9 months ago)
Kosuda5 (9 months ago)
does people know that it's more common to find people hacking then it is not hacking on this game now, Butthole is the one that sells the hacks to people and most people think these guys are good or just got lucky when anyone can hack then act shocked that they got it, i mean look at shroud
SquiffedArdvark (9 months ago)
all these pussies playing tpp
Ben Betts (9 months ago)
Nice, I've uploaded my first pubg random moments, check it out if you can :)
BlueVeteran Gaming (9 months ago)
I got some clips I did on my channel can I summit them ?
Iqbal Diki Saputra (9 months ago)
Saintphoenix (9 months ago)
Do you actually get permission to take clips from these people
Julius Larsson (9 months ago)
Prof.Invictus III (9 months ago)
Nick Smith (9 months ago)
PUBG Best (9 months ago)
Region lock China
Mikookie (9 months ago)
Shut up stupid kids
Bigngreen (9 months ago)
@Frankie Gaming what the hell is ucklyer?
Asta (9 months ago)
*Please don't hurt me, I AM A CHRISTIAN BOIIIII*
Jaime Salas (9 months ago)
Wasn't the last guy Banned from Twitch for jerking off on camera? No?
GA K (10 months ago)
These are the people that kill me on pubg for the Xbox one s SMH 😰😰😩😨😂😂😂
Caporegime (10 months ago)
Yes coming on ps4
3Nex (10 months ago)
What's up with those people who drop their headphones and run away after they kill someone in the game? Where do they go, and what do they do?
Will L (10 months ago)
So many shit players.
Sammy Samdals (10 months ago)
Oml these are so epic
Robert Quinn (10 months ago)
1.25 console players...
SamDaKiwi (10 months ago)
Some people xD
futafanyow (10 months ago)
This game is such a pile of shit its not even funny. Between the laggy rubber banding, shit fucking inconsistent loot spawns, shit tons of cheaters from ESP faggots, Cocksucking aimbot turds, douchebags from half way across the planet playing an NA server based game exploiting the massive ping lag bc egg head wont make dedicated servers and everything else you can possibly imagine. The only reason this game is popular is bc of twitch. Dipshit Egg head Brendan Greene made millions off of this game bc of normies who just go with the flow of lame ass trends and look past blatant laziness and smug, fuck face, greedy creators and devs(which is why its now acceptable to shit out a big diarrhea pile game and make your retard sheep community fix it and do the work for you through test servers). *que the pitch fork PUBG dick throaters* If you are on the fence about buying this game then heed this warning. IT FUCKING SUCKS SAVE YOUR MONEY!! At the very least wait a few years and check back...Even then I doubt these assholes will figure it out. They made their money, they dont give a shit anymore.
Sikkne0n (10 months ago)
Crush (2 months ago)
TechnoThresh (10 months ago)
Big thanks for Featuring my stream in one of your vids!
PubgMania (10 months ago)
Haha so funny
Greg E (10 months ago)
DarkSide Phil!
Lunar Lotus (10 months ago)
so many third person....
SeaSideGaming (10 months ago)
Never put DSP in one of these. That's an instant dislike.
Tim (9 months ago)
SeaSideGaming who is DSP?
TexRay940 (10 months ago)
because 100% accuracy on moving/surprise targets is totally a thing...
Greasyphil420 (10 months ago)
I love those moments where you do something absolutely amazing and you will never be able to recreate it, I always think "this must be what it's like to play like shroud or somone"
MultiRAnDoMsH1T (10 months ago)
How long does it usually take for a clip to be in a video after submission?
MVKO MVLICE (10 months ago)
Lmao the last streamer in this video was the one who got caught jerking his cock on stream
EscapePlan Skateboarding (10 months ago)
My clip never made it again, sadfaces!
TheRagingSmurf (10 months ago)
third-person = noobs
Kalikte (10 months ago)
Alguien se dio cuenta que el ultimo es el que se la j4lo en directo ? :v
ツAdversary (8 months ago)
MrK DreamBlak lo mismo iba a decir v:
Sir Wattson (10 months ago)
TBH PUBG is better on Xbox, NOT for the graphics, but the fact that no one can hack on there
HyperToxic (10 months ago)
Can somebody help me pls can you tell me if this would be a playable CPU:Ryzen 2 1200 Ram: 8gb GPU: Amd r7 260x 2gb ??
When you kill 15 ppl in a row. I did
batt3ryac1d (10 months ago)
070 mally (10 months ago)
What is this game.. to me it looks like a rip off from fortnite 😐😐😐
K’niggit (9 months ago)
070 mally I don't even care about your question even though it has no question mark so I didn't know if you being sarcastic or not. I was question your last sentence.
GOffUnit (10 months ago)
"PUBG" stands for "Player Unknown's BattleGrounds". Player Unknown is the alias of the lead developer for the game. He created the battle royale genre by modding other games and from there was recruited by other game developers to add the game mode to their games until Bluehole (the developer behind PUBG) offered him the opportunity to make his own game from scratch. PUBG is that game. Fortnite was never meant to be a battle royale game. The game mode was added later, presumably for profitable reasons, due to the unprecedented popularity of PUBG and the battle royale game modes from other games.
070 mally (10 months ago)
K’niggit so you can't read.. "what is this game" who's the dumb ass now ? Fucking retard 😂😂
K’niggit (10 months ago)
070 mally you didn't even clarify your comment a question dumbass. Who knew it would be a question except you.
070 mally (10 months ago)
K’niggit that's not what I asked but thanks for the useless input anyway
SinnerDizzle (10 months ago)
DSP doing something *successful* in a clip!? Whoaaaaaaaaaa!
C juega online si o si ??
ShradCat (10 months ago)
Loved the clips, they were awesome this time
KoolKive (10 months ago)
a suppressor for the revolver. oh
Kenny Hobson (10 months ago)
Jon .knallpistol (10 months ago)
Heard someone scream "LOL", disliked.
What should I name myself (10 months ago)
Wasn’t the first clip already shown before
Demonex300 (10 months ago)
Hahahahahah funny to see that a lot of people know dsp
Real Madrid is Best (10 months ago)
Salty deaths or get rekt next plz
I love PUBG, but like I’ve said before, PC players don’t impress me. Practically no skill required when aiming or snapping to targets. Plus most of them are hopped up on adderall anyway...
PureHeart (10 months ago)
Mr . Meeseeks Yeah I just realised how wrong you are as well. It takes a shit ton more skill to aim on PC than console. But the skill level varies a lot more than it does if you're playing on c o n t r o l l e r And the Chinese are the ones that are always on a near lethal dose of adderall. Anyone else knows that adderall will get you fucked if you take it only for gaming. So go take your own like and the other 11 year old who liked your comment and scurry off back to your 30fps and aim assist.
Jamega (10 months ago)
Console has aim assist?? You don't have to spend thousands of dollars?? Literally everything you've said is complete bullshit
jonathan dharma (10 months ago)
BRRUHHHH hahahaha if you haven’t try aiming on a pc before then don’t talk shit u dumb duck
CWplayer I’m not going to go out and spend hundreds hundreds of dollars on a PC and equipment just for that sake when it is statistically proven that aiming with a mouse and keyboard is easier. So instead I say to you, do some research.
Pure Heart it appears you’re wrong considering I have a like on my comment. Proves that I got my point across to someone.
RedRyder Z (10 months ago)
That fucken barrel roll double kill
the german reactions are always my favourite xD "OH MEIN GAWT"
drinkyourownpiss (9 months ago)
drinkyourownpiss (9 months ago)
why do you promote hacks for pubg on your channel? :D that's worse than racism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
drinkyourownpiss (9 months ago)
hahaha yes! but he is right! xD "OH MEIN GOTT!" that's my quote!
ok (10 months ago)
anyone know when Miramar comes to xbox?
MasterBonedog (9 months ago)
UnFriendlyDinosaur sometime in 2018. Maybe spring
Kalialie (10 months ago)
Getting headshot by bowgun is really painful mentally 😂
PureHeart (10 months ago)
Winganon lmao
uganda knuckle 10 (10 months ago)
Grande dylantero conchetumareee
TX3 Ulti (10 months ago)
"I'll use my long range scope" CRINGE
Reload Her (10 months ago)
ultiTM ooo yea “CRINGE”
Paul Andres (10 months ago)
A la verga, sale el Dylan :v
J s (10 months ago)
Do more perfect timing moments please
Trist in Sox (10 months ago)
DeathstarsEG (10 months ago)
that last guy was caught live stream jacking off!!!!! LOL
Defenstrator (9 months ago)
Well at least we know he can handle his gun.
TheGhost (10 months ago)
Yep. When I saw him, I immediately said: That's that fapper! lmao
KingOfKings313 _ (10 months ago)
DeathstarsEG I thought he looked familiar lmao
SpreadTheLaugh (10 months ago)
Why some enemies had their names on top of em?
Lays HD (10 months ago)
Server lock china
2 2 (10 months ago)
why you don't hard working these days? i always waiting you
Frankie Gaming (10 months ago)
Shroud is getting ucklyer and ucklyer or older loking he play too much tell me if you notice
PureHeart (10 months ago)
Frankie Gaming Your IQ is pretty uckly too, bud.
Gunseeker (10 months ago)
What’s the outro song called
carlos metz (10 months ago)
Last guy jerked off to this clip while live
Plot armor (10 months ago)
Man that outro is lit
Sebastian Navarro Pino (10 months ago)
Dylan culiao weno
Ethan Lei (10 months ago)
old footages
Sunny Rustles (10 months ago)
Surprised DSP's clip didn't include him complaining about lag.
The Conquistador (8 months ago)
Or about asians
Edward Elric (10 months ago)
Sunny Rustles or bugged gun play mechanics
Hector Hernandez (10 months ago)
I promise the p18c is amazing cqb
Josh Kary (10 months ago)
I liked 99.99% of the video, but DSP NEEDS to be omitted
superaaron335 (10 months ago)
Love the constant uploads. Another awesome vid
Kisama001 (10 months ago)
OK, Since the developers will do nothing about the China problem, I declare war !!! I haven't been matched with a single Non-Chinese player in the past 8 days !!! I play on the North American server, and even tried the European server. It's time to initiate the final solution !!! I will be killing EVERY Chinese player I get matched with !! I encourage you all to do the same. Push these invaders back to their own server.
최근호 (9 months ago)
There are 1.4 billion Chinese ALL OVER THE WORLD.... You should accept that
MasterBonedog (9 months ago)
Just play Asia servers. Everyone there has donkey dick accuracy and it's easy to win in squads, hardly any Chinese hackers.
Karma (10 months ago)
No need to attack the devs over this. And definitely no need to "declare war".
Sammy Samdals (10 months ago)
Legit tho guys there are loads of Asian ppl joining the NA servers and it’s annoying as hell bc they laggin everything
The Russin Russain (10 months ago)
bagaloide (10 months ago)
Repost from other vids
Prince Karma (10 months ago)
Screaming 'ohmagawd' make it less cool. Maybe thats why people like Shroud and DrDisrespect more eh?
PureHeart (10 months ago)
Prince Karma Shroud basically doesn't have human emotions.
C'laudio H'idalgo (10 months ago)
Whatttttt Dylantero Ctm Hijo la maraca
bigj2637 (10 months ago)
Its so annoying when people land a good shot and for some reason get up out of their chair and run out of the room just leaving their guy sitting there. Whats the point? Wouldn't you want to play through the game because your aim is on point?
bigj2637 leaving the chair is the most anti-hype thing to do
GVO (9 months ago)
E92 DrEw (10 months ago)
bigj2637 its more so luck if they jumped up and had a reaction so they don't care if they lose cuz they mad a shit that was impossible in their eyes
s0cKi1 (10 months ago)
It's because they are streaming.
LogaPaul WasTaken (10 months ago)
Vinyllian (10 months ago)
Brian Ivan Andrade (10 months ago)
MLGNOOBZ (10 months ago)
wow i watch ur vids and didnt subscribed? not anymore :)
The creepy guy (9 months ago)
I did that so many times that I subscribed just now.......
PUBG TV (10 months ago)
Adan Martinez (10 months ago)
I did what shroud does all the time in a car it’s so fun
DatsRandom (10 months ago)
That last one he's so handsome 👌😍

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