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Text Comments (111)
Al Gon (4 months ago)
When you couldve just bought the item for way cheaper lol.
DeVileGGG DeVileGGG (5 months ago)
I hate these people who say: You wasted money you pathetic little shit. You cant make a change so fuck off there is freedom for us gamers bitch!
L2 Control (5 months ago)
You are cringey AF
Riko Vanhatalo (5 months ago)
winners train, losers complain
Spartan08 (5 months ago)
9:11 full on orgasm. Gross.
Chen nic (6 months ago)
u need to refresh the loby u fking moron
N/A (6 months ago)
A grown man just dropped $60 to dress up his female character in a video game... life choices.
L2 Control (5 months ago)
N/A he dropped more like $400
Kyle Letheby (6 months ago)
Your voice is annoying. Quit YouTube lol
Root (6 months ago)
i hear witt lowryyyyy
And u got that ,,please try again later" error cuz u opened a crate and the item has loading and u wanted to open 2 in a row
Lol rip moneys. U just can to buy what items u want from steam. But worth for youtube because is like u get cash back :)) and u just got that nice hoodie who is around 150$
Dodomadafaker Tos (7 months ago)
what is your hoodie namn. The hood that you wear from begin. i cant find it on steam market
ghost N/A (7 months ago)
Dodomadafaker Tos pubg partner hoodie
zhannez (7 months ago)
00:00 - 00:37 name of the hoodie?
zhannez (7 months ago)
Whats ne name of the hoodie on begin the video ?
NBS Overwatch (7 months ago)
Guy at 3:35 what his shirt name?
RannyK (7 months ago)
all that expensive shit but cant afford a damn hairline
RyanOoi (7 months ago)
Andrew Bowman (7 months ago)
Bad camera placement for your face
mark kapidze (7 months ago)
I opened my second case and i got skirt im done from this game
Scullik (7 months ago)
what is that jacket
Luis Sandoval (7 months ago)
so these are the kind of weird nerds who pick female characters..
jalenn.mp4 (4 months ago)
i use a male but i saw somewhere that it’s cause of the smaller hitbox. less chance of getting hit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
PINEYAPPLE (4 months ago)
Luis Sandoval girl characters are much hotter than male characters
Semigak Pheep (6 months ago)
Luis Sandoval if you think that's weird, you're in for a treat
Vangeric Dano (6 months ago)
Just jelouse so fuck you
_baKa_ (6 months ago)
K8NGPRO (7 months ago)
Pubg test server?
Vonn2 (8 months ago)
im not gonna lie after a game of pubg i got enough if bp so i boight a biler vratw and tje first crate i got a chelered cloth mask and i couldnt breath at all im fucking 12 y/o !!
Alex (8 months ago)
and this is how you lost the money
PINEYAPPLE (4 months ago)
Alex twice his money dude
zBikweeb (8 months ago)
That hoodie was already all his money back
Stephen Shields (8 months ago)
jesus watching this retard re try to open a case when it times out , REFRESH THE LOBBY SHIT LORD
Jack Leadbetter (8 months ago)
theres this cool thing in the menu's called restart lobby :) stop being a retard and spamming something that isnt working
HighTechRedNeck82 (8 months ago)
It takes a really special person to throw away this kinda money on digital clothes SMH.
DeVileGGG DeVileGGG (5 months ago)
He made profit so stfu
Mikael Bolzan Machievizc (6 months ago)
its his money so, its called freedom or something...
Dankened Memes (7 months ago)
Well the hoodie alone makes back what? 50 keys - 75 itself so I’m pretty sure he made profit selling everything else
J Orozco (8 months ago)
I watched a video on reselling common items and you barely get half your money back.. That's if anyone even buys it
HighTechRedNeck82 (8 months ago)
I bet you have made a ton off of it so far?
DjangoTheMLGpro DK (8 months ago)
That with jacket would have bean op if there was a winter map
Kolur Laxdal (7 months ago)
Or you know, sell it. Back then he could've made easy $3000-5000 from selling those 2. And then he could've bought both back today for $250 or less.
NineTwoFive (8 months ago)
lol now u have no teammates to betray have fun by yourself :D
GingerBeardMan Dunn (8 months ago)
I'm currently sitting on 6 desperado cases and have been debating just buying keys to open them...after watching this I'm thinking I'll be better off just selling them and getting my 2-3$ to use towards a cheap item I kinda like.
Glenn Dubu (7 months ago)
I have 14 desperado crates man. Anyone willing to trade with mehh?
LegendOfPoison (8 months ago)
Sell them! it was worth when the case was new because then you could sell the hoodies for 1k but now its really bad
Jogi Harahap (8 months ago)
Is that u wear a streamer hoodie?
The Muffin MAN (8 months ago)
I got the white hoodie on my first crate lol
PINEYAPPLE (4 months ago)
The Muffin MAN fake
The Muffin MAN (6 months ago)
akaenty sold it already lol
akaenty (6 months ago)
maybe give it to me? lmfao
Strange (6 months ago)
no you didnt
Patrick Vizcarra (8 months ago)
Give me all the extra. LOL!!
divdhvidbv vehgiorbgvo (8 months ago)
how dumb are u its LOADING DUH U FUCKING IDIOT
The Pig (8 months ago)
why do I exist? (5 months ago)
The Pig at least he got a $1500 hoodie so not really
FilghtSupreme (8 months ago)
The crates went down to .27 cents
Im Roadhouse (8 months ago)
im a pro you are shit
zBunnyThug (8 months ago)
crates are the reason why we dont get any new content anymore after the release of 1.0
MihTor 24 (8 months ago)
No offense but he is stupid when he spams the crates and they say try later. He is not able to open crates because the item wasnt generated yet.
MihTor 24 (8 months ago)
No offense but he is stupid when he spams the crates and they say try later. He is not able to open crates because the item wasnt generated yet.
sneek (8 months ago)
i got the leopard first try xDDDDD
funky donkey (8 months ago)
tro på det!!
Mobliz (8 months ago)
The only logical reason to open crates in games like this is if you can make a video out of it
ATG Virtual (8 months ago)
i used 16 € order 3 cases+Key and get the School Skirt xD ^^
whos Magic (8 months ago)
Ever heard of restart the fucking lobb? Christ sake
Andrés Villalba (9 months ago)
Victor Avalos (9 months ago)
I opened only 1 desperado crate and got the leopard mask first try :D
Kyle Nguyen (9 months ago)
lol opened up 4 crates and got the black hoodie easiest 1200 of my life
Blaine Kennedy (8 months ago)
kyle, you only made 250 lol
Kyle Nguyen (8 months ago)
MLG GOD not when I sold it lmao!
Blaine Kennedy (8 months ago)
they worth like 200 lol
illusions_88 (8 months ago)
just got 2 of them from two crates, black and white .... i feel like the % is more than they say
Kyle Nguyen (9 months ago)
Jordan Thompson you can look up the price for the hoodie online. it is extremely rare and pubg is the most popular game right now so it is in high demand
Michel Wolfschild (9 months ago)
Thanks God, there is no item condition yet, then this will be the next cs go.
PUBG PLAYS (9 months ago)
I LOVE YOU Weak3n :D
Zakiah Henderson (9 months ago)
i opend literally one crate and got the long sleeved leather shit im happy $300 for me :)
Ainsley Harriot (7 months ago)
U wanna buy a pandatv shirt code for pubg?
HibikiPlays (8 months ago)
GingerBeardMan Dunn i mean dont open it now , open the new cases when everything is overpriced and quick sell it HAHAHAHA it ain’t worth it now
GingerBeardMan Dunn (8 months ago)
You are all paid pushers working for PUBG!! I know I should just sell my cases bc that ish ain't happening for me!
hastenna (8 months ago)
I opened 1 crate and got the leather hoodie
HibikiPlays (9 months ago)
Sebastian Szmaj (9 months ago)
The chance for a legendary item is 0,01%
Groovy (9 months ago)
8:34 hoodie
Slideguydude 123 (7 months ago)
Finn van Rijn (9 months ago)
Ty <3
Pugzy (9 months ago)
How do you get that jacket you have?
Ainsley Harriot (7 months ago)
U wanna buy a pandatv shirt code for pubg?
Draco (9 months ago)
By being a PUBG partner.
Tristin Schuette (9 months ago)
Dang, at least you got the white jacket. Sucks you didn’t get leaped mask or bandana but gg, good video keep it up
MultiPlexity (9 months ago)
didnt know Professional Pubg was a thing
R C (5 months ago)
If you are getting paid to play then its professional. Ironically enough spending your own dough to make videos content is not professionalism.
Matchu Pichu (8 months ago)
the game in my opinion isnt really esport ready
Twitch.tv/ RyanX (9 months ago)
everyones a professional now...50.000$ price Pool on Major incoming....i gonna go pro in tetris or Chess so, same winnings XD
Zach Ishmael (9 months ago)
MultiPlexity (9 months ago)
nah its "professional"
demgnik (9 months ago)
Cute $1500 hoodie
Ainsley Harriot (7 months ago)
U wanna buy a pandatv shirt code for pubg?
not 1500 anymore less than half of this price now
zBikweeb (8 months ago)
Dávid Horváth it was 1500
Dávid Horváth (8 months ago)
150 XD
Rıfatcan Yüksel (8 months ago)
it is just for now.
chaos DeCiMaTeR (9 months ago)
I'm Cukoo (9 months ago)
I agree
Weak3n (9 months ago)
very ggs

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