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Archery - Shoot an Apple off my head - MAN Party

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Seriously do NOT try and shoot apples off of people's heads! Think about it with your brain. Big thanks to Nuclear Blast Records for letting us use some awesome Nightwish tracks. Check them out for more quality metal http://bit.ly/subs-nb-yt Also check out Nightwish's official channel here, http://bit.ly/subs-ntwsh-yt What game should we play next? Let us know! Don't forget to like/follow us on Facebook & Twitter! http://facebook.com/node http://twitter.com/nodestudios http://twitter.com/cerberusarms http://twitter.com/corridordigital http://facebook.com/corridordigital http://twitter.com/fwong http://twitter.com/brandonjla http://facebook.com/freddiewspage
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Text Comments (1354)
Neurofied Yamato (8 days ago)
Wow Brandon would survive so many shots.
The DarkWolf663 230 (9 days ago)
MostlyRetroGames (14 days ago)
Music at start?
Hero Chan (16 days ago)
The problem Sam and Jake had was they didn’t do awesome anime pose
Frozt Cubez (17 days ago)
that ending tho brendon hair fell off
Jackinabox 2k2 (19 days ago)
Is D wearing a Nightingale shirt? Because it's awesome
anthony sunseri (22 days ago)
BubblesTheDino (22 days ago)
Gg Niko shot straight through the middle of the Apple
Professor Bearington (29 days ago)
What was his punishment?
Natarajan A.V (1 month ago)
7:34 before shooting he should have said *"u have failed this city"*
Roblox Gaming (2 months ago)
7:30 lmao rip Brandon
J Bush (2 months ago)
Katniss and hawkeye kawkeye
logan hughes (2 months ago)
D:well brandon shot himself Brandon: yeah but that's suicide
SWIFT BL4DE (2 months ago)
D with the nightingale t-shirt
Saiyan Alliance (3 months ago)
MoonMotion Pictures (3 months ago)
“This episode doesn’t happen until someone is murdered.” “Well, Brandon killed himself.” “I know”
Serg (3 months ago)
Welp, we will miss Brandon
Niko seems to be the best archer out of them
Cedric Naumann (4 months ago)
D can't be defeated
GoldenJam_ 01 (5 months ago)
Id put my life in nikos hands lol
DumbAnimator (6 months ago)
Sam:There's a pretty high chance we will get it first shot misses ALL shots
Shankster (6 months ago)
I love how the mannequin head is Al Snows doll
Flaccid Giraffe (6 months ago)
Why are u guys so low key badass
Karen Quinn (7 months ago)
1:37 D looks so old
Squish Master (7 months ago)
Sams face
GREED (7 months ago)
D + Katniss = Blackness
attack on titan kid (7 months ago)
When Sam screamed he was like a barberberion I think I spellt that wrong and the word after the end I 😞😩
OnlyInVain (8 months ago)
The nightwish makes the video
Mild (8 months ago)
Wren looks the most like Hawkeye tho lmfao
What bow does D use if anybody could tell me it would be appreciated
Kim Can Create (8 months ago)
They need more flexible arrows
Grimm Wrath (8 months ago)
D is a nightingale
Dunkel_hight 1 (8 months ago)
really wish D wasn't on node, then I'd think about subbing again.
Hack Boi (8 months ago)
Even though my name is D, D is the #1 D GO D
LastAssassin00 (8 months ago)
Where did you guys get your bows from because I want one.
Emilio Ovalle (8 months ago)
node is my favorite YouTuber
Jelal Ahmed (9 months ago)
This was the first node video I ever watched. I can see why they call D the badass of the group
Noble Six (9 months ago)
Where did they get there bows?
Immortal Bacon50 (9 months ago)
*Jake misses by a mile* D: Close!
Immortal Bacon50 (9 months ago)
*Sam misses by a mile* D: that was a really close shot though.
Roman Cendejas (9 months ago)
next dude perfect
rjfenix22 (9 months ago)
the Nightwish background music is a good choice
ninja plz (9 months ago)
so i stoped
ninja plz (9 months ago)
i used to do archery and i shot an arrow through an arrow and then i became a fatass
Me to
Spartan Fire (10 months ago)
Niko won too
Conrad1013 (10 months ago)
Sam looks sharp with the new cut.
Kin (10 months ago)
D with that Nightingale shirt. Respect. x3
ToxicPlage 280 (10 months ago)
rainbow it's RAMBO
TDS Vlogs (10 months ago)
Brandon lied if you look back at the footage Nico was shooting at the Apple and in the sticker was on the other side
Walter Sobchak (10 months ago)
6:37 Sam, this isn't Vietnam there are rules.
dante oclarino (10 months ago)
sam said he's gonna hit the apple all day long...just missed all the shots
Max G (11 months ago)
Love the way Sam decorated his bow
Darth Thanatos (11 months ago)
D, Niko, you're certified to play the William Tell Overture as your theme music.
Zombieparty1218 (11 months ago)
I no a punishment you have to miss a u:deo
davidgray305 (11 months ago)
0:20 that is not the face I'd want to see, considering what this video is titled, I'm a bit concerned XD
Suh Dude (11 months ago)
First node vid I watched lol
At the start I thought Brandon was actually volunteering
Viddi Kaddi (11 months ago)
D, the fourth nightingale
ToxicHawk (1 year ago)
who else clicked on the video thinking that they would actually have a breathing human with a apple on their head getting shot by their best friends
Faltergeist (1 year ago)
D is in character with that Nightingale t-shirt :o
DarknessOverlord (1 year ago)
I've seen this like 10 times... Still awesome.
N4NO (1 year ago)
one tip for Sam, when you draw, draw the string to your cheek its more powerful and accurate
Joakim Fant (1 year ago)
1 billion views!!!
Impishcoma 9403 (1 year ago)
D looks like a ba at anything he does
David Firesword (1 year ago)
Here's what I think their archery style is like. D is accurate as f**k and never misses, Niko is the Sharpshooter that rarely misses, but also isn't that strong a shooter. Sam is a very fast firing archer, (look at the VR samurai archery video) while Jake is the power shooter. D has had years of experience. He's so controlled with both the sword and the arrow.
David Firesword (1 year ago)
That's hard to do, slicing a side of the apple. That's VERY, VERY hard to do. Nice shot D.
David Firesword (1 year ago)
The bow in the thumbnail is Arial's bow from Skyrim. (Whatever it's called)
Robert Douglas (1 year ago)
I'm so unbelievably jealous of yalls amazing nerd life lol
6:03 what's the song name?
Knightbite 94 (1 year ago)
You should do a vid where you shoot fire arrows onto a dartboard!!
DionMeme (1 year ago)
" Well Brandon killed himself "
Smokescreen Skaters (1 year ago)
I believe the story about D
Kade Baker (1 year ago)
mathematically the last two guys should have hit the apple at least once just by the sheer number of shots they had
Retarded Rage (1 year ago)
PumpkinBass 4113 (1 year ago)
He's not blackniss... he is... darkness
GrapefruitTango (1 year ago)
they're shooting at gta brandon
ameer zx50 (1 year ago)
I know brandon is a left handed im left handed to but I still shoot bow like all right handed do why is that??
The Demo Pan Man (1 year ago)
I just realized... WREN LOOKS LIKE HAWKEYE
Jack Lek (1 year ago)
When they're playing rock paper scissors, you can see something weird (to me anyway): Just how short are you D like holy...
Niko and D are my favorite
go Hawkeye
Digital Divulger (1 year ago)
"OH MY GOD this isn't even an episode." Sam 2 011
Everett Cootes (1 year ago)
Boi, is that auriels bow on the thumbnail?
Jakob Sanchez (1 year ago)
MUHD HAZIM (1 year ago)
but dee is asian soo . his name would not be blackness , he would be Anuss
MUHD HAZIM (1 year ago)
please don't take me too srsly. I'm asian too
Matthew Ulsenheimer (1 year ago)
You could tell who was going to miss just by their form alone.
Lukas Rautenberg (1 year ago)
why dont they draw full length for getting in the same position every time 😂
Matthew Newcomb-Yi (1 year ago)
"This episode doesn't happen until someone gets murdered." -Sam, 2014
DrakeMarvell (1 year ago)
Who's the better archer: D or Niko?
bearskins ej (1 year ago)
Everyone but niko shot like a retard.
Cody DelRincon (1 year ago)
Being an archer and watching this pains my soul.
Seany Boy Productions (1 year ago)
Hobbit/lord of the ring noob
Toadark Productions (1 year ago)
Brandon looks like an older version of Adam from the Goldbergs lel.
Jordan Hoke (1 year ago)
Why did brandon kill himself?
Ezra Roberts-Poyourow (1 year ago)
danny boy (1 year ago)
can someone make a montage of D being awsome
The Kraken (1 year ago)
Nora Lockhart (1 year ago)
Where did Niko get his bow?
danny boy (1 year ago)
Nora Lockhart i think his grandpa gave him the bow
Jtriple 3 (1 year ago)
D the Destroyer

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