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Mark Zuckerberg Is Not Human

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Text Comments (22351)
Jacob Bogdan (1 hour ago)
Identity Crisis (1 hour ago)
He looks like my childhood friend, and it's making me very uncomfortable
Gamer boy (5 hours ago)
real zucc is hidden by lizard people
Christopher Morrissey (7 hours ago)
i don't think he is even in control of facebook. I also don't think he came up with the idea. I believe he is just a face or spokesmen for it. someone to blame if problems occur.
Kurt Barlow (10 hours ago)
He is a cloaked Grey Alien ... humanity is waking up ... this is NOT A HUMAN
Toby James (14 hours ago)
That forehead size and the extreme space between his eyes can't be human lol
Toby James (14 hours ago)
This MF got that Black Mirror technology and got Morgan Freeman's consciousness inside of an app to be his assistant (slave) the world is a strange place xD
Toby James (14 hours ago)
This MF ain't a lizard , he's a Nordic . do the research .
Janet Airlines (16 hours ago)
Its not water. Its oil.
Janice Berona (16 hours ago)
Mr. Zuckerberg is a Facebook creator
Caleth Viher (17 hours ago)
Es molesto que los subtítulos en español no estén bien, no tienen sentido, me gustó el vídeo pero los subtítulos en español deberían mejorarlos.
Doug Smith (19 hours ago)
You are going to have to do better than this on saying that Mark is a Reptillian. I know there are reptilian's everywhere but this is a bit silly.
mary may (21 hours ago)
its an AI come from the future to set up the future shit n maddness .in the form of what once was mark in the past
dikke tringeling (23 hours ago)
Monique Williams (23 hours ago)
This is my first time seeing one of PewDiePie video's this dude is hilarious as hell! Not that you need any new Subs at 63 Million but I need the laugh!
suman haloi (1 day ago)
pjd0ioas (1 day ago)
So... around 300k zuuccs... PewDiePie is gonna be busy... or Zucc is gonna be busy... or both...
Robert Guerrero (1 day ago)
OMG you said from one reptile to another
Gus Cleitus (1 day ago)
i feel sorry for this guy because his wife is ugly even though he's rich. what's the point of being rich if you have an ugly wife?
Gus Cleitus (1 day ago)
better question, how is it possible to be rich and have an ugly wife?
Ozzy Cat (1 day ago)
He sure keeps licking his lips like a reptile. I dont believe in that sort of thing but this guy is just plain weird. Very dark. Psychopathic mannerisms. And an odd shaped head.
Joy Joy (1 day ago)
Ur funny just subbed
FilthSquad Games (1 day ago)
Worst youtuber ever!
AFK 02 (1 day ago)
Zonex123 (1 day ago)
his eyes man it's like he's staring into nothingness all the time. he must be reptilian xD
Nestor Trejo (1 day ago)
Aye jake Paul
Oh boy i miss the old beard
Tes Ste (1 day ago)
??????????????? - on Flat Earth what hi can be - alien is ultimate difficult ~ they made sometimes some 3D holograms at some appearance but still is not alien ~ - and like everywhere on Earth - there is fine humans and bad humans - just as that ~ - is some Khazarian from origin who is connected to the some (what ever) and all of them celebrate some satanic things - that is all ~ using facebook for purpose recognize world /humans in world/ spying for USA USA for Israel - included whatsapp ~ - what they want reach (who would be known) - probably some nonsense because until now wherever they are busy is become stupidity
that kind of boi (1 day ago)
late as f but still my fav vid of new poods
Blue Roko (1 day ago)
Jarvis .... Hmmmmmm tell me what name that is.....
Blue Roko (1 day ago)
Clout spice (1 day ago)
Mark is on lizard
Quote Unquote (1 day ago)
the only way to watch a pewdiepie video is with the captions on
SaladNinja (2 days ago)
Who dat?
I Like Turtles (2 days ago)
S U C C E R B U R G-er
RBt8 (2 days ago)
He said i was humen
Hayley Wallace (2 days ago)
Yes he's a lizard
Traci Sundari (2 days ago)
jokes aside tim lery said say no to drugs and get high on v.r. instead. mmm would you like the blue pill or the red pill. either way your head will be buried far down a very dark smelly hole😅
Traci Sundari (2 days ago)
zuckerbuger and kanhe jest are skin jobs from the blade runner film. conrad dump is the ceo of the tylenol corparation. there moto more dump than rump😪
Anna Dean (2 days ago)
Please shave
Troy Casares (2 days ago)
Stick to video not the jokes
Travis Loudermilk (2 days ago)
.5x speed Zuckerberg all day
Chaos _ (2 days ago)
Mark sukerburg is a LIZARRRRDDD
Reseiar t (2 days ago)
i tought this is like a sience video or something like that😂
miracle dreamer (2 days ago)
When I read the title I was just laughing like WTF 😂😂😂
No one can fucc with the zucc
Jenny Taylor (3 days ago)
Too much Adrenalchrome!
Noisy Boy (3 days ago)
Space alpaca (3 days ago)
He looks like the dude from the bee movie
Wonder Mvelase (3 days ago)
Does anyone ever tell you, you look like messi?🤔
Healthy Shop (3 days ago)
the content was good but whats so funny with pew?
Orthodox Joshua Chong (3 days ago)
Well , I got zucced for 30 days and came here to enjoy
ANNETTE samuel (3 days ago)
He looks like an alien, he looks very strange
Juan Pablo Borio (3 days ago)
Mark Zuckerberg is an hibrid, born from some of the millions illegal alien abductions taking place on this planet, he is programmed to take the leadership of the future planet earth societys , some day on this future y'all gonna see i was right.
Saeed Ahmed (3 days ago)
Eid Mubarak To Everyone
RIP Jose (3 days ago)
"Hell Yeah" - Mark ZuccABarf
Your Fuckin President (3 days ago)
Pewds I bought your chair and it doesn't support my rage when I throw it, I mean it literally just flies back when I rock back and forth in frustration. Try moving the reclining lever.
KikYouMew (3 days ago)
i made the zucc drinking water video thnk u for making me famous
Jango (3 days ago)
Zuck become human
hamsell rosario (3 days ago)
I like u
Karl Binder (3 days ago)
Pieces of animal feces do indeed resemble humans sometimes... After all, people do see Jesus on burritos sometimes XD
MJM Productions (3 days ago)
your headset
Christian Hackler (3 days ago)
No royalists
Christian Hackler (3 days ago)
Nope not human
HolyDiver (3 days ago)
That baby looks nothing like Zuckerberg.....
illicit death (3 days ago)
*hell yea*
The Plutonian (4 days ago)
IM LATE. IM LATE. ZuckMuck appears 'waxy.' He needs to smake mor weeds! #yougettadownfinegr
McCain (4 days ago)
Are those head phones real!!!
Olivia Shea (4 days ago)
I thought he was a robot not a lizard because lizards can drink water and clearly robots can't and Mark Zuckerberg did not drink is water he pretended to
kate blackwell (4 days ago)
I love your smile. I don't care what r u saying hahah
Jerry Oliver (4 days ago)
We all know your not the same PewDiePie
SteezyBoyAllDay (1 day ago)
Jerry Oliver Based on what?
bruno jones (4 days ago)
i feel you men
meghna 741160 (4 days ago)
This video is about the founder of Facebook...... this video has so many likes because people is curious about Mark Zuckerberg......
Linda Bishop (4 days ago)
Its shows it in the simpsons were the aliens dress like humans. And donald trumps one of them he took off his human suit as donald trump and was a reptail.
Yamarius Caver (4 days ago)
any one noticed that he look enternaly young just sayin
time pass (4 days ago)
to clarify your doubts he is a simple jewish homosapien social animal who knows programming language.
Axel McAdam (4 days ago)
i do wear crocs..
Gloomy Gothic (4 days ago)
You would Think he be less awkward because he goes to shows all the time…
shocker... (4 days ago)
You are controlled position. Put a few true things out there then hit us with the propoganda.
OP 37ST (4 days ago)
Think he's a clone now
Yura (4 days ago)
Why does felix's eyes looks purple 😂
Lisa Brummett (4 days ago)
I watched Mark live when he was being questioned, I thought he was a robot. The host is funny.
Marcus Luppino (4 days ago)
At 6:20 he tells Jarvis of soothing his Mandarin is and when he opens his mouth his freaking canine tooth is really long and sharp..
Clifton Pinas (4 days ago)
Your not yuman and you will never be
Kane Marten (5 days ago)
Why doen't he live a life like Dan Bilzerian. Such an idiot who sticks with just one partner when he has that kind of money
Marit Valencia (5 days ago)
you can be an actor too much over acting here ! you can be comedian but corny
Kane Marten (5 days ago)
I don't think he's a lizard, I think he's an alien who has put a human skin on himself
The5WorlsGaming Z (5 days ago)
Xico 900 (5 days ago)
ps Great Video and so true...
dá ấd (5 days ago)
4 vids in 1 vid
romeena marks (5 days ago)
Does anyone else find this guy trying to be funny sucks 😁😁😁
Sergei Hramtsenkov (5 days ago)
Wait a minute he is the creator of facebook
Samantha Meidelin (5 days ago)
oh golly
SimoSlime FGF (5 days ago)
Zucc ci sterminerà tutti...
Aff Bhf (5 days ago)
Maybe you're a lizard too?
Phil Thomas (5 days ago)
Yo if you don't like Nickelback... YOU CAN'T THINK FOR YOURSELF
Melkisedek cendana (5 days ago)
Mark Zuckaberg (Mark s**k a bird)
Coawtes (5 days ago)
Am I the only one distracted on how bright his headphones are?
Dan Marinescu (5 days ago)
yep, he's an animal
autism boi (5 days ago)
He is a robot!
Zachary Weinman (5 days ago)

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