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Mark Zuckerberg Is Not Human

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Text Comments (23123)
PUBNITE (3 hours ago)
XenZar (4 hours ago)
Volkoz (7 hours ago)
That doesnt slip out of your tongue... Says the guy who said ni-
The Matadore (8 hours ago)
I feel like learning a language without context (like actions or objects to link words to) won't work for a baby because the baby will hear the sounds but won't get to link them to anything...
Sabiri Aziz (8 hours ago)
Watch mee
TheTroll BG (11 hours ago)
Red Green (15 hours ago)
i hate both these ppl
and he wants us to beleive he invented facebook, right
vishal singh (16 hours ago)
I guess he is a dinasour
Hell Blasion (17 hours ago)
Zuck mean ass in arabic
dad (20 hours ago)
*z u c c*
Vince Batac (21 hours ago)
My facebook got hacked. HEY I'M LATE!
grace sue (23 hours ago)
his eyes look weird and freaky /eerie! a Dead Giveaway !!!!
mike k (1 day ago)
With all that money why they could of had a better production team not unless he was letting a friend that starting out do it or just maybe help a start up production team. The effects are kind of 90s lookimg Maybe he is a time traveler Lol
mike k (1 day ago)
He has billions of dollars that why the other guy was sitting like that he prob look up to him. In ways.
Dopa Hkiin (1 day ago)
thats one of your best... keep doing this investigating journalism, sir
Ralph Cramden (1 day ago)
_"Would you like a hamburger Lizard Man?"_
FishTeo (1 day ago)
hell ya
larry ferrante (1 day ago)
Evil cocksucking Jew scumbag Zuckerberg
No Lies (1 day ago)
He for the most part, acts like most other white males ive met! 😎 Soooooo wheres the issue? 😄😎😄😄😃
Andy G (1 day ago)
DATA is more human than his doppelganger
sinclear savior (1 day ago)
cut his head off to see if he can grow a new one.
tree Animation (1 day ago)
# fast’n furious
Hedio2365 gaming (1 day ago)
Yaaay! 304k Zucks!
Bagged & Boosted (1 day ago)
Pewd is a boss!!
BlueSkyhawk14 (1 day ago)
Hmm...that prolonged eye contact...thats a bit odd..prolonged eye contact is a trait of sociopathy...interesting..
sumbamotor (1 day ago)
He does look like a test tube baby.
Jasp3rJeep (1 day ago)
Can we just say that he's socially awkward already?
maggy tito (1 day ago)
he's not human because he died inside. looking into those eyes you see the deadness. poor zucc. LEAVE THE ZUCC ALONE! LEAVE HIM ALONE! he's just dead and autistic ok
Sunnydreamer1470 (1 day ago)
Gay men who don't want to come out publicly always marry Asian.
L B (1 day ago)
If the establishment never touched PewDiePie would he even be doing this video right now?
Noah Polyakov (1 day ago)
Mark zuckerberg: i am human if you need proof here you are *dances fortnite basic emote* Everyone who watches: *claps*
Ray Anthony Brady (1 day ago)
Who cares!
TYPICAL fan (2 days ago)
Pewdie is crazy 😂😂😂😂lol
Fast forward to today with conservative content being censored by COMMUNIST Big Tech.
ccjkk1 (2 days ago)
Nailed it pewdie
Dakila Lozano (2 days ago)
what is the color of his headphones? it looks unreal
Darrin McGann (2 days ago)
I think he suffers from e-reptile dysfunction!
Over Myself (2 days ago)
Just let him coexist. His planet was probably destroyed
Richard Riddick (2 days ago)
Zucc is on cocainum, his eyes are fucked out!!!
Zig Zagerman (2 days ago)
Maybe not a lizard but a jackass for sure
Bob Larsen (2 days ago)
Bob Larsen (2 days ago)
There is a shooting enthusiast named Eden Rose ll' red danger. Wondering if you were connected...
Debbie Bradley (2 days ago)
I already knew that, can't have that much hate and stupidity and be a human.
TheFlexNetChamp (2 days ago)
Zucc Juice
goodwilj (2 days ago)
Zuckerberg is the only person on the planet that has shit-brown colored eyes.
Bryan Rawls (2 days ago)
Im sorry I wasted my time watching this Zzzzuckass video. Zztop making corny videozzz like thizzz pleazzze. Thankzzz. Huh huh h hu h huh?
Bryan Rawls (2 days ago)
He probly has several clones but who gives a rats ass anyway.
vanil sting10 (2 days ago)
Ayoub Abassi (2 days ago)
1:16 nice one pew ;)
Oh you mean just like how pewdiepie definetly isn't into kids, you know because it's opposite day. Honestly you look exactly like a pedo I'm pretty sure there was a stranger danger poster of this man in my kindergarten health class
jjj (2 days ago)
he's sweating
Candido Lopez (22 hours ago)
Reptiles don't sweat!
Senzen (2 days ago)
RayK47utizube (2 days ago)
U R A pos! Fuckerburg!
Pro Active (2 days ago)
*mark SUCKerburg*
Hadassah E. (2 days ago)
He looks like a robot
Little Shepherd Farm (2 days ago)
Wesley Martin (2 days ago)
so he WAS human now hes a lizard person
Kailash Upadhyaya (2 days ago)
This guy cannot perform well on stage, So, what's the problem here. Oh, he is an alien for not being able to perform well on stage.
Jeff Weiz (2 days ago)
0:17 that's exactly what a lizard would say
Ryan (2 days ago)
He is referring to he was human because he has sold his soul...
DjMcCj (2 days ago)
Never watched Pewdiepie's gaming videos but hes actually hilarious!
Everyday Is Awesome (2 days ago)
The headphones look like they're glowing
Everyday Is Awesome (2 days ago)
Mark Zuckerberg: Become Human
Dark Armor (2 days ago)
So many views.
Geraldo Sachio (2 days ago)
He say that was a human
Viking Iquitos (3 days ago)
SMH what a waste of time
START (3 days ago)
Que submissão é essa, que eu não posso usar o Facebook?
Kerstin Tuggle (3 days ago)
Amen Jesus come back now! This world is just too much.
Kerstin Tuggle (3 days ago)
This was so great!
Rosepetal The Warrior (3 days ago)
He's a lizard with a robot shell 🦎
Pulse Ninja (3 days ago)
"I wazz humman i mean i ammm hyuman " hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm......
rodripombo2003 (3 days ago)
"I was Human" - Mark Zuckerberg
Cheng Yiq (3 days ago)
Did Mark watched this?
BloodCaliber (3 days ago)
wahiti channel (3 days ago)
G. Longsdale (3 days ago)
Zuckberg is just typical Aspergers. The seemingly odd way he says and does thing in general is most likely the result of he learning normal people's way of expressing, and there is most certain some professional teaching him. But human emotion can't truly be learned, if you don't feel it you just can do it as a real person.
Josh Strain (4 days ago)
Shouldn't you be crushing heads ?
Veestud Studtastic (4 days ago)
Love this lol. Your funny
Kat Nini (4 days ago)
ZUCC : "Now, while we don't have the Rock here today, we do have tech equivalent David the Rock Marcus." PEWDS: *😣😣* 8:20🤣😂😂
Kat Nini (4 days ago)
Boghman22 (4 days ago)
Headphones look fluorescent dope
twodogs716 (4 days ago)
I.Q. guesstimate - 90
Cronus (4 days ago)
Mohamed Reddam (4 days ago)
That means you hate Jesus ✝
RIZER (4 days ago)
passionofthemike (4 days ago)
Zucc hatched from an egg
Mandela Effect Comedy (4 days ago)
This was a good joke until you see how reptiles drink water and then watch Zuckerberg pretend to drink water... then you slowly realize Zuckerberg is setting up intergalactic skynet while dealing dopamine to addict people to Facebook via vanity and likes.
Hash Tag (4 days ago)
His alter ego speaking!
Ilham Azahar (4 days ago)
mark has STD.....#suckerberg
Brooklynn52 (4 days ago)
Ben Lee (4 days ago)
PewDiePie you are a sell out thats why you joke and mock the truth.
Waqar Ahmed (4 days ago)
Liver sukkerberg u can't beat up holders wen booster stations starlight capabilities we're on the low Atari Pac man no home entertainment so I began age 11 to create dial ups anolog years to my creating web mobiles ip advances soon as satelight booster stations made child of 86 to 88 gulf war 90s recession predictions at high school no wonder kids 88 end of up n school days big wide world was not about to peruse innovation but war gulf shadowed web up low number users meant long wait income let alone mobiles ip came 2007 I phone press despite proof continue leading blindly 1984 to 1989 wen social net work start card sales 1st week sale by derwin n gesick being done Sep 6th 1989 via bt phone approximately lasted 40 mins wf17 area so timetraverller 1995 Mike trys on fight was sent for I phone ip world ready for reveal take off fake annasttia Tim b Lee suckerberg
The _ Daily _ Funni (4 days ago)
NOT LIZARD! .........BOT!!
Fhs Films Director F (5 days ago)
Amen 🙏
JustRaGamer (5 days ago)
Pewkillthefoodpie play baldi's basics
JustRaGamer (5 days ago)
I don't no
JustRaGamer (5 days ago)
R yuu asome
JustRaGamer (5 days ago)
Im asome
JustRaGamer (5 days ago)
If yuur wutcheng thes iz asome
JustRaGamer (5 days ago)
Yuu haave canker

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