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I have nothing but love for the AWM. This thing packs one serious punch and I feel like I can take on anything that PUBG throws my way when I have it as part of my arsenal! Enjoy! :D ▶ Subscribe here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOt5hVyS2-nbcJ3_FP41Ajg?sub_confirmation=1 ▼ Connect with me: Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/tomographic Twitter https://twitter.com/itstomographic ▶ NEW Steam Group! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Tomographic ­__________________________________________________ ★ My PC Specs: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Tomographic/saved/pJHQzy ♫ Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com https://www.youtube.com/WeAreEpidemicSound AWM LOVE - PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (SOLO PUBG)
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Text Comments (265)
lolking476 (1 month ago)
What a beautiful intro
Quinn Rinaman (3 months ago)
This is just a great video
Skwrl Fuzz (4 months ago)
dem effects
Ian Stuart (5 months ago)
Still the best solo compilation/game/video I have seen for PUBG, come back Tom...
bennibubbi (5 months ago)
Damn man, your editing is awsome! Keep that up I enjoy that a lot and your voice is actually deeply relaxing :D. Left a sub for you :)
Greg (6 months ago)
0.47 No attachments and no recoil....hmmmm
Smash & Dash (7 months ago)
Love the cinematic aspect of this. :>
بطل عمي هية كوة
a7alea TV (7 months ago)
Omg ghost sniper in pubg
EcO GoD (7 months ago)
U r the 2nd fugglet
Ezzkills (7 months ago)
How can i mute and unmute the voice chat?
C eeton (7 months ago)
Your voice is like the English Morgan Freeman. Nice editing aswell.
SauravXda (7 months ago)
Killed all the player on stairs *_*
SauravXda (7 months ago)
Dude ur videos are hilarious
tuomasvihavainen (7 months ago)
Wow love the cinematic style with the replays
Mazino ID (7 months ago)
I love this video, love it
Shaun Pretorius (7 months ago)
Well done Tom! Good win well deserved <3
asdaw dawdaw (7 months ago)
Why i read AWM LORE :D
Highlevel up (7 months ago)
John Cena plays PUBG?
E Wan (7 months ago)
Would've been easier if you had a red dot on the scar for the last guy. Should've won easily.
firetruck565 (7 months ago)
Your voice is soothing asf no homo
MR. PERFECT (7 months ago)
That last guy is totally noob
Florian Häcker (7 months ago)
It's the first video i saw from you, but i got one question, are you some kind of Bob Ross of Youtube? Being soo calm :b
Galaxy Games (7 months ago)
Wow! I was your 31,001 sub
Recluse (7 months ago)
Hey bro. Love the vids, especially watching your banter with Aculite. What you have going for you is your personality which appears dull (even tho it's not) when you do these solo vids. You shine the most when you're back and forth with a teammate...and I want to see your channel succeed but I feel you'll need to bring an original element to your channel since raw talent isn't it. Don't take that as a slam, but Shroud for example is a complete twat and has a dull personality but he's a shooting God....whereas you are a decent player but not the skill of talent in the game is alone going to get you subs. Your personality and sarcasm will hands down, if played right, is what can win it for you here. I hope you succeed cause you're the best part of watching Aculites vids. Sure he's an amazing shooter, but you're the relatable one. Unlike him you never leave him to die, always watch his back and put yourself out there which is why you get killed a lot. You're the star bro, so shine.
Drakcze (7 months ago)
Gj man really good editing go on ❤️❤️
Quinn Rinaman (7 months ago)
I fucking love the editing. It is such a refreshing take on videos and I'm sure it takes a lot of time, but I'll tell you what it really makes a difference! It is so amazing!
Jakub Kowalski (7 months ago)
Tom, I love the way you play but dude, THAT FRAMERATE :) That being said, subbed for quality, relaxed PUBG content. Keep on shootin'.
Jonathan Brown (7 months ago)
I feel bad for Tom because he's good at the game but when he plays with Aculite and Fugglet he looks bad compared to them
Lan Kim (7 months ago)
Tom why do you use a 4x at the very end? He was so close
Wa ynee (7 months ago)
Ur the real god in pubG!
Gluntenflott (7 months ago)
It's dangerous out there. Here, take my sub
Yehia El Amine (7 months ago)
Is it just me, or does this guy have one of the best voice narrations! His voice works so well with PUBG's solo gameplay.
Space Cop (7 months ago)
Really like the cinematic stuff man
123456789maximum (7 months ago)
Hey guys, Tomograhic was so arrogant , i was talk to him om discord and he just block , what the point of FC. Been watch him on aculite on twict he alway waste for team low profile , just hate kind of this arrogant people.
Tomographic (7 months ago)
I never block anyone on discord unless I am being spammed as I keep my direct messages open to all server members at ALL times. If you feel you have been blocked without reason however then I would be happy to look into it if you provide me with your discord username. You can call me what you want but I would appreciate it if you kept the hate speech out of my comments section as doing so will resolve nothing.
ericmonfrooy (7 months ago)
Great vid Tom (:
Falco the Bear (7 months ago)
No facecam, that's nice
ADCisMyMain (8 months ago)
Still kinda tilted he missed that sniper suppresor on that guy that ran himself over but otherwise great vid man and p.s. ive killed you and aculite before in a duo game lol
king geedorah (8 months ago)
Hey turns out Tom isn't so bad. First time watching your vids. All I've seen is Aculite's vids and for some reason you're almost always dead in them😂
The18x18x (8 months ago)
That intro made me spray hot love all over my keyboard
ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose (8 months ago)
Keen use of cinematics, Tom.
Zafer Bingol (8 months ago)
great vids tom. how do you get the other angles of the game ? from company?
PikaChuzZ (8 months ago)
what specs of pc do u have the game is laggy , u got the skills of an editor just get the right components
PikaChuzZ (8 months ago)
upgrade upgrade upgrade you have the potentioal
Will Mills (8 months ago)
Aculite was really quite in this video.
New Me (8 months ago)
Great video, love it! Keep it up 😉
WaffledyTUFM (8 months ago)
I really love how you use the replay system to caputre really good 200 iq kills
-9no- (8 months ago)
Can you put weapon hud on? Its in the settings
Mikey P (8 months ago)
The edit on this is sick!
Anton Engström (8 months ago)
That intro though
Simon Van Het Kaar (8 months ago)
Why do you only have 30k subs? You're good and fun to watch.
Jurgen H (8 months ago)
Just for the time you put in editing alone deserves a like
Romie G (8 months ago)
The best of Tom I've seen in a while...keep it up bruh
andy zhang (8 months ago)
It bothers me how the AWM looks like with a scope attached because it’s to far up the rail. Call me weird but this is the first game I’ve seen it like that lol
erik gatson (8 months ago)
wheres aculite
dapula burger (8 months ago)
You remind me of the voice acting in bloodborne
dapula burger (8 months ago)
Wow the intro is sick
Ameli1-cz (8 months ago)
Beautiful video man. Could I ask you what mouse pad you use if you have one? I have laser mouse too and I kinda have problems finding one that feels right, without having feeling of particles between mouse and mouse pad. I tried fabric, but the laser does not seem to be that precise on it. Thank you.
Erik Mikkelsen (8 months ago)
GG wp mate
Ashinho (8 months ago)
you remind me of FrankieOnPcIn1080p, great youtuber , subscribed!
Que ti importa (8 months ago)
Sniper Elite XD
Tynan Wyllie (8 months ago)
Great win! Love the videos! You and Aculite are my wife and I's fav streamers.
_Controversy Creator_ (8 months ago)
You sound like excoundrel 😍 and I love your editing
Trinh Hieu (8 months ago)
do you have like abnormaly low view distance or something... It's fine but it just bugs me
I AM MUFASA (8 months ago)
Is this the new frankieonpc
mizox (8 months ago)
"CHOKE" !!
Orlando Cuestas (8 months ago)
I loved this vid tom! keep on rocking dude ure awesome ♥
Sam / PUBG (8 months ago)
How many hours u into the game? You dont seem so good yet tho but i mean no harm, u had quite easy opponents against you ;P nice shots tho with that beast! Subbed.
Tomographic (8 months ago)
Sam / PUBG Thanks! I've just surpassed 400 hours I think. I don't get much time to play unfortunately.
1htalp9 (8 months ago)
Should have titled it "AWM In Love"
Ryan Haffner (8 months ago)
Hey tom, i love the free flying cam stuff you edit in through the videos, really helps out! Great work
Bram van Dam (8 months ago)
Nice video Tom
Arvid Walldan (8 months ago)
Great video!
Alex Simonelli (8 months ago)
YES TOM! *aculite voice*
DV hyper (8 months ago)
scott miller (8 months ago)
Everybody show some love for Tom!
MrNappel1 (8 months ago)
tom's pubg vids are fuckin fire man
Frase (8 months ago)
What a game 😍. That window shot 👌
RobLo43 (8 months ago)
That intro made me orgasm
M0NSTER (8 months ago)
The coolest intro ma dude :)
Heath Doolin (8 months ago)
Tomo s v/o on these is like a professional golf match announcer....it's very soothing 😏
Dewald von Maltitz (8 months ago)
this is probably the Best PUBG video I have seen on youtube, great editing and great music with great commentating and great gameplay.. well done Tom, love your work
Yakir R (8 months ago)
MikeInHD (8 months ago)
Epic intro
MikeInHD (8 months ago)
Really epic editing all around. The tools are there and yet nobody is using them. You'll grow if you keep it up
Brien Rooney (8 months ago)
Tom! Good game! I loved the editing you did as well, especially that window shot and the buggy smashing into the rock. Keep it up man!
FRAGON (8 months ago)
Tom your into is insanely good. never change it. gives me goosebumps!
Dixie Clementine (8 months ago)
how come you never play this well in squads 😂
Garintang Nugumilang (8 months ago)
banyak gaya
lushy (8 months ago)
Love the videos
runner316 (8 months ago)
Nice replay edits! very smooth.
Purna Khatiwada (8 months ago)
Hey all. Just a quick question, so I use the NVDIA highlight for clip recordings but recently those highlights are shaky quality is there way I can fix it? Setting change in pubg or in nightlight setting?
Balwant Singh (8 months ago)
Intro is really cool....
TheBluenoser76 (8 months ago)
Beauty of a win man! 👏
Luis Castillo (8 months ago)
Gotta get used to swapping to that red dot for close quarters man! So nerve wrecking watching that up close fight through a 4x. Gives them an opportunity to get out of your sights easier if you're zoomed too far in. Good stuff though! You're really getting the hang of the new replay feature. Making for some really neat angles. You read my mind at the end when you were proning through the field. I was wondering, "Hmm, I wonder if there's anybody prone nearby. I bet you could see with the replay."
seizethecarp (8 months ago)
Nice game!
Edwin Chan (8 months ago)
damn your voice are sexy!!!!
thelitlewiseowl (8 months ago)
Earl of Lemongrab (8 months ago)
Tom is bae
shooter (8 months ago)
Brilliant editing Tom, need more!
Torikachi Rinkitori (8 months ago)
Love ur vid tom <3 keep it up
MunxFPS (8 months ago)
As many have said the reply action is second to none, tried myself to follow the bullet and it’s very difficult!! love the thumbnail to inspirational to new creators like myself x
Siobhan Crees (8 months ago)
Love watching your videos Tom! I really like how you edit them together :) sendind good vibes from Northern England!

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