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Going Solo - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

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Playing solo on Erangel. Would have made some cinematics in this one but I didn't save the game in the replays... Merchandise can be found here! ►https://aculite.fanfiber.com/en You can connect with me here: (I only use Twitter. Facebook is for upload notifications.) ►Twitter - https://twitter.com/AculiteGaming ►Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Aculitegaming ►Livestream - https://www.twitch.tv/Aculite ►Discord - https://discord.gg/9vfCzsR Music used is courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com https://www.youtube.com/WeAreEpidemicSound Glowing In The Dark (Instrumental Version) - Loving Caliber Looking for a YouTube partnership? (referral link) http://bit.ly/2mEacP0 Settings and Equipment: http://bit.ly/2nHTspq Please report any hate speech/spam comments.
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Text Comments (552)
Teddy (5 months ago)
Such a savage operator
Wallace Needs Cheese (6 months ago)
11:05 Achilles got killed by an arrow to his heel, hence the name "Achilles heel" He Got shot in the heel too "Kar98 heel."
vince tablada (6 months ago)
Aculite you should be the #1 player of pubg.. Lol.. Nice game
Chris Sorreda (7 months ago)
Jesus this guy is insane.
scrike83 (7 months ago)
Bro I love your videos, I about died laughing on this one. The yellow car in the intro had me laughing my ass off, best part was when you looked up!
Dima Hich (7 months ago)
Aculite you can zoom your x8 back to x4 with a mousewheel you know
Daniel Runarsson (7 months ago)
Jack Wellard (8 months ago)
How are u so good tf😂
Lerixx (8 months ago)
“9:06” u miss SR suppresor
Austin Ma (8 months ago)
8:50ish he said he couldn’t take ghillie? Why not
Buknoy Gaming (8 months ago)
You missed a sniper suppressor
Herr_Stoffi (8 months ago)
You forgot the chuilli suit and the Sr supressor
Ni Na (8 months ago)
That was so smooth.
Dayton Wilson (8 months ago)
best pubg discord right there
DanielLucas2104 (8 months ago)
i love you aculite
Beregond15 (8 months ago)
"i needed that 4x" or you could just zoom out on the 8x???!?!
Purna Khatiwada (8 months ago)
Aculite, whats your PUBG settings? Show us! I got a decent PC got NVDIA GTX 980 ti and get pretty decent FPS ( 65- 85) i have my setting at highs, and some medium and folliage low
Deafprophets (8 months ago)
PaChU Peña (8 months ago)
Goodjob Accu.
Rogan (8 months ago)
I don't get it why didn't he want that guys ghillie?
Sho3z_xD (9 months ago)
nice tilt hacks fggt
Kien Cuong (9 months ago)
What sever are you playing ? cuz I try to notice the player's name and I don't see much Chinese name.... argh I wanna get rid of Chinese
Josh Power (9 months ago)
10:38 I thought you were gonna ramp off the wing lol
Josh Power (9 months ago)
Killed me when he left that sniper suppressor around 9:00 even though it probably wouldn't help that much late game
Leon Walker (9 months ago)
8:20 looks questionable. He kills the sniper and while looking through his loot, he just does a 180 and kills the guy behind him without any indication? How did he know he was there? Im not going to yell cheater,,, but definitely questionable.
YAY Edits (9 months ago)
One of my favorite intros I think
Warginupkin (9 months ago)
Did you miss the SR suppressor or skip it intentionally? 9:03
Ryzze (9 months ago)
Why didn’t I take the grille?
Mark Handley (9 months ago)
Why couldn't he take the ghillie?
Loaded Taco (9 months ago)
How many hours do you have in PUBG?
juan guerrero (9 months ago)
Then three med kits were looking nice
Dereck Beecher (9 months ago)
Why not take the ghillie?
Swarthy Spade (9 months ago)
4:36 I jumped so hard
Ali Alibeyoğlu (9 months ago)
1:36 satisfaction
Yessenia Torres (9 months ago)
Albert Vargas (9 months ago)
I agree with you the new 🗺 is boring
Fraser Moodey (9 months ago)
Hopefully you make more solo videos. I enjoy hearing kind of what’s going in your head. It can be really helpful for less skilled players
Snack EiEi (9 months ago)
9:05 suppressor SR NOooo!
Mathias Petersen (9 months ago)
9:06 love the fact that he missed the SR suppresor
Cody Randell (9 months ago)
You just gained a sub man!! Love your vids
Willis Graf Oof (9 months ago)
I really appreciate Aculite, not much youtubers now post quality content that is so fun to watch.
ThePirateBae (9 months ago)
That fucking intro!
Kyrkus (9 months ago)
0:47 A wild DACHA appears... LOL
Ong Yau (9 months ago)
8:31 how he know someone behind him ... luck?
ThomasAdz (9 months ago)
Aye!! Watched this on stream and asked if it was “YouTube worthy?” And here it is, awesome stuff broski
EpicBlob (9 months ago)
omfg why d'snt take the ghille? eh
Andrew Raymond (9 months ago)
Gotta start using the editor for more angles. A cinematic of that Kobe grenade kill would have been very cool.
Anthony Cruz (9 months ago)
why does it look like Aculite is playing at max LOW settings? or is it just me?
ericmonfrooy (9 months ago)
I can't believe it, great game!
Diji (9 months ago)
Skills! S'kills!
harveybirdman74 (9 months ago)
JamesPenis got blown... up
harveybirdman74 (9 months ago)
JamesPenis got the shaft
Bjarke (9 months ago)
8:30 Even when I turn my volume way up, I still can't hear any footsteps. And you just turn around like you know he's there. Hooooow?
Keep up the good work man! You’re the reason why I downloaded the god awful version of PUBG on Xbox.
Blood Seeker (9 months ago)
Wp Aculite, love ur vids so much. Wp dude
Dani Chis (9 months ago)
Yo Aculite I'm new on PUBG(bought this game 2 days ago) and I need some tips and tricks from you please. Where is the best place to fall in old map and new map for a begginer. Some essential things to win. Thank you antticipate ^^
Reckless Roges (9 months ago)
This is how that game should be played, (by someone far better than I'll ever be.)
rico pascual (9 months ago)
duo with shroud! haha
WIKIPEDIA (9 months ago)
Ethan Sabo (9 months ago)
Uganda Knuckle Jesus Christ I go to pubg to get away from that and nope
neroX itou (9 months ago)
The shotgun reload matched SO WELL with the intro music! ahhh mah gosh
Aaron G (9 months ago)
You’re a freakin monster.
Andrew Choi (9 months ago)
I don't know pubg that well, but is there a reason he opted for a pump over an SK12?
Revindo Panjaitan (9 months ago)
beck0vic killed Gfresh beck0vic killed CobraCombo beck0vic killed Meme_Memerton Aculite killed beck0vic feelsbadman
staierj (9 months ago)
Need a win with a No Scope
Mathias Andersen (9 months ago)
Sr suppressor and guille suit, !! Aculite ??
Omar Ehab (9 months ago)
Your good keep it up!
#TLL (9 months ago)
Best PUBG player in mah heart <3
raTTy_aT (9 months ago)
how did he notice the guy at 8:30 ? spider sense?
toiler (9 months ago)
9:08 missed a sniper suppressor :p
Drendse Glory (9 months ago)
play with shroud
andreas lundt (9 months ago)
Can you play more rainbow sig siege plz
Leroy Lee (9 months ago)
gg......i wonder what hack hes using
01 Lagarder (9 months ago)
9:05 Suppressor SR ;)
awy zzsd (9 months ago)
Was about to buy this game but I've read reviews about a hacking issue? Should I still buy?
Javanta Williams (4 months ago)
hell ya it's so fun
William Shanley (9 months ago)
Yes. If you like the game, buy it.
Noppers Myren (9 months ago)
LOL @ 0:44, great game, best game
yourboysonny d (9 months ago)
dude. I fucking love your style. I one day wish I can play on your level
Ryan Dunn (9 months ago)
Why can't he take the ghilli suits?
Lodi Daniel (9 months ago)
Lodi or Idol Aculite.😇
Markoextreme (9 months ago)
I love your way to make me part of this.
Pham Minh (9 months ago)
9:09 he missed the suppressor SR !
isinox (9 months ago)
This was a good one, your content is getting better and so are your editing skills, thanks for the entertainment Aculite, you rock!
Bloomz0r666 (9 months ago)
yo man , you left the supressor SR , guillie suit , why ? :(
Adeeb (9 months ago)
9:05 I literally shouted at my monitor for you to pick up that Suppressor for your K98
erik panitiya gamer (9 months ago)
The intro is Awesome with the mystery yellow darcia
Blakex13x (9 months ago)
hey man i love your videos your commentary is great lol especially the car on the bridge lol great videos man please keep it up :) oh and happy new year to you and hope its good for your channel man.
I'm Leymann (9 months ago)
basically every aculite video: Talking Gets interrupted Reks interruptor Continues talking Sees a guy Kills guy Loots Gets crate Talks Talks Camps Talks Reks everyone Video ends
TNGCRISPYLIT (9 months ago)
More pubg 😊
Robert Cheung (9 months ago)
i wanna see aculite and shroud
Kaniee (9 months ago)
That outfit is so cool , how much is that coat o.O?
Rick Jorna (9 months ago)
9:04 he skipped Sr Suppresor
Mr_NarwhaL (9 months ago)
Aculite have you considered playing ghost recon wildlands? I'm really enjoying it right now, you might want to look into it.
Mitchell A'Vard (9 months ago)
Why didn't acu grab that guys ghillie?
howlbig (9 months ago)
I really hope toaster of doom's name was a reference to new Vegas
RAM-tv (9 months ago)
Tian You Zhang (9 months ago)
U forgot a freaking sr suppresor
Stain (9 months ago)
dude you got me rage because you didnt loot the ghillie and the SR suppressor.....
jjshouta (9 months ago)
You missed a suppressor sr on the guy you killed right after the guille. And does anyone know why he can't pick up the guille anyways?
Dounce (9 months ago)
That clip's going on pubg hihglights
Beta Gaming (9 months ago)
Triggered. missed ghillie at 8:59

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