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Building on the spawn island mid game in Fortnite Battle Royale. In today's Fortnite Building video we make it to the spawn island for the first time ever and we managed to explore a little bit. Enter the giveaway - https://gleam.io/competitions/kqhfo-50000-vbucks-giveaway ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sxvxn Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sxvxnyt/ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/sxvxn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SxvxnYT Discord: https://discord.gg/sxvxn Merch: http://bit.ly/2qAQCt8 Sponsor: http://bit.ly/2xxvlm3 Vlogs: http://bit.ly/2jVgBn ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Use my link to start earning from your YouTube videos! http://bit.ly/2ywWtlb Get Fortnite Battle Royale for free: Link: https://pixly.go2cloud.org/SHGJ Thanks to Epic Games for supporting my channel ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Building a Football Stadium - https://bit.ly/2GydXTO Building a Pirate Ship - https://bit.ly/2GT06ai Building Clout House Mansion - https://bit.ly/2GtU3tk Building Pyramids on Loot Lake - https://bit.ly/2q1LXOe Building a Giant Plane - https://bit.ly/2H6nChr Building a Tank - https://bit.ly/2q1vZUj Building TSM Myth - https://bit.ly/2IoT4Hb Building a Swimming Pool - https://bit.ly/2H7hZzA Building an ATAT - https://bit.ly/2IpHs72 Building a Spaceship - https://bit.ly/2GA1dIg ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for watching. (268,004). More about Fortnite Battle Royale: Fortnite Battle Royale is the FREE 100-player PvP mode in Fortnite. One giant map. A battle bus. Fortnite building skills and destructible environments combined with intense PvP combat. The last one standing wins. Available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Mac.
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Text Comments (474)
SXVXN (13 days ago)
This took so many hours to get right!
MAXUS Gamer (11 days ago)
SXVXN your awsome
Ollie Harpin14 (12 days ago)
SXVXN at least you did it!
- Infamous - (12 days ago)
Its I Vision he didnt find it a youtube "OrangeGuy" did
- Infamous - (12 days ago)
SXVXN why did you not give credit to orange guy? He was the first to do it smh
George Gardey (2 days ago)
Is this patched?
SXVXN (2 days ago)
Most likely yes
Cynthia Rosales (7 days ago)
Copied lochlan
SXVXN (7 days ago)
look at the dates we uploaded first
Team Dub (7 days ago)
Xthey fixed it now
Covert (7 days ago)
This was hilarious! Awesome vid bro <33
JEDI SAVAGE (8 days ago)
Take campfires with u if u can
Bubblegum0956 MSP (8 days ago)
now llamas only give u 200 mats instead of 500
Bubblegum0956 MSP (8 days ago)
SXVXN absolutely
SXVXN (8 days ago)
It sucks!
Superdoomgt gaming (8 days ago)
Whats your headset ? I have the Logitech g633
Leon Willings (9 days ago)
Yo 7 remember back in call of duty ghosts when there was the perish clan 😂 I was perish nemesis. Great to see how far you have come
NoobzAttack (9 days ago)
He a wizard HARRY
SXVXN (9 days ago)
NoobzAttack (9 days ago)
Awsome !!!!!
SXVXN (9 days ago)
Thank you!
Maksym Telishchuk (10 days ago)
Dj_ Remedy (10 days ago)
This video was Awesome I have to try this
SXVXN (10 days ago)
Thank you and it's so much fun!
Obstinant Oscar (11 days ago)
Great vid!
Daniel Griggs (11 days ago)
What is your favourite skin
Ethan Radcliffe (11 days ago)
Hacks? Lol
SXVXN (11 days ago)
Omega Mike (11 days ago)
You copied Lachlan
SXVXN (11 days ago)
LOOK AT THE DATES LOL I made it before him
CJxZombie (11 days ago)
Where we landing boys? Spawn island
SXVXN (11 days ago)
jmodz yt (11 days ago)
love ur vids keep it up! sorry iv been late on comments
SXVXN (11 days ago)
Thank you and it's okay mate
James Brown (11 days ago)
Kelp it up dude!
Retired Paratrooper (11 days ago)
how do you kill your own team mate?
SXVXN (11 days ago)
Haha. Billy was hacking
Justin - (12 days ago)
Make a parkour system whith the bounce pads
SXVXN (12 days ago)
It would be cool to do!
Poison_Hurts (12 days ago)
It's a shopping cart not a trolley look in the forums and epics website
SXVXN (12 days ago)
It's a habit because we call them trollies in the UK
Poison_Hurts (12 days ago)
Muselk bout to steal this method if not already patched
SXVXN (12 days ago)
I think he's already made a video on it
Doge Super (12 days ago)
When your friend gives you heals but you won’t give him heals.
SXVXN (12 days ago)
I just needed them because I couldn't go into replay mode when I'm on the island, so I needed to get footage etc
Heather Murphy (12 days ago)
Lachlan riped you off
Technetium Studios (12 days ago)
lol 0:99 bandages are common not rare it was a rare vending machine
Jordan Cardenas (12 days ago)
If anyone wanna try with me add me donjohn3557 on psn
SXVXN (12 days ago)
Feel free to join the Discord server. There's always people in there willing to play
Slime King james (12 days ago)
And then just rez each other and wait for the other people to die
Slime King james (12 days ago)
You guys should do it and have 2 med kits
NICHOLAS_J_O_F (12 days ago)
#mythbuster ha SXVXN could you load it in a Solo with one of your friends make it to spawn Island and see if you can kill him of course it doesn't work just when you load into the game witch is what I was wondering if it works after thanks plz do it before epic patches the glitch you did
wiley glass (12 days ago)
YOURE MY NEW FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ethan DeVito (12 days ago)
Thanks for taking all that time just to make this video for us, I really enjoyed it, thanks so much, make more good videos
babydizzle2001 (12 days ago)
U deserve more subs like if u agree
Matt James (12 days ago)
For the first time ever a get back to spawn island wasn’t a click bait video, congrats bro on doing it!
S4muel Gaming (12 days ago)
Why do you need an rpg?
S4muel Gaming (12 days ago)
SXVXN Cool! I didn't know that!
SXVXN (12 days ago)
You don't have to, but it makes you go faster
Reuben Frodsham (12 days ago)
Bandages in a blue vending machine
The Amethyst Ninja (12 days ago)
Damn it Im A day after Storm
SXVXN (12 days ago)
Hhaaha. He's mostly first :)
Orange_ Marble (12 days ago)
Orange_ Marble (12 days ago)
Yeah and some people are coping ur idea lol
Orange_ Marble (12 days ago)
SXVXN (12 days ago)
Did I?
K Dawg747 (12 days ago)
Orange_ Marble BCC named the video getting to Spawn island bc of the clip right after the intro. And it was OrangeGuy's clip that the named the video off of
Nelson Lad (12 days ago)
Can you reply love your Vids
SXVXN (12 days ago)
Thank you mate :)
ZombieGaminLol (12 days ago)
Hey loved the video! Can you please look at my suggestion
ZombieGaminLol (12 days ago)
SXVXN my suggestion was you and storm or any other friends to get to spawn island with a shopping cart and a bouncer Im very curious
SXVXN (12 days ago)
Hey! Thank you and what was the suggestion mate :)
James Palmer (12 days ago)
That was pretty awesome!
SXVXN (12 days ago)
Thank you!
Gamming Bro (12 days ago)
I want v bucks
SXVXN (12 days ago)
Currently a giveaway in the description :)
zenex gamerHD (12 days ago)
Why would u get bandages which are a grey rarity yet it is a blue vending machine 😂
SXVXN (12 days ago)
I was running off 2-3 hours sleep. Let me off haha
Tim Škof Hadžić (12 days ago)
Burnt Salad (13 days ago)
TechLife (13 days ago)
blox xer (13 days ago)
Hey could i get v bucks pls because we cant by v bucks in xbox (in india) plese please please
Fortnite Console (13 days ago)
U should get a launch pad at the boarder and launch pad there
SXVXN (12 days ago)
You can only use a shopping cart to break the barrier
K Dawg747 (12 days ago)
Fortnite Console it's not possible. It's only possible to get there using the shopping cart
Dark Gaming (13 days ago)
It worked i did it 3 times in a row
memerboi _82 (10 days ago)
SXVXN *click* noice
SXVXN (12 days ago)
Haha, noice! I was just failing
BØØM (13 days ago)
Bcc trolling?😂
Connor Smith (13 days ago)
U need a jet pack to stop the fall
SXVXN (12 days ago)
Well. We had the best loot, but I died lool
West Antelope (13 days ago)
SXVXN (12 days ago)
Samuel Carlander (13 days ago)
Jesus that's cool
SXVXN (12 days ago)
Thank you!!
Subbed And Liked The Effort you put to the video Fun Video!
SXVXN (12 days ago)
Thank you and welcome to the 7squad. I hope you're doing great
Cameron_rulong (13 days ago)
Shout out to you’re
Cameron_rulong (13 days ago)
Blazzed (13 days ago)
Hey seven your videos aleays make my day and i would love to play with you
SXVXN (12 days ago)
Hey! Thank you. Glad that I make your day and maybe in the future you can. I normally ask subscribers to play from the Discord server
XD_ APTILIOUS (13 days ago)
Wait are you Greek? Was that "I've got grenades άμα θες"?
SXVXN (13 days ago)
Sorry. I'm not, but I use google translator to help me. I really need to get the subtitles done for these newest videos. Just been busy
Anthem (13 days ago)
Woah, that was amazing, thank you for quality content and always showing us something new. Keep it up!
SXVXN (13 days ago)
Thank you mate! Glad that you love the quality of the content and we've got more coming soon!
Someone 101 (13 days ago)
This is EPIC!
SXVXN (13 days ago)
Thank you!
DuKiP (13 days ago)
Seven I’m so proud of you for making this myth finally come true, you literally just made a huge change for the game
SXVXN (13 days ago)
Thank you mate! It's insane that we can get onto the spawn island
Tomzboss _ (13 days ago)
For science!
_The_ God (13 days ago)
Pin me please
John Wiseman (13 days ago)
Sxvxn your mad its great wathcing these videos
SXVXN (13 days ago)
Thank you!
Leon Akopian (13 days ago)
I did the steps i hope i win the giveaway! Love you man!
SXVXN (13 days ago)
Good luck mate
Hi Bye (13 days ago)
Me and my squad pulled an all nighter just to pull this off and it was insane
Hi Bye (13 days ago)
SXVXN yeah we failed like 100 times lol
SXVXN (13 days ago)
Haha. It's a nightmare to do
McRepolainen (13 days ago)
This glitch is awesome
Yaira Lee (13 days ago)
What about building from spawn island to main island?
SXVXN (13 days ago)
Haha. I always try everything when I can. Glad that you love the videos and thanks for supporting the channel
Yaira Lee (13 days ago)
SXVXN ofcourse youve already tried it hahhaha love your videos man much love from New Zealand! :D
SXVXN (13 days ago)
The barrier stops you
Samecheese 4 (13 days ago)
When you were floating in mid air you should have then gone into replay mode and looked at your self floating
Alanos 1 (13 days ago)
Alanos 1 (13 days ago)
SXVXN (13 days ago)
ShadowWolf859 (13 days ago)
SXVXN (13 days ago)
I know right! It's insane how we got onto the spawn island and built on it
TheDiamondGamer (13 days ago)
this is so legit!
Astroscope (13 days ago)
You died to the RPG cuz of the invisible barrier
SXVXN (13 days ago)
Yea. I shouldn't have shot haha
Th3FuriousWolf (13 days ago)
Never knew that u could go there. 👍
SXVXN (13 days ago)
The shopping cart is a life saver
CoolCat _ (13 days ago)
SXVXN (13 days ago)
Thank you!
je vader (13 days ago)
SXVXN (13 days ago)
je vader (13 days ago)
Cool video nice job
SXVXN (13 days ago)
Thank you!
Neat - Rocket League (13 days ago)
Don’t show this to Ali-A
M16soilder101 (13 days ago)
i never thought it would be possible great!
SXVXN (13 days ago)
I never thought it as well
MrJackben32 (13 days ago)
Very nice video love the idea :)
SXVXN (13 days ago)
Thank you! Glad that you enjoyed the video
SHANJAN MAKKAR (13 days ago)
Wow!i tried it too but there were some type of invisible walls around it so I was not able to get into the spawn island. But yet another amazing video!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👌🏻. Keep up the good work
Joud Nemr (13 days ago)
I am sorry I just woke up bur I watched the video
SXVXN (13 days ago)
It's alright dude! I hope you're doing well
SoLLUMINATIS Dreads , (13 days ago)
This does make since cause u can break the barrier in the bunker in wailing woods
SXVXN (13 days ago)
Ayush Dash (13 days ago)
Best person ever-SXVXN RESPECC++
SXVXN (13 days ago)
Yooo! Thank you mate
Lil Tardy (13 days ago)
I think it's patched now ;-( it's bouncer day though {:)
SXVXN (13 days ago)
Rip. It took a while to do
What If they where people there?😵😲🙀
SXVXN (13 days ago)
We were be dead lol
ZombieGaminLol (13 days ago)
I have a suggestion. You should try to get to spawn island with the bouncer and shopping cart. Im curious what will happrn
Doggocynical (13 days ago)
You get my sub for not clickbaiting
SXVXN (13 days ago)
Thank you and welcome to the 7squad :D
Benjamin Lopez (13 days ago)
He was hoping to get bandages out of a blue vending machine
SXVXN (13 days ago)
Yeah. We were running off little sleep
Creepy 1404 (13 days ago)
Man this video Shud fetch a million views man...Ur the first ones to reach the spawn island man...congrats for tht
K Dawg747 (12 days ago)
Creepy 1404 he's not the first to do it. OrangeGuy is the founder and first one to do it
FatFredsDrop (13 days ago)
Been a sub since way back, started watching again and your videos are still fun. Good work Bro
SXVXN (13 days ago)
Thank you! Welcome back to the channel. Glad that you still love the videos. I've been place even more editing into my videos to make them better
Xvw (13 days ago)
Orange_ Marble (13 days ago)
Did anyone realize Sxvxn was killed and spectating a TSM
SXVXN (13 days ago)
Lol. Fake TSM player I bet
Sion Learmont (13 days ago)
Build On The Spawn Island Before U Go Into A Game And Then Glitch onto The Span Island and See If the building will still be there
Nemes Gaming (13 days ago)
Here before this blows up!
SXVXN (13 days ago)
I hope you enjoy the video
JoeFin07 (13 days ago)
It’s possible!!!!
JoeFin07 (13 days ago)
SXVXN no kidding 😂
SXVXN (13 days ago)
Only took us a few months haha
Rez (13 days ago)
Nice job giving credits to the actuall founder of this glitch.. jk Becuase you didn’t.. the founder was OrangeGuy
SXVXN (13 days ago)
I've pinned his comment. So many people were claiming it as their own, so I couldn't credit the original owner
penda (13 days ago)
Hans Ze3kof (13 days ago)
Make a kickboxring!

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