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Ubisoft Takes Shots at EA With Sense of Pride & Accomplishment Joke in Assassin's Creed Odyssey

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YongYea (7 days ago)
EDIT: Hah, that's actually pretty funny. Though Ubisoft isn't exactly a saint as far as recurrent monetization goes, even if they're among the lesser of evils. Show your support on Patreon.com/YongYea or PayPal.me/YongYea! It's completely optional, but even $1 a month contribution will go a long way. Also, follow me on Twitter.com/YongYea for the latest updates. TOP PATRONS [CIPHER] - Thelionsam - Shawn Duane Cottrell [BIG BOSS] - SolidJake - Alex Moretti - Vin Giorgio - Casual Ninja [BOSS] - Matthew Szalkiewicz - Peter - Zander Rose - Joel Wesley Salyer - John A Perez - comfyHat - Jonathan Ball - Michael Redmond [LEGENDARY] - oh2one2 - Ryan Daniel Brown - SweGabe - David Doty - Michael P. Reid - Mark Taylor - Christopher Davis Kildahl - Jade Rose - Prismat Dragoon - Darien Cunningham - Teemu Hattukangas - Princess Stabbity
Jack Neeson (6 days ago)
@Kys Scorch: Last I checked, there were lootbox exclusive cosmetics for Operators. And even if there isn't anymore, I still view lootboxs of any form as glorified gambling for a chance at an item. Just because it's optional doesn't excuse it's existence. That being said, my biggest problem is with Wildlands' far worse Lootbox system.
Kys Scorch (6 days ago)
For everyone saying you can't buy alpha packs with real money. You buy r6 credits to purchase renown. And you use that renown on alpha packs. I'm all for the siege packs there nothing wrong with them IMO especially since you only need to spend renown on packs for the rare camos eg black ice/ legendary camos.
Kys Scorch (6 days ago)
+Jack Neeson R6S is cosmetic only and its optional. You can also pay for pretty much any skin you want separately with renown. The only ones you get in alpha packs are the rare ones eg black ice and some more. But if you get a duplicate you get renown for it so I don't see anything wrong with it.
MajorBoothroyd007 (8 days ago)
The right way to implement that feature would be to have all the items in the loot boxes available to be unlocked through rank/level progression in the game. Like it used to be. What changed was gamers and journalists helped to normalize this practice and because it's turned a nice profit for big names in the industry, we've had a hard time going back. I for one refuse to succumb to the idea that this is where gaming will always be, and a lot of European nations seem to agree, as they are doing investigations into companies like EA for gambling charges.
CidSilverwing (47 minutes ago)
It's like a loser dissing another loser. Fuck EA and Ubisoft both. No one wins with either of these perpetually evil corporations.
OpenWorldGamer (3 hours ago)
AC Odyssey was a fantastic game :)
McCaroni Sup (11 hours ago)
I got a sense of pride and accomplishment from putting battlefront 2 in a grinder.
Wob (13 hours ago)
Ubisofts multiplayer games are just as shitty as EA's games.
Lameniac (14 hours ago)
I know i'm super late to the party but I do need to clear one thing up as I'm a pretty active member of the Rainbow Six community. The "loot boxes" that are in the game are not actually purchasable with real money, only in game currency. So it's i guess a microtransaction but you can't really pay for it with money.
PureLSD (17 hours ago)
*Makes fun of shitty developer in a shitty game* hmmmmmmmmm
FlyingFist420 (18 hours ago)
I'm starting to really like Ubisoft, despite their shortcomings.
Texaco (19 hours ago)
Its kinda funny when they did the exact same thing with odesey.
Marek Fotr (23 hours ago)
Ubisoft shut the fuck up! As if they had room to speak. Maybe it's the next company we should destroy. Not to mention their ancient female warrior because they respect wahmen.
Bateluer (1 day ago)
That is hilarious. Have to point out though, the exp progression in Odyssey is fine. If you treat the game as the open world RPG its intended to be. Take your time, explore, do the Gold ! quests. You'll never be under leveled for the story quests, in fact, you'll likely become over leveled too quickly. If you buy the exp boost, it'd be like playing on easy mode.
Frosty Boi (1 day ago)
they arent any better
Cstick (2 days ago)
MickMaan (3 days ago)
Well, at least neither have gone full-on Crapcom yet. 18 fully functioning characters in their game and you can play as them for the low low low price of just £5 .... each .... stages and outfits sold separately.
John Peacekeeper (3 days ago)
You could have just showed us the clip and the stuff leading up to it and left it at that. I don't think Ubisoft is a saint either, but at least I haven't thought them bad enough to boycott. At least everything is still optional and not essential. I was expecting a fun and chill video from you for once, but nope. 100% Anti-Microtransaction agenda.
Wang Computers (3 days ago)
Female sparten.LMAO
hyyyp3rbreak (3 days ago)
They have never partaken in? Are you sure about that? I Can cleary remember witcher 1 and 2 having DRM that got removed later on.
Piero Minaya Rojas (3 days ago)
Electronic Assholes VS Bugisoft
Joel Rosario (3 days ago)
You all realize this wasn’t “Ubisoft” this was probably one writer or developer. Which look, it is hypocritical for this to come up in an Ubisoft game that is a testament to Microtransactions imo. But still, this one line was probably from a developer or writer who is against this stuff maybe similar to what we saw with the Kojima tribute in Metal Gear Survive.
AllyGebies (4 days ago)
I just saw an ad for Assassins Creed Odyssey playing before this video
YceBox (4 days ago)
To give it to Ubisoft, they’re really getting better over time. EA is just getting worse. The redeeming villain vs the ever self-damning villain
Kusha Justabird (4 days ago)
Naw they're trolling the player.
Mehdi MJ (4 days ago)
Ubisoft is shit! 20 dollars in ghost recon for 3 icons!
Miles Doyle (4 days ago)
I wholeheartedly disagree with everyone complaining about xp boosts being paid...thats never how RPG's worked, you don't get to take the easy way in RPG's you have to grind and level up if you want to venture further in the game. There are plenty of RPG's that have areas gated off due to level requirements...that simply means take in more of the world gain the "EXPERIENCE" and return when you are stronger. You guys are crying wolf at this point.
tzane123 (4 days ago)
i`m the kind of player that gets to lvl 50 and i`m not even half way into the games main story ...but yeah fuck microtransactions
TheRailTracer OfRivia (4 days ago)
Fuck ubisoft too, they're just as bad
drpapa26 (5 days ago)
It doesn't mean much coming from Ubisoft, also known as 'the EA of EU'. They are just as synonymous with greed and bullshit as EA.
der woldemar (5 days ago)
If a game has microtransactions but only cosmetic,I don't care it isn't p2w but if a game has microtransactions that grand you better equipment like weapons it is p2w. If you know what I mean
Puremindgames (5 days ago)
You don't need to be a saint to poke fun at something.
James Walton (5 days ago)
Ok im gonna tell you why you shouldnt buy the XP Boosters, and its not because its a waste of money, the fucking game scales to your level, so if you do a level 2 quest at level 5, everything is at level 5, when you get the XP Booster, you fucking fly through the level through normal "get all these cool side quests done" gameplay, but you get a reward at level 10, but your already level 11, so on and so forth, your gear actually becomes worse because you only get 1-2 item per level before leveling up again, so you have to fucking play smart and work WAY HARDER to survive everything and get though some stuff, lemme tell you though, i did like the fact i was able to be just high enough level to beat the minotaur, so it has some, SOME, perks, but seriously i fucking regret buying it to help since im working 24/7, cuz now i have to actually think during combat against insane enemies during conquest battles
Horus SC (5 days ago)
We have a saying for that in Argentina: "El muerto se ríe del degollado".
Rhaenyra Reigns (5 days ago)
"Ciekawostki ze świata gier" is polish for "Interesting facts from the world of the games". :-)
TheDogod (5 days ago)
"Does the game feel like you're wasting time " "Does it feel like no fun at all? " "you know what ? buy our newly added time savers to literally skip the game. " "other games are fun to play throughout but that's not what we do here at UBISOFT" "no sir-ey!"
J M (5 days ago)
they are absolute hypocrites
Andrew Geary (5 days ago)
Assassins Creed Odyssey is a fantastic game, so they get my full permission to do this.
1objection (5 days ago)
Why are we talking about R6 Siege's loot boxes again? They are free, you don't even have the option to pay real money for the currency you need to open them.
Maul (5 days ago)
Ubisoft - We are not as bad as EA.
iulix max (5 days ago)
Fukee Ubisoft !!! utorent edition si the best !!!!
FoxdenRacing (5 days ago)
Why not do at a toggle-able difficulty mode? Because they can't double dip on already-paying customers that way. Why not put the treasure maps in the game like all the previous games? Because they can't double dip on already-paying customers that way. Why not balance the game economy around a typical-length playthrough of the game? Because they can't double dip on already-paying customers that way.
Gavin Foley (5 days ago)
What? The loot boxes in rainbow six you can only earn in game. You can’t buy them with real money
William Apple (5 days ago)
Odyssey isnt a game about being an assassin
Koei (5 days ago)
"Scumbag developer calls out scumbag publisher"
Tommy Bitchface (5 days ago)
I felt super proud and accomplished when I bought the XP booster so that I could pay to unfuck Assassin's Creed's pacing.
SteveAkaGoatpile (5 days ago)
hello kettle. just because competitors throw shade at each other doesn't mean they're on your side, gamers.
njgamer69 (5 days ago)
the irony when it's Ubisoft
Lutz I (5 days ago)
I’d find it a bit hypocritical if it was from Ubisoft, but that little pun is a massage from the person who wrote that line (and those who left it during editing), it’s an inside joke between fellow gamers people, don’t take things too seriously.
Iron M (5 days ago)
In some ways Ubisoft is even worse... micro transactions have no place in single player games, EVER
IBadGrammar (5 days ago)
make fun ea even game have xp booster
Bill Curt (5 days ago)
and yet they do something just as worse, micro-transactions in a SINGLE PLAYER game.
Jeff C (5 days ago)
Pay another $10 and it will play the ending credits.
Stephen Y (5 days ago)
This is like the Taliban making fun of ISIS. 😏
Jānis Rišis (5 days ago)
I getting super angry from hearing words- pay to win.
that fit Asian (5 days ago)
I just did this part of the game and the reference went over my head. And guys there’s a real Minotaur in the game
Ryan (6 days ago)
Assassins Creed Odyssey is the most grindy game in the franchise. The levelling nip system is ridiculously slow, add to that irrelevant as everything and everyone levels up with you. Add to that weapons and armour need copious amounts of resources to level up, unreasonable amounts really considering you need so much to upgrade them even one level. (Specifically the legendary gear). The ship combat is slow with little reward, the game is no longer historically accurate (given that most of the mercenaries in my game, by that I mean all but two, were women. While there was women in positions like that they weren’t numerous), not to mention the fact that there is fire bombs in Ancient Greece among other things. While I love to see EA mocked, Ubisoft is no better when you realise so many of these issues are resolved by their “resource packs”, “Xp packs”, Money packs etc.
Tu Ez (6 days ago)
Microtransaction's bullshit but to be fair if you dont have 50 60 hours of time to play a game then an open world rpg isnt for you.
David Quezada (6 days ago)
Cometics are ok not loot boxes New armour and themes are cool But you need to be able to get points to buy stuff too And people who don't like rpg games don't play em That booster is stupid since it's pay walled
Gathoblaster (6 days ago)
Ac odyssey is grindy? I am by default 10 levels higher than the story quests im doing because the sidequests are just as enjoyable
Simon Adamsen (6 days ago)
I Have to call it bs when it is called a pay wall feature.. you can get xp boosts with the ubisoft points that you earn by playing the game (so for free), and it cost only 10 of them... the game it self gives you 4 hours of exp boost within the first 3 hours of play..... and you earn more points while playing within the 4 hours you have already been provided by... and yes the boost givin is 25% and it counts your ingame hours so you can continue later dont have to be a 2 hours sitting per boost... my point is if you focus on the main campaign and do a little side questng or none at all as the ones who complain do, you get the points to have the exp boost on all the way through the entirety of the game for a total of 52 hours of exp boost.....
megatronVS (6 days ago)
Micro transactions? But it's single player right?
JonatasAdoM (6 days ago)
I'm laughing at them. I avoid their games like the plague.
JonatasAdoM (6 days ago)
They have the tiniest glass ceiling you can expect and still do something like this?
The Senate (6 days ago)
Battlefront 2's lootbox system was for sure Pay to Win. It's not arguable. However Ubisoft hasn't been the best as far as microtransactions go. Especially in this game. It's alright because it's not a multiplayer game, but some of the level gaps in the main story missions are so big that you have to grind. The grind can be long unless you buy an xp boost. The same goes with the materials. Once you reach leve 50, even upgrading a weapon or piece of armor from level 46 costs well over 10,000 gold, and that's not the end of it. The costs of wood, leather, and other materials exceeds 1,000. All of this is obtainable, but anyone who is max level and trying to upgrade their gear knows the struggle. Anyway, TL;DR: Even though Ubisoft's AC: Odyssey isn't multiplayer, the pay to win is still kinda strong.
Vitamin Ex (6 days ago)
That easter egg makes Ubisoft a hypocrite. Ubisoft is making fun of EA for getting busted for their shit while doing the same shit.
Algard (6 days ago)
if you can fully gain that exp by playing the game you just bought... then dont buy the boost... if you buy them you just paying extra for shortening your game which is retarded.
Jäger Meister (6 days ago)
Young.... siege was never pay to win at all...
zeroryu J (6 days ago)
When idiots try to be "cool and hip" They want to jump on the community's side, bashing EA while hoping their own cause goes unnoticed, it's just a businessman dressing in "cool" clothes attempting to use current slang to get the "youngsters" to like them. "Yeah man, we aren't like them at all haha BOO EA you suck lolz screw them come buy our stuff"...-.- Yeah Ok, no, I see you too Ubisoft, you're not getting away with shit.
Spüdley (6 days ago)
>pokes fun at EA for microtransactions in a game >has microtransactions in said game Wake me up when Ubisoft isn't being hypocritical.
Fluffy Hedgehog (6 days ago)
"Ubisoft Takes Shots at EA With Sense of Pride & Accomplishment Joke in Assassin's Creed Odyssey" that's like a man who is lying drunk on the floor laughing at another equally drunk guy falling off a chair ...
TvanS (6 days ago)
Hello pot, meet kettle.
JMandy (6 days ago)
As if Ubisoft is any better
jayce mcgee baynham (6 days ago)
I dont really agree with the whole assassins creed xp boost thing. If it was simply a free option obviously everyone would have it on even if they do enjoy doing the side quests because why wouldn't they.
Clark Collins (6 days ago)
I knew somehow CDPR will get mentioned in this video. And it doesn't surprise me at all
Duchu26 (6 days ago)
Hypocrisy at its finest.
TheNacropolice (6 days ago)
Tbh MXTs are needed as 60 dollars per full game is not enough. That said, there is a good way to do MXTs and a bad way. Sometimes it is totally dependent on the game type. Ex: Warframe being totally PvE doesn't matter that is is pay to win, if it had a heavy pvp focus then it would.
A Physics Professor (6 days ago)
Ubisoft is even worse than EA. EA is obvious. Obisoft convinced you, the gamers, that it was your idea to give them more money.
Matti500 (6 days ago)
Why now in offline game there is resources that cost real money to skip some grind? Answer is greed!! before games had cheat codes like in GTA to skip grind, now those cheat codes are costing real money to use even when the game cost already a lot. Don't buy any microtransactions because that will support game publishers greed!
avatarstany (6 days ago)
so basically Ubisoft is that Stray dog at the park who goes and sniffs around other expensive domestic dogs' buttholes... Seriously where is your pride and accomplishment when y'all (ubishit) decided to hide the true ending for the core game in the Season Pass!
wolfenstar nice (6 days ago)
Ubisoft. Where's your sense of pride and accomplishment? Me: Why do I have to pay to upgrade my level? (Even though I really don't care to have an XP booster.) Also me: Honstly fuck EA though.
Sam Wise (6 days ago)
Hell you can max your char on wow for $70 bucks but then it’s a grind feast
madcow BRO (6 days ago)
If your game has microtransactions OR lootboxes in it, then it's been optimized in someway to accommodate them. Two recent examples I can recall off the top of my head are Shadow of War and MGS:V Phantom Pain, which were filled with grind in the middle to late game. Same seems to go with Assassin's Creed Odyssey based on what I've heard from reviewers so far. So Ubisoft shouldn't be saying anything about "PrIdE AnD AcCoMpLIshmeNT when they can't even practice what they preach.
Flaros Oceanic (6 days ago)
Ubisoft started fucking up WAY before EA did. I mean that game doesn't even fucking look like an assassin's creed. Why are people treating them like gods now?
First Last (6 days ago)
EA are disgusting. However, all Ubisoft does is put out the same exact Assassins Creed game every fucking year with a new coat of paint in order to milk that franchise of every last dollar possible...
joszef babovec (6 days ago)
I can see that none of you play Ubisoft games. You can’t even pay for R6 loot boxes, Ubisoft doesn’t give you that option. Ghost Recon boxes aren’t pay to win and there are no duplicates in them. Farcry 5 micro transactions aren’t even pay to win because the weapons you can buy you can get in game by ACTUALLY PLAYING IT. It’s also very easy to get the weapons in farcry 5. Ubisoft is not as devious as you think, you just don’t play the games. NO weapons that you buy in GR boxes or in farcry you can use in pvp. Ubisoft has the full right to talking shit. It agitates me that this comment section is so ignorant. EDIT: AC Origins was pretty bad with boxes, but it wasn’t the worst. Btw all of the GR and R6 updates give FREE CONTENT. There are 2 FULL DLC CONTENT ADD ONS FOR GR. You don’t have to pay ANYTHING for R6 dlc. LITERALLY ALL OF THE SHIT YOU PAY FOR IS COSMETIC.
joszef babovec (6 days ago)
Andree Tungcab I didn’t really know that, thanks for saying something
Andree Tungcab (6 days ago)
Not with AC Origins tho, you can still get those items and at the end of the day, they are only cosmetics and there are far more better weapons and shields at the base game, dlcs and community challenges and trial of the gods.
joszef babovec (6 days ago)
AND the weapons that you pay for in farcry you can’t use in pvp
joszef babovec (6 days ago)
Also the weapons that you do get from GR boxes you can’t use in pvp
Mahesh Nair (6 days ago)
All these things used to be free cheat codes... They are selling us free cheat codes.
shuttze (6 days ago)
top 3 worst company taking shots at number one , they are one to talk lol
SoulForce81 (6 days ago)
Your incredible !!
TheDirtiestSanchez (6 days ago)
WHERE'S that spiderman pointing at spiderman meme when you need it
George NoX (6 days ago)
and yet they put microtransactions in this same game xd ....
Ubisoft isn't innocent. But they give us full games, lmao.
Dusan Mandic (6 days ago)
If you need an xp booster to get ahead in this game i gotta say you just suck. Im constantly ranking up and actually having trouble getting supplies to rank my equipment up with me. That being said i say let the idiots spend their money. Oh yeah and lootboxes are bad lol
Enigmatic Destroyer (6 days ago)
If you want to give the player choices. Then let the game be moddable or have a console. Withholding options that should be in the game and then selling if off so that people with more disposable income can buy it is not giving a choice.
Clementine Heart (6 days ago)
YongYea i love the content but in rainbow 6 siege you can only buy event lootboxes with real money where as default lootboxes can be earned through gameplay and in game currency that you don't buy (you are not allowed to spend money on the normal base alphapacks), siege i don't think personally its the lootboxes either that are predatory but more so the fact that you have to purchase the characters you play and while yes you can earn them through gameplay it takes hours even with a renown (the in game earned currency) booster. Which lets say you're a fan of a certain character that you don't have unlocked yet its a method of either pay $6.99 CAD per operator or put in hundreds of hours to get every op, personally i bought half and grinded out half but my friend has 200 hours in game almost and is still missing the ops. Just trying to raise your knowledge of how r6's pay to play feature is
PlanetRift (6 days ago)
Good find :) And isn't it ironic then that Odyssey is sold on EAs Origin store?
am i the only one that ask himself why there are microtransactions in a Singleplayer game at all? Back in the day you could just bring up the console and use cheat codes if you werent happy with the progression. But i guess that is not profitable for the companies...
Snarky Scotsman (6 days ago)
Cesare Auditore (6 days ago)
Ubisoft is an equal Evil
Scott Cha (6 days ago)
Oh, look, the pot calling the kettle black. Fucking idiots.
Fr3akOffHizL3aSh 2991 (7 days ago)
Difference is Ubisoft gives us full games and mostly decent ones at that EA don't
Beto Goncalves (7 days ago)
Captain YumYum (7 days ago)
Glass houses Ubisoft

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