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PUBG: Shroud's Top 3 Stream Snipers | Banana Man | Wadu Hek | Adam

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There are lot of stream snipers out there. But these are the top 3 stream snipers of Shroud's stream. The video features: Banana man, Wadu Hek and Adam. Check out Shroud's Twitch at: https://www.twitch.tv/shroud Check out Shroud's YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/shroud Check out Shroud's Twitter at: https://twitter.com/c9shroud #pubg #waduhek #posa
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Text Comments (794)
kdw1809 (1 year ago)
I actually like his commentary whats so wrong with it? kinda like listening to a documentary shit... shroud is that famous
Alex Zander (2 months ago)
Yep me too. If only he had a better mic.
Enduro Ness (3 months ago)
kdw1809 i was gonna actually say the same thing!!
TheSixSieger (8 months ago)
kdw1809 I
Regirade (10 months ago)
kdw1809 W A A A A A A D U H E E E E E K
ShotgunHeroX (11 months ago)
woah!! haha yeah he really does
Otaku Anime SAMA (9 hours ago)
Wadu heck
Dezzee Rascal (2 days ago)
please get a better mic with your youtube money breh
XBase Aquino (3 days ago)
My Favorite Is Bananaman
Matthew Wu (4 days ago)
Who the fuck is shroud
Jonathan Shi (5 days ago)
That asmr voice
HM GaMiNg YT (5 days ago)
Streamers on stream sniping:- Ninja - banns people for stream sniping Shroud - Says hi to stream snipers Who else agree
samridh shubham (8 days ago)
wadu is 1st
bim dagdag (10 days ago)
Wadu was the first stream sniper that played duo with shroud
The Survivor (10 days ago)
MIRCROXD (13 days ago)
Dr disrespect wife is a BIT**
Timelapse Gamer (14 days ago)
I love wadu hek
im (14 days ago)
wadu is the best hahahha
Hydrate Gt (15 days ago)
Amin Limbu (17 days ago)
BimosGaming (17 days ago)
Wadu Hek number 1!!
INFECTED 1911 (17 days ago)
Banana man needs to meet lui
Joshua Borromeo (18 days ago)
7:17 poor banana man :(
Plum (18 days ago)
Wadu hek = "why do you hack"
Kunal Joshi (19 days ago)
He protecc He attec But most importantly he Wadu Hek
(22 days ago)
This is like one of those school projects
GAMERKILLER208 (22 days ago)
Wadu is #1
miguelxx (23 days ago)
wadu is a beautiful man <3
Andrea Bailot (25 days ago)
mirdin taam (27 days ago)
Good vid it was really fun to whatch but try to get a mic that is a bit better But keep going :D
Omega (29 days ago)
7:45 no loose ends 😂😂😂😂
sam mulders (29 days ago)
I love that you sound like a news caster from 1960ish 1980ish
Tony Ash (29 days ago)
Wadu is better then bannaman
MyName IsSifat (29 days ago)
Wadu is best
Gaurav Singh (30 days ago)
Get your facts right, if you're a twitch subscriber of shroud , He admires Wadu above banana man .
Chris Endlich (1 month ago)
Microsoft tech support my name is Michael
Johnny Johnson (1 month ago)
bananaman is more better than anyone LIKE ME
SJ FreakZzZ (1 month ago)
#1twig (1 month ago)
I like wadu better Sorry banana man
FmB 213 (1 month ago)
DWN (1 month ago)
Best of All (1 month ago)
r u banana voice???//
Fizz Küççük Balık (1 month ago)
Do you wanna eat da poo poo
Kentyboy Of Kentopia (1 month ago)
I like wadu
Ethan Mayo (1 month ago)
Wadu hek should have one
XXxrubyxXX Witherell (1 month ago)
i like banana man
TheLoop_ (1 month ago)
WhatAGamerXD (1 month ago)
i remember watching this too much xd
thrash gamer300 (1 month ago)
You sound like BMO
jakob (1 month ago)
Waduhek is that mic
Gamer4Life Pawn (1 month ago)
wtf is your voice though are you german or something?
hamza mansour (1 month ago)
he does not have to talk cringeee
1. Wadu 2. Banana LEECH 3. Adam
OLIVER (1 month ago)
7:48 xdxd
Dee Un (1 month ago)
nice thumbnail man !
Masculist Frequency (1 month ago)
Adam isn't a stream sniper, he's a gameplay element, every damn game
Tamedwolf74 (1 month ago)
Wadu is the best
Tirri92 (1 month ago)
holy god, if u ever gonna make a video like this dont use a mic from 1964
Krakra Kranich (1 month ago)
richtiges alman englisch
Surya Singh (1 month ago)
Dont know y but i think banana man is the gaming lemon....and his name i think is too brandon...in one vid of far cry 4 his teammate in multiplayer called him by saying brandon.....
Aakash Sahani (1 month ago)
Start petition for Nintendo to add Wadu Heck as a new Pokémon.
Subodh Jagtap (1 month ago)
Wadu is ❤❤
Guns 235 (1 month ago)
*-B A N A N A M A N-*
Brett Zierath (1 month ago)
"Im going to hide the evidence" had me dying
Raph _R6 (1 month ago)
Your mic is shit but nice vid
Red Fuse (1 month ago)
Durgenheim (1 month ago)
This was very informative. Thank you.
Rajko Lisov (1 month ago)
they saying vlado hek no wadu hek
YtMichael 94 (1 month ago)
Pretty good vid
person 23 (1 month ago)
It's good but try and get a better mic
ThatBluFlame (1 month ago)
TRENTON DOES (1 month ago)
Wadu is my favriote
Tony Lemont (1 month ago)
Shroud is boring, trite, mundane and cheats. The first two are also applicable to the other streamers. Peace.
Ông Giáo (1 month ago)
Wadu Hek
I TheRealWither45 I (1 month ago)
Who wins? Like:wadu HEK dislike:bananaman
Haarith (1 month ago)
Tek9ine (1 month ago)
Xx Squadflow xX (1 month ago)
Banana man:hi Shroud: is that your real voice? Bananaman : no, i made it up Shroud : show me your real voice Bananaman : *changes voice* *HI*
*_iMmA hIdE tHe EvIdEnCe~!_*
DA_FK (1 month ago)
Feels like watching discovery channel. Ehhhhh he eh eh eh he he...
I TheRealWither45 I (1 month ago)
WADU HEK wadu wadu wadu WADU HEK WAAAAADU hek
Laguerremondiale (1 month ago)
4:01 wadu speak for the first time ?
Mignificent (1 month ago)
At first I didn’t like the commentary but then it was so smooth and calm I loved it!!
Wadu hek and bananaman are the best stream sniper
Banned Jsl (1 month ago)
this dudes voice is the weirdest
Jay Walker (1 month ago)
Wadu Kwek Wadu Twerk
virtuoso 31 (2 months ago)
Top 3 shroud main pokemon
pajuke plays (2 months ago)
3:25 kattokaa donation suomi!
TheReal Doge (2 months ago)
I never even heard of adam
Fernando Miranda (2 months ago)
I think is more famous
Mank demes (2 months ago)
Fortnite stream snipers: try snipe you all day Pubg stream snipers: hide in corners and scream at you, or follow you around everywhere
ExpertGamerZ (2 months ago)
Wadu hek shroud bananaman! Like if you get it . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . If you dont this is what it means *Wadu hek should be number one
ΚΑΓΚΟΥΡΑΣ 11 (2 months ago)
Noumber 1 is wadu wadu hek !
Bruno Brunolud (2 months ago)
Awesome video :)
LOQIN (2 months ago)
very well made!
stoudbaker (2 months ago)
I lol'd so hard at car scene
nut on my ass (2 months ago)
Anyone notice how BANANANAN looks like kill bill
Daruki Neo (2 months ago)
your voice is so calm and nice to listen
Renati (2 months ago)
Wadu is better
RageDarkPrince (2 months ago)
LoganAsh1388 (2 months ago)
PooPoo man is better than Adam. Thats just my opinion tho.
EL HEFFAY Gonzalez (2 months ago)
I am not a fan of your voice
Zurik (2 months ago)
Ammar Lemes (2 months ago)
Who came?
Jatin Jena (2 months ago)
Wadu is more of a troller than a stream sniper.

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