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Text Comments (142)
One HP Warrior (3 months ago)
They get a trench coat at 7:22
It's all fake (4 months ago)
Lol this is about pubg but the ad is ros
Daddy Meme Master (4 months ago)
I guessed what happened. You got 100 items.
jesse selinger (5 months ago)
This is why xbox has a max limit per week due to people selling crates.
Blox Vlogs (5 months ago)
!!!!!DONT GAMBLE!!!!!!
brucinator9mm (6 months ago)
I bought 10 of the new weapon crates and spend £20 on keys... got over £100 of gun skins so it is down to blind luck imo.
brucinator9mm (6 months ago)
btw the weapon crates were 11p each.
Ian David (6 months ago)
That's straight up BS. Increase drop values
ForOne814 (6 months ago)
Only for it to lose value? Why?
Joe Andrews (6 months ago)
Only cosmetic.....my full tan suit in a feild of grass says otherwise ahahaha.
Resteros (7 months ago)
I hate this games loot system
Tristan Jones (7 months ago)
dont think you calculated the steam tax
Acing (7 months ago)
I don't ever get something good in crates
Snidebark (7 months ago)
Surely, all anyone wants to wear in PUBG is something that is good camouflage. A red shirt will get you spotted more easily.
Bertram BBN (7 months ago)
Black hoddie 7:23
WoA Mortis (7 months ago)
That's for PC though, how about xbox?
Matthew Lim (7 months ago)
i got the plad shirt for free
burnt f1ames (7 months ago)
csgo gambling disease
JaxCS (7 months ago)
do you not need keys to open?
Andrew Sites (7 months ago)
I get the same pair of pants out of every crate :(
GamingFps (7 months ago)
I tried many times. Still give a cheap Tshirts shits!!!!
Zero zone (7 months ago)
PUBG Cosmetics and CSGO skins lmao
Melen TV (7 months ago)
sorry headphone users XD I'm using earbuds
Fred Krazé (7 months ago)
Actually i can pick out a guy in a black shirt faster than a guy in the same blueish camo sweater i wear. And i pay attention bc ive known for a fact that i headshot afros more than i do heads.
Tomáš Varga (7 months ago)
Do i need key to this case?
ByKrut (8 months ago)
guys take about 15% off from those 70 $ steam will deduct it from u when u sell it
John Wayne (8 months ago)
TavarChynn (8 months ago)
next time buy bp then buy crates within the game
bin boi (8 months ago)
how unlucky are they, i open one case and get the biker sleeveless vest
Aye Co Breeze (8 months ago)
It’s not a profit until someone actually buys it. it’s also sad that kids actually would purchase them.
KipVIs (8 months ago)
I had so much Luck i got the black mini skirt in my first chest
Frederico Bezerra (8 months ago)
Opened 1 and got a Zeest Jacket! =)
DunnoKnowles (8 months ago)
Thanks for doing this guys. you have no idea how much money that your viewers gona save avoiding this crates
s Zabro (8 months ago)
Andreas Lehne (8 months ago)
first Desperado crate I bought landed me a leather jacket worth 150$
Hyper Flight (8 months ago)
But skins is skill
Tram Anipo (8 months ago)
dami kwento d nalang buksan eh
Barut Tech (8 months ago)
thats why i just sell crate and buy item that i want or just let it pile up and buy some nice new game
Jonner (8 months ago)
dont check the price so much
Lil Polio (8 months ago)
so i unboxed a floral shirt black from my first biker crate... http://prntscr.com/iful2g
Pepperoni Pl4yz (8 months ago)
Did he say 5 dollars or 5 doll hairs?
jjproductionscorp (8 months ago)
My friend unlocked a crate and got an item worth £100+
Charles Lee Ray (9 months ago)
Lol who could honestly say with a straight face they bought a t shirt for a video game character for 17 dollars
Apski (9 months ago)
These gambling crates needs to be removed from all games in this earth.
Shoopy Doopy (9 months ago)
I guess you got 100 items?
Kab00m (9 months ago)
rip ears :D
iVenom (9 months ago)
you said 70$ was your return, did that include valves cut?
FreezY (9 months ago)
well i bought a gamescom crate and got tracksuit ; and bought desperado and got long sleeved tshirt the black one so thats a profit lmao
NicoJ (9 months ago)
you got nothing
Rodrigo Gonzales (9 months ago)
Good video !!!
The Prawn (9 months ago)
the guy looks a little like Nickolas cage
TheRenati123 (9 months ago)
lol why not? opened 1 got the cloth leopard mask, and then opened 2 other crates got the aviator glasses and coat camel
Joseph mortezaiei (9 months ago)
bought 2 gamescon creates and got a school skirt xDDD
sneek (9 months ago)
i opened 1 desperado crate and got a leopard mask
Peter Parker (9 months ago)
Yeah, crates are garbage in the game. Thats why I just buy the items I want from the marketplace
Climax (9 months ago)
I guess I should have played the lottery when I got my black hoodie sold that mofo at $170 made $147
balu89 (9 months ago)
Totally wrong... if you are naked. you cant hold that much items as when you are full "style"Geared... boom *flies away*
Rambi (9 months ago)
You do understand why people cheat in this game? To promote that you can earn rl cash in this game is a terribad idea.
ARTIC WOLF (9 months ago)
Guessing he got scammed
German Weeb (9 months ago)
And this is the way games will take from now one: No Soul, No Game Development, only Crates, Skins, buyable Items.
Paul Hentzschel (9 months ago)
lol 7 days later when they were allowed to sell them they were all worthless
Geometry Sucks (9 months ago)
I feel this isn’t the way to open crates. Opening fake game crates should be opened for use in game, but they pretty much only care about profit. Why gamble in a system that isn’t made for gambling.
NECROS2K (9 months ago)
"Statistically speaking we should get at least 1 good item.' Well 1 good item is a 0.32% chance so idk.
RealKozie (9 months ago)
They dont even have an animation for opening cases, wtf
MoranSause (10 months ago)
вы че пидарасы?
Sam S (10 months ago)
IDK I bought a crate from the market and got a white leather hoodie on my third crate. Bad luck for these guys
Doug Peterson (10 months ago)
Take that $70 and buy more crates. Lmao
N Harwood (10 months ago)
$156 in Warframe = some serious bling/mods
Invader19x (10 months ago)
That was so hard to watch...
Ediel Garcia (9 months ago)
Invader19x ikkkk
mjk506 (10 months ago)
As crazy as this video looks it really does help give a good visual representation of the whole loot box gambling argument. Anyone who says loot boxes aren't gambling really should watch this video. It's a great video and you guys can make anything fun! Keep up the good work!
iamLI3 (10 months ago)
>they try to game the system to turn a profit thinking they would get good items
Exwheckator (10 months ago)
Steam also takes money when you sell something on the community market, so even if you sell everything at those exact prices, you still wont get the full 70.14
Joshua Adkins (9 months ago)
you see if you want to make money on steam you have to gamble with the actual items not the crates i bought the red high tops for 45 bucks when their price plummeted and sold them for like 207 raking in 170 ish bucks
German Weeb (9 months ago)
Exactly, Steam taxes. Steam doesn't let anyone sell they're items for free. Its useless to open these crates, you only receive junk. Someone might get a 200-300$ item first try, that just makes people continue throwing money out.
Baal. (9 months ago)
they'll get like 50
Jeremie Cius (10 months ago)
use gambling sites to save money idiots Stop buying glove cases on CS
Jeremie Cius (10 months ago)
it's just like Counter Strike Global Offensive
Hendrik (9 months ago)
you mean csNO!
Mitchell Rossman (10 months ago)
There should be a rule that nothing can be below 1%. That's insane. Just goes to show that for stuff like this though, you might as well buy that shirt for $17
SerpentNight (10 months ago)
Love the new Guilty Gear games but the number of micro-purchases for aesthetics alone make me sick.
Hakairyu (10 months ago)
Holy shit, apparently that tacky, position-revealing yellow tracksuit jacket I have sells for $27!
David Mendez (10 months ago)
I don't know man that patrol cap, biker pants, and sleeveless turtleneck are bomb
nico gerlero (9 months ago)
David Mendez yes but if you really want them just pay for them,it will be wayy more cheaper
RedRacerX (10 months ago)
loot crates are straight up gambling and should be banned from under 18 games such as fifa, madden, nfs - oh wait. JUST EA IN GENERAL! also Ubisoft and Warner Bros games (looking at you shadow of war)
BeardO (9 months ago)
Opening a crate isn't a gamble, opening the crate in hopes to be able to sell the item for more than you paid to open it is. Take away the ability to resell the items and the gambling aspect is gone.
Geometry Sucks (9 months ago)
I don’t think comparing smoking and game lootboxes is a good idea
alex scott (9 months ago)
I agree with this statement.
alex scott (9 months ago)
vcam83 (10 months ago)
whats with all the regular looking clothes in the BIKER Crate?
It’s Matisyahu (10 months ago)
No offense but, what did you expect 😂
RandomGuy66 (10 months ago)
So this is where my sponsor dollars are going
TheCreepypro (10 months ago)
some mothasucks always gotta try to ice skate up hill
BRex (7 months ago)
which blade for tv was that?
slackarsezombie (10 months ago)
Not a shock that a game using stolen assets would be a scam
trevorv87 (10 months ago)
Thanks guys for reinforcing my I don't gamble lol
Jeremiah Wehler (10 months ago)
Game Attack: Gambling with PUBG crates so you don't have to.
MrMikehunt87 (10 months ago)
$14 for a virtual shirt that you could probably get for $10 in a real thrift store Pathetic
Jessenjs3 (9 months ago)
May I introduce you to the wonderful world of CS:GO
Selvana S (10 months ago)
I know you guys considered this a flop, but it was so fun to watch 😁Loved it.
Gaming Master (10 months ago)
I just sell my crates when I get them lol. Ive got the game for free, x10 lol
070 Phong (8 months ago)
Same here !
GingerBeardMan Dunn (9 months ago)
Smart man! I am currently sitting on 6 of these crates and they are essentially worthless now...
J Shaw (9 months ago)
Gaming=money with that method, nice
VillturDreki (10 months ago)
I only justify buying anything for a game if the purchase price is less then $60. If I play the game enough and like it, I'll invest some money into it up to $60.
SpotTheOzzie (10 months ago)
Literally just bought 100 Biker Crates for a video I did. Mate..got garbage as well, wanted to see if it was the same for everyone else. Guess you got the BS as well mate, out of pocket over $200 all gray items =/
Gaming Master (10 months ago)
Why do you guys only have 108k subs?!?!
NovusIgnis (10 months ago)
Cause we only party with the real mothasucks! Anyone that isn't part of our family is too fake to #bleedpurple.
Game Attack (10 months ago)
+Gaming Master great question! Let's grow!!!
Game Attack (10 months ago)
We hope you enjoy our Buzzfeed title. Yuck.
Arcalargo (10 months ago)
I hope you feel dirty after this....
Dab (10 months ago)
Game Attack I was watching the stream after it was over since it comes up in my notifications. As I was watching the end of the video, you guys deleted it lol. You managed to sum up an hour stream into a short video.
Paul Fields (10 months ago)
Brown School Shoes Hype!
Ethan Irwin (10 months ago)
Hehe know someone who got the white leather jacket
Mike Byson (10 months ago)
So is the Patreon not working out if this is what it's come to? Lol
Shaun Bolen (10 months ago)
Mike Byson this was mostly my money spent here. Lol
PyroTails (10 months ago)
Mike Byson We better give them money to help them make back this loss!
J. Cobb (10 months ago)
Good video, miss leading title. I really thought you guys were gonna do that "Box opening" kinda vids. So glad it wasn't.
JediMasterShark (10 months ago)
This is why microtransactions are BS
TheWailmer (6 months ago)
blur heheh
zuxie (7 months ago)
You act like someone is forcing you to buy the crates
casper dijkstra (7 months ago)
you can just buy them directly at opskins
ZERCOTIC (9 months ago)
Nah this is why u earn them in game not buy them
Justin Eclipse (10 months ago)
Game Attack can make anything fun, even opening loot boxes. That's why their the best Channel ever. #BLEEDPURPLE
Justin Eclipse (10 months ago)
Urquimedes Opps, my bad thanks Urquimedes
Urquimedes (10 months ago)
Sunow (10 months ago)
Could've gotten some really nice real world shirts/pants for $156 dolhairs
Pat Playz (1 month ago)
I got the biker suit
Pactmaker (8 months ago)
there is tho, just search japan lucky bag,there is adidas and others
ARTIC WOLF (9 months ago)
German Weeb (9 months ago)
Ingame Pants >>> Real Pants.
raaboh (9 months ago)
i think clothing companies should start doind mystery clothes boxes too, if people fall for it here, why not irl too
Finnick Schnitzel (10 months ago)
My god I am the first I can't believe it.

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