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In today's Fortnite battle royale video, we build the worlds biggest pirate ship in Fortnite battle royale. This is both a gameplay and tips video as we provide all the tricks and guidance you need to replicate this incredible Fortnite build. Christmas Giveaway - https://gleam.io/YNiqw/free-fortnite-vbucks-giveaway ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Worlds biggest Football Stadium - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-TAG-5Ey7I Worlds Biggest Pyramid - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKZEOjq8NsE Building to Spawn - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVCygKMHS44 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Use my link to start earning from your YouTube videos! http://bit.ly/2ywWtlb Get Fortnite Battle Royale for free: Link: http://pixly.go2cloud.org/SHCd Thanks to Epic Games for supporting my channel ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: http://bit.ly/2sDvwaw Instagram: http://bit.ly/2sSOwBq Twitch: http://bit.ly/2tUjwVM Facebook: http://bit.ly/2r5te1W Become a Sponsor: http://bit.ly/2xxvlm3 Discord: http://bit.ly/2jQpkMa Vlog Channel: http://bit.ly/2jVgBnL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Instrumental by Chuki beats - https://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic Marcus Neely: Inspirational - http://bit.ly/2lY09Et Thank you for watching. (105,888). More about Fortnite Battle Royale: The Battle Is Building! Fortnite Battle Royale is the FREE 100-player PvP mode in Fortnite. One giant map. A battle bus. Fortnite building skills and destructible environments combined with intense PvP combat. If you are reading type FORTNITE In the comments.
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Text Comments (1981)
SXVXN (9 months ago)
Thank you for the love. Check this playlist for more INSANE bases - http://bit.ly/2E0VOsc
Kohen Hampton (3 months ago)
SXVXN #vbucks
Jimmy Motmans (4 months ago)
Foto- Annelies (4 months ago)
Rohan Nembhard (6 months ago)
SXVXN can I get some v-bucks in Fortnite
Ali and Bro (6 months ago)
SXVXN i love you
Darkspine 54 (3 months ago)
Im gonna build it
Smahser417 Daily (3 months ago)
5.35 is that a Sybase in the back
anthony addai (3 months ago)
pirate ship
Amazing Duck (3 months ago)
5:36 pause Is that someone building in the sky!?!?!?
Nathaniel Rosales (3 months ago)
can you build a plane
Romel Andreos (3 months ago)
Wait did somone see de stair way in the air
SXVXN (3 months ago)
Sure did! :)
Emma Whitehouse (3 months ago)
Pirate ship
Brandon Campbell (3 months ago)
Love it
SXVXN (3 months ago)
Thank you
O E (3 months ago)
Epic pirate ship
SXVXN (3 months ago)
Thank you
Snug Ums (3 months ago)
I'm a pirate ship
Fletch0925 Fortnite (4 months ago)
Pirate ship
SXVXN (4 months ago)
I might do another pirate ship soon :)
nakeisha jamison (4 months ago)
This is cool
SXVXN (4 months ago)
jessica kumar (4 months ago)
Pirate ship
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thomas Racicot (4 months ago)
so cool
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you!
Christianne van Winkoop (4 months ago)
Sky Base 5.33
Max Kemball (4 months ago)
pirate ship
Jamie Harthan (4 months ago)
pirate ship
Jamie Harthan (4 months ago)
pirit ship
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Ahoy! Hope you're doing well
dion Knowles (4 months ago)
It’s don’t look real because people to loot lake
SXVXN (4 months ago)
It's real mate
Kayden Ben (5 months ago)
a plane
Dylan Rapp (5 months ago)
That is a badass #pirateship
SXVXN (5 months ago)
Thank you, dude! It's one of my favourite builds
Willg808rayson _ (5 months ago)
The pirate ship like real one at the end it , it was class how you built it ❤️
SXVXN (5 months ago)
Thank you! It took us so many hours to build and win the game
Shanna Sykes (5 months ago)
Pirate ship
donna nicol (5 months ago)
Build a house plssssssssssssssssss
Lee Ann Jarousse (5 months ago)
Soooooo coooooool
Jaanika Rosenthal Kock (5 months ago)
PiratShip newsest comment yay
Desirea Simmons (5 months ago)
A wood Michigan
William Ryan (5 months ago)
pirate ship lets go
SXVXN (5 months ago)
Where we landing?
Kaleb Hall (5 months ago)
Kaleb Hall (5 months ago)
Dude I love your vids keep up the good work BTW your welcome for helping you in other vids :)
Kaleb Hall (5 months ago)
SXVXN ahoy matey!
SXVXN (5 months ago)
CM 8 (5 months ago)
Pirate ship
SXVXN (5 months ago)
LivBE777 (5 months ago)
Great job on the pirate ship! Keep up the great work!
SXVXN (5 months ago)
Thank you! :D
Theodore Rees (5 months ago)
Yar me Maties how my great vessel the pirate ship scourge of the loot lake end up in a storm like dis
Sandra Gonzalez (5 months ago)
Pirate ship
Takethe L (5 months ago)
I'm going to try this
SXVXN (5 months ago)
Awesome! Goodluck!
jason Delap (5 months ago)
534 lol skybase up there
Isaac Lacey (5 months ago)
There's people doing stairway to heaven at 5.36
Isaac Lacey (5 months ago)
And pirate ship
Isaac Lacey (5 months ago)
Yeah thanks
SXVXN (5 months ago)
haha! Good eyes! :D
XxGamerGirlxX (5 months ago)
Pirate ship
SXVXN (5 months ago)
Hope you're doing well!
XxGamerGirlxX (5 months ago)
SXVXN (5 months ago)
Jonathan Ellis (5 months ago)
Pirate ship
SXVXN (5 months ago)
Ahoy, matey!
María Torres (6 months ago)
I saw a stairway to heavan
BLIND sNiPes (6 months ago)
Pirate ship
SXVXN (6 months ago)
Ahoy matey!
William Cox (6 months ago)
Awesome Pirate Ship My Bros!
SXVXN (6 months ago)
Thank you mate! Glad that you loved it
NOOBLO (6 months ago)
Pirate ship is sickk
SXVXN (6 months ago)
NOOBLO (6 months ago)
SXVXN (6 months ago)
Thank you!
Mark Delgado (6 months ago)
i saw two dudes doing this by wailing i believe or lonely then my team started shooting, i woulda been down to help build lmao
Ghettoblack Mama (6 months ago)
Parish ship
SXVXN (6 months ago)
That would be sick! :)
Samiullah Syed (Student) (6 months ago)
Who would love like a game mode in a specific map like pirates. So like u take this pirate ship battle bus thing in the air, like sky pirates, and then u like land on a beach. And then the storm comes, and I have to go to these like pirate ships, where I then fight it out with the loot u got. U can also find some loot on the ship, but not much. It would be like 20v20, but like on a ship
EvieLoneyVlogs (6 months ago)
Heather Coleman (6 months ago)
I play fornite thats dope stuff right there.
SXVXN (6 months ago)
Thank you!
Bernell Hobson (6 months ago)
Cool video bro
Enzo 1788 (6 months ago)
Je je mep
Nico Glasbergen (6 months ago)
Love ijsco
Fortnight pirate ship rocks
Farida Hanafy (6 months ago)
Pirate ship
Mini grayFG Coco pops (6 months ago)
Build car in one of your vids
Mini grayFG Coco pops (6 months ago)
Pirate ship
flaming panda (6 months ago)
It looks like Minecraft
SXVXN (6 months ago)
It's fortcraft
11 savage (6 months ago)
you should do an epic Stairway to Heaven
teemuz (6 months ago)
teemuz (6 months ago)
SXVXN (6 months ago)
Thank you :))
Terence Williams (6 months ago)
build a mannequin
Nightfall Alicorn (6 months ago)
**sees the ship, puts my gun away and claps at the masterpiece at the side** You guys are legends. Least it was easier unlike when people were destroying the pyramid. It so cool that people put their guns away to admire your team work on the ship.
SXVXN (6 months ago)
Thank you very much!
alejandro vasquez (6 months ago)
heyb priatship
alejandro vasquez (6 months ago)
alejandro vasquez (6 months ago)
build a plain
SXVXN (6 months ago)
Hey! I've built that and it's uploaded onto the channel <3
Zamiel - GamePlay (6 months ago)
pirate ship
latest soup (6 months ago)
Pirate ship
Ethan Kennedy (6 months ago)
Build a race car
Francisco Corona (6 months ago)
Pirate ship r
Justin S (6 months ago)
The ship was lost in the storm
Ugirl (6 months ago)
pirate ship
Taima Rolle (6 months ago)
plz sand me v backs
The Game addict (6 months ago)
Cool pirate ship
SXVXN (6 months ago)
Thank you ;))
Fortnite (6 months ago)
Pirate ship
James Curd (7 months ago)
Pirate ship
SXVXN (6 months ago)
Aj Shitl (7 months ago)
I love pirate ship
Marshall Deer (7 months ago)
Pirates ship
hej heej (7 months ago)
cool boat!
ShadowProjectz (7 months ago)
V bucks
Badr Rabbat (7 months ago)
The place where the captain stands is called the poop deck
Jolanda van Huffelen (7 months ago)
love you
Carl Webb (7 months ago)
Arnold Propst (7 months ago)
ADAM 2.0 (7 months ago)
Nice design
Alfie Cooper (7 months ago)
is that you
Alfie Cooper (7 months ago)
Ben Phillips
m7md show 2008 (7 months ago)
MRBeats (7 months ago)
Pirate ship
Harry MGN (7 months ago)
Good pirateship
Ownscootergaming Murray (7 months ago)
Pirate ship
Joshua Ovalle (7 months ago)
pirate ship
Joshua Ovalle (7 months ago)
u make the best freakin stuff!!!!!
Gerrad Newton (7 months ago)
Pirot ship
Dragon Fire (7 months ago)
Pirate Ship! Awesome.
Z gamerZ (7 months ago)
A boat in a lake
The World of Gaming2562 (7 months ago)
That PIRATE SHIP was really cool
SXVXN (7 months ago)
Thank you :))
Drakangster Gangster (7 months ago)
Pirate Ship
SXVXN (7 months ago)
AtomicLava (7 months ago)
Pirate ship
Amanda Speight (7 months ago)
build next a man united badge please seven
Lazer kids Productions (7 months ago)
That’s cool Pirate ship
Jim Morgan (7 months ago)
You guys never seec to amaze me . Should try the Empire State Building ?
Debee Parker (7 months ago)
Pirate shippppp

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