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This game is always great if you don't take it serious ❤ Follow Me ❤ ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/iNoToRi0uS ● Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inotorious_ ● Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/inotorious_ Friends in video: Bordie: https://goo.gl/Nvop9V RaccoonEggs: https://goo.gl/d1B5QX Jameskii: https://goo.gl/vj8jEp SwaggerSouls: https://goo.gl/PwCzYQ Fitz: https://goo.gl/1bpL87
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iNoToRiOuS (1 month ago)
Sorry for the long wait. I've been doing youtube 24/7 for the last year now and it really started to affect me mentally. Good news is we're back on track. Appreciate the support from you all as always :)
Stefan Capatoiu (3 days ago)
How to use the FAMAS
Blazing lane (11 days ago)
iNoToRiOuS please upload daddy
Jäger Mobile (18 days ago)
iNoToRiOuS can you contact fitz and tell him part of 1 of his videos has been stolen. Name of the video was FETUS DELETUS
Athallex pro (19 days ago)
The Gaming Doge (23 days ago)
iNoToRiOuS I know your gonna kill me in my sleep but its worth it... WHERES THE SILVER ZAPER PARODY!!!!11!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!111111!!!!!!!!
jy126 (13 minutes ago)
Are you *swaggersouls*?
lol what happened to fortnite freaks
DUY NGUYÊN (4 hours ago)
Can you do m8 s ? (M4a1 s)
ArthuroWich (12 hours ago)
8:09 that desync there
The Damn Train (2 days ago)
RAAB (2 days ago)
Where is the fucking silver sapper?!?!
GODZILLA FAN (2 days ago)
No i wont.....how do i get here
Marcos Garcia (2 days ago)
Were Ia the Zeus video 😂😂😂😂xd
timos21pro (3 days ago)
another good channel died nice 1 month
SucToes FukHoes (4 days ago)
When people only like the gun parodies because they’re *original*
Pls next time do the USP
Caleb fenderson (4 days ago)
Oh look! Another dead channel
Johnwick46 (4 days ago)
I have a metal door and in winter I end up with a Cold door
GDS G4merHD (5 days ago)
I got so many questions
Phan Dung (5 days ago)
hey uh where's the parodies vid?
Christopher Rodriguez (5 days ago)
Just started watching ur channel... You're cool and all but ur really cringe and ur jokes are in complete honesty, not funny. I am sorry. You're still cool tho 😊🤷🏻‍♂️
Christopher Rodriguez (4 days ago)
The Warptarium not being a bitch, just facts.
The Warptarium (4 days ago)
Christopher Rodriguez then leave. You dont need to bitch about it
Nivolide (5 days ago)
can,you do a parody of the famas ?
Ksd Jmv (5 days ago)
3:22 did they fuck so hard .... ?
grinch 2468 (6 days ago)
anyone else hate that if you watch a YouTube video on mobile and exit the app for a second when you return the video is restarted instead of keeping its place?
Yung jäger (6 days ago)
My name is Steve 😭
Foret (6 days ago)
Pubg sued fortnite epic games owns unreal engine Pubg was made on unreal engine Damn people need to stop being a bitch and grow up ;D
Wacamac100 (7 days ago)
Congrats on 700k!
Wacamac100 (7 days ago)
Congrats on 700k!
tman55343 (7 days ago)
Congrats on 700k
Golden Will (7 days ago)
Wanna share that snap you got from bordie? 😉 lol
unknown me (7 days ago)
Almost 700000 subs do a special video
Shepherd Wu (7 days ago)
going back to school, now I have guns...well thank God there's some serious gun control in my country or there would be a No Russian live show in my school
Cami (7 days ago)
No matter how hard you try, at least 10% of your lungs have air in them at all times
Edd (7 days ago)
Your animations are getting better, it’s getting more and more entertaining seeing more fluid animation paired with the jokes.
Lucifer The Weeb (8 days ago)
I heard he eatz dat azzz!!!!
nonononono nonono (8 days ago)
Plz make a video/vlog of shooting your guns?
Psycho Wolf (9 days ago)
bordie is my dream
The Great Chimera (10 days ago)
Amoklavin (10 days ago)
inotrious can you give me your email I want to talk something with you personal
Auri Dinael (10 days ago)
Your mexican accent, sounds like an italian using americsn mexican slang poorly.
Thee Crenubyx (10 days ago)
I swear to god, his editing is like SovietWomble's... But everyone knows SW is a god-(what?? Oh he isn't a god? Oh right!) SW is a faggot
jaje Turbo (11 days ago)
At 3:32 that was my friend he was yelling and I didn't know why but I didn't know that it her or them
Whitninja 2169 (12 days ago)
Nah do another parody video for the SG 556
Sleven (13 days ago)
I fucking love bordie,: she. is. hilarious. and you to lil nut
Reagan Stone (13 days ago)
subscribe to call me carson
Opera Black (13 days ago)
inotorious what is ur FOV in CSGO
Mr. Dingo (14 days ago)
the prostitute I brought home last night died, so I woke up with a cold whore
Slav Bass (14 days ago)
Please do the i know how recoil works (sg553)
DSyR FR0GZ (14 days ago)
Subscribe to Call Me Carson
BenIsAlsoGaming (14 days ago)
Can you do how to use the SG (give it a good title)
daidabus (14 days ago)
japan the original emoji... that is true statement tho.
Jacob Palenapa (15 days ago)
That’s a 💯 video there inut. Keep up the lit work!
- -Spike- (15 days ago)
Your audience is dedicated
Mamac2006 (15 days ago)
i regret nothing
Meme Boi (15 days ago)
0:11 You’re welcome I love the animation
Venancio Camargo (15 days ago)
Pusg - player unknown sex grounds
YaBoyShinyPines (16 days ago)
epic iNotorious battle field 4 cool and epic edit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncWozMpZ7v8 jk
Spectrum LV (16 days ago)
Can you try pubg mobile? Plz i love ur chanel. Its cool
austin (17 days ago)
i took 3k mg of pain killers
Pumkin Eater69 (19 days ago)
You should do a series on CSGO again like how to play the meme maps?
Dashock Pixle (19 days ago)
Wen the school shooter gets clapped early so you pickup were he left off
nice meme (20 days ago)
“instant regret”
Doginhaler (21 days ago)
release your crosshair cunt
Nici Lepola (21 days ago)
Do galil made in china (famas)
Topey Dopey (22 days ago)
You alive?
Spydomination321 (22 days ago)
I’m still trying to figure out the relationship between Bordy and inutt. Like are they dating or what?
SavageDoor (22 days ago)
I get high by just not fukin sleepin for like 72 hours
Santino Kortright (22 days ago)
Love your content dad
Freddy (22 days ago)
3:44 😂😂😂😂😂😂
ASHBY 11231 (22 days ago)
[Insert Meme Here To Get Likes On A Comment Section]
Kien Nguyen (23 days ago)
This guy is the off brand vanoss
Eduardo Garcia Alaman (23 days ago)
Make a video about your settings on CS:GO! please!
Sir Taco Master (24 days ago)
Love it how I didn't get notifications from u at all
Finka Nut (24 days ago)
play rainbow 6 siege
[AWAS] Brody (24 days ago)
iNoToRiOuS Its funny. Her name is Bordie while mind is Brody.
prickq (24 days ago)
iNoToRiOuS is SovietWomble with a regular upload schedule
Killer Cat (25 days ago)
Subbed...no way imma stay here....fucking awesome channel..uhmmmmm,......smoke weedz
Coldfire Gaming (26 days ago)
Awesome Animations
trump et (27 days ago)
i am mexican and this video triggered me pinche pendejo
Mr H (27 days ago)
I accidentally killed my prostitute. I had to have sex with a cold whore
Redeagle (28 days ago)
Where is the bastion main?!
hype (29 days ago)
do a settings video
jose garcia (29 days ago)
Aligator420 (1 month ago)
3:01 What is that song? I always hear it and i never know it. Somebody help me!!
CrAzy HEXY (1 month ago)
1:34 dat kid got REKT
Ioannis Holden (1 month ago)
I hate to say it but your cz video needs an update
No0b (1 month ago)
whers silver taser
youreverydaycomics (1 month ago)
oyat (1 month ago)
>My school got shot up right before summer. ;~;
Big Red Bird (1 month ago)
I don’t like getting raped in r6
skellreeper (1 month ago)
the thing swagger did , i tried it , in a more wierd way , i tried to exhale air when i closed my mouth and nose , after that i dont remember anything it felt like i woke up after 4 hrs even though i saw the video was only 2 min's in XD
Alejandro Jin (1 month ago)
You cant that (bordie)
Ege Erdem (1 month ago)
boardie is on coke or smth? lmao
folksom.music247 (1 month ago)
5 seconds in and I regret everything
Derek Cook (1 month ago)
Ah school shooter memes my favorite thing
RedNeck_Zeus (1 month ago)
Get ready for August 5 National Eat A Booty Day
GDK-Playz (1 month ago)
WayToZack (1 month ago)
Cancer Itself185 (1 month ago)
“Fake, but funny.”
Jaqu (1 month ago)
i hate bordie, everytime she speak i have a boner... fucking hell (jk, lov u bordie, marry me)
MrCraaks (1 month ago)
Can you make video about how you make these scenes inside the video?
OrElseYouWillDie100 (1 month ago)
*CaN i Hav3 SomE .556*
OrElseYouWillDie100 (1 month ago)
What kind of libtard calls the caliber like that xd
Radiasian (1 month ago)
How to use the knife.
Huy Phạm (1 month ago)

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