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PUBG: Funny Moments Ep. 25

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Text Comments (2014)
Ilham Kham (10 hours ago)
0.35 superman punch 😜
Murat Aydın (15 hours ago)
Look tenekekafalar
عراقي حط لايك
Esnaider Martínez (17 hours ago)
Pubg es mieeda
antonio Camps Martin (17 hours ago)
Asian Lord (19 hours ago)
Bushes are dangerous
Asian Lord (19 hours ago)
Supa man punch
ريح الشمال (20 hours ago)
شسم اللعبه ؟ يصير بالايفون اللعبها ؟؟
Abhay Rane (21 hours ago)
Great video is there any nude video 😉😉😉
GP NAYAK (1 day ago)
U see guys dying funny??
Nakula Sottany (1 day ago)
Its very funny 😂😁
Riyan Rynaldi (1 day ago)
Diego Ortega (1 day ago)
Pubg ia trash its all about fortnite
Vayne Shauna (1 day ago)
SovietWomble's the funniest😂😂😂
Sant Kumar (2 days ago)
The guy who was in air with grenade is awesome
Lil nish (2 days ago)
To much bullshit in video men
si sponbob (2 days ago)
apa cuman gua orang indo si sini
Baran Güneş (2 days ago)
As bayrağı
Alan Lopez (2 days ago)
Rasty Smoke (2 days ago)
Cool man 😎
CANAL DA DUDA (2 days ago)
Como eu faço pra instalar Fortinite
Ahmdalkff (3 days ago)
sevan grigoryan (3 days ago)
I could imagine the anger going through that guy hasn’t even landed yet and gets killed
Robert Florencio (3 days ago)
Artaqa Yusufzai (3 days ago)
Congrats for 1M Subscribes
Sniper Gamer (3 days ago)
احلى شي لبناني ههه
Sniper Gamer (1 day ago)
Karim Nader 😂😂😂
Karim Nader (1 day ago)
Sniper Gamer wen ma bet zetto el lebnene byetlahaz😂😂
Josh Darlea (3 days ago)
Why are most female gamers annoying?...
just uploaded 1st PUBG MOBILE Game play. come check me out...
Eugene purimahua (4 days ago)
1M subs 2018
sharon 6 (4 days ago)
Any pubg fans from india
Gameplayer (4 days ago)
Face reveal on 1M SUBS
Trend ERS (4 days ago)
Rules of survival had a better graphics
kinge julien (4 days ago)
Du Pimmel
Junior Manuel (4 days ago)
The first dude's lips tho.
Eizan Ivan (4 days ago)
Good grafik like PoInt blank
Arifin Dracko (5 days ago)
Jadi Gini,Anda tau memek?
Ivan Milat (5 days ago)
Fortnite is the Best game
Ayush Baghel (5 days ago)
Is this really Pubg..or some other version
Shiloh Klassen (5 days ago)
tây ninh korea (5 days ago)
PuBG Tv 25
wotb beast (5 days ago)
Cyclone35 Jokesays (6 days ago)
BUSH Man away
Terence Laurence (6 days ago)
Knockout punch
Георгий А (6 days ago)
Блин забавно.
vasanth kumar (6 days ago)
Let's be friends. Pubgmobile.. I'd:-VasanthRdx Crown3... Squad..Asia..
Life of Larro (7 days ago)
crossbow kills🤣
ممكن رابط العبة
MK FE (7 days ago)
What I will get if I I will submit the clips
Aaron Ruch (7 days ago)
Took the whole meaning of bushwacked to a new level lmfao
Diles46 - AIRSOFT (7 days ago)
Good vid
Levy Da Silva (7 days ago)
It's fun
LORDASKO (7 days ago)
Красавчик ты наилучший
Mustafa Emre Yılmaz (7 days ago)
Nishita Saini (8 days ago)
Head shot from that girl
One Heart (8 days ago)
😂 I had no idea u could kill the ones in parachutes 😂
Garuda 1 (8 days ago)
Big Bois only boiis
RiOT1ZERO (8 days ago)
Superman punch
Emerson Barbosa (8 days ago)
Kkkkkkkkkk zoeira sem limites.!
Valon Dobra (8 days ago)
Garuda 1 (8 days ago)
Valon Dobra no
Poke’geek (8 days ago)
Like 1 funny clip in whole video...
SPART nyan (9 days ago)
The thumbnail
DrkShdw 1110 (9 days ago)
Im watching this with ROS ads hahaba
luis angel baena (9 days ago)
jajajaja que xD de muertes jajajaja
野獣せんぱい (9 days ago)
Nikhil Vinay (9 days ago)
Heyy guys plzz like the video and share with your friends and subscriber this channel for more interesting and funny videos.....
bijoy k kuriakose (9 days ago)
Is it the same mobile version?
Dimple Kumar (9 days ago)
first punch is too amazing
Он Далбаёб блядь сука натуральная
Arely Urbano (10 days ago)
The girl😂
Он Далбаёб блядь сука натуральная
fortinite (10 days ago)
Pubg é melhor que fortinite
Thirdy Diego (10 days ago)
Roman reigns punch xD
你媽草 (11 days ago)
UP_PY (11 days ago)
Kjuminten Minten (11 days ago)
I love pubg and forfnite
AzZaM Al HuSsEiN (11 days ago)
SantiagoThePro Gamer (11 days ago)
Fornite is best what Pubg v:
T4 Troll (12 days ago)
Squishybootz (12 days ago)
Computer set up? Wtf
Hasan Ateş (12 days ago)
As bayrakları en baştaki türk 😂😂
Anselmo Mello Ventania (12 days ago)
bem loco
Karin S (12 days ago)
Anjir gua langsung ngakak 😂
Mayank Singh (12 days ago)
Please make a snow map
Trong Truong (12 days ago)
Hài vãi
mr. yasser (13 days ago)
Hey,hey I well how d get here man,?💔😂
Danilo Duarte (13 days ago)
Como e o nome Desi jogo
Sandesh Stha (13 days ago)
1st scene is just mean
Shaikh Anas (13 days ago)
Can anybody please share the link for pc PUBG bcz i am playing in my mobile and this video version is too different from it please share a link if anybody has..
Soslu Lemon (14 days ago)
Türk var başda
chokun channel (14 days ago)
yarte kamsa (14 days ago)
Fckng idiot
اثقبك_Π_ PRO (14 days ago)
That was so saily
[PM] Ahmed Cemil (14 days ago)
En baştaki türk
ميسو الوقح (14 days ago)
هههههههه كسختك ههههههه😤😤😤
Storm K-1 (14 days ago)
If you can kill people with bare hands, what is the point of putting weapons, nice logic.

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