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Everything Wrong with Call of Duty: WW2 - Single Player Campaign

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I dive into the Single Player Campaign for Call of Duty: World War 2 to find all of the little things that the game gets wrong. All of the guns are modelled wrong and feel weak, explosives are used incorrectly and then there are the historically inaccurate missions that feel as if they have been shoehorned into the plot alongside many, many more small issues... The CoD:WW2 is bassically the Michael Bay product of the gaming world. Bombastic, over the top action and fun with very little connection to reality and the history it is trying to depict. Music: "Razormind" - by Simon Viklund (simonviklund.com) & (https://overkillsoundtracks.bandcamp.com/album/payday-2-official-soundtrack)
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Text Comments (760)
Panzershreck translated: Tank’s fear
TV-94 (19 days ago)
I don't get how they managed to get the fire speeds of the MG-42 and PPSh wrong when COD had it pretty much right 10 years ago!
Ryan N (1 month ago)
This game was okay, but a major improvement over the previous futuristic games. And might I add, the map pack dlcs do a justice and make the game better (multiplayer wise). But I don’t think you should have to buy dlcs to make the game good. Great video man
GollyKun (1 month ago)
They sund like airsoft guns
GollyKun (1 month ago)
Dr. Oktoberfest (1 month ago)
Well Russian summers are pretty crappy The weather is often really bad
Lieutenant_Sepp (1 month ago)
The Kar 98k, the FG-42, the MG-42, the MG -34 and the G43 use the same ammo and the MG 15 is a MG for planes
The Monkey zombie (1 month ago)
Almost sounds like a video game, crazy huh? Still enjoyed the video
Chris VectorGR (1 month ago)
Bf has better graphics!!
Ryan Japan (2 months ago)
18:29 and do tell what is that message?
Ryan Japan (2 months ago)
13:42 also?
TheMachine69 (2 months ago)
I wonder what this game would be like if the character you play would have been like a nazi or someone important, it would be a different type of storyline and interesting.
staryoshi06 (2 months ago)
Don't forget that the MG-42 should be cocked BEFORE adding a new belt.
tomasbar (2 months ago)
I've had SO MUCH more fun with this games singleplayer than with bf1s singleplayer
Andrew Wiggins (2 months ago)
The tube of tnt was designed to explode straight up and cut razor or other things like that. Also it was normal for people to be right next to it when it goes off (as long as there laying down lol)
TheGameHunter-RO (2 months ago)
graphic effort-too much ; missions effort-very little ; german capaing-none(idiots) ; soviet campaing-none(also idiots) ; fight mission in-Siviet Union,Hungari,Romania,Yugoslavia,Africa are not (very idiots) ; cronologi-very bad,there are not fights from 1939-1940-1941-1942-1943-1944. And i comed here for the missions problem and the German and Soviet campaing,and if they add some dlc with this campaings, they are bastards,fucking idiots people,they dont know how to make a game.
Max Musterman (3 months ago)
Its so funny to hear how u speak the german words u speak english and then i hear nearly perfekt german gute arbeit kamerad!
TheRyderShotgun (3 months ago)
payday music makes everything better
Haku`s Secret (3 months ago)
very good video dude, but fucked up accent ! xD
JoshtheGod (3 months ago)
The payday 2 music was 🔥
Bosnian Wolf (3 months ago)
Payday 2 did it better
Ukzev Kiiitonen (3 months ago)
I hate when in every ww2 game germans get treated like baddies
ximbabwe0228 (3 months ago)
Zussman brings up the fact that he's Jewish as he's being captured by Nazis
Howard (3 months ago)
8:50 The name of the mounted gun is MG34, when it's clearly the MG42.
D-MAN (3 months ago)
I agree with you in every single point except the graphics point I think this game don't even get close to the graphics of an AAA game with millions of budget like battlefield.....
The Whiskey (4 months ago)
G- Man (4 months ago)
I love how on the train mission it says MG34 but it’s the MG42, also that mission was just pure garbage.
Jacob Berman (4 months ago)
The German being stabbed could have hit the aorta
litboii100 (4 months ago)
call of duty WW2 :payday the heist
Javier nuñez (5 months ago)
The mayor sin is the MG42 is the weapon do not expulse casings or shells when your firing why ? Older games do better
Rogue-9 (5 months ago)
On some of the mounted ones they even have casings flying out of the side which is even worse
GentleShark (5 months ago)
I allways hated the fact that they depict the germans as monsters, yes the nazi's were clearly the worst but not all german soldiers were horrible, at least some of them were consctripts and would be against the ideologie enforced on them. Maybe make other campaigns as germans or soviets in the war showing other perspectifs. Like the eastern front for example! Or the Pacific front, or one of the dozen other fronts of the war (Afrika, Italy?) I am just frustrated by the fact that cod once again fully centralises Amerika in the story of ww2... When there are many more big Players in the war with even more exiting story. Sorry for my english... I'm am not a native english speaker
Dakota Gist (5 months ago)
Most grease guns were actually chambered in 9mm parabellum
8:54 is that a MG34?
The Flickster (5 months ago)
12:52 that was the wine glass that she was holding when heinrich pushed her to the ground
delimiter (6 months ago)
That's were some seriously well accurate German words, I heard there from you in that video. So I'm interested now into we're you're from +Rouge-9?
Gale Wings Jordan (6 months ago)
Not to mention they used the wrong tanks to invade France... like Why? It's not like that info is readily available. And the tank fight where you Sherman can't penetrate the front of a panzer 3 is bull shit.
A T (6 months ago)
The plane section
duck Fletcher (6 months ago)
Most of the American tanks in the game are Sherman Fireflies when it should be M4s, M4A1s and M4A3s. The fireflies. The fireflies were generally only used by the British.
Caleb Reynolds (6 months ago)
I think that the last mission should’ve been the bombing of Dresden, where you play as a real pilot that you’ve never seen in the game. Then have the last mission show case the 101st having themselves a good ol time; soldier comes in with info about the bombing of dresden and everyone cheers, the end. Make extreme effort to show a huge contrast between what really happened versus the fog of war that the infantry feels. Nail the point home by not showing the characters the truth or have them even care- they just got out of the European front alive after all.
AgentBender In HD (6 months ago)
Everyone is missing a really silly detail. At 16:14 you see the kid's sister holding a MAGAZINE-FED KAR98K!!!
Johannes Nitz (6 months ago)
I got a an ad for the game at the start
Pocket 1892 And other (6 months ago)
Why does it have to be another D-Day and Western Europe game, let's get the pacific, Africa, Greece. Maybe even the Aleutian Islands. Also the Germans forced Russians and poles to fight as static troops along the Atlantic wall which is a reason for the Russian weapons.
Herman Strömberg (6 months ago)
You put the sound of an mg42 over the sound of the mg34 in the game...
cheezymuffin (6 months ago)
3:27 even if this program was planed to be on mass scale, the amount of PPsh's that where rounded in 9mm where really small compared to MP40's. also, finding the normal weapons was also rare, due to them being handed in by the German soldiers when moving to the western front. supplying these weapons would be complicated and useless. while finding one or 2 PPsh's would be a nice touch, and even make people more interested in ww2, when they find out this is true, the amount of PPsh's in the mission is just ridiculous. around every corner you can pick one up. yeah, in game-play wise it is so you can keep picking up ammo, but that's not the point of "rare" enemy weapons. like in older COD games, you could find enemies wielding StG44's and Falschirmjager gewer's... these weapons where powerful and could help you a long way, however, the enemies wielding them where more dangerous and the ammo was not so common. all in all, the amount of PPsh's is ay to high and unrealistic.
Master Dan (6 months ago)
I’m not sure if rouge 9 is German or not. Because those pronounations are spot on. (Sorry for wrong spelling)
Trench Drago (6 months ago)
8:58 Raid WW2 Except it Isn't A Piece Of Shit
Mythical Dust (6 months ago)
Everything is better with Payday music
Rogue-9 (6 months ago)
SiegeBrickStudios : (7 months ago)
As well as the Kar98K with scope and the normal Kar98K not having compatible ammo, it is the same case with the M1 garand and M1 garand with bayonet.
AlexS 935 (7 months ago)
You went off in this video 😂
Jason Morel (7 months ago)
Daniels only getting a bronze star for everything he did was a fucking joke. People get medal of honors for less than he would do on a single mission.
ThePhantomMarshmallow (7 months ago)
You gotta remember all movies and video games or books with nazis the nazi badguy main character dudes speak english. Remember Indiana Jones?
Gaming with Wolfgang (7 months ago)
Battleship Texas in game is missing 2 turrets
Phfish_ (7 months ago)
These are some of the reasons heroes and generals is one of the best ww2 games out there.
Crystal Vidana (7 months ago)
*_"ogm u suk call of dudi is.. good! U jelus haha"_* - Every call of duty fanboy.
Kind of Not Vinnie (7 months ago)
Lit video dude!
Not not a good Guy (7 months ago)
The kar 98 gets it's whole clip shoved in
William Couldry (7 months ago)
When your are in the car shooting at the train it says your using an mg34 which is not even in the game and also is just the mg42 but with a different name.
Petr Červinka (7 months ago)
Raptor Jesus (7 months ago)
Just another issue with the guns that they got right in previous CoD games is the Thompson, in game I noticed it is quite often seen with a drum mag. While yes, the Thompson originally came with a drum mag, , the military decided to use a simple box mag instead because the drum mag was large, heavy, expensive and unreliable.
Eugene Oliveros (7 months ago)
This is why Battlefield 1 will outclass any COD game after Infinite Warfare
Lorenzo Gemio Valverde (7 months ago)
I really enjoyed this video
Sultan MerahJambu (7 months ago)
Razormind is my fav soundtrack in payday 2
Batza The beast (7 months ago)
My friends say I'm mad when I say cod is historically inaccurate I showed them this vid then they changed
Zack Zero (7 months ago)
Different company I guess
Covert Cupcake (7 months ago)
@Rogue9 It is pretty absurd to talk of veterans from the Eastern front fighting in Normandy. Well there may have been 1 or 2 every hundred miles or so, the Atlantic wall was attacked at Normandy for a reason. The majority of men fighting for the Germans there were actually Polish or otherwise Eastern European in decent. A German NCO would force them to fight with a "pistol to their back". Even the men fighting there that WERE German were old, young, or otherwise not a prime combatant. The veterans from the Eastern front would also have probably been forced to turn in their old uniform, weapon, ammunition, etc in order to receive new kit.
Dragon Overseer (7 months ago)
7 min in an im already thinking OMG WHO THE HELL CARES ITS JUST A GAME
T DD (7 months ago)
Dragon Overseer When a bunch of historians work on a game, and try and make it the best they can, and get it horribly wrong, we have to point it out. And the video has 2.3 thousand likes, so yeah, a lot of people care.
George007 (7 months ago)
I have a question... Why deos an amarecan jeep has a mg-42???
11 (7 months ago)
Good video, I'm sad it had to end.
Frost Soul (7 months ago)
Frost Soul (7 months ago)
Thought that this was going to be a CinemaSins style video
SiegeBrickStudios : (7 months ago)
The Germans in this game always say "Americana" when in reality it is "Amerikanish"
That's why I like call of duty 2 more than this call of duty:ww2
Dr. Sous (8 months ago)
There's one inaccuracy that bothered me a lot that no one seemed to catch onto. Near the beginning of Operation Cobra when you're sitting on the back of the tank. The tank commander is talking to you about how the SSgt. messed up and got an Article 15 for getting a bunch of men killed and that the article 15 punishment took his rank. In WW2 under the Articles of War an article 15 is when an officer claims he has more men under his command than he actually does in order to get more money. I believe it's called a "False Muster". The Article 15 they are talking about is the one from the Uniform Code of Military Justice in which case the article 15 is a Non Judiciary Punishment which is used to punish someone who breaks a law/order and can lead to a loss of rank. The problem is. Is that the UCMJ wasn't established until May 5th of 1950. It's a small detail but pretty interesting.
Rational Everyman (8 months ago)
A Sherman should have no problem penetrating a panzerIV or panzer III at point blank range. Being hit with a shot from a Tiger should be game over for any Sherman that isn’t a jumbo.
Grammar Nazi (8 months ago)
The Germans uniforms were wrong on many missions. So saying that they were 'recreated correct' is bullshit.
R&N RailProductions (8 months ago)
The MP-18/28 really pissed me off with how fucking fast it fired. and how some of the rifles that were fed with stripper clips are loaded with box magazines, sorta like how the Federov in BF1 is realoaded with a box magazine even though they were reloaded with stripper clips. The Wehrmacht and SS officers in the spy mission had inaccurate uniforms like at 13:48... this whole campaign and game is a fucking insult.
RAY M (8 months ago)
this singleplayer is total joke and also we never bitching too much like this if Dev didnt say this game Is Historically Accurate
johnson vensel (8 months ago)
who else wants a ww2 game based on realism historical accuracy and all that good stuff?
DGARedRaven (6 months ago)
I think the closest we have right now is Day of Infamy, or Red Orchestra :/
Stereotype (8 months ago)
2:44 - Dude, this is just in the game to make the campaign longer. Only reason.
T DD (7 months ago)
Sergeant Danko okay, and? It was a nice feature, whether or not it was there due to whatever reason.
HoneyBadgerAirsoft (8 months ago)
Why were there tanks on D-Day? Unless they were on Utah(which I doubt) only 2 tanks made it to the beach
HoneyBadgerAirsoft (8 months ago)
How hard is it to research this shit before making millions off of the games release, or simply using the actual sound of these guns instead of shitty made up sounds
Fighter of the Night Man (8 months ago)
Wait, the ppsh fires SLOWER?
Guessingguy (8 months ago)
I could feel your hate welling up throughout the video. Amazing.
Dominic Couvrette (8 months ago)
I looked up the IRL MG 42 and it sounds like the fire rate in WW2 is much slower than it should be. How was that allowed?
Gamertelt (8 months ago)
You heavent mentioned that M4 COULDNT penetrate Pz.IV frontal armor but it could easily penetrate TigerII frontal armor
Revolver Ocelot (8 months ago)
What wins a game studio or a random youtuber
Michael Schmuland (8 months ago)
This campaign is good for the most part it was inaccurate in terms of WW2 it's only the Americans part in the war. Also the story was extremely predictable. Oh of course Zussman would be the last of the soilders to be shot at. And the train mission was over the top.
FuckinAntiPope (9 months ago)
At the beginning when you hop on some tanks, they are Sherman Fireflys that where never used by the US but they have US stars on them and are used by americans. I didn't liked that
Blistening Resources (9 months ago)
Someone fucked up your captions... Just to let you know
Rogue-9 (9 months ago)
+Blistening Resources thanks for the heads up. Can you give me a bit more detail on what's wrong? I checked a couple of places in the video and everything looks fine.
Message for music (9 months ago)
Shane Meehan (9 months ago)
Forgot during the tank misson a sherman with a 75mm low velocity Canon can penetrate a tiger tank 😂
Kevin sSOLOo Beasley (9 months ago)
Pierson didn’t want to evacuate the civilians
LOWKΣY (9 months ago)
I'm sorry to tell you but on the Normandy they took records of the guns used on d day itself which didn't contain and reports of ppsh's
FujiApple (9 months ago)
cinematic is preferred over authentic these days
THAT_CUCV_GUY 42 (9 months ago)
You forgot that you see Sherman Fireflies more than the m4
James Sawley (9 months ago)
Am I the only one who noticed that the m1 carbines front aperture is way to tall. This might be a special variation of the m1 with special sights but my dad has 3 of them and none of them have this tall ass front sight.
Sweetie Belle (9 months ago)
Its seems that historical accuracy is becoming less important in historical based games. Such a shame.
MRJazzygameplay (9 months ago)
And out of nowhere it turns into Biker Heist Day 2.
Ny8afh (9 months ago)
I do agree with the Russian weapons being involved on D-Day but I highly doubt activison did their research they just put them in there
Revolgnoremac (9 months ago)
Just adding on to the tank mission the 75mm gun of that Sherman would have barely scratched the German King tiger that you're facing and with its 88mm kwk42 cannon it would have been able to knock out that model of Sherman easily from a mile away with one round never mind at point blank
Lucian schwartz-croft (9 months ago)
Gute aussprache

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