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The Burton LMR Broke Battlefield 1

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Text Comments (3011)
Enferno (20 minutes ago)
I wish this shit was in BF3 to end the heli/jet rape
Jonathan Boland (30 minutes ago)
If I unsubscribed why you still in my feed my dude. Wondering why you're like ratio is hecked up.
Absolutely Solid (30 minutes ago)
I don’t think it’s strong enough, I hate pilots and people abusing aircraft, when people in the lobby either are able or aren’t good enough to take out the plane it’s infuriating and I think that’s why bf1 is dead on console
Autumn Knight (34 minutes ago)
Planes are the most unbalanced thing in bf1, now we have a counter. Please don’t complain about every little thing you think is unfair to you. This is what we needed, Dice delivered.
Android Smartphone (1 hour ago)
Reference Martini Henry -As someone who watches a lot of YouTube. Majority of new stuff in games its first op then they say it's been nerfed way too much.
Haze Officiel (3 hours ago)
This videos is dulb anyway, you complain bout this gun, with youre views lot of people will get it now and spam the burton, like you and other youtubers did with the heavygaybomber
Haze Officiel (3 hours ago)
Sorry but, good pilot destroyed the game for almost 2 year now (trench plane then attack plane, and now the HeavyGAY Bomber in every fackin game), and now we cryin cuz support get 1 weapon to take down thoses pilots ?, Sorry but its fine like this, pilots supremacy is over, anyway BFV comes in few months, bf1 will llse half of players or even more, pilot are just kda cryin babies
ThePeskyOnion (3 hours ago)
Oh well pilots are cunts
Jeffy Jeffy (3 hours ago)
I Have His Whole Loadout -_-
Jeffy Jeffy (3 hours ago)
I Just Unlocked This Gun! 😁
Pain in the PG Clean (3 hours ago)
You are complaining because you are not making clips on planes anymore you are an idiot nooooooooob
Sergio Lopes (5 hours ago)
Geez, what the fuck is happening with those people in charge of battlefield franchise????? Seriously????
Alex Breedlove (5 hours ago)
Damn it I have to unlock this fucking gun!
Alex Breedlove (5 hours ago)
Or at least use a fucking loot box and gamble for it! Oh right lootboxes arent gambling arent they EA....
Monarchist Rebel (5 hours ago)
So that’s what shredded my plane in a second
Micheal TMan (6 hours ago)
dice has confirmed there done with bf1 so no updates will be given to nerf the gun. the game is 100% complete and in its final stage so bye bye aircraft
ASIANBOII 42 (6 hours ago)
Shhh!!! We don’t want this to be nerfed into the ground! I can’t play bf1 daily, can only play 2 days a week. I don’t have a lot of time to play with it. Don’t make dice nerf it into the ground and I also hate pilots. The Dicks just stay up in the air while me with my mg1917 helplessly deal five damage to them before they drop bombs on my ass. This gun is needed and it’s just fine where it is. I would not be botching about a slight, emphasis on SLIGHT, damage reduction but I still wanna get back at those damn pilots for the hell they put me thru
derrick scott (7 hours ago)
One of your opinions I actually agree with. What the hell were those guys thinking? Great talking point, I enjoyed it
Austin Davîd (7 hours ago)
I like it because it's a away to get rid of pesky attack planes that plaque the game especially if they know how to use it
Mampfie (7 hours ago)
thats how it was in WW1, planes got shredded by LMGs
Onetime 4-Real (7 hours ago)
Did they nerf it already???? I've been using it today and it doesn't do anything close to the amount of damage as it shows in this video. I emptied a whole magazine into a few airplanes and it didn't disable anything.
WP ScorpionWind (7 hours ago)
You do know that by making this video and letting the public, and companies, see the problem, you have basically doomed this weapons damage. It will now simply be a matter of time.
Caleb White (8 hours ago)
You people that don’t fly in every battlefield game don’t realize how incredibley hard it can be to stay in the air and be effective in bf1 when freakin LMG’s are shooting you down from across the map let alone the damn AA guns which are OP as hell. Literally everything can shoot youndownnits complete bs....
Andrew Harvey (8 hours ago)
One way I can think of balancing it out is an inability to regain the incendiary rounds through ammo pouches or boxes, so what you spawn with is what you have. (Edit) to go along with it, maybe even lower the amount of starting incendiary ammunition
adam davidson (8 hours ago)
Honestly the support class needed a gun like this. Aircraft has been way OP against infantry for too long. I love this gun so far.
adam davidson (8 hours ago)
It brought me back to bf1 (more unlocks).
james case (8 hours ago)
Josiah Krafft (9 hours ago)
Remember when the shotguns were really really good
Masta Bonsai (9 hours ago)
gonna be honest i am glad the support finally gets 1 broken weapon... fucking assault class has like 20
nfsfanAndrew (9 hours ago)
Levelcap is a plane whore so of course he's upset we have a tool that can deal with planes on the ground now. The planes are op and have been since launch with no way to defend from them without grabbing a plane yourself.
Al b. (9 hours ago)
Cry me a river
TheNewyorktrademark (10 hours ago)
The clip suck versus 2 or more people so I think it's balance
Jefferson Andrade (11 hours ago)
Finally, time to unlock the parabellum
Sanuck176 (12 hours ago)
Finally played today. I was wondering why some lil shit was knocking off my wings so easily. So it was this gun.
kaptainkooleio (12 hours ago)
Looks like Nerf Cap is at it again. I’m glad Dice doesn’t put up with your shit anymore
RCA G (12 hours ago)
A handheld AA gun should be fun to use
iTheReal ElChapo (13 hours ago)
When I got killed by people with this gun I thought why were hacking
Princess Applestrach (13 hours ago)
Fuck all of you cod noobs that doesn't find this gun op because you can finally start shooting at planes on your own and destroy them face the fact y'all just suck at countering planes it's not that difficult especially when you don't shoot at it with anything , two LMG players can destroy an aircraft even a bomber they just need to shoot at it and without using any other thing than their MG15 imagine the shock if they used AA guns ? Or anything else like tankgehwer and ammoboxes or IDK team play ? Do you guys know what it is ? Y'all are complaining but you aren't doing anything look at BFV most of it's mechanics are casual things added because you guys suck at battlefield I played the beta and it was really fun I'm not the best pilot but I'm also not the worst , I'm also a good infantryman and a kinda ok tanker in BF1 and I can tell you that anything can destroy a plane DOOM49ners should destroy a plane with the kolibri because even with this it's possible
Bane Nakki (13 hours ago)
In my standpoint, Burton LMR is a gift from god to this game. Its super easy to farm people with attack planes and then go back to repair plane to your own base area. Burton LMR is a positive, i can argue with this & and Dice should NOT switch this. That is my standpoint as a infantry player and a casual pilot. Im really glad that this gun came to a game as i could start playing this game again. Started to get seriously pissed about some guy flying in plane whole game just farming people without me as an infantry player having any chance to counter it. Even i, as an extremely casual pilot, can spot stationary AAs & lmg guys spraying and just kill them before they can do anything about me. This was just my standpoint tho :)
[EMP] PrimoEmperor (13 hours ago)
Good grief, and I thought the M1917 was stupid
Crazed2550 (13 hours ago)
Well that was it’s real life purpose.
RUSI 025 (14 hours ago)
delete vehicles from game dice LA u mad bro!?😝😂
RUSI 025 (14 hours ago)
nigga dice LA vs pilots
Oddyssey Willy (15 hours ago)
"hey guys level cap here and I'm a pussy who says everything is op in video games"
Grand Leader Owen (15 hours ago)
My last name is Burton :D
Panzer VII Löwe (15 hours ago)
I feel like Dice just adds guns that are time period appropriate that they find on Forgotten Weapons
imiss timesplitters (15 hours ago)
Ahhh. Whos gonna care in 3 months.
Whirly Peryton (16 hours ago)
"Not properly tested before implementation" - Every weapon on every video game
Ishmael 420 (16 hours ago)
Lmao the only people not wanting a nerf are shitty players who are bad at being pilots.
Clay Ops (17 hours ago)
They should have made it a battle pickup..
Supaa Dupaa (17 hours ago)
Good no more 100-0 pilots in game who just keep strafing all the time and you do the full mag at the plane with 30dmg only....
94eh3 (17 hours ago)
I wish they had this on BF4 against those god damn little bird pilots.
DemiDAforgotten (18 hours ago)
So you were the guy that kept taking our aircraft down
Nael Meraey (18 hours ago)
This whole game is broken lol
WelshScrub 69 (18 hours ago)
Jose Duran (18 hours ago)
Level Cap: This gun is game breaking. *proceeds to show evidence that it is* Community: No it's NOT! You just like to complain! Meanwhile, planes and airships are being rendered obsolete by one dude with this gun.
Jan Solo (18 hours ago)
Jose Duran BF1 Community is just a bunch of pussys who hat to get destroyed when their team is bad and can't use AA guns.
A Twat On YT (18 hours ago)
The flame rounds verses the airship makes sense since u could argue that the round would light the helium tanks
A Twat On YT (18 hours ago)
I only like the flame round when its a night map and their trace trail looks cool
aj mitchell (19 hours ago)
I want one.
Joel Plays (19 hours ago)
On BF4 you can use a rocket launcher to destroy a heli or a jet On BF1 what I have to do this job ? This gun is balanced
Jan Solo (18 hours ago)
Joel Plays You was able to doge the missiles and use flairs both you can't do here
Hapa Fodder (19 hours ago)
Oh no, you mean no more 40-0 killstreaks? Awe, too bad... I got BF1 for the INFANTRY fighting. If this makes people stop flying, oh well....
Saecrem (20 hours ago)
i think they should increase damage drop off with the incendiary rounds
Grant Carlson (20 hours ago)
There is MORE than enough things to take out pilots. There is AA, AA truck, LMGs, Other pilots, AA rocket gun, & snipers. AA easily can take out a pilot Before they get close enough to do damage
TheInfiniteLoop (20 hours ago)
FiniteAutomaton (21 hours ago)
levelcap thanks for taking the time to find ways to nerf the already shitty game. Get that EA paycheck bro?
Yaroslav Bondarev (21 hours ago)
its not that good because if there is two enemies walking up to you at once your ded
Fuze Main (21 hours ago)
Hm, guess I know why I haven’t hopped in an attack plane in a little while. Though from my experience I’ve rarely ever found someone going 150-0 in a plane and I’ve been playing since December 2016.
Fragotron McFarland (22 hours ago)
So, in reality, it didn't break shit, it might have fixed BF1a little even...by your own account. GREAT TITLE!!!!!!!
Sir-Kao-Pad Power (22 hours ago)
Hes turned BF hater so funny . lets the salt flow through you . U had a good run .
Dex senpai (23 hours ago)
Salty Bear (23 hours ago)
Yea, I don't see the gun a whole lot, but it's top 5 for killed by the past two weeks. Had it unlocked and didn't even realize it.
Ord_ Huntire (1 day ago)
Hmmm. Thanks for the heads up. Cause of you, one more just added onto that list. Ironic
Mr Spreez (1 day ago)
Always whinging
Michael Homer (1 day ago)
My tip on getting the LMR, stand in the back most objective in operations (if you're defending) and snipe out at the people charging in. I also put the tripwire bombs down in the objective. It should only take 2 games.
V0V0o (1 day ago)
DICE hate planes ... i always play as pilot & it take ages to spawn on a jet just to get shot in 1 sec by that .
Dusk Dream (1 day ago)
Look at all these people complaining because they refuse to try and counter planes with the many AAs, LMG fire and AA truck. This thing is ridiculously overpowered! If this doesn't get nerfed, I think my attack plane should instantaneously reload its bombs and its nose turret never overheat.
Ein The Corgi (1 day ago)
I knew something was wrong with this gun 😂
NoImGaara (1 day ago)
Broken? Really? Whenever I play I constantly get stomped on by the enemy. AA gun yeah sure if I want to be sniped from across the map. As a complete noob to flying I got 20+ kills with the heavy bomber. If you ask me this is perfectly balanced.
TheCreeper XL (1 day ago)
I unlocked the Burton by accident
blacklabel131 (1 day ago)
Still a fucking ugly gun though
train fan 4014 (1 day ago)
Why does it have two bullet cases yet you don’t reload both
BusseCh (1 day ago)
I consider myself a regular-good pilot, i get long killstreaks in matches with no outstanding players, but get a hard time when the enemy has good pilots or actually uses the AA. Bf1 didn’t need a new gun for shooting down airplanes, just a good team, which is the basic of the game
Jan Solo (18 hours ago)
BusseCh Thank you.
Ston3bridg3 Viking (1 day ago)
Playing BF games without HC mode is like riding a bike with support wheels 🤮
DaCrazyTwitch (1 day ago)
So many retards get rekt by bombers and shit. I keep my eyes peeled for anything trying to bomb, and if I see a bomber I usually run somewhere where there is cover
Frost Flyght (1 day ago)
i just got bf1 and had the burton lmr right off the bat. either i'm super defensive or it's a glitch/bug
Chaotic Reaper0 (1 day ago)
This gun is so fucking broken as a pilot I always had to deal with AA guns, AA trucks, other pilots, normal LMG gunfire from 50 different directions, then they added those AA rocket guns which absolutely rip apart planes but nooooo you fucking noobs wanted a gun that can kill a plane in 5 seconds because "WAHHHH WAAAAAH mah shootyshooty no kill fast like in mah cock of dooty gayme waaaah"
Jose Semino (1 day ago)
I got it and I cant control the insane recoil
I I (1 day ago)
What if they reduce the velocity of the rounds so that the smaller planes would be able to outrun them
Nathan Arao (1 day ago)
I swear all this guy does is whine
Noob Sandwich (1 day ago)
This is just desserts for the assault plane being so OP it made AA cannons irrelevant. I have exactly 0 sympathy for pilot mains.
generic (1 day ago)
if anything it balanced things out, literally everyones had that one attack plane fly over, drop bombs and kill like 5 people, time to kill them! haha!
Abel Straw (1 day ago)
I always play infantry, so I appreciate the attempt to give ground players a fighting chance. I do agree that it needs to be balanced better
DisgustedMan (1 day ago)
This weapon was intended to take on air combat so not surprising it can take out a plane easily but its kinda hard to kill soldiers with the LMG
Michael Bloome (1 day ago)
mr. ugly (1 day ago)
2:15 talk about CIWS moment lol
Logan Armijo (1 day ago)
i am a die hard pilot on battlefield like my pilot class is level 50 and base classes are just over 10 and i have to say this gun has made the game unplayable for me its worse than the aa guns when the game first launched
Soulshot96 (1 day ago)
Good. Fuckwit plane campers finally have a hard counter. Fucking fabulous.
OopsIGotDead (1 day ago)
Hunter Marty (1 day ago)
A squad with buttons can take down a blimp in 5 mins
SweetCheeses (1 day ago)
Change the title to LevelCapGaming Broke Battlefield 1
Bernard Calloway (1 day ago)
LMMAOFF ' .... I bet those Pilots were like ; WTF ?!? WHO DID THAT ? WHO FUCKIN CHEATED ?? L ol !
Omar Chin (1 day ago)
Well this confirm that DICE really hate planes and the map monte AA gun isnt an accident.

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