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The Burton LMR Broke Battlefield 1

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Text Comments (3345)
MUTE (3 hours ago)
No problem. I run bomber killer on the fighter so it’s all good.
DeadlyFredXXX (5 hours ago)
Completely random observation: am I the only one who thinks LevelCap sounds like Dominik Cruz from the UFC?
Iacopo Finco (2 days ago)
I'm still waiting for an anti horse weapon XD
Crunchykevlar (9 days ago)
Is it patched now?
d Blake (13 days ago)
I've never seen any aircraft domination. I know where every AA gun is. Kill me once I'll spawn near a flak gun and get you back
skoda10 (14 days ago)
this weapon is just what i've always wanted in the game. hope they don't nerf it.
Med kit (15 days ago)
This man know: a dude that destroyes your day with aircraft il going to Piss on the Aircrafts
Ethan Reus (16 days ago)
Stands next to AA gun uses LMG
VX9982DCFG 0 (17 days ago)
Is this a dlc gun
Ncc 24656 (17 days ago)
this will not break BF1 its going to help out all of use whos sick of hoging the planes :D
8BitSigdom (17 days ago)
Planes are a bit OP in BF1, so a good counter measure has been long awaited from my side.
lzy4202 J (18 days ago)
Operation is dumb mod,Conquer mod is the most balanced mod.
Mr Mosquito (18 days ago)
Oh no, I can't go on unassisted 40-80 kill streaks with little to no real resistance. _oh how unfortunate_
ShadowMamba95 (18 days ago)
Yeah it broke it, so my question is why use it then, people are going to follow suit... Plus, we have another LMG, the MG14 that can also take down planes, anyone complaining? Yes? No? Just sayin...
Jeremiah Castro (18 days ago)
How do you point
Best Kinda Mess (19 days ago)
This is WW1?
xSilentKillerx 02 (18 days ago)
despacito 69 (19 days ago)
Why you cant use second mag in it tho
AkiN4SomEBacoN (20 days ago)
Well since you now made a video saying this weapon is to op ea will nerf it and airplanes are back to being op
Rico Gutierrez (21 days ago)
Why doesn't anyone play air assault
Nubie Bob (21 days ago)
Nerf nerf nerf overpowered overpowered nerf nerf nerf.. thought this was a jackfrags vid.
Carpe Noctem (22 days ago)
Confirmed kill or not, a disabled plane is a disabled plane. You effectively destroyed the plane even if you don’t %100 destroy it
Vladimir Novakovic (22 days ago)
another cry for a nerf? Youtubers like LCG broke the battlefield franchise with their crying for nerfing. All the BF games got favorite guns nerfed, many times, and that removed all the fun. Guns should never be nerfed, they can introduce new guns if the balance is concern, or buff the others. Apart of bug fixes, games should stay as they were the moment they were bought.
Lat Gaming (22 days ago)
It didn’t broke the game, im glad that this gun is so effective in game. I hate those players who sit in a airplane all round for 40 minutes with 60-0 k/d . And probably somebody from dice got pissed about it too and made this weapon.🙂
Ty (22 days ago)
You guys are crazy. This us an absolute imbalance to the game. There's a hierarchy in battlefield. You don't bring a knife to a gun fight. An attack plane is just that an attack plane it's supposed to give people a hard time! This tiny little gun taking out planes looks ridiculous.
Ty (22 days ago)
This is literally the same as the USAS 12 FROM bf3 that was able to take out tanks and helos. Then they patched it.
Lil pump Boi (22 days ago)
Now that's alot of damage!!!!
Ralph Valencia (22 days ago)
I have never seen a bomber go 25+ kills. Must be because if I see bombers being annoying, I just get on a fighter, dominate the air, go back to the ground.
Abe Plus (22 days ago)
in bf3 i used to die to planes like barley ... ever , bf4 not so much , and then bf1 i dont die from getting shot at at all my kd is usually 3.0 + most of my deaths are planes .... i could be in the most secure place ever and id die by a plane. i'm glad there's this burton gun to shoot em down. we don't have rocket launchers or anything else to counter. get your facts straight before making an opinionated dumb video my guy.
monster2slayer (22 days ago)
I dont think you can say this destroys the game when pilots still consistently have 70/5 kdr's or even better
tri poloski (22 days ago)
Air planes are broken they are op if used right once saw an airplane flyer with 3 deaths and 65 kills
commander death (22 days ago)
It's shit anyway
Shackaloo (22 days ago)
Yep. Definitely broken... Nobody will ever be able to play Battlefield 1 again... #Levelcrapissuchadramaqueen
Illusory Biscuit (22 days ago)
I live in a town called burton
Joh Smith (22 days ago)
I fucking noticed a significant amount of support classea iring on me more often, was wondering what the hell was going on. Can confirm this little devil will absolutely murder a fighter plane, attack planes can usually take one out though, but God forbid two people should fire at me.
a arais (23 days ago)
He said volley about 200 times in this video
Wiley Moslow (23 days ago)
Only one of these guns were ever made
Exiled Spirit (23 days ago)
I DIDNT care for ìT,. Until I seen ThìS😀,. An interesting equalizer
andrademeza (23 days ago)
Yur dumb af. It didnt break bf1. Yur a drama queen.
superllamaking (23 days ago)
Considering how fucking aids pilots can be, I wish there were more guns like the LMR. Fuck pilots and their constant strafe runs. This is the only support gun I use anymore.
Abraham Perez (23 days ago)
This hasn’t stopped me from going 113-4
Steven Oman (23 days ago)
Your damaging the behemoth wrong. Small burst the compartments hanging under the blimp. Easily 30-50 pts. Per clip if each shot hits right. Reload. Keep shooting the same vehicle part. It will quickly become damaged and break.
Steven Oman (23 days ago)
This is game saving. That one guy in a plane cant go 100k 0 deaths now. Light them up boys
Kr0n81 (23 days ago)
I want one for Xmas
Zuhair S (23 days ago)
Fuck yeah finally we can defend ourselves from planes. The gun isnt broken planes are just OP.
Handsome Jack (23 days ago)
Clickbait title.
The Sasquatch Gamer (24 days ago)
Is this dlc gun or does it come with the base game? I’m an experienced player but I refuse to buy dlc anymore.
Gus Gee (24 days ago)
Look at that damage, so much damage!
Jonny B (24 days ago)
They really need to work on planes EXPLODING when they hit the ground. Breaking apart and just kaboom
MonsterSIP (24 days ago)
10 minutes for one gun I don't even think the manufacturers of that firearm could fucking stretch that out that long
CrashCookie 239 (24 days ago)
0:38 that was a sick explosion
Notorious Ene (24 days ago)
Good fuck those airplane nerds
Tronald Dump (24 days ago)
That ww1 era stinger sure looks strange
Pripyat Bandit (24 days ago)
who else is put off by the fact that the right magazine is never reloaded?
PATS_NATION_CK (24 days ago)
Whats next? A video bout the hellreigel needing a buff? Lol get real
PATS_NATION_CK (24 days ago)
Oh no we finallh have something to shoot planes down, games broken lmao ok. How bout the 1000 deaths to planes we had no idea was bombing us? This video is hilarious, evey new weapon ppl cry its OP
coolestusername1234 (24 days ago)
Nah homie this thing is balanced. Mag size + recoil makes are it's downfalls
Casino Cash (24 days ago)
Between this thing, enemy planes, AA guns and assault class with pocket rocket AAs... us pilots dont stand a chance anymore
nahum mohamed (24 days ago)
I did not knew that
Pixel_Geist (24 days ago)
fuck A2G pilots they deserve it stop crying wolf to the devs
The Dank Engine (24 days ago)
its not op
5000Seabass (24 days ago)
It's pretty realistic, planes weren't used heavily for warfare, more for scouting, because they were so easily damaged by infantry.
Viper Deuce (25 days ago)
I hate fuckin pilots... keep it
InfinityReaper (25 days ago)
"This gun can deal with planes, it MUST be breaking the game!"
KillerDragn (25 days ago)
Just leveled the playing field tbqh.
Ryan Chen (25 days ago)
make it a pickup weapon
KönigsTiger (25 days ago)
TitanStar (26 days ago)
I unlocked this weapon and i have to say its underpowered against close infantry but if its meant for killing planes good. Im tried of constantly dying from planes
PyroCircuit (26 days ago)
They nerfed it to the ground you can only kill one person per mag and you need 3 mags to destroy a plane
napstrike (26 days ago)
I do not understand. It only reloads one of the mags, and it reloads the gun to full. what is the second mag for then?
Sam96HD (26 days ago)
Is this really a 10 minute video that says basically nothing but "you can shoot down planes with this gun"
PyroCircuit (26 days ago)
It is kind of annoying to be killed as soon as you spawn in as a pilot
Tr U (27 days ago)
The S-bomber
Tr U (27 days ago)
I just use the 250 round mag machine gun to take them out. Works for me
IN/ RAINBOWS (27 days ago)
It could do with a small nerf but really, I think this gun was needed.
Cryptic Hex (28 days ago)
I remember a while ago I was going in with a strafing run in the attack plane and pardon my language, got fucking raped by 2 burtons
Anonymous Li (28 days ago)
If you want to learn more about this gun go check out forgotten weapons.
john r (29 days ago)
I love killing aircraft, the aa does not have enough shots to knock them down. the long range looks like to much range though
Ethan Phillips (1 month ago)
I could care less about the gun since I don’t play because the game was shit to begin with
Ethan Phillips (1 month ago)
YourFriendlyKiller back? I never left 4
YourFriendlyKiller (1 month ago)
Ethan Phillips mk you can stop complaining now and go back to 4
Steven Cole (1 month ago)
Definitely using this
Kyser (1 month ago)
Love how it's second magazine is ignored.
Fliyo MB (1 month ago)
2:15 what the...?
Shard Eboran (1 month ago)
Why does it have two clips if the animation just reloads the one ?
Dazzling Sky (1 month ago)
Shard Eboran one is normal ammo the other is incendiary ammo Normal ammo does less damage to aircraft but more to infantry and vice versa
Trentan Boiz (1 month ago)
Tbh when I’m in a firefight I just switch to the other clip and kill them I didn’t even know it was a clip to damage planes 😂
John Oliver (1 month ago)
Thats alota damage
hunter wade (1 month ago)
I Kno this was late but it's still good
hunter wade (1 month ago)
It's not destroying a10s and stuff if a wood and canvas airplane what happens when you lite up a paper plane with incendiary rounds like I get that it's op but no one likes to get raped for 20 min by a pilot it's bought time there's a plane killer out there as guns shoot Nerf mega darts this shoots incendiary rounds thank you dice for this gift
Matt (1 month ago)
Seeing this makes me want to play BF1 again. All I would do is hang out and shoot planes down
I Commando (1 month ago)
They should nerf this thing and buff the stationary anti air which are currently useless.
Syndera (1 month ago)
Just like the Flir scopes in Battlefield 4 I feel like this stuff does really not belong in games like these
W (1 month ago)
How can you have a skin on your silenced M1911???????? 4:38
titouæn (1 month ago)
The Burton LMR Broke Battlefield 1 Air Combat*
Tom Blakey (1 month ago)
Well....fuk planes.
harman Singh (1 month ago)
I guess this was to counter the Moroumets bomber.
Major blitz (1 month ago)
Pussies have ruined BF1 with all your whining.. Plain and simple. Nerf everything is your motto. Better hurry up and use it bitches, its going to get nerfd..Obviously the wont learn how to do anything but run and gun fags will say, Yep its great..Pussies.
Major blitz (1 month ago)
You pussies who wont LEARN how to fly and just run and gun only are usually the first to cry that tanks and planes are OP. Hey dumbasses they are supposed to be OP. If you don't like it LEARN how to use them. Before you talk shit, I am 50th in EVERY class in BF1. Maybe should be too. Obviously the only gun that should take down a plane that fast is the AA. Learn how to use them.....Bunch of Cry baby COD players.
Jay Outdoors (1 month ago)
Seems over powered
Greysen Malmstrom (1 month ago)
What’s that weird aiming thing it does
Utsuho Tomoe (1 month ago)
1.4K pilots disliked
It's kind of a two way street. On BF4 the Stinger was a helicopter pilot's worst nightmare and vice versa with the people on the ground having to use the stinger. It got even worse when a good pilot had a Little Bird and a guy with a repair tool. I always used the AA mine and the Stinger to take out people like that instead of trying to hit the chopper with countless RPG shots and dying in vain. I think this gun needs to stay in the game. And it doesn't need to be nerfed either.
Arthur Hall (1 month ago)
It's the worst thing to be playing and doing well and then out of nowhere you and 5 friendlies get killed because of a plane. Then your laying dead whatching the plane and he flys off a little bit and comes right back and does it again and again making it impossible for you to defend or attack a objective. I want to thank you because now I know how to stop that from happening and I think it is totally fair. The pilots that do that should not be allowed to sit there and do that the whole game. I think now it makes a little bit fair because I still want to play with my favorite guns so I'm not going to run around with this but the pilots that abuse the system this gun will make it fair. Thanks for the tip

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