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5x Airdrops - Fuggman vs Viewers | PUBG

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So we got custom server access! Now, you the viewer, dare to challenge the greed of the Fuggman. Good luck! To participate in custom games, be sure to join the Discord for future events. ► Discord - https://discord.gg/Fugglet ► Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/Fugglet ► Twitter - https://twitter.com/Fugglet_tv ► Twitch - https://twitch.tv/fugglet ► lronside, Click here to customize your own PC - https://ironsidecomputers.com/
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Text Comments (410)
Fugglet (5 months ago)
To join future custom games, hop on our Discord - I'll announce it there when we boot up the games. https://discord.gg/fugglet
Woon Haw (4 months ago)
Fugglet i
dime (5 months ago)
About that stacking 99 people on a bridge and running them over? WackyJacky already did it.
Berosar (5 months ago)
Fugglet can you make a new airdrop breakdown? I'd like to know what the odds are getting whick weappn.
FrshNoz (5 months ago)
link doesn't work
DragonGamer 475 (5 months ago)
Fugglet vip challenge you can only hip fire except with with dmrs and srs like in fortnite also no vehicles airdrops are allowed but you cant loot people's bodies. Yes i know that you get the loot in fortnite but it is just droped on the ground
Alex Lee (5 days ago)
U missed a level 3 backpack
Xcreeper _gaming (8 days ago)
Is that M16 ur wife?
pookhao animation (19 days ago)
You luv airdrops
Adrian Leon (30 days ago)
Where are you from? Like Ive never heard your accent before
Ahmet BabaBaba (1 month ago)
0:50 pubg = bug
Reclame Fuckup (1 month ago)
Why wasn’t he taking the lvl 3 backpack
Bagus Putra Budiman (1 month ago)
why dont you take the backpack lvl 3?
matty birds (1 month ago)
So ive recently found fugglet and watching his videos its clear he doesnt like level 3 bags cos he never picks them
Goj (1 month ago)
Anyone else think that the m16 looks soo good with red.dot and suppressor???
Alin Jr (1 month ago)
Why you dont take the backpack lvl 3
Jon Zeka (1 month ago)
VIP Challenge: Win a duo match, but your partner MUST survive and the only gear he is allowed is Vests and Helmets.
Sargent Doodle (1 month ago)
Fugglet u are my fav youtuber but i dont know how to join i joined but how do you join a server
KayvK (2 months ago)
why the downvotes
Dhan The cuber (2 months ago)
critical strike (2 months ago)
You passed 2 lv3 backpacks wtf dude
FutureWizard982 (2 months ago)
OMFG WHY DO I GET FORTNITE ADS ON PUBG WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WAY Dude (2 months ago)
Why you don’t take Grozny !?!?!?
emir hadzibojic (2 months ago)
this is a custom game
XygeN ∆ (3 months ago)
That guy had a groza he didnt take it why?
Bruno Chase (3 months ago)
Good game
Jeremy Pearl (3 months ago)
When u miss a lvl 3 backpapck 2 times
ZeroHero-TV (3 months ago)
Thats fuck lit
felix lappalainen (3 months ago)
I love ur chalenges
MarciGameplayChannel (3 months ago)
In 1v1 use conpensator
Abraham Arrezola (3 months ago)
rass xDaruk (3 months ago)
Why so many dislikes? I think they are all the mad people who fugglet has killed
Der Böse Bär (3 months ago)
Your voice is nice
Croatia Tehnology (3 months ago)
Why is evrybody using M16
M4HDI_TN (3 months ago)
love this dude , My new favorite youtuber haha
HooLiGaMe ! (4 months ago)
8:28 the guy you killed had an AWM with bullets
Connor Hawkins (4 months ago)
Why do we only see like 10 out if the 20 bullets in the AWM? You choked some footage?
Fugglet (4 months ago)
buuuuuuuuuuusted :D
Julek Szymczak (4 months ago)
Deepjyoti Chowdhury (4 months ago)
why didnt you pick up any lvl 3 backpack. noob
EZG Reviews (4 months ago)
Deepjyoti Chowdhury he doesn’t like level 3
FunnyPlays toiletmeister (4 months ago)
nice x5 airdrops you got only 1
Gaming Crew (4 months ago)
is it only for me he sounds like ned flanders? :D
martin thygesen (4 months ago)
how do you make costom games ?? and are you from danmark i im
willnburger (4 months ago)
But he only went for one airdrop ;(
Aimless (4 months ago)
Why this guy never take LV3 backpack?
Moody (4 months ago)
when he was on the edge of the circle looting that i guy i was legit screaming "get that 4x and put it on the m16 come on dude"
Prime Plays (4 months ago)
join if u a gamer https://discord.gg/m8AYpyH
Tig3R (5 months ago)
Fugglet is literally the pubg version of dakotaz in fortnite
Conner Herrman (5 months ago)
2:05 great idea
Jay Hickey (5 months ago)
Why did u leave the level 3 backpack
squirtle (5 months ago)
3:37 uraraka prob used her gavity powers to curve that bullet to land that hs
Charlie Holt (5 months ago)
so i don't understand whats the point of custom games? i you know please respond
zhang yilong (5 months ago)
just take the lvl 3 backpack Oh my goddess(^ー゜)
Sohboy Au (5 months ago)
They guy who came 2nd got 0 kills..... just hiding all game
30_pabnzer_10 p (5 months ago)
I missed on 2 level 3 backpacks
Faggith (5 months ago)
_baKa_ (5 months ago)
Fugglets dreams have come true 5x Airdrops ;@[email protected];
kenshikillermortal YT (5 months ago)
0:48 - AWM mag has glitched
Gokhul v s (5 months ago)
Why 1k dislikes tho, guess cause he used the m16a4.
far8 (5 months ago)
that amount of hate
Kyle Branson (5 months ago)
Why does this have 1k down votes?!?!?
WorthyGentleman (5 months ago)
i'm confused at 8:45 when he says now he knows where both are. how did he know about the other guy in the gillie?
AuditionMD (5 months ago)
1v99 go
Ralle20142 (5 months ago)
fugglet where do you come from?
Will Dundon (5 months ago)
6:00 doesnt take the lvl 3 backpack
Xenon (5 months ago)
Will Dundon He does it on purpose.
katt3h (5 months ago)
FeelsSadMan backpack lvl.3
katt3h (5 months ago)
welp i never saw anyones backpack lvl 3 peeking out of the grass and im using fugglet settings
Xenon (5 months ago)
KITT3H The level 2 one is smaller. It provides a tactical advantage, while lying in grass. And since you don‘t need the inventory space in Solo, the level ome is better. When playing in Teams, it is a difftent thing.
katt3h (5 months ago)
Xenon lol y that's just dumb
Xenon (5 months ago)
KITT3H He didnt take it on purpose.
Flavio Marchi (5 months ago)
Why do his videos have that many dislikes, I dont get it, hes da man.
Diogo Guerreiro (5 months ago)
Wht is the password?
Jonathan Dall Flems (5 months ago)
you sound diffrent
Akbar Bektemis (5 months ago)
Fugglet pls your video settings!
EA Vlogs (5 months ago)
you didnt noticed that level 3 backpack eh? still takes 350 bullets rofl
Devon Viedeo (5 months ago)
Lol was checking fullscreen, when he got the win i clicked on exit to lobby :')
Lyse (5 months ago)
Skipping all the lvl 3 Backpackas why not..
Xenon (5 months ago)
Lyse Because He prefers level 2 backpacks in Solo. The level 2 one is smaller and since you dont need a level 3 one in Solo, level 2 is better.
Omition (5 months ago)
why does this have somany dislikes???
Marlos Catos (5 months ago)
Omition someone dislike bot or something
Tycoonyx (5 months ago)
wtf why 1k dislikes nice vid my boy c:
Marlos Catos (5 months ago)
Tycoonyx probably dislike bot
Mohamad Izuan (5 months ago)
What type of your headset? And does pubg support virtual 7.1 surround sound headset?
BlackLagoon (5 months ago)
Hey Fugglet do you think we might get a new updated 100 Tips vid for 1.0? Maybe at 200k Subs ;)?
Discord Birb (5 months ago)
Frosty Gaming (5 months ago)
You are one of my favorite pubg youtuber . Your very talented and I’m glad you use your talents in such a creative , entertaining, and professional way. Please do more videos!
Parker Allen (5 months ago)
I got a game challenge for ya. 100% general sensitivity.
Pinkpoop 12 (5 months ago)
How many hours have u got?
dime (5 months ago)
About that stacking 99 people on a bridge and running them over? WackyJacky already did it.
Anglo Saxon (5 months ago)
A second with 0 kills! Lucky boy! lol
The last Dovahkiin (5 months ago)
Anybody else got ticked off because he couldve gotten some backpacks lvl3 and he had no space but he didnt..?
AquaticBoardwalkEngineer (5 months ago)
He does that on purpose. The level two doesn't sit up as high when prone and when you play solo you don't need a ton of stuff.
Danner Ayala Acelas (5 months ago)
M416 or m16? Wich is the best?
ebajebaaa (5 months ago)
Hey Fugglet, I really like yours videos and im subscribed. I really want to know what you use to edit videos and what you use to record. You inspired me to start my channel. Thanks Keep up the work!
Win94 challenge?
cheeseburger (5 months ago)
M4rch (5 months ago)
potato is reasl m8
gaming5smacker (5 months ago)
@Fugglet why didn't you add the 'guy flying over the mountain with a motorcycle you killed'
Jordan Rosenfeldt (5 months ago)
I love ur videos so fucking much 😍❤️️🔥
Anthony Bowman (5 months ago)
Thought for sure you would have rolled a grenade with the underhand throw when you directly above the last guy!
Austin Chan (5 months ago)
I WAS BAITED! I thought the title meant he got 5 different airdrops in one game. But still nice video.
三日月心 (5 months ago)
double uzi challege plz
FreggelPianoMusic (5 months ago)
Why do you have such a weird voice? Xd Are you from india?
AquaticBoardwalkEngineer (5 months ago)
He's Duch.
Dom Chong (5 months ago)
Wacky did it already. Your 2:07 request. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyFzEXb8UWM you're welcome fugglet.
YouMadBro Videos (5 months ago)
Fugg pls add new tips and tricks because there is like new physics in game and many things have changed
Jens Robot (5 months ago)
Gratz on the custom server access !!!
Nathan Hillger (5 months ago)
Fugglet I am banned from your discord without knowing why I think I put a link in wrong channel, can I have 1 more chance?
Mr Freak (5 months ago)
Hey Fugglet... I just discovered you a view week's ago. And I realy like your Videos. I wanted to ask you, if you coud make a Video where you show your gamesettings 😃💻
CWplayer (5 months ago)
i would really love a gamemode where every weapon spawn is replaced by an AWMs
Klerk (5 months ago)
Is now everyone able to make own games or still only a few popular people?
Hex Nerve (5 months ago)
nice ill be sure to try to kill you next time!
Aydin Panahshahi (5 months ago)
Remem when I found u at 17k and said u would grow soon enough? And now ur almost at 200k, GG fugglet GG
ShakeAndBake (5 months ago)
Fugglet! I love ur channel And I’m really thinking if we can play together
BestRivenOfSpain (5 months ago)
Are you from India?

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