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How To Boost Gaming Performance in Android | No Root

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In this video I'll show you that how you can boost up your Android Gaming performance without rooting and installing any third- party application. It's a very simple trick and it will work on all android devices. SUBSCRIBE to get more Videos-https://www.youtube.com/DieHardGeekPB?sub_confirmation=1 **Stay Connected with me** Website- https://www.diehardgeekpb.tk Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/diehardgeekpb Twitter- https://twitter.com/PulkitBalotia Google Plus- https://plus.google.com/116003910567983708941
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Text Comments (205)
Thinky Tech (3 months ago)
What ever you say guys that it will just make it more laggy but for me it works pretty well 😊
+Legend Rebirth it works with me smh
Legend Rebirth (24 days ago)
You're probably an alt, friend, or family.
Fat Noob (1 month ago)
PedoBear asshole
Zaydan ADV (2 days ago)
The title is inglesh ,but where you from?
Kurisu Dude (3 days ago)
Show bobs and vegana
Connor Dechart (7 days ago)
Fucking indian people, I see them everywhere. I want to see some good tutorial made by a english person with good accent, I don't undestand shit
C J M T z™ (17 days ago)
Why always the developer options ... bye no like
Ninja GameZ (1 month ago)
Actually this "tuturial" can really hurt your battery and drain it faster I have a tablet that promised 6 hours of battery life but when I truned this on it only last for nearly 2 hours but when I factory reset my device it started going down slower and now takes nearly a day before dying out
Elpaisa Alvarez (1 month ago)
fk u
Yosal Bee (2 months ago)
They are not asking for improving Game quality, they are asking for performance
androidGamer X (2 months ago)
Nah I tried it and doesn't do nothing!
Aljay Brown (2 months ago)
with all due respect stop spreading this lie. That option causes more lag.
aggelos_ tsg (2 months ago)
Indian shit
Mz zy (2 months ago)
ez way=get a fuckin job and buy new phone
Jb Chanco (2 months ago)
Thanks bro it really works for me.
XXprogamer39XX3 LOL (3 months ago)
It the best bro!!! It worked love u :)
TECH GUIDE PRO (3 months ago)
bhai ye kya sd card waale games pe kaaam karega
Godfrey Tomanan (3 months ago)
salman khan (3 months ago)
you using coolpad mobile😹😹🙏🙏Galti kar li thi maine wo phone lekr ab Edge 7 hai thank god🙏😘
TechPub User (3 months ago)
Just enable HW overlays...
Joan Akoth (4 months ago)
wow,thats completely useless
Malem Yensenbam (4 months ago)
Its sad for me to say this but i dont trust indians in general and i m an indian..... do u know why.....because of fake ass shit like this!!! Dont mislead the people bro. If u dont have proper knowledge about something then dont tell someone else its true . I dont have to explain to u in detail. Why can't people be more honest and sincere..... do u want views ... is that it ? Post more fake content like this... and i guarantee .... people won't watch ur videos.. anymore ...
L i N o (4 months ago)
T h o t. D e t e c t e d
Endou Senpai (4 months ago)
are you mad.first learn what is msaa and then make video
No One (4 months ago)
My phone turned into a nuke after I unabled it...
suck it (5 months ago)
It takes tons of battery so its useless
Arturo Olvera (6 months ago)
how does this have more likes than dislikes? oh right, intelligence is a rare quality.
HippyJoe (6 months ago)
Hello your avarage Indian scammer sounding guy back at it again!
Jino Torralba (6 months ago)
Doesn't work
Th3 GreeNNN (6 months ago)
Why every video about tech is made by an indian man?
Comic Mania (2 hours ago)
And 95% of their advice doesn't even work
time (7 days ago)
+Ronaldo Ronald enable captions
+Ronaldo Ronald i feel you bruh -indian sucks-
Ronaldo Ronald (1 month ago)
Iv been searching for asphalt 9 vids and only these damn Indian voice no one can understand 😤😪
Th3 GreeNNN I dunno men
Mi Xiaomi (6 months ago)
Boros batre
vishal raj (7 months ago)
gaming performance is not improved but gaming experience is improved. your title is not appropriate.
Double A (7 months ago)
Thank bro
1pancake (7 months ago)
Should i enable 'force gpu rending' so i can get more fps?
Dev PlayzYT (7 months ago)
why is it only india people do these vids and not english american etc? why? and it dont even work
ILC_CHICKENS (2 months ago)
Vanoss Gaming u are fake
Vanoss Gaming (3 months ago)
Extreme Dash The Android guy videos are scam because he detete comments in his video to when they say it fake
Extreme Dash (5 months ago)
Dev PlayzYT CEOs of companies like Microsoft and Google are Indians and most of them know numerous subjects of technology. I agree some of these videos are not great examples of what the objective is, but I suggest you watch more successful youtubers such as The Android Guy or Xtream Droid to help your device. I was just here to help☺.
ɪᴋʀᴀᴍsv (7 months ago)
i dont trust this accent
KnifazyeoZ (7 months ago)
Its work but drain battery life
Jasper Saures (7 months ago)
I always see this and it doesn't even work wtff
Jasper Saures (8 months ago)
Doesn't work
Rebas Ejda (8 months ago)
Wonder X (8 months ago)
Seems less laggy because GPU is slower
EmXerro EmXerro (8 months ago)
Thanks bro u really helped me .Big like and share dude
Robot_ Gamer (8 months ago)
It works on GTA sa and Minecraft
hey you need help (8 months ago)
SUV's Versatility (8 months ago)
Performance is same. Can't find the difference.
Tung Do (8 months ago)
This kid tried hard to get me but nah
TRSG YT (9 months ago)
*This Did NOTHING😡Disliked!*
X Void Pro II (2 months ago)
The Real Savage Gamer Try Different videos
Siba Sharma (9 months ago)
Not working fack video
Donito A.L (9 months ago)
https://fossbytes.com/boost-gaming-performance-android-phone-simple-trick/ , looks familiar to you? u dont even know what msaa is, that shit just like enabling fxaa dumbass
Kalvin Adams (9 months ago)
Are you fucking retarded?
Chinese Engi (10 months ago)
Misleading this will make your graphics high and give you low fps :|
JeffRey MC (10 months ago)
nahh another stupid indian tech 😒
THE LION (10 months ago)
zaiddaire gaminglord (10 months ago)
what was that boat racing game name please
Melvin Janiola (10 months ago)
sad but the truth is it makes your phone more lag bcoz it uses a lot of graphics , advisable to click force gpu rendering and disable hardware overlays
Francois Lourens (10 months ago)
X Void Pro II (2 months ago)
Francois Lourens Shut Up Doesnt Save Humanity😤😤😤
Falkon Dezigns (10 months ago)
This giy doesn't know shit about anything. Please don't try this! Reported!
Mike Rwagati (11 months ago)
Thank u so much My graphics are as smooth as 4k. If I had 10 dollars I would give it to u
TheAlmightyWither (11 months ago)
Indians are taking over youtube...
Calon Pembalap (11 months ago)
It's work for F1 2016 game?
Ascended Weeb (11 months ago)
Omg so many indians or whatever the to her one is it begins with a p.
LegeAE Playz (11 months ago)
Kim Jong Un (1 year ago)
Are you fucking stupid?
Pema redhead (1 year ago)
How do u edit ur video
Miguel Loureiro (1 year ago)
You English sucks
Game of tweaks (1 month ago)
Miguel Loureiro can you even speak English b**ch?
ILC_CHICKENS (2 months ago)
Miguel Loureiro XD
Turtle Anims (7 months ago)
you suck too
Meme God Ascended (9 months ago)
Please dont say your english sucks because your do too
Retarted Bieber (10 months ago)
Mr poopy Butthole (1 year ago)
Guys just install game booster 4 and they will make games high grapchics and no lag
Juvi Agbay (1 year ago)
Pinhook Meiosis (1 year ago)
i dont trust video like these with a Indian guy voice
Tough Nut Gaming (2 days ago)
Roger That
TheMan (3 months ago)
LavaSkaty you got to admit that almost every video about tech and mobile gaming are indians or hindi
LavaSkaty (5 months ago)
Well that's kinda racist , which country you from , racist?
hey you need help (11 months ago)
It worked!!! Thanks, nice video 😃😄😊
valimorina_8 (1 year ago)
nice comment sick musick and helpfull thnx man
John Raven Galang (1 year ago)
I have developer options but i dont have force msaa why?
Dr Itani (1 year ago)
u fucked my fps
Iz Core (1 year ago)
It reduces the fps unless your phone is great , basically having high graphics is getting u low fps
fentezi vo (1 year ago)
this doesn't boost performance wtf!!!
xD Guys (1 year ago)
you are awesome bro
Jerald Rodulfa (1 year ago)
Jerald Rodulfa (1 year ago)
does this drain battery faster?
X Void Pro II (2 months ago)
Burning Flames Team Captain It Affects Battery So It May Drain Fast A Bit
Panda (1 year ago)
Indians have fucking cheap phone 😂🖕
Justin .y 2 (8 months ago)
Sun Growth bitch
Just a random weaboo (8 months ago)
better be quiet, these rats with no offensive humor are now crying
Mohit Katta (9 months ago)
ItsnotPanda then why you came here ? Bitch And like seriously every country has every type of people but racist like you must stfu - from s8
Justin B (1 year ago)
MePanda25 facts
Code One (1 year ago)
this settings will be good on flagship phones...😂😂
Pranav Deshpande (1 year ago)
finally Indian YouTuber without shitty sound
diduhd (1 year ago)
sorry i must give disslike this options make low fps
MM93 Fans (1 year ago)
it's work for f1 2016 game?please comment
Rhuel Justin Ramos (1 year ago)
turn it on if ur playing then turn it off if not because it drains battery
SQEEZE the CHEESE (1 year ago)
Enable what now?!
JEtripleOG (1 year ago)
Ala Akbar? shit no that's Muslim oops
DeepDeath (9 months ago)
Antti Ca (1 year ago)
JEtripleOG yea dont make them angry or they go and bomb ur city or drive a truck into civilian group lol
Rohit ArorA (1 year ago)
yr ye kr dia h bhai magar ab bhi nhi ho rhe h speex up.
AMV Cook (1 year ago)
In almost every video where it shows "LAG FIX , GET FOR FREE" etc (all types of 2 number low class shit) an Indian makes the video
Dream Less (10 months ago)
AMV Cook lmao
ReskoPlays (1 year ago)
Son Goku thats kinda racist u know XD
Coleman Kytwayhat (1 year ago)
I aint full indian but im half
Kamauoha_ (1 year ago)
Alpha Q JoshPrO (1 year ago)
Flaming Bean so?
RAT IRL (1 year ago)
fuck your langunge
Omer Azeem (1 year ago)
ur the best
DoogarHarzJr (1 year ago)
Thank u so much!!
Xspy70 (1 year ago)
So, basically... "To improve performance we first enable a performance decreasing option that is off by default and then disable it to come back to our previous performance." This video is a SCAM. Disliked for misleading.
King Quarter67 (2 months ago)
- VFXing (7 months ago)
Basiculy, thats true
D Nazmul looks like riptide gp2 or pro idk
H20 cry (1 year ago)
just eat curry it will help alot
Creative Me (1 year ago)
Man! this is not gonna boost the gaming performance, but will increase the anti aliasing, making the phone lag even more
Ash Hawk (1 year ago)
Does this option drain battery even faster?
ILC_CHICKENS (2 months ago)
Ash Hawk yeah why wouldn't it, it makes the graphics higher!
skyler YT (2 months ago)
SKREAR (1 year ago)
Turn it off when your done playing
KamiSama KamiSama (1 year ago)
Mostafa Haque yes !
bro I had enabled this setting & tried to play GTA San Andreas in full graphics but it's not improved at all
Electro (1 year ago)
Please Someone Reply! What is the name of the game at 0:12
Electro (1 year ago)
Rules Of Fairy's Damn just wanted to know the game it looked so good... oh well at least I don't have a bubble guppie Dora hair line!
Rules Of Fairy's (1 year ago)
Electro Shock The game name "Shut your mouth off" thats the game name
Raiich_PVP (1 year ago)
Thanks ! It works!
Dj games (1 year ago)
thanks bro it helped so much
Mohan Ram (1 year ago)
thanks bro keep it up
Pulkit Balotia (1 year ago)
A Subscribe and Like will be Appreciated :)
Shadow DanDy (1 year ago)
fuck you guys thank you
Anti Core (1 year ago)
right, so games lag because they look too good, so your theory is that by making it look even better it will run better?
ILC_CHICKENS (2 months ago)
Anti Core XD the way you said it is funny

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