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Pubg Survivor Crate System Explained XBOX ONE |Playerunknown's Battleground Tips|

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If you are new to PUBG or playing on the Xbox one version you might be wondering how does the loot crate system works. What are all the rules, how can I get one, what are they used for? well in this video I will go over all of your questions and explain my best for you so you can look good in getting those chicken dinners. Here is the full list of PUBG items that can be found in a Wanderer Crate: https://pubg.gamepedia.com/Wanderer_Crate Here are the items you can find in the Survivor Crate: https://pubg.gamepedia.com/Survivor_Crate Article Link: https://www.pcgamesn.com/playerunknowns-battlegrounds/pubg-crates-items-cosmetics-keys-loot You can always tip the stream if you really want to show your TRUE support. https://youtube.streamlabs.com/icedragonz255 Intro Muisc: Birdy - Skinny Love (Vanic Remix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37DIzz5Q2bM Outro Music: ► The equipment I use! The headset I use - http://www.turtlebeach.com/product-detail/xbox-one-headsets/ear-force-xo-one/553 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How I record my gameplay -https://www.elgato.com/en/gaming/gamecapture-hd Enjoy, leave a like, Comment and SUBSCRIBE to see more montages and gameplay. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: https://twitter.com/IceDragonz255 Instagram: Icedragonz255 Xboxlive: Ice Dragonz225 Share my content and SUBSCRIBE! :)
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Text Comments (200)
Itz Rq (11 days ago)
Yo shut the fuck up and get the video already
Why is every one hating the video just because his voice sounds a little weird?
Joshy GrAY (2 months ago)
Why do people always hate on others trying to look like some kind of badass or be coolest smartass in the comment section our ancestors would be ashamed of what ignorant ass people have done to this world and how they have the brain power to invent anything and everything but not smart enough to get along and keep there goddamn mouth shut. People leave this guy alone he made this video if yo got something shitty to say about it then make a video yourself but your probably not that intelligent since you can’t even watch a video without opening your goddamn mouth and sharing your ignorant opinion.... good video though dude keep it up
IceDragonz (2 months ago)
lol its been over 9 months since i uploaded this video and i still continue to make videos to this day actually im in the process of uploading right as i type xD but thank you im still keeping up my daily videos :)
Joshy GrAY (2 months ago)
Long story short earn bp and get the same damn shit in every fucking crate
dominic meliulis (3 months ago)
Please stop making videos
Alifian Rizky (4 months ago)
skunk12 (4 months ago)
Try using a script. Also do some research beforehand.
John Doe (4 months ago)
Any one know if we can report getting the same crate twice ??????
Rimax (5 months ago)
Are you playing on a xbox one/ one s/ one x? curious cause im thinking about picking up a one s for this and a few other games
raig face (6 months ago)
Thanks man!
Mr.Money Billions (6 months ago)
Thx Ice Dragons this helped alot
Chevy sucks (7 months ago)
You suck bro
Thomas P. (7 months ago)
It's fucking terrible.
Plasmaboy (7 months ago)
On my xbox one i cant buy anything through the store and ibcant get the track suit
Gabe houck (7 months ago)
Simpsons though it was fine
Oxy Codone (7 months ago)
ur guy looks like the guy from get out lmfao
tony Bonie (8 months ago)
Well then...
Dr Mash You Upp (8 months ago)
Bell end
Walt Gaizutis (9 months ago)
Can you please say all the grenade controls like how to pull the pin and how to change if you throw or roll the grenade?
IceDragonz (9 months ago)
Spendog (9 months ago)
Video starts at 1:22
DIRT JOCKEY (9 months ago)
Play the game, get battlepoints, buy crates. I just saved you 6 minutes of this guy stumbling on his words.
E (9 months ago)
All I want are the blue hot pants, I will pay for them, this crate system is ridiculous, it’s built for PC
CLUTCHGAMMING (9 months ago)
Nice vid bro
GregsEggsLegs (9 months ago)
Make and review a script first. I can hear you half saying words/ mixing two words in one. Know what you want to say before saying it. Good vid, keep it up.
John Dersion (6 months ago)
GregsEggsLegs a good vis would be direct and to the point this shouldnt have taken 6 minutes of time
Milo The Cat (9 months ago)
Video starts at 2:30
demian baldwin (9 months ago)
What version of English was this???
Jay Star (9 months ago)
Bro script your videos your video ten times longer cus you can't spit the words out. Write a script study the script get organized.
cultus gti (9 months ago)
Wtf was that
ライトニング (9 months ago)
Damn does this guy even speak proper english lol
Kastor 459 (9 months ago)
Dude stop talking so lazy. You're butchering the English language. Enunciate.
IceDragonz (9 months ago)
ixApollo (9 months ago)
I figured you were going to explain what each tier of the crates meant. Survivor, wanderer, biker, etc. Also, yes you definitely need to write a script instead of free winging it
IceDragonz (9 months ago)
ixApollo okie
Will Cogburn (9 months ago)
The crates reset a week after you buy your first box
Red (9 months ago)
Loot crate isn't for nothing. Ive seen people start with ghillie suits and gas masks. Gas masks help you survive longer out of the blue wall. You might also be able to get helmets and ballistic masks from loot crate but I'm not sure about those two yet.
John Dersion (6 months ago)
Red nope all customizations are purely cosmetic as they should be because i dont want a disadvtange because of RNG regardless of how small
Red (9 months ago)
IceDragonz i didn't realize that. They should make it a thing between the half mask and full face mask where one takes less damage then the other out of the blue wall. Pretty stupid that it's in there with no purpose. I could swear that I last longer with it then without it but I guess it's just me wanting to believe it's true.
IceDragonz (9 months ago)
the gas mask thing is not true... "The Gas Mask currently serves no purpose in the game except for visual means." https://pubg.gamepedia.com/Gas_Mask_(Full)
elvis rosas (9 months ago)
Do you get better "rare" items if you buy the more expensive crates?
Ryan Cooper (9 months ago)
Aaaaaand that’s 56 seconds of intro and self-promotion.
Ryan Cooper (9 months ago)
IceDragonz I think this was actually a good video, as far as the idea goes. The execution just wasn’t there. As other suggested, I’d try potentially having a script. You’ll stumble over your words less, and make it easier to get to the point. Do a practice run before the real recording. See how you feel. Don’t be afraid to do it again. Also, the best thing about tip videos like this is two key words- short and sweet. This video shouldn’t have taken more than 3 minutes at the max. I’d shoot for 1 1/2-2 minutes with this type of content. And if they’re that length, definitely shorten up that intro. Make a title that explains what you’re gonna be doing, no need to run over it 11 times throughout the video. Be to the point, and don’t draw out your points. Focus on quality, and let quantity and length catch up naturally.
IceDragonz (9 months ago)
Jake Palma (9 months ago)
Lets get a game goin bro add me CoopGayLord23
Patrick Doheny (9 months ago)
The video could have been finished and explained with before your intro was even said you clown
Jay SoHi (9 months ago)
I bought a crate at 5600bp.....got my 5th worn T-shirt. Nothing more than common, I have gotten that over priced box too many times. Game might be in game preview but it is broke AF
Blood Kitten (4 months ago)
Jay SoHi it's just, you don't have luck, just go to steam community market to buy them than that...
Übersichtlich (7 months ago)
ixApollo shut the fuck up smart ass
ixApollo (9 months ago)
Jason Knight why don’t you become a dev then if you know what’s broke and what’s not
iamextremest (9 months ago)
Jesus almost a minute of intros. Gotta grab that attention quickly buddy!lol
maninscratch (9 months ago)
explaining starts @ 2:15
IceDragonz (9 months ago)
ayeee thats my birthdate :D
Squelch King (9 months ago)
Is English your first language?
Babobo (9 months ago)
K Moola (9 months ago)
I don’t know what’s worse you playing or trying to talk
IceDragonz (9 months ago)
BOT35678 ://www.youtubebots.com/sub/bots-go no sarcasm at all thanks for the kind words having a rough day
K Moola (9 months ago)
IceDragonz sarcasm or
IceDragonz (9 months ago)
thank you so much :)
K Moola (9 months ago)
IceDragonz Get well soon
IceDragonz (9 months ago)
thanks for making my day worse
jim voss (9 months ago)
It resets for me if I request a crate if u don’t have enough bp for it
iShooks (9 months ago)
lol there's nothing to explain. Open 1 crate, increases by 700 per crate. There is no system to it. You get random stuff out of each crate.
Baba Lu (9 months ago)
HOLY FUCK THIS IS SOO CRINGGYY!! All of you white knights please stfu. Put yourself in the consumer's shoes. If you're working on something and you're trying to do research on the most accurate info. With all the troll vids that are on youtube and the internet already. What makes you think someone wants to watch a whole 6 min to explain something that takes seconds? Clearly most of you have TOO much time to yourself if you are condoning this vid. Doesn't fucking matter if he made his point in the vid. The fact of the matter is that it took him 6 mins to advertise his channel, talk nonsense, THEN gets to the point when it's damn near the end of the video already. No hate on you, just improve on your video making. It doesn't take a scientist to figure out that this vid was a waste of time.
joe mace (9 months ago)
Cool vid man
Mason Veterum (9 months ago)
Not going to lie you sound like you have a mouth full of syrup
Todd Howard (9 months ago)
It's ok to say pubg
Zachary McConney (10 months ago)
4:27 kys
IceDragonz (10 months ago)
Problem little man?
Derek Figueiredo (10 months ago)
The main question that bothers me is whether the more expensive crates give better loots or not, I keep getting duplicates on the first and second crates than I wait a week t buy more for cheap
Joshua Blank (10 months ago)
Pretty sure my IQ just dropped after listening to this.
chas w (10 months ago)
Spent 3 grand on crates after seeing this. Got ONLY duplicates of fuckin work boots worth 30 points (I go barefoot anyway). There should be no duplicates. That's retarded when packs get that expensive that quickly.
Trevor Clendaniel (10 months ago)
Cam eZ (10 months ago)
Omg this guys such a noob he has a crossbow and a pistol he should drop the pistol and get better weapon than crossbow
YourFace (10 months ago)
it's called English bruh. learn it.
Mad Wolf (10 months ago)
WhiteRhino27 - (4 months ago)
Mad Wolf Exactly
Mad Wolf (9 months ago)
Zack Flanary thats still not random though. Random means everything has the same probability of getting picked.
Zerfie1 (9 months ago)
It is random. You can preview each crate to see what is possible to come out of them. The higher on the list the smaller percentage it had to come out. Every single item has a percentage number on it. The waldo shirts and common items have around a 9% chance of dropping and the more rare the item, the percentage just goes down. The school skirt has a 0.2 chance of dropping, it's not even 1 percent.
Sativa (9 months ago)
Mad Wolf same
Mad Wolf (9 months ago)
KeeperOfSpirits it's actually not random. I saved up Alot of bp points and bought a bunch of crates at once and it gave me the same old stuff over and over again. I've probably gotten close to ten crates now and they have all been wanderer crates. I think the devs give you crap stuff on purpose so you keep playing their game. Wouldn't surprise me.
DoomHound4 (10 months ago)
You should use your bandages first.
IceDragonz (10 months ago)
ima make a quick video about bandages and health
The Real Maddynf Fan (10 months ago)
“They cost more battlepoint” why do you not say your S’s in some words lol
Variks (10 months ago)
Talking bout telling us some tips, first part of the video don’t even boost in the buggy then drive the damn thing up on a wall...........fuck out of here
CaughterEyes ! (10 months ago)
Tips and tricks with atrocious gameplay in the background don't quit your day job
IceDragonz (10 months ago)
too late dude youtube making bank for me
Little JME Too (10 months ago)
Well what about the padded jacket does it not damage you as much or
IceDragonz (10 months ago)
padded is just a cosmetic clothing
Luc Maas (10 months ago)
I got a blue pants in the first crate and second ☹️
Joe-E Pee (10 months ago)
Can you find out if we'll ever see 60fps on console? Thank you
Shane Litten (10 months ago)
This was an obvious explanation and the Battle Points earnings were too vague. I was hoping to hear an explanation of the crate levels and why, for example, when I receive a "Biker Crate," it contains a common level dirty shirt. The three crate levels do not seem to indicate the rarity of the item inside. I'm a bit disappointed. Also, live videos aren't all that beneficial. Great videos involve some editing. You'll see more Luke's with some effort. Good luck.
Jason Atherton (10 months ago)
brutal video, get to the point MAN! wow ramble ramble ramble ramble
Daddy Snake (10 months ago)
Anyone looking to play pubg and get some chicken dinners add me on xbox please
Sam Leiviska (10 months ago)
Hey everyone! I’m a gamer and trying to grow my YouTube channel! Check me out!! Maybe subscribe?! HIT THE LINK! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4kmyuyUN7DpOF_4BHzH8rw
noonenaught (10 months ago)
you repeat shit a lot
Michael Maddux (10 months ago)
Enjoyed the vid. Subscribed and will watch more.
Warhammer Actual (10 months ago)
Isha boy? Who’s boy? Isn’t that term reserved for actual friends and associates? Not complete internet strangers. You ain’t my boy..
IceDragonz (10 months ago)
Pedro Flores (10 months ago)
I really want the bandanna from the biker crate
Wyatt Stubbs (10 months ago)
If you want tips just go to reddit. This shouldn't have taken that long. Every crate increases each time you buy one. 700 1400 2800.. etc.. This is all yo had to say, because it's a direct PC port and we don't have a market to buy and sell items.
ChiefR96 (2 months ago)
It's not a direct port. They built it from the ground up.
John Dersion (6 months ago)
Ty. I thought the same damn thing when i finished watched i was like "this should have been a 2 minute video TOPS but really you could sum it up in less than a minute
fachinimichael (10 months ago)
Wyatt Stubbs and they reset on sundays
Drew Moradian (10 months ago)
You kept saying da instead of the
Limit Breakers (10 months ago)
Drew Moradian I lost count on how many times he said the word So.
Craig s (10 months ago)
Dropped you a sub bro some good tips n that I'll be watching all your pubg stuff ;) I've had my first chicken dinner hahahaha got pc version and x bone so guna play them both
IceDragonz (10 months ago)
PC FPS games are difficult for me idk why lol but thanks for the Sub :) more videos on the way #pubg
Luke Dietze (10 months ago)
2800 times 2 isn’t 4200
Limit Breakers (10 months ago)
He needs to redo his video
Limit Breakers (10 months ago)
Luke Dietze it's 1400 added onto every crate.
Derzarter34 (10 months ago)
I want a coat from a crate so bad
Flawless Gaming (10 months ago)
How do you select which fire mode it is
Flawless Gaming (10 months ago)
IceDragonz (10 months ago)
King of Video games left D pad
Jedi Nodnarb (10 months ago)
Tips and tricks.. Video starts with him walking while shooting lol.
Ph.D Dylan (10 months ago)
Jesus Christ. Read a script. You did a 1 minute intro of the basic functions of YouTube.
IceDragonz (10 months ago)
Niko Niko Niiiii <3
Shawn Runyon (10 months ago)
Looking for more players on XB1 :SmoothBrontide
troubl3mak3r43 (9 months ago)
I’ll play with u bruh
IceDragonz (10 months ago)
Amity (10 months ago)
What is your background song, it’s so familiar but I can’t remember it.
Amity (10 months ago)
Thank you!
IceDragonz (10 months ago)
Amity CMA -You’re not alone
Knoxy 23 (10 months ago)
Terrible video. Learn to speak.
IceDragonz (10 months ago)
Brandon Skapa (10 months ago)
Try and analyse your videos and look at the percentage of content in which it is filled with your rambling about everything else but the answer. I clicked to know what the loot crate system is, not, what they are, to subscribe, check out stream like and all that other stuff. I had to skip most of this video because it didn't tell me an answer until halfway through and only for like 1 minute. My problem is this video went for 6 minutes
IceDragonz (9 months ago)
thats weird
Dylan Hall (9 months ago)
My prices
Dylan Hall (9 months ago)
IceDragonz mine resets when I change my character? Idk man
Drew Moradian (10 months ago)
Brandon Skapa I agree huge problem with most content creators
ricky m (10 months ago)
I really love your pubg content man, keep them coming!
IceDragonz (10 months ago)
ricky m just got off work and picking up food my next video is all ready to go i just need to press upload when i get home :)
WRG (10 months ago)
You should do more research before you make a video giving false information. There is no limit to how many crates you can unlock each week. Every crate after the 6th one each week will cost the same as the 6th crate. I opened 17 last week...
ARCANUS (7 months ago)
C130s wat? I got limited fam
E (9 months ago)
C130s no you didn’t that’s bs
Swany (9 months ago)
C130s wtf 😂 17 in a week!!?? You have to be lying or.... idek
WRG (10 months ago)
Steve B My job technically is video games. Twitch Partnered and earned a Net of 21k last year in sponsors alone, not including donations.
Steve B (10 months ago)
C130s dude get a job
Jesse Pawlusiak (10 months ago)
How the hell do you toggle into 1st person lolol
IceDragonz (10 months ago)
I enjoy helping people lol its fine :D
ISRAEL DINN (10 months ago)
Jesse Pawlusiak you press rb :p
IceDragonz (10 months ago)
lol i can't believe this question was asked but its RB
If anyone wants to play battlegrounds with me on xbox one (not Xbox X ) let me know, need players to play with serious people only tho people who want to win!!! Add me on Xbox - oh pls -
DKO o (3 months ago)
100000 subs please With no vids you sound to desperate for that chicken dinner
PracticallyNova (8 months ago)
Limit Breakers fuck up bet you dont even have the game
ixApollo (9 months ago)
One x will be the same servers as one or one s, fyi
Cam eZ (10 months ago)
Yeah I have Xbox one x and Xbox and the only difference is graphics I can still play with Xbox one people
Mad Wolf (10 months ago)
Depends on your definition of winning.
Nice vid man. just what I was looking for!
IceDragonz nice you should do all you know about this game it's blown up! I sort of known but don't no how to do it yet, not had many scopes over 4x lol only had the game a few days
IceDragonz (10 months ago)
I have more about armor coming up! as well did u know there is variable zoom in some of the scopes?
Layne Miller (10 months ago)
Can someone play pubg with me
TMSKILZ (10 months ago)
Layne Miller no you sux
Layne Miller how good are you?
Darwin (10 months ago)
chillen promille Ha ps
chillen promille (10 months ago)
Layne Miller PC, Xbox or PS ?
IceDragonz (10 months ago)
I stream with subscribers Pubg just turn notifications on so u can play with us its so fun :)
Finessed (10 months ago)
You should do a bullet drop video
Zerfie1 (9 months ago)
So I can sit through 17 minutes of Bobby Boucher telling me what is already on YouTube? Nah thanks. You need a script.
Ayo Tripz defiantly do a bullet drop vid
Wesley (10 months ago)
Good vid but I don’t really like these type of games but probably helped out other people
IceDragonz (10 months ago)
Wesley once u play a few you’ll get HOOKED trust me ;)
DENNIS MEDEIROS_JR (10 months ago)
2nd person to view it and 1st person to comment
Milad Rasooli (8 months ago)
Want a cookie ?
Ballin Chicken (10 months ago)
DENNIS MEDEIROS_JR millionth person to give no fucks
Wesley (10 months ago)

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