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Worst CS:GO Case Unboxing Luck?

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Opening cases here & use code "fatnoob" https://www.csgolive.com Worst CS:GO Case Unboxing Luck? Hope you guys enjoyed this video! Use my code for FREE skins! Code "fatnoob" http://hellcase.org/ffatnoob Code "fatnoob" http://www.csgoroll.com/ Code "fatnoob" https://bets.gg/ Code "fatnoob" https://www.csgostrong.com/free-coins/?affiliate=fatnoob Code "fatnoob" http://csgopolygon.com/ Steam trade link! http://bit.ly/1J8GF8u Connect with me▼ • Subscribe to me! http://bit.ly/12pixdc • Follow me on Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/FatNoobTM • Follow me on Twitch: http://bit.ly/1pED2I3 • Join my steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/FatNoob54 • Google+: http://bit.ly/1ygYkE2 • Music by Not The King https://soundcloud.com/coreygagne & Tobu http://www.youtube.com/tobuofficial - FatNoob
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Text Comments (295)
Herrera LTU (1 year ago)
Mrle99 (1 year ago)
https://www.csgolive.com/customcase/1f7b8cff-9bd7-4f73-af05-99e9844f8bad you need to check this case
PanStyx Jr (1 year ago)
unfortunate... love yr vids tho :)
Gleydson M. (1 year ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=185715428&token=TiuyoZ1I XD
ThatBritishGuy (1 year ago)
Would be nice to win but gl to everyone
Oliver Kai (1 year ago)
CARNAGE MESEEKS (1 year ago)
Bro, you never failed to make my day more awesome! thanks for the vids man
Doni1z97 (1 year ago)
Alps (1 year ago)
RevoltKevin (1 year ago)
Koala Tequiler (1 year ago)
Hope öne win this : https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=340462703&token=CEZG92yL
Elling (1 year ago)
Good Video!
The Real (1 year ago)
Nice video bro
Lil Marcel (1 year ago)
I want skin
ERAYSER (1 year ago)
Jakub Walczak (1 year ago)
nice video hope i win pls dude https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=237581745&token=FlnfWhZK pls man
руки базуки (1 year ago)
Good luck everyone https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=416910697&token=sa_9B_r2
руки базуки (1 year ago)
You are the best
Axel Meijer (1 year ago)
Entering the giveaway, BTW witch rank are ju in csgo? :)
fikoo (1 year ago)
Let me get one of these Lighting Strikes, cmon cmon plz plz plz cmon cmon.....
CudiW2 LV (1 year ago)
Tim. (1 year ago)
good thing he dint clickbait us like last time
YOUR MOM GEY (1 year ago)
Saif El Khateeb (1 year ago)
FATNOOB <3 skinsssss
Osama Shakeel (1 year ago)
mantelis (1 year ago)
Hey, nice.! https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=367809285&token=LQhGW3XX
Erik Prebežić (1 year ago)
Monzakii (1 year ago)
Good luck everybody
ken chan (1 year ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=128969993&token=tPX-Lij6 Good luck
evan denger (1 year ago)
Hey fatnoob <3
Oliver Nymann (1 year ago)
I like nothing
Tunt bilol79 (1 year ago)
Good vidéo https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=245737531&token=w--e0_u2
ReiiZ Gaming (1 year ago)
Keep your fantastic videos man you will be a big YouTuber soon
FatNoob (1 year ago)
Thanks man :)
Spiderman plays CS:GO (1 year ago)
ok i am new here so you are fat and noob?
Largion80 (1 year ago)
thats some bad luck =(
CESAR HUDSONN (1 year ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=320271214&token=wm90XPWc Nice! My tweet profile: https://twitter.com/mircheskig
NBX Gaming (1 year ago)
Lit video fatnoob
HY (1 year ago)
wassup fatnoob XD
FatNoob (1 year ago)
Unlimited Ninja (1 year ago)
Damn absolutely railed
FatNoob (1 year ago)
Yep hopefully better luck next time!
oseX (1 year ago)
My dream is the awp skin. :D
Strike Gaming (1 year ago)
Tristan (1 year ago)
Riskz Tv (1 year ago)
Fatnoob love you!
Kenwix -Music- (1 year ago)
Nice vidéo bro!
TEDtheNINJA (1 year ago)
Wh¡teOut (1 year ago)
C. Javier (1 year ago)
good video!!
M Lundorff (1 year ago)
Philip Lövdahl (1 year ago)
i want awp
Gratan Lobo (1 year ago)
Nice video bro
Cool. Video
Adrian (1 year ago)
Murat Duman (1 year ago)
Nice video fatnoob <3
FatNoob (1 year ago)
Cencio (1 year ago)
Csgolive is quite bad tbh
Bar Chan (1 year ago)
BazzGaming (1 year ago)
Fries (1 year ago)
Yo you want to hit me up
Chaos Windix (1 year ago)
Lorik Kerleshi (1 year ago)
fatnob knife me the give :D
MrMattyzzz (1 year ago)
ur luck isnt shit ur just being unrealistic with the amount of money u have
moist potato (1 year ago)
i have very bad skin, gif me skin
Eldin (1 year ago)
Can I have a knife cos why not
Nick Brewster (1 year ago)
i need skins to gamble. hook me up brotha
Trenton Hudgins (1 year ago)
GD4T (1 year ago)
Give me some luck boys please
Gazelle (1 year ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=46649791&token=pV5il3Xp nice vid like always
Berke Demircan (1 year ago)
John Robert (1 year ago)
pls i wanna die
Supreme Goblin (1 year ago)
I won the fucking knife
Ichbincool (1 year ago)
Hey Again Fatnoob <3 :D , i love your videos so much xd
FatNoob (1 year ago)
Thanks <3
Learod1 Gaming (1 year ago)
Can u STFU (1 year ago)
FSIgamer (1 year ago)
nice video but why was this video called haider video #11?
Gayan Raja (1 year ago)
I relate to your name, because I am a fat noob :'(
Matrix04 (1 year ago)
ResTekin (1 year ago)
Jami Kopra (1 year ago)
Goncalo Teixeira (1 year ago)
just a random comment
Buzz - CS:GO (1 year ago)
Let me win that lightning streak dude
Greg TV (1 year ago)
Nice video
Adam Jericijo (1 year ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=354947336&token=9TooD30W help me im poor
Neptune (1 year ago)
Steam eats my money :o
twix (1 year ago)
Ali Kaan Özbek (1 year ago)
mahmut tugay aydın (1 year ago)
pls me now
m4rc (1 year ago)
Not expecting to win but I'd mean the world to me if I do.😀great YouTube by the way
BenZ (1 year ago)
Lanes Rules (1 year ago)
Nice video! Thanks for the giveaway.
Kipras Bartkus (1 year ago)
sulaiby (1 year ago)
nice video mnan😙
cxze991 lol (1 year ago)
When betting sites don't rigg your chances - Fatnoobs new video.
OğuzKaan Kiraz (1 year ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=351629114&token=-RIDLsNz NİJE VİDEO XD
Talha B (1 year ago)
gimme that skin
ReHr PL (1 year ago)
hi can you make a huge contract for a dlore or medusa or then uke purpel skins PS. incase i won the lighting strike xd https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=396785011&token=eW4uwz7y
Milan Geevers (1 year ago)
Nice video
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=308880711&token=iSYoYjUH Hope I win this ^^
Apsuti (1 year ago)
Hello nice vid bro!
eemalxHD (1 year ago)

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