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Text Comments (21354)
brahimvimin (2 hours ago)
no ads
Ocean Man (4 hours ago)
Can't wait to play ASS
Ocean Man (4 hours ago)
I don't like cringe... help, I needs a bully hunter to kill the bully hunters so I will stopped being bullied by cringe.
Benny46drift (9 hours ago)
If you are worried about your shit don't post or add it to social networks. keep that shit as simple as possible, if it asks you for details that you don't want to add then don't.
Mollie Rollman (11 hours ago)
your views on everything social is on point ! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 common sense ..rationality... with humor. Perfect. And I’m telling you... there will be a day when the 1st amendment will be abolished and it’s a sad scary thought.
Joel Ong (14 hours ago)
Me:your not very nice Bullyhunters: *calls police*
Joel Ong (14 hours ago)
I’d make fun of anybody who needs someone to help them kill bullies(who aren’t even hurting you) just kill them yourself
Spooky Spider (17 hours ago)
zucc sounds like a muppet
Cameron Morris (17 hours ago)
How did i just watch a ad for a Christian College on pewds video
Hermione girl (19 hours ago)
Why does the bully hunters picture look like Just Destiny
NapstaBlunt (19 hours ago)
oh no i got harrased in cs go can i get 100k pls i really need it
Gunlord of Reach (19 hours ago)
Bully_hunter_hunter_148869 reporting for duty!
Sammi (22 hours ago)
Adelson Diaz (1 day ago)
TheDarkOLeo (1 day ago)
vagana and pron in thumbnail? I guess I should turn of Adblocker
Dkaeq (1 day ago)
*BULLY_HUNTER_77 Joined the game* BULLY_HUNTER_77: Harassment is not a game. *BULLY_HUNTER_77 Has left the game.*
Dave Davidson (1 day ago)
Josiah Humphries (1 day ago)
What if the bully kills the bully hunter?
Lasting Games (1 day ago)
I'm a victim of harassment. Ever played CS:GO or Call of Duty with a 12 year old.
Killah Priest (1 day ago)
if you want to stop bullies learn their language, punch em.. if theyre big? learn choke holds(blood choke) when they are not looking and always carry a pepper spray. trust me it works
Nicholas (1 day ago)
Lorraine Draws (1 day ago)
5:26 are you nOt rEspEcting tumblr wAmen
Anon ymous (1 day ago)
Everyone gets insults from crazy strangers when playing online games the only difference is that the one insulting you will will probably say something about you making him sandwich if you are female instead of you being a no life loser and living in your basement or something else when you are guy. Basically people insulting just use whatever they think it will annoy you. I would have told this female sjw players to show some balls but and stop getting all touchy over every idiot but then i realized they are females and obviously having balls is not their think.
Dert McGert (1 day ago)
Harassment is not a game...BUY SOME MERCH!
Rapmon's Big Feet (1 day ago)
h a r a s s m e n t i n g a m i n g
iAM CARNAGE (1 day ago)
OMFG pewds you actually thought it was real?? It was original a joke made up in a video by a youtuber named swaggersouls
A L (1 day ago)
So Bullyhunting's is cheating? If it WOULD work. Harrasing is not a game, games are games... Pathetic
Stew Tube (1 day ago)
HOLY SWEEDISH MEATBALLS I have a video thats being recommended by a fuckin Pewds video!
Aya (1 day ago)
3 ads for one video, am I helping you pay your rent yet?
Pewds Fan (1 day ago)
Pew pew
Black Blizzard (1 day ago)
I wish pewds would return to his original self from a few years ago. The whole "censorship" joke and "family friendly" joke is getting really old and is starting to make his videos way harder to watch. Just return to your old self dude. We just wanna see you speak your mind and be yourself honestly it makes you so much funnier. I get how you need to censor yourself due to how fucked up YouTube is now, but don't let that take away your personality.
BoltznNutz (1 day ago)
Black Blizzard I agree. I miss his old 2013-2015 personality and his hairstyle. Do you mean that era of PewDiePie exactly? I need you to explain more
Dgrif12 (1 day ago)
You can't even join a competitive game after it starts, unless they are casual or community servers, which are known for trolls.
El1teFire (1 day ago)
someone had to take scarce's place and its the pewds
Pepe Lepew (2 days ago)
Good shit today
Deby Deer (2 days ago)
0:03 when you had one drink to much
6ix Gođ (2 days ago)
I cringed so hard at that bully hunter shit 😂😂😂😂
Vampy_Rhombus5006 (2 days ago)
I usually get at least one ad, and that i usually get it at the end of the vid (if my internet isn’t wonky!)
mutatedwolf101 (2 days ago)
There’s also a button called a mute button WOW so amazing I can’t hear them anymore
NjaalEirik (2 days ago)
am i the only one that think pew news sounds like pew nudes?
The bully hunter shit just reminded me of a cheap Lt.lickme.
its Jesse (2 days ago)
ok, im just here to read these comments, they are so funny .. ecks dee
Robert (2 days ago)
A decade ago when I played CoDMW2 online, the first thing I always did was MUTE everyone so I didn't have to listen to shit talk, little kids screaming, or the assholes who would play their shit mix tape the whole match. How hard is it to mute the games now?
JongPLStudio (2 days ago)
Damn poods rly loves Gosha
ardishco (2 days ago)
your chair costs 100 more dollars than the nintendo switch
Fuzzy Justice Bros (2 days ago)
Theres Knifes in CSGO??
The Creator (2 days ago)
I only get my news from reliable sources
Adam Mendez (2 days ago)
I have ad block
*B U Y M Y C H A I R*
Ding ding (2 days ago)
Female playing game? Ok haha good Feminazi playing game? Oh no please don’t
Theo Cannamela (2 days ago)
*Flags video for harassment*
TUmaDO (2 days ago)
even so i don´t play multiplayer so , im avoiding that "kind of people" who are to stupid and sensible, and love to destroy others life just because it hurts someone "feelings" i have advice for this stupid people , get some real life problems .
skyy shott (2 days ago)
it's amazing how red pilled the number 1 channel on youtube is lol
Magma PlayYT (3 days ago)
You know what? Roblox has the best anti-bully community.
Jumpy_Bunny (3 days ago)
What if a bully hunter was told to target a bully hunter?
Ritik Sinha (3 days ago)
Where are the ads? WE want ads
dylan price (3 days ago)
have they heard of the mute button
лера 89 (3 days ago)
Тут кушать российские???либо я одна?
Steven Jobnsn (3 days ago)
Hold up. Technically speaking everyone experiences harassment in gaming, so if we purchase a product the proceeds will be shared throughout the gaming community? I SMeLl fINE CoMMuniSm sTalin Is prOWD
Da Lone Voice (3 days ago)
I am a 51 year old Non-Gamer, I FREAKING LOVE YOUR CHANNEL! You go get them young man, end this BS snowflake world where the MEN are the evil we must rid the Earth of!
Arza (3 days ago)
That dude to the left in the audiance, he's not buying it.
Ross Jenkins (3 days ago)
The singe midroll ad I got on this video was for Condoms.
IMBRONZE3lol (3 days ago)
Or you know, you could mute them?
-BeyondAir- (3 days ago)
when you running out of ideas
Thrilling Hazardous (3 days ago)
Don't click read more or else you will regret it *Read more*
Taleisha Gooden (3 days ago)
lol I just got only grammarly ads
VHS (3 days ago)
pw play csgo plss
Gloria Borger was probably born Gloria Borgerstein.
BradLia (3 days ago)
Did anyone else notice that it switched maps?
Ukeleyla (3 days ago)
I play video games and when someone is being an annoying idiot I mute them The end (: They’re the ones with issues why should I have to listen to them
Alpha Weaboo (3 days ago)
BULLY HUNTe-hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
I_Dont _Trust_You_Now (3 days ago)
What happened to "You slav you lose" ?
Psylona (3 days ago)
I'd like to see sive doing the weather at least once
Handsome Jackel (3 days ago)
holy shit that asian dude in the audience im fuking dead mate
Abish Joy (3 days ago)
*ad happens* *spits out water* W H A T J U S T H A P P E N E D
SUT DOWN (3 days ago)
Why are there so many dislikes?
Marc Tradler (3 days ago)
All the muslim women who are stoned to death after being blamed for their rape will be glad they at least don´t have to suffer as much as female "gamers" who of course are every bit as good and strong as men which is why they need special help.
Good that I watch with AdBlock.
Sovereign Warrior (3 days ago)
Bully hunter would be better if they just continuously killed the bully until they rage quit
DairiuX (4 days ago)
What do you need full armor for?
Josh Nanya (4 days ago)
pew news: bedroom special
Suga kookie :-D (4 days ago)
One time I was playing moomoo.io and there was a guy\girl who kept harassing me. They kept saying "kiss me or I'll stab u" me being a frickeN OVERCONFIDENT 12 year old ..... Said "BISH NAW" THEY followed me and said "kiss me in real life" I said "BISH IM FRICKEN LIKE 12" THENNNNN they said "I wish I could smell your hair and have sex with you" I left the "world" then THAT STALKER PERSON WAS ON THE "WORLD" I WENT ON...... now I don't play moomoo anymore
coming up with a somewhat reasonable idea to stop online bullying.... very difficult
samuel frey (4 days ago)
hail all keks
augine (4 days ago)
And if you are A Man Bully Hunters wont help you
Miss Jackson (4 days ago)
*I'm sorry if I'm wrong, but often, when games come with voicechat, you can just mute the voicechat* *Or even better, go onto a different server, or fucking go outside* EDIT; also, I got a pop-up ad !
Adam 86 (4 days ago)
LOL Bully hunters was a fail fake shit-show
Etern4l Saiy4n (4 days ago)
it gets deep every time...
kaylars33 (4 days ago)
Why are your headphones always extended more on the left side of your head than the right?
trup (4 days ago)
hahaah u literally steal it from birdman thats so scumy of you lost some respekt for u. and you stole the sexy vegan from triggered tro
Zachary Bureau (4 days ago)
Prince Mikey (4 days ago)
Whatever happened to bros? AGH
BoltznNutz (1 day ago)
Prince Mikey we're guys now
Daddy Ascii (4 days ago)
Lingan (4 days ago)
Where can I buy the hoodie?
Green Arrow (4 days ago)
6:46 How He Maid His Millions Easter Egg
mr wolfy (4 days ago)
TheHueisOver™ (4 days ago)
Don't worry Felix, your ads don't offend me coz i use multiple adblocks.
Brandon Walthers (4 days ago)
Lmao, "victims of harassment in gaming" .... So... everyone who's ever played an online game...cool, pay me. Wish I twittered.
Hanro50 (4 days ago)
Pew News? _gets 1950s accent_ Now that's a tag line kid
Wayes Ahmed (4 days ago)
Pewds am I the only one or do you also suspect that Youtube is demonetizing your videos intentionally

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