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CD Projekt Red Confirms There IS a "Next Witcher Game" But It Won't Be Called Witcher 4

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YongYea (4 days ago)
EDIT: It's not over yet for Witcher! But it'll be good long while before whatever this next game might be. Show your support on Patreon.com/YongYea or PayPal.me/YongYea! It's completely optional, but even $1 a month contribution will go a long way. Also, follow me on Twitter.com/YongYea for the latest updates. TOP PATRONS [CIPHER] - Thelionsam - Shawn Duane Cottrell [BIG BOSS] - TheKingSolomon - Vin Giorgio [BOSS] - Zander Rose - Flying Seafox - Joel Wesley Salyer - John A Perez - James Holden - Alex Moretti - justconst - comfyHat - Jonathan Ball - Michael Redmond [LEGENDARY] - Michael P. Reid - Ahmed Al-Khayyat - oh2on2 - Mark Taylor - blake brown - TITOtheGamingGod - Christopher Davis Kildahl - D Kurtti - Jade Rose - Prismat Dragoon - Darien Cunningham - Teemu Hattukangas - Princess Stabbity - Jake Betts - Jonah Ferguson - Pawel Dziemian
khaunleper (2 days ago)
On top of all that, CD Projekt Red owns Gog, their commitment to customer friendly business practices doesnt just show in their games.
HerKi hrc (3 days ago)
The Witch! ...in 2025 mark my words;D
Kris Adamson (3 days ago)
It is very clear from your introduction... you have NEVER played the Witcher 1! That glitch y game was an embarrassment. Just because you played the Witcher (2 &/OR 3) does not mean you should praise the entire series like a mindless sycophant. You came off as pretentious and I respect you less as a person now. This is coming from someone who actually has played all the games in the series.
Bloody (3 days ago)
It's not really a comparison as it's more of an example on how games can be named.
Shima Zun (2 hours ago)
I still think Ciri deserves her own story. There's so much yet to explore about her and her abilities. It would be a waste to just give that all up.
New Doggo (7 hours ago)
cyberpunk2077 is secretly witcher 4
katsupoi (8 hours ago)
I just want the nilfgardian ending to be canon
Jaqba (9 hours ago)
Maaaan its too early to even talk about this.
karlmarcs31 (10 hours ago)
The Witcher: Whore and House Geralt is now a small business owner of a brothel
Panzer Hund (14 hours ago)
Maybe Witcher prequels based on book, where Geralt was young.
Panzer Hund (15 hours ago)
Maybe Witcher prequels based on book, where Geralt was young.
StonyComet (16 hours ago)
how bout a witcher where you can have a character creation where you choose which school your character is from. Cat school, bear school, wolf school etc and you have it be more like a mass effect type rpg with choosing to play an evil witcher or a good one
joeyxl3456 (23 hours ago)
Yes in about 10 years time. I CANNOT start to get hyped over something happening in a decade. Cyberpunk 2077 already has my hype worn out, and that's another 2 years away.
Raklödder (1 day ago)
I hope they don't get greedy and become the new EA.
Keetonman (1 day ago)
Having yet to watch what you think. I think the possibility that a game set in the Witcher Universe with a fully playermade Witcher is kind of nigh on the horizon.
ninjaboytom lolol (1 day ago)
Gwent 2
Cedric S. (1 day ago)
Geralts Arc is over. I hope he plays a little supportive role. But not a major one. But man... I am hyped
Amon Tis (1 day ago)
New Witcher will revolve around Geralt's son.
Madrigal (1 day ago)
here's an idea, a Witcher game about Ciri when she was jumping between worlds with that elf guy that i forgot the name of
Fox Stevens (1 day ago)
We have two options; Play as Ciri Play as a Young Vesemir, back when the Witcher trade was in full swing. Either way we win. I would play the shit out of either.
Enter Valhala (2 days ago)
For the next witcher game I would like it to be a prequel, apparently Geralt is actually about 350 years and not 110 year... I don't know, but I would like a prequel looking at the first witches or the first 3 original guilds and their makers.
Zedds Dead Baby (2 days ago)
Witcher 3 was the best game ever created. It would be cool if they let us transfer our leveled up Geralts into the next chapter .. even another expansion on TW3 would be most welcomed.. all three were great games. So glad I stumbled into the first on PC
Wucci Mane (2 hours ago)
I think they're focusing on new games now. The Witcher 3 already had a perfect ending.
Legendarydrago123 (2 days ago)
Geralts getting old and tired we need a new protagonist and story from a different school. Although this doesn't pertain to my topic a school of the dragon sounds badass.
Misael Cifuentes (2 days ago)
Wouldnt mind witcher 1 and 2 remake.
Gabriel McCormick (2 days ago)
Angry Joe predicted this
Silent Streamer (2 days ago)
I honestly didn't want a sequel, the story is already end. better start something fresh.
Emme Yott (2 days ago)
Hey, great material :) A little tip though: if you set google translate to translate from Polish and type a name, like Adam Kiciński, you can click the speaker icon to hear what the proper pronunciation is. It may be a small thing but it's really easy and quick and I will never understand why so few people take advantage of that, even people like you, who usually do a thorough research, tend to just read foreign names as if they were English without a care. Sorry, a pet peeve of mine :) Anyway, keep up the good work!
João Baptista (2 days ago)
If they did something aking to what they're doing to Cyberpunk 2077 with The Witcher, i would be happy af. Imagine playing in the aftermath of The Witcher 3, were witcher's are even rarer to see. You would play as a fledgeling to the kingdoms, having the choice of playing as a human (norse, islander, nilfgaardian, zerrikanian or ofieri), elf (aen saedhe or aen elle), dwarf, gnome, halfling or half elf and, of course, witcher, and having the choice of choosing what class you would be. So far, a standart fantasy rpg, but you could add some spins to it. Beeing able to drive charriots, to use boats and entire ships, to finally be able to use magic as sorcerer's, mages, wizards and witches can, and see what happened after the events of the trilogy. Ciri becoming quite renown as a monster slayer, Temeria finally achieving independence from Nilfgaard while still beeing recognized as part of the empire, the incredibly intense political tension brewing inside Redania and so on, so forth. Ahh to hell with it: I hope the next witcher comes as one hell of an MMO. I would gladly pay subscription to that. That, and a complete new trilogy set in the same universe but exploring other aspects and having no one of the earlier cast returning as pivotal aspect of the plot (but making an cameo) would also be incredible. They could explore the other witcher schools, Zerrikania, Poviss... So much, so much they could do with the license. @[email protected]'
G Sieg (2 days ago)
They had to work on the witcher 3 so the resources they had available was probably much smaller for working on cyberpunk before 2015. Now that that there finished with the game, CD Red had a least three years of full production to work on Cyberpunk. I'm guessing they need two more years to fully finish the game.
Simmiebird (2 days ago)
Witcher: Lambert the dick
Aron Marczylo (2 days ago)
Interesting, considering the world of the Witcher and how rich it is, I can see spin-offs in that reality. There are many other witcher schools and the struggle between mankind and other races is something that was very interesting in the first game, but I felt the second game it was far more black and white in regards to the equality of the other races. I certainly am not expecting a witcher game anytime soon, considering they take a long time building games, but that's because they care about them. they aren't Ubisoft, EA or even Activision who just shit things out.
Salty (2 days ago)
Why tf isn't there a Gwent phone game? CDPR are missing out smh
The Freddirak (2 days ago)
I just want it to be set in Ofier.
Lion El Jonson (2 days ago)
I want a witcher game where you play as roach and the entire game is just escort missions.
Dean (2 days ago)
we're gonna be playing as ciri
VectorGhost (2 days ago)
my penis is pretty damn hard hearing this....
Artrexis Lives (2 days ago)
Ciri standalone, please and thank you!
RexorCall Skyline (2 days ago)
God of war 4 = Dad of war The witcher 4= The witcher dad
Tyrone Tyrone (2 days ago)
CD would make a killer starwars game
Wagner da Rosa (2 days ago)
The Witcher 2077
Electric Man (2 days ago)
I hope there will be a Ciri spinoff with dmc/bayonetta style combat mixed with her own style from witcher 3. It can also be set in various universes cos she can teleport.
happyknappy14 (2 days ago)
Perhaps they will increase their staff numbers and have two major projects in development simultaneously.
Stona Raptor (2 days ago)
i really dont need/want witcher 4
Dominic Mendonsa (2 days ago)
Yong, you should really communicate with Youtuber Outstar. She's a prior employee at CDPR and is still ACTIVELY involved in Cyperpunk's development. She provides a lot of really good information and internally-based answers/opinions from her time working there.
Alex (2 days ago)
We really don't need more Witcher in my opinion. Sometimes, less is more. They already provided a lengthy game series with the trilogy. Sure we could get a game with Ciri, or Geralt in his prime, an entirely original character being brought up in kaer morhen etc. etc. but none of it would add to the expansive experience we got with the trilogy. It would just be more for the sake of more and not for the sake of meaning and integrity. I'm eagerly looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077. Let's see what else CD Project Red can do for once.
PJK83 (2 days ago)
I can translate it for you if you want (I'm Polish).... let me know and I'll give you an email to send that thing to...
Chris Bak (2 days ago)
Give us Despacito 2
Sean Lee (2 days ago)
Witcher Online, or battle royale.
Dreadhowl - (2 days ago)
the next "witcher" game should be an rpg where we are not neccessarily tied to 1 decided character. geralts story was nice and fine, no question, but how about playing our own witcher from child to full grown witcher, one where we can decide not just appearance but the main story. i think considering what we know about cyberpunk right now this could very well happen, at least i hope so.
Karol Kotowicz (2 days ago)
Hey YongYea, if you could post a link of the article you are reffering to it would help people to verify if your translation is accurate. I cannot find the article you are mentioning on the Bankier.pl sit. I know Polish language and it would not be a problem to check if your understanding of the article is correct.
NickVonDuke (3 days ago)
I personally hope, that CD Projekt Red will focus on Cyberpunk for now, and then fully on a sequal once they know from the first game what worked and what doesn't. So for me, they shouldn't focus on a new AAA type of Witcher game, as it would be better to put all resources into Cyberpunk for now, and in the coming years. Make it such a good game series, that people won't ask for a new Witcher.
Zhorin :l (3 days ago)
Gwent 2 baby
Aequitas Veritas (3 days ago)
Yong, please fix your collar. It's really bugging me. Thanks!
ZwiekszoneRyzyko (3 days ago)
I'm Polish, so I can refer to the translation. He's basically saying they want to expand the franchise, which can basically mean everything, like making another Gwent game, for example. I wouldn't get my hopes SO up just yet.
Don Malakai (3 days ago)
Witcher pachinko
Muri Rokcs (3 days ago)
It will be called Witcher V Duh, Yong.
Muri Rokcs (3 days ago)
I mean IV omg dotn murder me
MarkEz DEZ (3 days ago)
It’s gonna be called “The Witcher One”, then the DLC’s are gonna be called The Witcher One S And Witcher One X
OneShortGamer (3 days ago)
Next Witcher game won't be as successful as Witcher 3 not even close, Witcher 3 it had perfect story based on books, people would jump at next game with too high expectations and game would be dull. Cdpr needs to come up with their own story unless they try to copy it in different way.
Kr Utsav (3 days ago)
creating a memorable and impactful protagonist like geralt is next to impossible and a magician like Andrzej Sapkowski can only do such thing. If I want to make my own character i will gladly play Skyrim or any other Bethesda game. CDPR please don't create another assassin's creed franchise.
Therocksmasher 94 (3 days ago)
1:00 the Witcher 3 did mark the end of the trilogy because if they make another game it will be a quad trilogy
zubair rahman (3 days ago)
Thank god witcher is not over......i love u allah......
The Cupcake Alliance (3 days ago)
Knowing the gaming industry, it will be The Witcher: Infinity
Dcard Dcardian (3 days ago)
CD Projekt Red are epic game makers, I say if they what to call the next witcher something else. Then so be it. I do not really mind. CD Projekt Red are the few game makers that I trust. 11bitstudios as well. They have earned it. To bad that not more game devs do the same. What if EA droped a good writen game without any types of microtransactions or any type of transaction sheams that will be the day. Cyberpunka 2077 will be epic, when it comes. I will so play that game...
Acid Samuraï (3 days ago)
Maybe its gonna focus on ciri like the latest books
Miguerys (3 days ago)
The Witcher - Vesemir's Tales of Wonder You think Geralt was badass? Think again.
MultiBum123 (3 days ago)
Since 3 was a great ending to geralts story i wouldnt mind if they went full rpg and you could create your own witcher
MPSecare (3 days ago)
Witcher: Andromeda
Mayor Three Doge (3 days ago)
A Witcher game set during the time when Witchers were respected would be pretty cool
SkyOut (3 days ago)
Please don't make one specific ending from The Witcher 3 and make it the cannon one. That will be even worse than what Metro did the past 2 games...
Edwin Cheesecake (3 days ago)
I'm guessing they'll call it "Witcher: Redemption" or something. That's what happens when you move away from numbered titles.
MadFinnTech (3 days ago)
Nah. I think The Witcher series is a bit overrated.
Jeremy Burgess (3 days ago)
It'd be really cool if they went back and remade the first game in a new engine! Witcher I is a REALLY rough start to the series, what with its PS2-era graphics, muddy color palette, point-and-click combat, and English voice-acting that varies between average and bad. Modding the game can lessen some of these issues, but it can only go so far. That being said though, I still enjoy the game and don't regret my time playing it. Witcher I is a crucial part of the trilogy because it laid the foundations for the series and put CD Projekt RD on the map. Plus, in the Blood & Wine expansion, a lot of Witcher I's characters make a return, so playing the first game will give you some fan-service down the road.
Antonio Todisco (3 days ago)
The Witcher 1277
KeepHimAtBay (3 days ago)
i have spent some time with Adam, and during our drunk debates he revealed that you will be Regis in the new game. Decent.
Jonas Wijte (3 days ago)
What I want is a game in the distant past. (Where the story does not overlap with that of the trilogy and the books). Have a somewhat predetermined character, but you can decide his personality and looks. (Sorry peeps but it is well established that they don't train women to be witchers. Ciri was the sole exception). With new characters and lands. But I do want the main character to have some story of his own so it does not turn in to Witcher: Skyrim. And please keep the sidequests as they where in Witcher 3, perfect format. Would also be cool to choose your Witcher school.
Von (3 days ago)
Vezemir might have a lot of very interesting stories
Rj Diggs (3 days ago)
If CDPR takes a note from Santa Monica studios than I believe they can pull it off and create another masterpiece by rebooting but at the same time. Keep what made the witcher great at the same time.
Jack johnson (3 days ago)
Probably by the time the PS6 launches or late into the PS5’s lifecycle either way its gonna be too damn long till we actually get a Witcher game.
Deadline2602 (3 days ago)
Correction: There IS NOT a "Next Witcher Game", just a WILL to make one that's it. It's reasonable to assume that there is no plan, no desing, nothing; as the team is most likely crunching Cyberpunk and it will for the next few years. Why would they put precious resources into the planning of new game? Didn't work well with parallel Witcher and Cyberpunk development. Also the next Witcher game would, most likely, NOT use the Red Engine 4 as it's designed specifically for Cyberpunk with tools and technology for this type of game, that was the reason they had to basically write a new engine for Cyberpunk. For the next Witcher game they will, most likely, have to do the same thing they did for the Cyberpunk, that is, rewrite the engine again and maybe(big maybe) port only stuff relevant to the Witcher and it's not that much.
Teppanyaki (3 days ago)
If they made a game that lets you build your witcher, pick your school of origin, and add some optional stealthly mechanics to diversify the game play they might even top the past games
Przemo1223 (3 days ago)
Witcher 76 mayby ? Micro paid like fallout and mayby battleroyal like fifa 18?
Gosu black (3 days ago)
If they do something related with Lambert and/or Eskel, I'll definitely buy it. How cool it'd to play a Withcher game in which those guys are protagonists? They could even make something like that into a DLC, much like it was done with AC blackflag Adewale
DoubleO88 (3 days ago)
Might as well make that forced first person too
Wucci Mane (7 hours ago)
Cyberpunk isn't forced first person, I think they had their reasons.
Arturo Rosales (3 days ago)
Maybe a Witcher-CastleVania style game, would be awesome.
Andrew Walle Johansen (3 days ago)
That they maybe will make something similar as witcher may happend but they Said clearly that they wont be making more of witcher series.
Peter Parker (3 days ago)
The Witcher: Ciri .. I dont know lol
MrConyoK (3 days ago)
I'd like to see you make a analysis of Death Stranding last trailer, i mean a looooong one ;) Thx for your video !
Modestas Salvis (3 days ago)
Witcher: The Pachinko Machine
Brandon Gray (3 days ago)
Read this interview yesterday myself - was very happy to hear Adam's comments about it. I don't expect a Geralt-based title, but surely hope the game continues perhaps 20-30 years after Blood & Wine with a new Witcher and something new / cataclysmic occurring that triggers a need for more witchers. Hope they don't do a prequel. I don't want to play the game as anyone we already know - but I wouldn't mind seeing some cameo appearances for Geralt, Ciri, and perhaps his sorceress that we selected for him in Witcher 3. Definitely looking forward to this.
Adam (3 days ago)
I want a RPG where you get to make your own Witcher character and you go through the life of a Witcher like the training as a boy the trials and then doing contracts and stuff
Mario Franco (3 days ago)
I don’t get a fuck if it’s called “the witcher super dx 73 survive”... I only want to be able to fuck with every whore I can and also wanna be able to have threesomes instead of that “it takes three to tango” bullshit -_-
ivan (3 days ago)
Witcher: Battle Royale
Peter Stark (3 days ago)
Well.... problem is that this approach failed before :/ ..... andromeda failed , dragon age sequels kind of failed to live up to the original..... that being said its CDPR so thers that
Funkmeister (3 days ago)
A spin-off focusing on one of the other Witchers would be great. Maybe a Vesemir spinoff that is somewhat a prequel to the Witcher 1?
Funkmeister (3 days ago)
Or something related to the viper/gryphon school cause they have been practically nonexistent in the Witcher trilogy
AMP (3 days ago)
Letho as protagonist when being recruited by Emhyr and preparing and executing all his plans in Witcher 2 as well as running from Nilfgaard before Witcher 3 would be awesome.
Atalay Dedemen (3 days ago)
oh Yong please do not make references for Mass Effect Andromeda when you talk about Witcher 4. Please just dont!!!! Just as i forgot MEA's existence you had to remind me haven't you :(
Tomb plays Games (3 days ago)
3:38 They better not go the mass effect route, Andromeda was Total shit. Also Its not like CDPR has to throw the story way of in one way or the other time wise, theres other witchers besides geralt maybe give lambert or Eskel some time in the limelight.
brandon baerga (3 days ago)
Witcher is game of thrones on acid freaking amazing
V K (3 days ago)
Damn why start talking about new Witcher, if Cyberpunk YEARS away from the release....
Charge Target (3 days ago)
Ohhhhh yesssss
Ricky Bronze (3 days ago)
Brooo what if it's about Ciri and her multiverse journeys?
Terry Valentine (3 days ago)
Geralt’s story is over. Let us make our own character this time.
Wolf Lord Hardahat (3 days ago)
Hoping and praying for character creation and skill customisation and more weapons and movesets. Come on CD Pro

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