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Text Comments (253)
Anson Hu (12 days ago)
I’ve killed a full squad in hacienda with a pan before, they had shotguns luckily they had shit aim
Zikrullah Hakimi (15 days ago)
fuck u to bitch he was me
카즈K (16 days ago)
i guess he is hawk eyes
Bicho Chrayteh (16 days ago)
King of pubg mobile
lop pororo (18 days ago)
Welcome to pub..........G xaxa
Bro you are not a king of hadica you are king of pubg
Skriex ツ (5 days ago)
Hadica 😂😂😂😂😂
Harun ahmed (1 month ago)
u play well in pc. give a video on mobile pubg
Raja Atiq Ur Rehman (1 month ago)
Thats not haceinda Thats Pecado
Mazuro Namikaze (1 month ago)
Where tf I am
ra226665 (1 month ago)
Has 12 first AIDS not one bandage
GAMING WITH BROS (1 month ago)
Shroud can u play pubg mobile plz
sketch plau (1 month ago)
29 kills????? 19 kills idiot
Nazar Pishoha (1 month ago)
Anand Kaman (1 month ago)
Bro where u got that last vedio
XXX · (1 month ago)
Where the Fuck I am
Ash Vlogs (1 month ago)
Hey how he gets donations I mean who donates money and if someone than where does he recieve the money????and the persons who subscribe to him subscribe to YouTube or to what plzz answer
Mr Nuar (1 month ago)
19 kill!
Chetan Jadhav (1 month ago)
I had 26 once
MITH winnn
Harjot Singh (2 months ago)
i am better player than you shroud
tomcz 12345 (2 months ago)
Black Pearl (2 months ago)
Please watch my video https://youtu.be/RljkJmHyar8 New on Youtube....
A syahmi_93 (2 months ago)
Why shroud not play pubg mobile...maybe hi will kill me so....😅😅
Nahuel Soria (2 months ago)
I am like pubg
Ben Francis Pardillo (2 months ago)
U said 26 kills STUPID
Vedshree Ravane (2 months ago)
Goutam Nayak (2 months ago)
PutOutMyFireWithGasoline (2 months ago)
@ 12:30 dont suppressors hide the flash already. I play on mobile so maybe it’s different.
Deimikal Walker (2 months ago)
PutOutMyFireWithGasoline nah flash hider really dont hide the flash as much as it suppose too suppressor hides all but i only take suppressor on sniper on ar i take compensator
PUBG TERMINATOR (2 months ago)
show me chadd
GeTalonUnaUlo (2 months ago)
Every time i watch a pubg video especially pubg vids when shroud is the streamer on YouTube, there's like 6 ads all RulesOfSurvival like wth are they trying to get more player that plays pubg?
Sanjith Reddy (2 months ago)
29 kills?
Shadow77999 (2 months ago)
14:20 he went into a bush
Shadow77999 (2 months ago)
12:30 is he really that stupid? Lol..
Shadow77999 (2 months ago)
11:55 whyd he climb the hill like that? He exposed himself so badly Based
Clash Of Clan (2 months ago)
SAHIL PATEL (2 months ago)
I M best player against shroud
Sonya Green (2 months ago)
12:34 he's learning the wadu hek language
DHANUSH GREAT (3 months ago)
Chadd is far better than shroud.... Chadd carries shroud...
John Paul Molino (1 month ago)
Addicted Gamer (1 month ago)
No Chadd and justin is Shrouds Sidekick
Alexis Reyes (2 months ago)
Meet Bro whoosh
Shadow77999 (2 months ago)
Meet Bro l o l
Meet Bro (2 months ago)
Ayush Gupta (3 months ago)
U changed the location to pecado...not cool
The One (3 months ago)
Seryosli!? Shroud have 19 kills and you speck shi have 29 kills
UnKraut (3 months ago)
Dusty are you actually high
udipta borah (3 months ago)
play in mobile u will find difficulty
Deimikal Walker (2 months ago)
udipta borah yea if u play the chinese version like i do the global version its not difficult if u having trouble on global version then you.....
udipta borah (3 months ago)
shroud u play on pc and other player's play on mobile...show me u r skills on mbile...in pc it is more easy... so don't make this type of loser video....
mezzaluna kiano (3 months ago)
Perfect duos chad carries shroud
Makarand Sawant (3 months ago)
Can someone please post the link to Chadd's stream of this match ? He's clearly owning harder than Shroud.
Tracy Tracy (3 months ago)
Sun NY (3 months ago)
12:34 Wadu hek...
Ege Yılmaz (3 months ago)
14.02 shroud dont take AUG its on the loot
Tú Nguyễn Ngọc (3 months ago)
Ege Yılmaz firstly, the AUG sucks, it's even worst than the M4. The dev copied the M4's stat, change some stuff, like its sound. But still, they copied the M4. Secondly, look at the right corner. 5 people alive. Changing at that point is suicidal. It's took awhile, and somebody probably shot him.
Stiles Kuchiki (3 months ago)
I love when he says Bitch. It's just hilarious. 😂😂 11:15
Yuri Tastsuki (3 months ago)
Is not 29 is 39 kills
Abhishek Sahu (3 months ago)
xXChubbie_MidgetXx (3 months ago)
None of this content is urs
Adrian Mite (4 months ago)
LOL (4 months ago)
One can only dream.
zoltusxd (4 months ago)
He landed pecado not hacienda
Deimikal Walker (3 months ago)
Zoltus u obviously didn't watch the video from the start he landed at hacienda and got loot then drove to pecado watch the vid next time
Gamer Nitish (4 months ago)
Skye Durano (4 months ago)
when theres someone who subscribed it says where the fuck i am lol!!!
getFloki (4 months ago)
What a insane team theese two are...
ariel ronquillo (4 months ago)
Swear to god he’s using aim assist 😂 Cause how can he aim for the head all time
a random person lol (1 month ago)
ariel ronquillo jealous asf
munlight20 montes (4 months ago)
Minzu Gameming (4 months ago)
hay vc :))
_Nxxdle YT (5 months ago)
shroud driving skills be like
Liamsjo (5 months ago)
Its 19 kille not 29
Tracey Taylor (3 months ago)
Liamsjo it means they got 29 kills combined, Chad got 10 kills
mhmmd_ irfn_ (5 months ago)
WTF Team work GG
Herbert Erico (5 months ago)
8:12 what an amazing sounds there
メイズMazy (5 months ago)
Shroud: Aiming skills : on point. Driving skils : ....
Insta Prxdxced (5 months ago)
27 and 29 are two different numbers
Leelynn Sliman (1 month ago)
Insta Prxdxced it’s combined you dumb fucks
Insta Prxdxced (5 months ago)
Hell Nawh. On the thumbnail it says 27 and in the title it says 29. What the fuck are u talking about dumb ass?
Hell Nawh. (5 months ago)
RoS TV its 19
Genral Alsayed (5 months ago)
Fucking liar u good player why u lying
alexis cape (5 months ago)
iQ streaming (5 months ago)
cheater spoted. he know where the enemies at
R32 GTR (5 months ago)
iQ streaming he knows the running speed so when he hears someone around the corner he can calculate the time it’ll take for them to come around the corner so he knows the exact time to shoot, he has probably a few thousand hours on the game what do you expect
Lebron James The GOAT (5 months ago)
Im the king of hacienda no shroud
v1n_zoio (6 months ago)
Server North America is very easy lol
pizza of destiny (6 months ago)
Last time i landed in Hacienda my computer exploded.
HF IG (6 months ago)
12:34 wadu hek
Lee Morgan (6 months ago)
Wtf tat 1.28 kill speed
xk bang (6 months ago)
Bãn (6 months ago)
Zeyzus (6 months ago)
Anyone know why he uses that colour blind mode
Zeyzus (4 months ago)
Mikhail Leeve found out i think it help shows map better
Mikhail Leeve (4 months ago)
for viewers?
Belat cradus (6 months ago)
why is his zone green? Modded HUD ?
Papa Pasty (5 months ago)
no it doesnt change the graphic colors only the circle and team colors slightly
Belat cradus (5 months ago)
dont say me, hes is fucking colorblind ? xD
Papa Pasty (5 months ago)
its colorblind mode in settings
Felix Patriot (6 months ago)
when shroud doesn't pick up the AUG...
DOBeR TV (6 months ago)
Chrome Blaze (4 months ago)
MinoRu Design (6 months ago)
i like Vido you
Joohhnn G (6 months ago)
Is it possible to switch between the old map and the new one?
Joohhnn G (6 months ago)
Randomly??? God damn
Goat Whisperer (6 months ago)
Joohhnn G nope, its randomly
AvgE (6 months ago)
Shroud why didn’t you pick up aug 14:00
Supernova GᗩᗰIᑎG (6 months ago)
It would take too long to swap attachments and with a circle that small someone could walk up on him while he is changing and kill him
ayush roy (6 months ago)
AvgE 5 alive. It would be stupid to switch guns at that point..
Fazer YT (6 months ago)
Where is 29 kills?
Lloyd Cunanan (5 months ago)
Shroud + Chadd
Halfcatrix (6 months ago)
good team work bloody oath
Candra Jail (6 months ago)
like a cheaters
shashwat trivedi (6 months ago)
Welcome to PUB.......g
Albert Atshemyan (6 months ago)
Chadd is insane
Val (6 months ago)
7:23 Hey guys, Michael Grzesiek, just here pressing tab and showing I just got 10 kills in 7 minutes. But you know what I'm really proud about? My 12 fucking first aids. Cmon dude what are you doing
Francisco Ceja (6 months ago)
6:06 same thing happened to me lol
Gabriel Medrano (6 months ago)
6:25 did shroud just attached a SR compensator over a flash hider on a kar98?
Bowo Bowo (1 month ago)
compestator suck
Moonlight Sculptor (3 months ago)
Compensator didnt do any good on bolt rifle.. I only use compensator on SKS
GG WP (5 months ago)
"gun kick" you mean recoil. "Reduces bullet drop" - that's a myth. Recoil reduction has nothing to offer for a bolt action riffle.
Alexceeded (5 months ago)
ye compensator reducis gun kick and it reduces bullet drop
Selver Mahmutovic (5 months ago)
flash hider only hides the flash PARTLY, the only thing to remove the flash completley is the silencer :) FYI theres a info website on the attachments get some reading done bois.
Jacqueline Garcia (6 months ago)
that's not hacienda del patron. that's sex house
Công Đỗ (6 months ago)
2:53 Why the fuck he can see the guy on the stairs ?
李星翰 (6 months ago)
Công Đỗ yeah Idk either
Peteris Trups (6 months ago)
Did anybody actually believes that you playing a fair game shroud...!!!!????
Dedodoe (6 months ago)
Why you gotta spam your keyboard arrows like you got an extreme case of ADHD
Aperture Science Tick (2 months ago)
Is there anything wrong with ADHD in your head?
azan subhie (2 months ago)
every hardcore gamer need to make their brain busy to focus to the game. in csgo player, they change weapon rapidly. when looting shroud do that so he ready to quick response when enemies hit him
Chrome Blaze (4 months ago)
Do you know what hardcore gaming is
I like cookies :P (6 months ago)
Dedodoe just because you of ADHD doesn’t mean you have to say he does
LEGENDARY (6 months ago)
thats why you never win
Sick Death (6 months ago)
This game has the ugliest kar98k in the world
Savage Boi (2 months ago)
Go back to fortnite kid
Albester Ryan Castanares (6 months ago)
goback tocod
Wandr3r (6 months ago)
If only I got 110+ fps.
โล ตัส (2 months ago)
Wandr3r ม
zoltusxd (4 months ago)
Wandr3r I get as much FPS as him
Jess Juyl Baliquig (4 months ago)
Flight Simmer (4 months ago)
TA Kurusuu You won't see a difference in 60 Hz monitor
Derek Sabella (6 months ago)
Gotta love ESP
Derek Sabella (6 months ago)
DCMA Vlogs didn't know headphones could pick up footsteps halfway across a map, or in this instance 3:42
DCMA Vlogs (6 months ago)
Derek Sabella there is a thing called headphones its not named esp its headphones

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