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Shroud reacts to my video!

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I wasn't going to upload this because I figured someone else would have done it already but nobody has yet and a lot of people keep asking to see Shroud's reaction to my video on his PUBG weapon skins, so here it is, enjoy! Bigups Shroud for watching my video, absolutely made my day, mad respect! Original Video here: https://youtu.be/bSzFbVVCk3c ============================== Discord: https://discord.gg/c4sh5FX Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/shivaxi Stalk me at: https://www.facebook.com/Shivaxi/ https://twitter.com/shivaxi I make music too: https://shivaxi.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/shivaxi Support: If you feel I am worthy, you can support me at Patreon, which directly effects this channel and my music, including some useless I mean totally sweet rewards for you guys! But no really, I'd appreciate and love the hell out of you, and it'll help me closer to me goal of doing YouTube and music full time. https://www.patreon.com/Shivaxi Another way to support me is through Chrono.gg, check out what game they have on sale today: https://chrono.gg/shivaxi If you wanna help this channel out, subscribe, like, share, whatever YouTube does these days since that all helps out a ton as well...thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (1168)
Mahathir's Funny Videoz (18 hours ago)
You are Lucky
Fikri Aja Gin (22 hours ago)
i watch this at least 4 times lol
vr1717 (1 day ago)
nice video Shivaxi !
POLARBOYPIG (1 day ago)
y isnt shround using chromer lmao
Shane Boi (1 day ago)
copyright strike this comment
Kristaps Jankovskis (1 day ago)
Omg so good video.... GOLD.
acheesyboxplane ! (1 day ago)
shroud has a jacksepticeye mug
James Belcher (2 days ago)
You mean that faggot who falsely accuses people of stream sniping because his ego is bigger than his vagina?
RageDarkPrince (2 days ago)
Wadu and bananaman
NeonFlash Gaming (2 days ago)
where does shroud stream???
George Vasilopoulos (3 days ago)
N3rdy (3 days ago)
*a w e s o m e*
Quinnable (3 days ago)
RIP DONO boyssssss haha
Unknown Legend (4 days ago)
Legendary video makes me laugh all the time
Poolad johnmoore (4 days ago)
dude ur video was awesome
Shivaxi (4 days ago)
Ben Earl (4 days ago)
Hey, what’s the earrape at the end of the video called. The one where shroud drinks out of the water bottle
Ben Earl (4 days ago)
Shivaxi ok thanks
Shivaxi (4 days ago)
I made a song list in the original videos description
Elliott Blair (5 days ago)
Find a new friend
Erick Donaldson (5 days ago)
your friend is such a downer lol
Douge Gming (5 days ago)
Shroud didnt hit like lul
John Boutsioulis (6 days ago)
This video is gold man!!!!!
CheekyScrub (6 days ago)
Why do you use windows 7
BullusRexus (6 days ago)
dang your subs almost doubled since then
Yue Zhong Chen (6 days ago)
Justin just straight on refused to watch this vid XD
C_R_A_m_p_y 13 (6 days ago)
Dude that video is legit
Destroy Idiots (7 days ago)
I like Shroud's face when he tried to send the video link to a friend and the guy is like.. " naw im good. "
Unknown Unseen (7 days ago)
My Video shroud reacts,Shroud Reacts My Video,My Video My Video,Shroud's Video my Video 😥🤔
nah ko ra tan (7 days ago)
Now this is legendary haha
LUClD-_ C-ops (7 days ago)
Shroud evolving into summit with all these live reactions
Das Spielzentrum (7 days ago)
Oh nice tits by the way
Aj singh (7 days ago)
Lol btw Congo for 45k
cúɴ ᴡᴏʟғ (7 days ago)
ooooooo dat edit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Joseph Stalin (8 days ago)
I loved the pewds part
Uchiha Itachi (8 days ago)
Uchiha Itachi (8 days ago)
How bad ur playing
KeyWolfPlayz (8 days ago)
I am here after the copyright video :p
Angelina Molina (8 days ago)
Absolute gold!
NovA MysT (8 days ago)
I came back from that copyright video lol
ChorfyTv (8 days ago)
whats with all the old memes man those died in 2013
Jan Rosman (8 days ago)
10/10 fat cock
RaygrHD (8 days ago)
I'm so glad this popped up in recomended. Fuckin brilliant xD I actually remember seein your dono on stream :D
Brenden Lybarger (8 days ago)
that shit was funny, who was the dick on stream with shroud?
Dr girls and gay asad (8 days ago)
yo play pung I love pubg don't witch
rutvik mervana (9 days ago)
wilbert vroz (9 days ago)
how u really play pubg
Joepa_x (9 days ago)
youre a god
Andrew Light (9 days ago)
Thats some fast and the furious 1&2 music hahah
MaD AppLE (10 days ago)
Stop using the name of the Lord in vain! Repent or face him during judgment day.
Twisted Krazy (10 days ago)
Jordan DA (10 days ago)
Man i cant stop laughing see this video's 🤣🤣🤣
Plast O (10 days ago)
Jesus fuck 12 million views
Spongebob Galau (11 days ago)
AsianAbomination (11 days ago)
enable BTTV DansGame
roscoroller989 (11 days ago)
Who was that little party pooper towards the end?
Qasim HS (11 days ago)
5 thousand suscribers, you mean 20 thousand right?
Fully Gamer (12 days ago)
Jigne baba
Masao3k (12 days ago)
the next SuperStitum?
Michael Ting (12 days ago)
Word on the street, you have a fat cock.
Bhargav (12 days ago)
Oh.. My... God... That was fkin awesome
Chilli Baby (13 days ago)
I see Pewdiepie 😀
Obi Wan Kenobi (13 days ago)
As Shrouds channel subscriber notification states... "Where the fuck I am??..."
Hindi - Explorer (13 days ago)
You are a legend editor
Official CP (13 days ago)
Your attacks do 50% more damage when you shout out their names beforehand. You also get a temporarily buff by saying "Shroud"
Wave (13 days ago)
wadu hek
Johnny DeLaMora (13 days ago)
You got excited because shroud watched your video I had the same reaction when shroud "thanks johnny for buying my skins" ... great vid btw
Nguyen Ngoc (13 days ago)
imad tlm (14 days ago)
Shoutout to shroud's douchbag of a friend who turned down the video immediatly. What a fucking asshole!!
Blue Alert (14 days ago)
wait so did you actually donate?
Shivaxi (13 days ago)
i did yes lol
Cục Cức Khô (14 days ago)
Vn đâu
Mobile Noob :D (14 days ago)
That was gold 👌👌👌
Kevin Farris (14 days ago)
Holy crap you want that fat cock in yer mouth
Joseph Song (15 days ago)
dude you're so good at makin it lika movie
Joseph Song (15 days ago)
dont panic bro lolol
Joseph Song (15 days ago)
Soft Ookoo (15 days ago)
i love these xD
RyNiuu (15 days ago)
and the music from old cs 1.6 frag movies. that was such a love and life.
lu tao (16 days ago)
OK 没问题
せはりーぽ (16 days ago)
Jet Agent (16 days ago)
Next video shroud reacts to shroud reacts to my video
Dominiative Guy (17 days ago)
I’ll Buy Shrouds’s Skin on Christmas 😂
Robin Hömppi (17 days ago)
When i was playing Pubg first time and i was driving a car my friend said "Press F" to use horn and i press f and then i died. Thats how i died in my first game.
Apocalypse1377 (17 days ago)
Fuck the dude who was with shroud. Seems like a buzzkill
Vix Flickz (17 days ago)
Aww Motorsport was a amazing game
zom bro (17 days ago)
Yovany Marin (17 days ago)
Wingnut The God (17 days ago)
Holy shit Vaxi got 1.1m views
lauritz (17 days ago)
PUBG video, Fortnite font OMEGALUL
Mohd Nasir (18 days ago)
1.1mil view!! Nice job bro!!
rotoko 2.0 (18 days ago)
nice pewdiepie cameo
Steve Erickson (18 days ago)
your editing is gold. fuck im watching it again!
LaserCore (18 days ago)
You know you've made something good when Shroud actually reacts to something.
Randy Van Meeteren (18 days ago)
Awesome and hilarious editing, bud.
Quốc Huy (18 days ago)
MuskaKillz (19 days ago)
no doubt best part: "Uhhhh..... I don't really wanna watch anything......., I JUST WANNA DIE IM TIRED OF THIS LIFE FUCK IT IM JUMPING" wtf is wrong with him bro seek some serious professional help for him you will lose a friend soon.
HAPPY (19 days ago)
I can't remember how many times I've watched this video ...bro make a video how u edit your videos
Nomekop 777 (19 days ago)
So this is a reaction to a reaction? Awesome. Someone tell shroud this exists.
Par4 (19 days ago)

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