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2 Steam CRASHES Could Happen Soon! - Steam Market Investing Tips #12

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Remember: There are risks involved with investing! Please leave a like if you enjoyed the video and don't forget to subscribe!
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jamesg (9 months ago)
so should I sell my Hydra Case before the Lunar Sales begins?
Paulo Gomez (9 months ago)
Hey, this is actually quite valuable info. Tnx for the vid, m8.
RoaringSpy (9 months ago)
https://youtu.be/4cvTJkA7T5o copy
Static Gaming (9 months ago)
Holy shit! Thank you so much man. I cant believe someone would blatantly steal content like this. I'll do what i can to get it removed.
SniK (9 months ago)
Should i buy boston 2018 challenger holo/foil capsuls now?
Static Gaming (9 months ago)
I'm making a video on the sale now. quantity for capsules is quite high, personally i'm only buying team stickers and some autographs
SniK (9 months ago)
Should i buy few basic team stickers too?
sukul handa (9 months ago)
Can't wait for your new vid ! Love u dude
ianduhbean (9 months ago)
Brainlag (9 months ago)
Could you tell me what do you think will happen with the desperado crate from pubg, is it a good item to invest in ? Because it has a lock? Is the price going to rise ?
sukul handa (9 months ago)
again investing has risks , but at this time you could invest in 100thieves stickers , flash stickers , wait till 28 jan for price drop on some basic skins (ak redline , awp fever dream etc) and buy them at low price and sell them at high after a few weeks, or just invest on major teams stickers for a long term investment profit
Brainlag (9 months ago)
sukul handa on which item should i invest in then?
sukul handa (9 months ago)
Not a good item , people have their inv filled over with those cases , all im saying is there is a very rare chance that demand would be higher than supply anywhere in future
Static Gaming (9 months ago)
Anyone can get desperado crates so its likely they will go down over time
Lil Máriusz (9 months ago)
OMG the gamescom crates market did not even recover from the latest crash, fuck me, i got 82 of them haha.
eubeculetz (9 months ago)
Just dumped some hydra cases ill probably buy them back in february xD haha
niKlaS (9 months ago)
will the tyloo stickers go up in price? Just wondering what happens if they get into the next major..
sukul handa (9 months ago)
If they get selected in the next major , the price wouldn't go up immediately , cuz the logo will be the same but u could save it and wait long term to sell it to collectors who want the "boston 2018 tyloo" sticker cuz it has made some history and sell it at a reasonable high price
Static Gaming (9 months ago)
Lots of people have mixed opinions on the tyloo stickers. I see them going up a bit over the next few months but in the end it won't have much growth due to future majors
OMgLGaming (9 months ago)
I am about to sell my skins to invest in the autograph capsules, do you think I should sell it now or later? Will the price of my skins drop till the end of the major?
OMgLGaming (9 months ago)
okay, thanks for the advice
Static Gaming (9 months ago)
If you are planning to sell skins I would say sell now, most skins are up in price anyway because of new players due to the major.

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