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All highlights are from my stream :D �м Follow me! TWITTER ��� https://twitter.com/C9shroud TWITCH ��� https://www.twitch.tv/shroud STEAM ��� https://steamcommunity.com/groups/EclipseTV ��‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�� �м Sponsor Shout-outs! G2A: http://c9.gg/C9g2a Zowie: http://c9.gg/zowie Intel: http://c9.gg/useIntel HTC: http://c9.gg/useHTC HyperX: http://c9.gg/useHyperx Logitech: http://c9.gg/useLogitech iBUYPOWER: http://c9.gg/ibuypower Lootcrate: http://c9.gg/lootcrate USE ���Cloud9�۝ code for 10% discount ��‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�� _���Channel Manager - https://twitter.com/stun_empire ��‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰��
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Text Comments (170)
iCaffeinated (1 year ago)
Pin this comment for no reason shroud.
Peter (1 year ago)
@pαreɴтαdoх he does not run it though. he is open about that in his channel. he doesn't have time for youtube.
Hi-Rez (1 year ago)
ArnoldsK (1 year ago)
+pαreɴтαdoх ツ It is his channel but he doesn't run it. Most streamers pay someone to manage stuff and upload highlights to promote twitch.
Hi-Rez (1 year ago)
+Peter it is shrouds channel
Peter (1 year ago)
Shroud himself didn't. Dude who runs his channel did.
Jentuz (1 year ago)
Clearly Pewdiepie (1 year ago)
Why weren't c9 in Atlanta tournament???!!!
AaronGuev (1 year ago)
whats the command to display the damage after death/end of round in chat?
Michael Betts (1 year ago)
@shroud what's your into song?
Bane (1 year ago)
shroud theres this guy on steam name ghost_scoutt that is pertending to be u
Mat Davey (1 year ago)
When people say "saw this live" STFU nobody cares.
Markus Flo (1 year ago)
I love these
soggE (1 year ago)
did u get dropped form c9?
Elias Rödin (1 year ago)
all i see is good internet... i cant trust my shots as much as shroud...
Marko Atanaskovic (1 year ago)
Gerhard Wasowski (1 year ago)
favourite series. keep uploading
stun pls have my babies
Luca Hoppe (1 year ago)
how is his game so bright? I know he uses vibrancegui but my game isnt half as bright as his
albi- (1 year ago)
Luca Hoppe (1 year ago)
aitken. thanks
albi- (1 year ago)
NVIDIA Digital Vibrance and/or SweetFX
fxy (1 year ago)
I'm supposed to be playing game of war but this one player keeps kicking my ass
Renegade221 (1 year ago)
when the c9 intro came up i thought it was a csgoempire thing and i was about to leave right then
Pig Troopa (1 year ago)
LMAO same
May Murray (1 year ago)
idk why but Mike just seems like the friendliest guy, it's so cute
Schmiddelpiddel (1 year ago)
This streaming sound is awesome!
Usao Osaku (1 year ago)
King of Reddit
dskirby (1 year ago)
Shroud is like a pro seananners
James Stych (1 year ago)
What the fuck are these graphics settings???
Daniel Cato (1 year ago)
Yo stun why is anomaly fat? Ik u edit these xd
oscar ballantyne (1 year ago)
Peter bar none the most autistic response ive seen to anything, you deserve a medal
Peter (1 year ago)
Look guys. We found the kid who likes to make fun of other people in school.
Seaglass (1 year ago)
Stepllex (1 year ago)
they talk about 1080p
cj (1 year ago)
1:13 it's 2017 and that donator doesn't know the fucking difference between "your" and "you're" what a fucking idiot
Daniel VanDusen (1 year ago)
its 2017 and who the fuck cares
saab251 (1 year ago)
intro song?
Pbl CS (1 year ago)
I made a video of Shorud and his highlights access my channel to see :)
REDTUZK (1 year ago)
HO LEE (c) - Shroud 2k17
Some guy (1 year ago)
Gage Rosenthal (1 year ago)
*no need to watch this video if you go on reddit daily*
Caged (1 year ago)
I love how casually he says "I just 1G'd
Spencer Furber (1 year ago)
If only he could play like this when it matters...
AwesomeSauce87100 (1 year ago)
What's the intro song?
Andrei Mortex (1 year ago)
did anyone noticed that he has 169k kills on his ak?
Smith (1 year ago)
I just 1g'd
Jay Jay (1 year ago)
2:39 that kid just got masive seizure. 1 like = 1 prayer
John Matthew (1 year ago)
i just 1G'ed lmfao
Smith (1 year ago)
John Matthew lol
jallal Renders (1 year ago)
already seen most of these clips on reddit lol
DirtTrackGaming (1 year ago)
Money Dog (1 year ago)
Gl in the major after streaming so much lol
Antonio Jadric (1 year ago)
SeanVzd c9 didnt qualify
s0rry (1 year ago)
i hope shroud stays associated with cloud9 forever but i hope he gets taken off the active pro roster. he and ska both can cost us games.
Nicolas Gonçalves (1 year ago)
Shroud is phoon confirmed PogChamp
Caz (1 year ago)
0:32 song? Anyone <3
Bania Bańson (1 year ago)
<3 nice viedo btw
Royden5gaming (1 year ago)
Can someone link me the vod of the game with shrouds deagle 4k
Linus Pettersson (1 year ago)
TheBanana Man (1 year ago)
Peter molly incident didnt even happen in 2015
Peter (1 year ago)
No. It was funny back in 2015.
shigzeL Games (1 year ago)
dislike cuz of standard frags
TheBestOfGaming (1 year ago)
1 k likes 3 dislikes #RESPECT
Po Tato (1 year ago)
2:35 WTF THATS SO DODGE, like shroud is insane but that wallbang is just like wtf
Sansta (1 year ago)
literally nothing sketchy about that wb
pleasejuststfu (1 year ago)
i love how many videos you are making keep it up man
Homo homse (1 year ago)
MARTY (1 year ago)
U know shits goin down when shroud gets a kill and the team presses the push to talk button just to gasp
Azza (1 year ago)
First 2 minutes reupload??
ZeSnes (1 year ago)
Should of put every crash in gta,that shit was funny as hell
Mark Cairney (1 year ago)
Welcome to the fam BUH BLAM, 1Gs in the chat for a brand new sub at that
Casper Storm (1 year ago)
what crosshair are you using
Rumiani CS:GO (1 year ago)
why woun't cloud9 play atlantha 2017?
Robert Graham (1 year ago)
I disagree. They finished way higher than Hellraisers (who qualified) in EPL season 4 and they lost to TYLOO who they recently 16-0'd. No one seemed to be performing. Everyone has their off days which you obviously don't understand.
CalumGod (1 year ago)
rikoLas not exactly
rikoLas (1 year ago)
If they didn't play well enough they aren't good enough.
Robert Graham (1 year ago)
I think they're good enough, just had a bad start to the qualifier.
darius (1 year ago)
so they aren't good enough???
Robert V. (1 year ago)
Actually this sucks ive seen all these clips on like the shitty yt channels that only browse reddit clips.. When shroud makes a vid it isnt even special feelsbadman :(
FREAKENATOR (1 year ago)
I love you shroody.
SurZeus (1 year ago)
shroud pls post your up to date cfg and all the settings
Rigidity (1 year ago)
You're such a good player.
im fat xd (1 year ago)
When the fuck did Anomaly's british friend start running Pro Players channels?
LordSherman (1 year ago)
Match Betting is BACK! USE CODE Sherman at DrakeLounge for $5
im fat xd (1 year ago)
Good on you! Keep up the good work as well ^^
Stun (1 year ago)
i have been for a while
Alexandre Mendes (1 year ago)
0:15 NA amirite?
rezaL_ps (1 year ago)
Alexandre Mendes no you're not right
No.... it wasn't really shroud's fault. He was trying to molly somewhere and then his teammate ran in front of it and stopped it.
Konraduniek (1 year ago)
Give me your cfg or crosshair please
Konraduniek (1 year ago)
This crosshair is very good
Captain Halo (1 year ago)
johnny (1 year ago)
Woody (1 year ago)
weren't the first 2 clips already in a video?
jelle tilburg (1 year ago)
almost cut from his team? is it real what m0e said?
TheElectriczil (1 year ago)
jelle tilburg he said it as a joke but honestly could be true who knows
Menny YT (1 year ago)
i love his bhop jaja
Ahmed Sherbeny (1 year ago)
Omg 76 th comment
Lacrosseecm (1 year ago)
Love the stream segments shroud, keep them up!
Pupski Productions (1 year ago)
Vladopard ruined this vid for me... ):
MDshayan! (1 year ago)
Shroud I love you
ArnoldsK (1 year ago)
I like the fact that he himself just doesn't give a crap.
dskirby (1 year ago)
+Alex Marquis that's part of the cloud 9 charm, you just never know.
tortuga (1 year ago)
Alex Marquis very true
Joan Deep (1 year ago)
ArnoldsK it's okay.... but often times it seems to translate into pro games... not fun for a cloud 9 fan
Agustin Romero (1 year ago)
songs 0:32
KRozeEdition (1 year ago)
damn shroud, make m0e salty enough? xD
k0ntrol (1 year ago)
shroud do it on lan my favourite twitch streamer
LK (1 year ago)
Shrood nearly cut doe??
madmanali93 (1 year ago)
why does moe hate him?
Pelle brännvall (1 year ago)
AkSiDeR CSGO (1 year ago)
I just love you Shroudy :*
kArolol1337 (1 year ago)
Dook (1 year ago)
Yay woo vid
( wot r the odds u? ;p) 1:357 dislike:like oi am the chosen 1 DER EINZIGE= der1&only!
only reply w/ holey shit 1:35
funny its at his peak fathoming explanation. A sign i c
Nuno Goncalo (1 year ago)
im the 420 lile omg
t1[a]n0 (1 year ago)
Venomϟ (1 year ago)
i have seen all the livestreams of shroud
Valtteri Kallio (1 year ago)
stefan mlg (1 year ago)
yo im einstein (1 year ago)
4к with deagle is insane bro
shigzeL Games (1 year ago)
its standard xdddd
lachie.perrett (1 year ago)
Anyone else love his laugh
Mayuresh Malgaonkar (1 year ago)
which mouse do you have shroud
Zennethljw (1 year ago)
That moment when Moe went full salt
Veigar (1 year ago)
Shroud, whats the crosshair settings please? :) Great vid btw
ItsDroidz (1 year ago)
shroud what is the song for your intro?
lachie.perrett (1 year ago)
Shroud? It's Shrood right! No?
Natex (1 year ago)
very nice ! You are a good player!
Sanyocheck Linberg (1 year ago)
посторонний посреди гамбургеров )))9
Anthony 2k (1 year ago)
Is this a Reupload? I like know all shots…
Stun (1 year ago)
Most of the stuff is often already on reddit because people can just clip it so no doubt you've seen some of it before my guy
Youthful Carlito (1 year ago)
Anthony 2k thats what i was thinkin
FP Jr (1 year ago)
I love c9
makeouthill (1 year ago)
İm early

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