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How to Download PUBG Mobile on Your Computer! (PC/Mac Tutorial)

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"PUBG Mobile PC Download - How to Download Rules of Survival on PC/Mac (How to Download Rules of Survival on Computer) Tutorial - How to Download PUBG for Free PC/Mac (Download Tutorial)" ★ LEAVE A LIKE, AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! ★ ULTIMATE PUBG MOBILE TIPS & TRICKS GUIDE!! → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_3u5U7d7X8 Hey guys! ExxotikGaming here back with another awesome PUBG Mobile video! In today's video, I explain in-depth how to download this game for free for both PC and Mac! It's a pretty involved process, so make sure to pay attention!! This is also a great alternative to people who can't afford to play the full version of PUBG off of Steam on their computer - they can download this and play for free, getting a similar experience! Have fun, and enjoy getting the epic chicken dinners! :) Hope you guys enjoyed! Liking, favoriting, and subscribing helps a ton! :D Enjoyed the video? Make sure to smash that "like" button, comment, favorite, and subscribe for more PUBG videos and streams! Heck, even put this video in a playlist if you so desire! The next video, whether it'll be a regular post, or even a challenge, will usually be out about a week after the previous video! HOW I RECORD MY iOS SCREEN! (2018) → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNfWOz3O7No My Instagram: http://instagram.com/exxotikgaming My Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExxotikGaming
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ExxotikGaming (7 months ago)
Hope you enjoyed! Best thing is, this entire thing is safe and free! To anyone who either can’t afford the regular PC version of PUBG or anyone looking for a different experience playing PUBG Mobile, this is it! I hope this video tutorial helped you - feel free to subscribe for more PUBG Mobile content on this channel! 😊
MXE (11 days ago)
It freezes at 99% while downloading what can i do
tc52 games (19 days ago)
I woke up the next morning and my computer was hacked...
baraa hayder (1 month ago)
hey i downloaded it but when i install it it reach to 99% then it says the system failed can u help me with this please !
Livjo Veruari (1 month ago)
hey i have a question i dawnloadet this and i have a problem everytime this app deleted my charts !!
Reboot Version 12.14 (1 month ago)
what s pc requirment plz
Dhruv Mathur (4 hours ago)
Dose it works on laptop
BOY GaMer (6 hours ago)
pliiiiis how to install GTA V on pc free
mhamad kings (1 day ago)
U cant remove box on screen ?
Emerald 124 (1 day ago)
JPTHEGOAT x (2 days ago)
this is great but i cant find pubg in the playstore for some reason.
Vicky Rokade (2 days ago)
I don’t see puge on my nox ...........
Omar (2 days ago)
don't download Memu coz the give me ban for 2 month wait for update :(
Comedy Crew (2 days ago)
jUst gEt ThE pC vErsiOn OfF sTeAM iDIot
Merci Tøkaji (2 days ago)
You have 550k subs but you cant pay for a game? Wtf
Rupali Dhande (3 days ago)
well it always comes not responding
Subox Crow (3 days ago)
it not working for my pc..
Super Dope (3 days ago)
how to setup the key? please help
Infinity Chief (3 days ago)
CaN yOU JuTs Do THiS PlEsze
Praveen Raj (4 days ago)
Bro I have Dell latitude E6510 It's starting and a notification shows up like (your device is not supported at this moment but it will be included at a later time thank you for your understanding)
SPIDER GAMER (4 days ago)
how but i have any google account because i have i phone
Bảo Như Trương (4 days ago)
Very good👍👍
Wan Tab (4 days ago)
exxotic moving pixel gun to pubg
Ahaiii Saga (4 days ago)
why my memo say it not compatible devices ? using ASUS here ... help broo
Gracen Breeden (4 days ago)
didn't  work sorry
Gracen Breeden (4 days ago)
can you pin this comment if i say i'm not stupid wait i just said it
Ali Nabawy (4 days ago)
yo bro My menu was stuck in 99%
yatin mongia (4 days ago)
WhoIs Pierre (5 days ago)
I wonder if u could plug in a controller of some kind
Akter Hossen (5 days ago)
Hyy bro memu was not Downlod wy it was downloding feaild
RageDarkPrince (5 days ago)
well, my norton software says memu is dangerous and it auto deleted the download
Pumpkin Cool (6 days ago)
Omar Mustapha (7 days ago)
Can I open same account of mobile on pc?
DARK WOLVES (7 days ago)
ok i need instal this website in mac book pro to play pubg
Pitroda Chandulal (7 days ago)
Bad man
Sandesh Yoyo (8 days ago)
In this emulator can we play with our friends
liam burns (8 days ago)
can you make a video on how to download an IOS version
prototaip 120 (9 days ago)
good or you lie to us
Biran Basi (9 days ago)
it shows your device is not supported at the moment
azhar kulachi (9 days ago)
U change nox player and click on memu from up
TBNRmichael TBNR (9 days ago)
it worked!!!!!
safiy haziq (9 days ago)
9:16 short sad story,😂 did you guys find it?
Ayush Sahoo (9 days ago)
Deni saga 123 playing (10 days ago)
Can i just install pubg mobile from the playstore without emulator?
babička babičkaaa (10 days ago)
Thanks bro
PUKAR PANDE (10 days ago)
how to paly with gamepad rather than keyboard,
PUKAR PANDE (10 days ago)
i cant play with gamepad, what to do?
Francis Barquilla (10 days ago)
Just download Tencent Gaming Buddy lol
Maxamillion Playz (10 days ago)
i am at pc and it showed me the mac
Hanz Gaming YT (10 days ago)
jUst gEt thE pC vErsiOn ofF sTeAM idIot well i commented something stupid
GoldY (10 days ago)
It stops downloading at 99% everytime.
Alilo Rengma (11 days ago)
Cozmix (11 days ago)
has a virus in it dont install
BBT gamer tech (12 days ago)
hello sir plz tell us how to download gta v
ARSHAN KAUDINYA (12 days ago)
Nox Player Worked for me
Unknown Mystery 95 (12 days ago)
Can This Work On A Laptop
Abir Saha (12 days ago)
Its is virus containing files....just dont try to make us fool okk
manuel ramil (12 days ago)
i cant find pubg mobile in the google play in my nox why?
Hlal Mahmoud (13 days ago)
Great work ! thank you
Magat Aaron (13 days ago)
you should place the link in the description
The Darkness (14 days ago)
thank you very much
Mali (14 days ago)
Is this working
sadsadikik (14 days ago)
does it work
sadsadikik (14 days ago)
what happened to the graphics
Shaheer (14 days ago)
jUst gEt ThE pC vErsiOn OfF sTeAM iDIot Did it
pranav potdar (15 days ago)
when i start the game it says that THE DEVICE IS NOT SUPPORTED BUT IT WILL SUPPORT AFTER SOME TIME. i tried many times but it still says that.........what should i do??
Lukas Zurumskis (15 days ago)
Daniel K. Kemei (15 days ago)
Thanks Man it WORKED i like ur vids Make a video of installing loadout
Kevin Lauch (16 days ago)
BlueStacks eazy for all games
Technical AV (16 days ago)
bluestacks is best
Zombie 07s (17 days ago)
SUPERMAN KHAN (17 days ago)
sir can we play any other android game in it
huang ley (17 days ago)
it cant sign in my goggle acc. it said cant signin
Sukrut Tondapurkar (17 days ago)
I have subscribed
Subhi .H (18 days ago)
who more don't even found pubg on google store ?
someone need a butcher (19 days ago)
question, is this memu play supp 4ram
Raghaw Panth (19 days ago)
i unstalled pubg mobile on my pc. then when i again installed it it didnt open.whats the problem
Manas Morey (19 days ago)
crash on mac os mojave 10.14
Ollie downg (20 days ago)
it was a blocked web
King Perk (9 days ago)
same here
Ben Alex (21 days ago)
Please don't be stupid 😂😂😂😂
Rahul Bista (21 days ago)
on the video it shows only shows 770 mb although it is 1.45gb
All in one facts (22 days ago)
1996axon (22 days ago)
nice thing :D In my first time playing pubgmobile on LG g5 i win in normal on Erangel ( femanhuman)
Khad Svkh (22 days ago)
hey and you know what i can be stupid if i want 2
Khad Svkh (22 days ago)
you stupid it does not work and i am also a very pationt person and i even waited for 2 hours
marlon roxas (22 days ago)
guys just download blues stack its like memu
Jacob T (22 days ago)
Left click=Shoot Right Click=Aim
Eingel The Great (23 days ago)
can i download this on my window 10 laptop?
sarahvids (24 days ago)
hey man, i downloaded nox for my mac, found pubg but it says "Your device isn't compatible for this version" help me out here?
sarahvids (24 days ago)
"please don't be stupid.Thank you." LOLLLLLLL this is why im subbed
Beastly Shocking (24 days ago)
OMG THANK U SO MUCH, ive tried this once before and didnt work but now it just worked thx for reminding me bro!
Papa Leeey (25 days ago)
If you play pubg mobile on PC you can possibly play with gamer who play on their mobile??? need answer
Inamul Hassan (18 days ago)
Helio games (25 days ago)
yes you can thod
Fake Dedave2 (25 days ago)
I downloaded memuplay but its not launching why?
Fake Dedave2 (25 days ago)
Fake Dedave2 (25 days ago)
Dude my MemuPlay is stopping at 97% please help
kxng Shackheal (25 days ago)
VISHAL KUMAR (25 days ago)
I have subscribed now it's your turn
IHaveToWait30Day (25 days ago)
Hidden General_Tv (26 days ago)
When its 100%downloaded it exit google play please help
Ronin Alexander (26 days ago)
Thx bro it worked
Vishal Jaiwal (27 days ago)
thx bro
FUCK THE POLICE 1312 (27 days ago)
Ty man i go sub now☺☺😅
Juned Sheri (29 days ago)
Game use pc keyboard or gaming remote
Kitty Kaza (30 days ago)
Cant we just get rid of the Screen Controls?
Kitty Kaza (30 days ago)
Soooo does this mean it will have the same require ments asa phone? i have an i3

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