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PUBG: Epic & Lucky Moments Ep. 22

5680 ratings | 453707 views
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Text Comments (228)
Thecoolvits 16 (4 days ago)
Pubg I have been here since 1k PLZ PIN
Suyono Hilfa (9 days ago)
Halo mather fucker
kzl gaming69 (11 days ago)
Awsome video 😀😀👍👍👍👍👏👏👏
PROGAMER 752006 (11 days ago)
What a channel 👍👍👍
Dheaa Jauzaa Nabil (12 days ago)
Marshall Elmore (16 days ago)
Teen Gamers (17 days ago)
Sub me and comment done I will sub u back
ANT 1240 (18 days ago)
ohh my gooodek
Play like hyperer011 (28 days ago)
video is totally different from content
XxTurtleRASxX (1 month ago)
The last one was a repeat
*_Vkyp*_ -*TV-* (1 month ago)
Like pro لايك يا محترف
Desu te abençoa (2 months ago)
China baitola
Cemi (2 months ago)
And i still can't Play the Game After purchase 😠
Ira Clinton (2 months ago)
Like if you. Won and didn't fire a shot
Mahmoud Kefaya (3 months ago)
dc if u see this comment just kys i fking hate u
xX2FOOTNINJAXx (3 months ago)
"Oh shitz man quick shot"
SmileBro (3 months ago)
Douglas Santos (3 months ago)
vai " chaina" baitola kkkkkkkkk
cyka blyat (3 months ago)
no lucky only skill😊
Maris Hopeful (3 months ago)
one shoot squad
Evan Maggs (3 months ago)
God I love pubg
Marlon Marcello (3 months ago)
seus chaina baitola!
iam J-FIC (3 months ago)
I followed a 4 man squad around a building. Timed the nade almost perfectly. I knocked 3 of them out then finished #4 with a few bullets lol
NosneB301 (3 months ago)
Don't you ever watch these videos and wonder: "How many people that I've reported for hacking are actually just really fucking lucky - or how many people in these videos are actually hacking?"
DawnWalkerWolf (3 months ago)
Wish most of these guys spoke english
muhd asraf (3 months ago)
Oh my goooord
EscapePlan Skateboarding (3 months ago)
I'm kind of salty my epic 1v3 clutch to get the chicken dinner hasn't been in these comps lol
MJ GreenRoom (3 months ago)
Please stop the static tv between each scene!! It's so good awfully annoying when I'm trying to watch some amazing......
REMZO (3 months ago)
hum camp on shelter, is not a lucky or epic moments you're just a shit if you camp on shelter
RawIsJoland (3 months ago)
China number 1 on cheaters ikr
Samuel Goethals (3 months ago)
probs on the slowmo clip hahah FUNNY AF im sure everybody here can relate on that moment !:p
gr1MO (3 months ago)
Thanks for the feature! :D
hahnray_ (3 months ago)
A go (3 months ago)
Why highlight cheaters?
Konstah (3 months ago)
A go no one from this is cheating
Dado 282 (3 months ago)
I don’t think the gillie suit is good for the desert map because it’s desert it may work if your in a bush
Konstah (3 months ago)
When will people understand that doc isn’t even good
Smiley Smiley (3 months ago)
193rd :D Im Early
Ravenous Rayid (3 months ago)
PUBG TV Can I submit clips from pubg mobile???
ShadowBoyPlayzGamez (3 months ago)
All this gaming made them squirt blue water when they get shot
MrTolikll (3 months ago)
check my last video
Jayislame (3 months ago)
Fucking james bond
Gulmira Sufyanova (3 months ago)
If I submitted a video that's very lucky what are the odds it'll make it up? And is the an automated email when your video is chosen?
NotAfthab Aftab (3 months ago)
this shows how op the m4 is now
Naitiv (3 months ago)
No recoil faggs, so bad
Konstah (3 months ago)
There not using no recoil, I’m 13 and recoil just as good or even better then most of the people in this vid (part from shroud and people like that obviously)
I Love TapL (3 months ago)
But China still number 001-wang
Pokken Matt (3 months ago)
My pet pineapple ate my child
Konstah (3 months ago)
Pokken Matt sorry to hear man
MLGmonkys (3 months ago)
can i ask why the blood is blue?
BabyCentaurs (3 months ago)
MLGmonkys North Korea
Vanic 0_o (3 months ago)
Lol you can’t call yourself good if you’re using macros...
Gabriel (3 months ago)
Neto god
DRHODES1979 (3 months ago)
The only thing that would have made the clip of the two running along the riverbank with the 4 man squad all shooting at them would have been to do it to the tune of Chariots of Fire.
Camilo ortiz sepulveda (3 months ago)
Nice pro gamers!
2 2 (3 months ago)
I saw it all already you copy machine..
Helicorn (3 months ago)
2 2 you realise people submit clips to multiple channels right?
Maze (3 months ago)
Let me get lucky moment
n4ru70 uzumaki (3 months ago)
Short but epic
yoshimi paúl (3 months ago)
Mira espacio macros papu
Ezra (3 months ago)
Relying on lucky hipfire bloom always fails me...
Phase (3 months ago)
Nice vid my broski, keep it up, you'll reach 400k in no time!
50PullUps (3 months ago)
That last one's a work of art.
Kimi 69 (3 months ago)
KQLY jump!
Gema Pamungkas (3 months ago)
umm how many times drdisrespect uninstalling and install this game again ?? :thinking
damian orsini (3 months ago)
why does everyone use an energy drink after they get shot?
damian orsini (3 months ago)
Land Squid 1234 (3 months ago)
damian orsini It refills health past the bandage/first aid limit.
damian orsini (3 months ago)
back at it again with the fake magnum p i :3
carlos lopez (3 months ago)
Pubg dead lol when’s the last time they ever added somthing new trash ass laggy broken ugly game
Neth 7 (3 months ago)
i like where humanity is going so far
carlos lopez (3 months ago)
FeetNigga lol I don’t take my channel serious man it’s a joke but In the video where I’m on the top of somthing will show u why this game is a shitty ass game
FeetNigga (3 months ago)
carlos lopez a look at your channel and i think i kinda fell for the bait
carlos lopez (3 months ago)
FeetNigga your names “feetnigga” u a creepy old man don’t talk
FeetNigga (3 months ago)
carlos lopez this is a fortnite player in a nutshell huh?
Lou Cifer (3 months ago)
wuts qwik shut?
wNite (3 months ago)
Why is her blood at minute 5 blue?
wNite (3 months ago)
Where I find it?
Satria Karara (3 months ago)
wNite he/she using -KoreaRating at option
Carlos Augusto (3 months ago)
Dumb Reply: (3 months ago)
Hello random person who keeps scrolling down
GAMING LOLs (16 days ago)
Daniel Kulik (2 months ago)
Dumb Reply: hiiii dad
TheDamienMC (2 months ago)
Oh hi mark
Halleum (3 months ago)
Dumb Reply: Im Lithuanian...
Dumb Reply: (3 months ago)
Halleum I'm sorry what language are you speaking? It sounds like bullshit
Gaming guy (3 months ago)
2nd one was Indian he was clean we played with him
NectarineLows (3 months ago)
Lmao nightsaint's was beast
XxRec0nSilencer , (3 months ago)
Stop showing that fucking hairy guy
SquiffedArdvark (3 months ago)
only faggots play 3rd person
Harutyun Vardanian (3 months ago)
Why does that fucking white swank with fucking fake ass black hair and fake ass mustache wear fucking sunglasses indoors?!
Lee (3 months ago)
1.41 -Open a tab and play 'Samuel Barber - Adagio for strings' at the same time...it's beautiful...
Bin Hoàng (5 days ago)
Lee Ưe
翁智敏 (1 month ago)
Garrett O'Meara (3 months ago)
I wish I had known that before the clip...I was expecting an EPIC flick or something. But they just died... :(
enCODed3 (3 months ago)
what country are you in where the government changes blood green...
Kim L (3 months ago)
On Vulcan they did it for some extra realism. In China they did it because they are funny that way..
JAMEYX Films (3 months ago)
Chad Irvine (3 months ago)
What’s the point of modifying game files to have everyone’s blood blue?
Lasniko (3 months ago)
xHAaZzE 420praiseIt even easier just type -KoreanRating in launch options
xHAaZzE 420praiseIt (3 months ago)
Just go for Asian language in the options the blood will turn blue
Spiderfly (3 months ago)
Chad Irvine it video game law in some countries to not show blood so they have to change the colour.
Lasniko (3 months ago)
its easier to see and its super easy to do
PlvsVltra (3 months ago)
nice hack brazil boy nice aimbot
Neth 7 (3 months ago)
PlvsVltra also would you mind telling me when the clip plays? Im too lazy to check, sorry
Neth 7 (3 months ago)
DK He has recoil. Focus on the clip. If you mean that he suddenly jumps left and right, that's called flicking. Its a technique that most *professional* FPS players use where they whip their mouse quickly (basically the game registers momentum and 'flicks' the screen at a distance and speed, based on the speed of the whip) And if you say he has no recoil, he is just controlling his recoil by memorising the spray pattern, or moving the mouse slightly and quickly in all directions, hoping to counter the recoil in turn increasing accuracy.
DK (3 months ago)
He for real is hacking thow
Neth 7 (3 months ago)
PlvsVltra Pfftt, you've only seen lower tier play so far if you think he's hacking
m00nix (3 months ago)
The hell? If this looks like hacks for you then you got a lot of improvement to do lol
TheWinter Frost (3 months ago)
FIRST CLIP DOC OMEGALUL says he’s the face of twitch but ninja has 30k more viewers
TheWinter Frost (3 months ago)
Aspley dr disrespect wife?
Aspley (3 months ago)
Fuck you fortnite bitch
Abo Neer (3 months ago)
Oi, that thumbnail is impossible you cant do a collab in pubg
clean h (3 months ago)
Ever heard of editing?
Eddythebandkid (3 months ago)
Abo Neer that’s what I was thinking “click bait thumbnail. You can’t shoot through a person or object. in PUBG”
jelmer de groot (3 months ago)
Why now only 6 minuten at first it were 12 minutes
seniornuggtes (3 months ago)
Jesse cortez (3 months ago)
rule #1 never get excited that way you can play it off as skill and not a fluke
Handa Shen (3 months ago)
I thought I was good at the game but after this🤔
Konstah (3 months ago)
DK omfg I hope this comments is a joke
Neth 7 (3 months ago)
DK Read my previous comment
DK (3 months ago)
90% of all the clips in this are people hacking
Neth 7 (3 months ago)
dig holes like da boss Watch Shroud, haha
Areda (3 months ago)
Robin Detlefsen (3 months ago)
It's inpossible to get a 1 bullet headshot with a rifle on pubg so that start picture is wrong
Spiderfly (3 months ago)
He may also have been injured
Timmy (3 months ago)
if he has no helmet, then its a one shot and anyways he shot more than once
TheJoern (3 months ago)
2nd one (Gr1mo) is so obviously cheating...
mizo (3 months ago)
ye obv he is cheating...cause in your lifetime you wont ever achieve that hence you gotta assume all are shit like you
Konstah (3 months ago)
Simple answer, he isn’t cheating. I’m only a 13 year old squeaker yet you would probably blame me for cheating aswell
Science And Tech (3 months ago)
Racist person in the comments reported.
Neth 7 (3 months ago)
FalseEZES He's actually controlling his recoil, and flicking. Obviously you havent seen high tier play. oh wait, this is the youtube comment section? whoops i meant rarted gamer no life lololol!!!1!1!!
Lancelot Vlogs (3 months ago)
"ooh shit man, quick shot"
TheOrangeRoad (3 months ago)
Stop highlighting that guy who cheated on his wife
ReaLit (3 months ago)
Anna Tsukiya 😂
Halleum (3 months ago)
Dr. Disrespect is an epic streamer. I love his streams...
FetusKing 2020 (3 months ago)
Who cares
FitzChivalry Farseer (3 months ago)
If I remember properly he said they're still together. If she can forgive him then you should be able to
Tiny Rick (3 months ago)
UfoS [GD] dr disrespect
Murshal :3 (3 months ago)
Synken Xel (3 months ago)
Billy Bob (3 months ago)
Early Squad where are you??
ReaLit (3 months ago)
Billy Bob You tryna get likes..
Billy Bob (3 months ago)
bitchassfoo Kys nigger fagget
bitchassfoo (3 months ago)
Billy Bob (3 months ago)
ReaLit why are you mad? Something wrong?
ReaLit (3 months ago)
Billy Bob fuck off
John Martinez (3 months ago)
What's up with the blue blood?
Vestin (3 months ago)
Blue blood? Can't spell Battle Royale without "royal".
D A R K E N D (3 months ago)
Broccoli ' nope. It's a law in Korea
Broccoli ' (3 months ago)
Spiderfly thats not true.Somewhere you could change it to blue, because its much easier to see the blue blood.
PRYVTgomerPYLE (3 months ago)
Has nothing to do with colorblind mode. It is law in some countries (MOSTLY ASIAN COUNTRIES) that they cannot show violence and gore in games or movies, not when children play them or watch them. That is why it is in the game. I gave the launch option earlier to enable it without actually having to change the language in your game. ;D
Caboose 18 (3 months ago)
If it was good enough clip would u take some Pubg mobile clips?
Brian Lopez (30 days ago)
Wakanda forever
Halleum (3 months ago)
Fortnite = shit
Emre Çakır (3 months ago)
why you children cry for fortnite below a pubg video ?
max delzen (3 months ago)
Μπαμπης Καρακανακης fortnite for ever
Phœnix Family (3 months ago)
Ouai rpz tout les français
ProGamerCyberBot (3 months ago)
Foarte tare😎👍
Biker Bros (3 months ago)
20th like
Pickle_ butter (3 months ago)
Hello.It's a pickle jar

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