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Shroud REACTS to NEW PUBG SNOW MAP! Wadu MEETS Wadu & SADDEST MOMENT! PUBG Funny Moments/Fails/WTF 💎💎 Gamdom - https://gamdom.com/?ref=ozzny [FREE .5$ - CODE: ozzny ] 💎💎 IF YOU WANT TO SUBMIT CLIPS TO BE FEATURED IN A VIDEO JOIN MY DISCORD AND POST THEM ON THE CLIPS ROOM: https://discord.gg/W69quj9 💎💎$40+ *FREE PUBG/CSGO SKINS HERE* - http://ozzny.com/ 💎💎 Shroud - https://www.twitch.tv/shroud Wadu Hek - https://www.twitch.tv/wadu Chad - https://www.twitch.tv/chad AndyPro - https://www.twitch.tv/officialandypyro Just9n - http://www.twitch.tv/just9n TSM_Viss -https://www.twitch.tv/tsm_viss RAGE - https://www.twitch.tv/rage ItsSkylol - https://www.twitch.tv/itsskylol WackyJacky - https://www.twitch.tv/wackyjacky101 This is the series where I put together some of the best and funniest PUBG Moments. Clips can be found on twitch/reddit. Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/Ozzny09 Join my discord: https://discord.gg/W69quj9 There is no copyright infringement intended for the song or picture. If you have an issue with me posting this video please contact me through one of my social networks or YouTube private messaging system. Once I have received your message and determined you are the proper owner of this content I will have it removed. Footage Permission by: - https://www.playbattlegrounds.com/playerCreated.pu All video footage is licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 - https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ I am not affiliated with OddShot.tv, Reddit.com or Livecap.tv all copyrights reserved to their respective owners. ✪ Links: https://oddshot.tv/ https://www.livecap.tv/ https://www.reddit.com Player,Unknown's,Battlegrounds,Top,Plays,Best,Of,Twitch,Fails,Insane,Stream,When,players,Oddshoots,Moments,crossbow shot,PUBG,PUBG funny moments,stream compilations,BEST OF PUBG,pubg best moments,crazy plays,crossbow is it good?,playerunknown's battlegrounds,pvp,steam,player unknown battlegrounds,pubg,play unknown battlegrounds,player unknown,playthrough,walkthrough,h1z1,online,winning the game,last man standing,survival game,hunger games,winning,map,how to win
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Ozzny PUBG (3 months ago)
Like if hyped for the new maps!! Join my Discord so we can play/chat together, building a nice community there: https://discord.gg/W69quj9 Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/Ozzny09
Emre Gültekin (3 months ago)
0:47 not even a single hit ? with ump ?? how did he even get to top 2
Dead Pool (3 months ago)
Nice you made a video everyone could see on shrouds video im reporting you for copy right
Bruhnard Vuitton (3 months ago)
@ 2:50 damn I thought he was bullshittin that was sick
Perfect Weapon (3 months ago)
Just9n " I can give u Aids"
alexa (3 months ago)
2:32 "I CAN NOT BUILD HERE WTF?!?!?!?" what a fucking twitch thot.
William Preston (3 months ago)
Fix the game you have before adding more broke shit to it
Frosto X (3 months ago)
Very funny that today is summer and pubg is making a WINTER MAP in summer........
Drew Cabahug (3 months ago)
Shroud's inner gay is showing @ 5:57. Oh well he has the fattest cock anyway.
Tea PvP (3 months ago)
MadSan76 YT (3 months ago)
*"I can give you aids"* -Just9n 2018
Connor Lawrence (3 months ago)
5:41 Did he scream “SHROOOUUUDD” ? Lol
Jack Davies (3 months ago)
9:46 play back speed 0.25 Absolute gold
Jack Davies (3 months ago)
You mainly ripped off shrouds content, and there was only a few streamers in the video :/
Cody Jensen (3 months ago)
"I can give you aids" camera zooms in on j9's face haha haha I lost my shit
Noir (3 months ago)
3:45 That's literally me every single game, and I run a 5G ethernet-wired wifi. This game is just broken
The X nuT (3 months ago)
Stop with the shit little clips at the beginning. Do your cringy intro then the clips.
kimera13adr (3 months ago)
Ja ja ja...still w8ing the savage ''new''map from 2 months ago
Lio (3 months ago)
I can give you "AIDS" :^)
UbiRock Team (3 months ago)
your moment are the best xD
I'm a dead meme (3 months ago)
1:50 song pls
James Rojas (3 months ago)
P.P.H Review Pokemon Black and White-Emotion soundtrack
NotAbdel (3 months ago)
"I can give u aids"
Lionheart (3 months ago)
You know what would be legit a night time map with night vison !
Isaiah Chatelier (3 months ago)
Watch more? Watch more of what exactly?
Shadrien bryne Mangaoang (3 months ago)
Whats the backround music @1:44?
NoahTre (3 months ago)
Nasty right hand @ 1:40
Kent Verdeflor (3 months ago)
That last part 'honestly' haahha
G2G Vapor0620 (3 months ago)
XxB34STMODE xX (3 months ago)
XxB34STMODE xX (3 months ago)
6SyNs (3 months ago)
They seriously adding another map with the current state it’s in? Can we fully optimise PC and especially Xbox. In fact why is Xbox the last to get updates this isn’t Sony vs Microsoft?
Marcus (3 months ago)
6SyNs they got different teams that work in different areas How exactly the teams look like don't know but..... > Like 1 team for map design, 1 team for cosmetics and other team for balancing etc Wouldn't want map design team or cosmetic doing patches xD
TheNerdyPlantGR (3 months ago)
1:02 ZA WARUDO!!!
TheNerdyPlantGR (3 months ago)
maru ka *I REFUSE* TO GIVE AN ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION... In other words *I REFUSE* (totaly not another reference)
maru ka (3 months ago)
TheNerdyPlantGR is that a fucking jojo reference?!
Sarcalogos Tortolero (3 months ago)
So PUBG starts complaining everyone is copying their game then adds a riot shield after actual battlegrounds gets some traction
Johnoy Stlouis (3 months ago)
Sarcalogos Tortolero what do you mean
Nick Sotiriadis (3 months ago)
6:42 thanks me later
markerking - (3 months ago)
7:00 new map or new weather??
Kurt Cabatuando (3 months ago)
5:26 is the funniest lol
Mark Herashchenko (3 months ago)
1:44 Wadu's death "i protect you, wadu....nooo...."so sad ;-(
Christiaan Bezuidenhout (3 months ago)
9:14 My reaction every time I get killed
مصطفى ٪٪ (3 months ago)
1:43 😂😂😂😁
Alfred Boehm (3 months ago)
5:26 is hillarious 😂
eyebelieve3 (3 months ago)
2:33 Lol No child, you cannot!
Orange (3 months ago)
Dude, I like your comps and sh*t, but you gotta stop the thumbnail clickbait. Give it a try in one or two videos. Draw some shit in there, or put some real stuff that actually happens in the video. Remember, I’m talking bout the thumbnail, not the title. Keep er goin nice job
Trinigy132 (3 months ago)
Maybe put the title of the vid at the start instead of at the end no one wants to watch this other shit
Phoenix King (3 months ago)
oh sky is here the 9yr old army is always here for u
CDodgeE (3 months ago)
Wow WackyJacky is sick
WarpedParadox (3 months ago)
5:27 LOL
Marc Jerald (3 months ago)
Shroud choke hahaha
FRIJOLITO (3 months ago)
HonesTLY AH AH AUH!! honestly xd
lostnamenowwhoami (3 months ago)
i hope they make white camo... cause they failed to make tan camo for the desert map
RubyDoesNotExisttt (3 months ago)
Wantep is the best stream sniper
Banana Man (3 months ago)
6:50 for the reaction
oceanwavesandcocaine (3 months ago)
"H O N E S T L Y" 😂💀
xsphynx (3 months ago)
oceanwavesandcocaine 😵😨
Peter Neumann (3 months ago)
Jungle map still not on the live servers and they work on a 4th map GREAT GAME
ZINOTIC (3 months ago)
Anyone have a link to the last clip of the video with shroud
Siddharth Garg (3 months ago)
Zyver2k99 Andrade (3 months ago)
Rice is life (3 months ago)
Hello Tank u 4 scrolling I’m legit
Sca -l (3 months ago)
Where is The trailer?
OulinedZebra (3 months ago)
Andrei x 6:50
Relaxo GmbH (3 months ago)
I can give you AIDS🤣
Rectro YT (3 months ago)
2:32 ''I cannot build here!!"'i cried of laughter
NatureCrystal 02 (3 months ago)
is she one of those two blond twins in Bratz Rock Angelz XD *Tweevils*
John Henrich (3 months ago)
Rectro YT I
GGboss man (3 months ago)
Lol ikr? like the fuck you think this is?
It’s SivhL (3 months ago)
Lol for real this ain’t Minecraft
jordan gaming 2 (3 months ago)
Rectro YT she thing this game is fornite
OmidLOL (3 months ago)
Extello the Fellow (3 months ago)
2:33 “WHY CANT I BUILD HERE” she’s younger than she looks guys
Isolated atom (3 months ago)
She's Pewdiepie
Shrijal S (3 months ago)
9 years old army protect the queen
XXtenticlesXX XD (3 months ago)
She's 9 yrs old
Mic Pizarro (3 months ago)
you dare talk to our princess like that?!!
Noob RJ (3 months ago)
1:43 wadu heks music clip whats the title?
Noob RJ (3 months ago)
Thanks dude
鈴木ロドニー (3 months ago)
Noob RJ It's Unwavering Emotions from Pokemon Black and White
ver digito (3 months ago)
That mk14 spray at 0:45 was so good I felt like it didnt have any recoil
Alex Totherocket (3 months ago)
the moment when you are a nobody but act like a star "clip that, somebody clip that"
Madiis (3 months ago)
Alex Totherocket It's... WADU
Alex Totherocket (3 months ago)
:)) insert coin, try again
Madiis (3 months ago)
Alex Totherocket That's you then.
Gabby 012 (3 months ago)
did he just fcki g moan? hahahahah wtf
keith is n0thing (3 months ago)
Haha wadu
Blc ME (3 months ago)
SenpaiRazerXx XxSenpaixX (3 months ago)
Baxter Cartin (3 months ago)
gadzu duzon (3 months ago)
Marco Dulay (3 months ago)
Harshit Arora (3 months ago)
Md Ali (3 months ago)
MR. KITTEN (3 months ago)
Waduu hek?
fk 456 (3 months ago)

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