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How to Tie Neckties & Bow Ties : How to Dimple a Necktie

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A dimple in a necktie often occurs naturally if the tie is tied correctly. Learn how to dimple a necktie in this free fashion video from a fine men's clothing professional. Expert: Mark Breaux Contact: menswearhouse.com Bio: Mark Breaux, manager of the Eugene, Oregon Men's Wearhouse, has worked in fine men's clothing for over 27 years. Filmmaker: max koetter
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Don VonNutcracker (3 years ago)
You have the thin part so far down before you begin to 'wrap' it that when I copy you EXACTLY!! my 'fat' end is always to short so when I shorten the thin end right up to my throat the knot is smaller and I can't get a dimple. After 4 decades of trying to do this what do you suggest? (I've already killed myself so what's next?) Thanks.
In Trump We Trust (3 years ago)
Dimple a necktie is sometimes used in USA but in Europe especially in France , they don't care about .
pattarapon pachondee (3 years ago)
thank you very much
Suttiruk kongyang (4 years ago)
Thank you. . .u
BodaciousWickerman (4 years ago)
Thank you! I find that pulling down tightly to form the base is key to getting a natural dimple.
Thanks, it helps a lot
Pattana Wannoo (4 years ago)
Thank you so much
Eric Castle (4 years ago)
I'm going to go ahead and disagree that the length should fall below the belt line. Anymore these days with slimmer, modern-cut suits, the tip should fall right at the belt.
Erwan Yale (5 years ago)
Great guide you got there for tying a tie. It's really very helful. Thanks a lot! Also check TheGentlemensAcademy Channel for more how to tie a tie tutorials
Stephon Williams (5 years ago)
spndrp (5 years ago)
It should reach the tip of the belt.
Disinf3ctant (5 years ago)
Excellente`!! Mil gracius Senor.
T Brooks (5 years ago)
This looks fine, isn't too tight, isn't too loose, it's an attractive shape and although it is a little further down than I would have it the classic length is just bellow the trouser line. Anything else looks like a schoolboy.
Sacred Society (5 years ago)
You are right. This video is going to screw up a lot of people.
David Kp (5 years ago)
Ridiculous. The tie tip should only just touch the top of the belt buckle. Also, he has made the knot incorrectly: the tail should come round the other way after creating the triangle. You would have to physically untie this knot when you remove it.
Daniel Maquiling (6 years ago)
peacedog09 (6 years ago)
138,508 Videos Is craz
vincentrich (6 years ago)
No. Dimple clips are for neckties. Heterosexual men are for pussies...I guess we know what side you're on.
vincentrich (6 years ago)
Not "always." VERY long is worse than a little too short.
N D (6 years ago)
military regulations say that the tie should end halfway down the belt buckle. I think that is best for appearances.
AllBrushed Models (6 years ago)
Dimple clips are for pussies
Nnyee La Nau (6 years ago)
Thank you so much sir,... Now I can make it..
Dadee3 (6 years ago)
that's what she said...
COWM4N197 (6 years ago)
Sweeeet, I have to wear my school tie tomorrow because we are going into winter or some bullshit.. Thanks for saving ass!
SoulOne94 (6 years ago)
hahaha! yeah.
TD4f22 (6 years ago)
SoulOne94 (6 years ago)
it's part of a uniform. yeah i know. it sucks.
TD4f22 (6 years ago)
you wear a tie at school?!?!
SoulOne94 (6 years ago)
Very helpful. I'm starting school tomorrow and this really helps. Very neat.
samintosh (6 years ago)
Finally, I know how to tie a necktime :-) I always asked my neighbor to do for me LOOOL
Yousef AlSharif (6 years ago)
Thank you so much that was useful, got it from the second time
96syukri (6 years ago)
Thank you so much old man!
ohwreynge (6 years ago)
did it in just 1.. LIKE A BOSS...
ohwreynge (6 years ago)
so uhmm.. what if i dont have a dummy with no arms?
Jan Elorza (6 years ago)
this guy looks like the father of deuce in deuce biggalow
elsa trinchera teves (6 years ago)
Thanks !!!
Nemanja Ivković (6 years ago)
Thanks! :)
KINGOFTREEZ (6 years ago)
Thanks Dad 
amy weaver (6 years ago)
why doesn't he show us on himself? so confusing with the dummy.
Corey Smith (6 years ago)
Sure there's a dimple but it looks kinda sloppy. I have the same problem when I try it, the right edge of the tie wants to flip outwards instead of inwards and it screws up getting a nice symmetrical dimple. When I watch people who know how to do it when they tie it on themselves they make it look so easy. Practice helps but really I've kinda reached a wall and the knots just aren't improving and I still have to fuss with it a bit to get it to look decent.
33bigmoney (7 years ago)
i dont fucking get it!
crayonchristian (7 years ago)
galing galing!!!
noi_perpetua (7 years ago)
ahahah thanks. tied my first tie
tmolumby33 (7 years ago)
I was always having trouble keeping my full windsor symmetrical and having the dimple put in correctly. After watching your video I was able to understand that I needed to pull down on the face of the tie after the knot was completed and it gave me the desired symmetry and dimple. Thank you so much!
tmolumby33 (7 years ago)
I was always having trouble keeping my full windsor symmetrical and having the dimple put in correctly. After watching your video I was able to understand that I needed to pull down on the face of the tie after the knot was completed and it gave me the desired symmetry and dimple. Thank you so much!
Umaq14 (7 years ago)
I have learned how to tie necktie from I am Sam.
Earl Fado (7 years ago)
thanks!!!i've tied my very first necktie...
Shamsul Rizal (7 years ago)
Thanks ( 100,000 times)!! You have helped me a lot!!! I have learnt to wear a tie with you...I can dimple it now!! :-)
DosForbezaPorFavor (7 years ago)
Thanks! I knew about the Full-Windsor, didn't know about the dimple or the collar spread. Thanks for the tips!
St. Bimbus (7 years ago)
Thanks you. I could only do a double windsor and I couldn't make tha knot a triangle shape. Appreciate the understanable help! : )
3seansky (7 years ago)
"Type PRIZE before youtube and hit enter"
DausHerrero (7 years ago)
Thank you! The one thing i cant do! And i do allot!!!
saldb (7 years ago)
this is a great howto. very technical.
vistaprime (7 years ago)
It would be nice if he told us at the start how long the each tie piece should be on the right and left side to start and if the wide part is on the right or the left.
. (7 years ago)
Check this guy out: How to Tie a Necktie : How to Tie a Necktie: Building the Knot
. (7 years ago)
His tie is too long right?
Jared Harris (8 years ago)
@OreoCookieOreo lol lol lol. still selling men's socks?
beholderlt (8 years ago)
that dimple looks like shit, i hate expertvillage
The Vleck Channel (8 years ago)
I've read in many places that the tie should end at the wasitline, not below. But too long is always better than too short.
Inglewood2 (9 years ago)
Thanks for showing. :-)
tufinhas (9 years ago)
At the start of the video, the instructor says he will demonstrate the "full windsor knot, a broader, even knot" - but thats not the end result. What gives?
HighGear Mojo (9 years ago)
This was honestly THE best video so far. Thanks
Lloyd Sim (9 years ago)
lmao thanks! I was suppose to wear a neck tie for my Varsity soccer game but i dunno how to do it so i was like...WHO CAREZ!! hahah thanks again!!
Jared Harris (9 years ago)
thanks for not answering the question. you wear a tie bar not too low or too high. i wear mine wear my ribs connect, peeking between my lapels. and of course people wear tie bars or clasp, have you seen a GQ magazine recently? Or any men's fashion magazine? Plus maybe he lives somewhere a tie clasp is necessary to prevent his tie from looking ridiculous from the wind. Grab some pocket squares and you will distinguish your suit from other dudes. keep it classy.
elmo7trm (9 years ago)
جزاك الله خيرا وأسال الله ان يهديك الى الاسلام
Dan Wertsbaugh (9 years ago)
This is very well presented! I'm curious to know, is there a 'rule of thumb' for tie clasp or tie tack placement?
framinlove (9 years ago)
Thanks a lot, now i can tie a necktie perfectly
Gretsche87 (9 years ago)
has anyone noticed that the people at expert village arent experts...?
StabxWithxPaste (9 years ago)
i agree this vid sucks. he goes too fast and the angle is a pain in my ass
HoshiHikari (9 years ago)
"Simple explanation to a guy must-know thing" I take it you aren't expecting your wife to know or you aren't expecting a wife at all.
CLHERO (9 years ago)
That's great! I've sent this to a couple gentlemen who always wears their ties incorrectly...thnx!
longygirl (10 years ago)
i just dont get it! i choked myself. please use a white tie on a black model or vice versa. and not black on black.
Jaime Calderon (10 years ago)
Thank you for the video. Simple explanation to a guy must-know thing.
angeldevil011 (10 years ago)
i didnt know that tying a tie is easy!!!
jeremy gale (10 years ago)
wtf. ?
biapiaxyzia (10 years ago)
very nice(:
Bill BoBaggens (10 years ago)
not really...
stellaluna4u2 (10 years ago)
no way! My dad said he invented it!LOL
seekew (10 years ago)
Nice vid. I've always known this as the "double windsor" (as oppose to the wonky looking single windsor we use to do with our school ties). Anyway. You've made the knot so sharp it looks silly to me. Really eighties. But I s'pose it's each to their own. I don't tighten the base so much so the knot is fuller and does not look so choked. Just my thoughts. Thanks for the vid.
4k3el (10 years ago)
25 years working at one place??? wow!!
Vikrant Kanwar (10 years ago)
haha dats wt i was wondering!!
inertia2004 (10 years ago)
thanks There is nothing like having the proper knot to give one a little extra confidence
Tony Spinelli Jr. (10 years ago)
The setting reminds me of a men's shop I went to back in the early '80s, called Deckers, in Norwalk, CT. I still have a couple of silk handkerchiefs I bought there I think.
Ngô Ngọc Trung (10 years ago)
thanks alot. it is very usueful thing i hve learnt today
Jorge (10 years ago)
kewl.. thx
shane foote (10 years ago)
you've helped me and many others...thank you sir!
neetfif (10 years ago)
i hav to wear one with my skirt at school...
Latinsweet (10 years ago)
Thank for the teaching
Richy Calderon (10 years ago)
thanks for the video!!
DaBrute (10 years ago)
hmmm... i never heard about the whole double loop thing, thanks
724k (10 years ago)

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