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Discord: https://discord.gg/tuxbird Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TheTuxBird Facing and playing a hacker is never a fun time, but when he's constantly failing and getting mad, IT KIND OF IS. Music: Provided by Epidemic Sound - http://www.epidemicsound.com/ Kero Kero Bonito - Flamingo
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Text Comments (2454)
zomon 34 (3 hours ago)
He has a gaming door
TheCh0sen0ne // GFX (4 hours ago)
Everyone who TK's hackers should not be banned for being toxic / teamkilling
FistHound 00 (7 hours ago)
was i the only one that did the victory screech from Spongebob
Mia Blossom (9 hours ago)
Justice has been served RIP MrShort you served your country well.
Ghostlyboy (1 day ago)
Ew “gg ez”
WatersideGnome7 (1 day ago)
0:56 omfg this is the best hacker, he has the elephant skin
TheLorax (1 day ago)
He has the best gaming gear
KairoKepp osu! (1 day ago)
I'm gonna feel bad for those who played with the hacker. Because Ubisoft gonna do complete wipeout. Basically banning people who have been carried by a hacker.
Adrian DeLeon (1 day ago)
You know hackers are trash when they hack and you know they’re even more trash when they go shield
Kobayashi Katsuki (1 day ago)
The myth the legend mr short
EclipZe Nikc (1 day ago)
oof pay to win
Doge Boge (1 day ago)
Oh no
Bao Nguyen (1 day ago)
Well banning him won’t do much since that was most likely his alt account lol
Eric Fahrenholtz (1 day ago)
how do I get dark mode tux vids
Chuck Morris (1 day ago)
6:33 cmon dude, don't notalgia me like that lol I'm really missing my childhood right now
Joel Ayers (1 day ago)
EierkinnLenny: gg ez 20mins later "EierkinnLenny has been banned by BattlEye." XD LMAO XD
the meme boi (2 days ago)
fuck blitz
Kibbly (2 days ago)
I would honestly be happy if all the hackers fucking hung themselves
GABRIEL CALAYAG (2 days ago)
AMR MOUSSA (3 days ago)
his too noob from his r6 stats : https://r6db.com/player/51d81590-c67b-45d0-8f73-60323fe12653/summary
Mitchell Bridgewater (3 days ago)
Reese F (4 days ago)
Hackers don't care if they get banned lol, they usually just get paid to boost ranks so it's not a net loss
fortnite sucks (4 days ago)
He's just that good noob.
The Elite HAHA (4 days ago)
this kid has so much skill
XBoxGam3r (4 days ago)
W E R E F * C K E D
Did you report him tho since you got it filmed?
Trym3 Lotxs (5 days ago)
On codbo2 I find modders on there every time I play that game
RoastGod (5 days ago)
Throw a nade
Storm Kraken (5 days ago)
I hope the hacker dies in real life
I like how the hacker said gg ez at the end
Zaererebat Gaming (7 days ago)
0:35 this guy looks totally like a good gamer
What2 Upload (7 days ago)
ErCapoAlex 2.0 (8 days ago)
Respect to MrShort.
ErCapoAlex 2.0 (8 days ago)
EeDes EePer (9 days ago)
I hate it how he was not even trying to cover the hacking 😒
Joe Andreen (10 days ago)
hacks and still uses elephant skin ew
Brandon Yee (10 days ago)
Fuck him
umm no thanks (11 days ago)
Hope its a vac ban
FM_ Consequence (11 days ago)
1:07 tux rights hello YouTube
alex barboni (11 days ago)
I almost feel bad for hackers that talk shit cause they obviously suck and have no life so they want to feel good about themselves for getting lots of kills
GamerAgentDiamond (12 days ago)
Tux i saw what you put in chat lmao...Hack more
furtuna lilian (13 days ago)
R6S need's a vote:kick or a good anti cheat
Kugelhagel 09 (13 days ago)
EierkinnLenny is a Shame for Germany!
Jacob Douglass (14 days ago)
Stream sniping maybe
TheYoloVoice (14 days ago)
My friend let me install hacks so i played and played until i met an hacker did not use hacks until i met one and then just shrekt him and deleted r6s
Ragnarok Stravius (15 days ago)
Mr. Short died for our sins, let this legend be known.
cross4 maddnes 5 (15 days ago)
Lol hacker got what he deserved
OdstKick (15 days ago)
Hackers are the problem on PC. But there’s also a major problem on Xbox that’s occurring, and has been somewhat shadowed(not sure if this is on PS4). Don’t know if you’ll see this brah, but I hope it gets addressed. I stopped playing PC because of cheaters. Yet on Xbox, players have started buying some sort of online “booter” for less than a dollar, which essentially allows them to crash the server for everyone in the game. So, when you’re team is about to win, the enemy team can crash the server, making it to where nobody wins nor loses elo. It’s a waste of time. However, the game has started seeing it as an abandon penalty now, so when they crash the server, you get an abandon penalty and lose elo even if you’re about to win. I doubt many people will see this, or take the time to read this, but I’ve never encountered this problem until this season. I want to thank everybody for reading this. I truly love this game, but it’s time they do some reconsidering. Also, they don’t have to join an Xbox live party. They can DIRECTLY ACCESS UBISOFTS SERVER AND SHUT IT DOWN. This must also have something to do with Xbox seeing as how it’s not on any other platforms, but the possibility of them shutting down the server is ridiculous. Again, I want to thank everyone for reading my comment, and I’m glad people are starting to hear about it. Hopefully it gets fixed by either Ubisoft or Xbox. I keep editing this because I see a lot of people are noticing this. If you couldn’t tell, I’m an Xbox player (hinting at the reason why I brought this up). I’m not trying to say “Xbox is worse than PS4” or anything along those lines, I’m just simply trying to address an issue. Thank you. By the way, most of my losses this season have either been from people lagging out or server crashing, so I want other people to know the next time their squad all happens to get a “connection failure” when up in a game, most likely realize the server was purposely crashed. This seasons servers have been bad to where you will lag out unintentionally, but when the whole squad lags out, is a server crash. Thank you for your time guys Oh and one more thing, sorry to be annoying and the fact that I’m basically writing an essay, but I’m trying to address answers to the most comments I’ve gotten. 1) if you haven’t seen this, you’re either super lucky, or you’re not very high in the ranks(nothing against that, but when I’m playing diamonds, they tend to care a little more about their ranks than a gold 2 per say) I don’t mean that in a harsh way, I mean some people take “rank” as a sign of respect or whatever. These same people can’t take the L and get upset when they’re about to lose, so they crash the server. 2) I’m not trying to “just get a you tubers attention.” Coconut has a pretty big role in the community, so if he sees this, something could be said. Plus, this was the right video anyway 3) I’m trying to let other people be more aware(clearly), because the more people that know, the more likely Ubisoft and company need to fix something, specifically for Xbox Last comment/edit I’m making. Thank you if you had the patience to read my boring paragraphs copied from: KBI Momentum People should know about this. So if it happens they can be found and reported (hopefully banned )
Poo Reh (15 days ago)
1,000,000 views. 400k subs
Suyguy55 gamer (16 days ago)
I subbed
Kevon Alexander (16 days ago)
Flank you did right cause the whole team was letting this fly. I rather earn my rank on seige than cheat my way to it.
MrChikenWing Gaming (16 days ago)
Why was the Crash Bandicoot 3 Dingodile theme in the background??
rehab khan (16 days ago)
############### (16 days ago)
############### (16 days ago)
############### (16 days ago)
############### (16 days ago)
############### (16 days ago)
Brian Martinez (16 days ago)
This isn't even funny anymore, hackers are really becoming a serious problem in the R6S community.....UBISOFT WAKE THE FUCK UP !!!!!!!!! THESE VIDEOS ARE THE PROOF ! YOU NEED TO FUCKING DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE BITCH ASS HACKERS !!!!! FUCKING AYE MAN ! 😤😤😤😤😧😒
Clark Stelter (16 days ago)
Somebody should form a force on siege that literally just plays the game to seek out hackers and ruin their accounts, and are also approved by ubisoft to use hacks against them and just make their lives absolutely miserable, basically counter-hacking or something and protecting the real siege players. Heck if that had to be funded from the community I'd help out
Oaken (16 days ago)
as the hacker proceeds to get dabbed on by BattleEye LMAO
unknown game (16 days ago)
Show us the hackers channel
Tonski (17 days ago)
Yeah. and then he just steals someones account who aint using double authenticator and hes back in busines.
randy fincher (17 days ago)
Just watching this makes me mad
Sky Hawk (18 days ago)
What a piece of shit
SkyNexus (18 days ago)
obviously it had to be a german guy
胖子 (18 days ago)
900%hacker not even better player i bet
Lorraine Lopez (18 days ago)
Did he said his name the hacker
SkyZzy (18 days ago)
*W E ' R E F U C K E D*
Asianeyes007 (18 days ago)
And.....that's a subscribal from me XD I'm really loving the CONTENT
Léo Couderc (19 days ago)
Hacker on rainbow is s h i t
XxFearExemptxX (19 days ago)
3:10 look in the chat LMFAO😂😂😂
Gregory Huffington (19 days ago)
where can i download these hacks?
Barry (19 days ago)
Just uninstall if you need hacks in any video game.
ccradzi (19 days ago)
Anyone know what the song is at 0:50
The Last Mohikan (19 days ago)
Fook yeah hackers you ruin the games! Get wrecked you pease of cheat!
Elite Ash (19 days ago)
Ronan Hering (19 days ago)
U know Eierkinn Lenny means Penissack Lenny 😂
bm lowlife (20 days ago)
Did anyone else see the Turn off hacks and then we can see you play Then the hacker replied with No
Vanguard Speedsoft (20 days ago)
Love it when you can watch the get banned 👌
GAMEDOGE (20 days ago)
hacks not getting away? NOT HAPPENING BOIII
Anthony Lee Chen (20 days ago)
Was this an old clip? Cuz posted on January 11 and ela shouldn't have the 50 round mag and that 0 recoil
The Lineman (20 days ago)
Respect and RIP to Mr Short
Peyton Whitaker (20 days ago)
The hacker edmited hacking in the chat🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
josecter (20 days ago)
Evan Purser (21 days ago)
Hope he gets banned
Kool Kiddo (16 days ago)
Evan Purser did you not watch the video it literally has a screenshot of him getting banned
nicholas lie (21 days ago)
Yay happy end he got banned
Yoshi Gaming 93 (21 days ago)
Mr.short MvP
FuzzballofDoom (22 days ago)
"like a hose pipe on a hot day" -BIG_RUGMEN
Ciped X (22 days ago)
Ecstatic X (22 days ago)
i noticed the black ice first
EnigmA (22 days ago)
That’s SO frustrating dude... Why would you even hack? If your fetish is hacking shit, then do it to single-player games. I just got R6, and, I’ve only been playing the situations, I’m not looking forward to the salty try-hards
Akın Kurt (22 days ago)
That guy has some *SKILL*
Lucas Kiomi (23 days ago)
*Hey friends, on this site I finally got free R6 Credit & Renown for Rainbow Six Siege* Learn it here t.co/uNwHaRY5Qy?MjO1F6v9v 4:27
Husker freak 25 (23 days ago)
My fav vid on this channel have watched this 1 million times
Sam Lawrence (24 days ago)
This is why I play console
ISAIAH ACOSTA (24 days ago)
Type rip to respect Mr.short
SPiCY OBGYN (24 days ago)
Sad man

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