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Discord: https://discord.gg/tuxbird Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TheTuxBird Facing and playing a hacker is never a fun time, but when he's constantly failing and getting mad, IT KIND OF IS. Music: Provided by Epidemic Sound - http://www.epidemicsound.com/ Kero Kero Bonito - Flamingo
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Text Comments (2873)
The Black Mace (7 hours ago)
lmao yea
Mr Robsnor (14 hours ago)
F for mr short
Daniel Ga,er (22 hours ago)
Guys let’s get respect for mr.short
Malik Dauto (1 day ago)
Report that mother fucker
Matthew Hannum (1 day ago)
https://youtu.be/K9x5ymm-feY Please watch 1v5 bomb defuse asuuuu clutch
Joseph Hunt (1 day ago)
Euuuugh i would shove his fucking teeth down his throat
Joseph Hunt (1 day ago)
Honestly i would have no problem smashing this hackers pc up to fuck
Viktor Ónodi-Kiss (2 days ago)
F for Mr.short
foreverScorpZ- (3 days ago)
EierKinnLenny comes from Germany. Me too sad to see
Revan Schurns (3 days ago)
Show us ur stuff so we can be like u dumb
Sozo Doe (4 days ago)
What happened to Mr. Kirby in the top right corner of the screen??? #BRINGBACKMRKIRBY
Purpaxle (4 days ago)
Big rug men killed the hacker once
Susanne Bach (5 days ago)
*YEAH! I found a super quick way to get unlimited R6 Credit guys! its shared on here* ==Get it here t.co/uNwHaRY5Qy?ZvA2X5c2e 4:11 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Didiane Huot (3 days ago)
Yes ples do
Élise Beaudouin (3 days ago)
Its work
TPK (5 days ago)
mr.short gg
Warhead Recon (5 days ago)
Most cringy squad in R6
UrClappedSon (5 days ago)
Not gonna lie but I was entertained by the hassle in the chat and paid little attention to the video Still liked
Water Boy (5 days ago)
<3 Me.Short- rip you did your part ; (
Can't hack on Xbox
Cedric Buch (5 days ago)
And the Hacker was German
JayDaDiamondPro (6 days ago)
EirkinnLenny: I'll never get banned, I'm just too good. Ubisoft: *y e e t*
CarterPlay Game (6 days ago)
Drew Lishman (6 days ago)
Cancer UYE (6 days ago)
I like how one of the guys on the hackers team typed "Tux your team is toxic" .....
Kristianeatsegg s (7 days ago)
Mr short is a true soldier
Snake Drop (7 days ago)
i have to take a shit
Aticco (8 days ago)
i think battleEye is the only company that cares about ther gamers
You will forever be missed... Rip Mr. Short ?-2018
BUFO (9 days ago)
DasHaahr red (9 days ago)
*sees tux* activating hacks
King Lurch (9 days ago)
I was the hacker
NotChopper101 (10 days ago)
Song at 0:53
SirSupreme (10 days ago)
This hacker is so bad he played pulse... with wall hacks.
Lessard Patience (10 days ago)
*Why Buy R6 Credit*? *When You Get It Free From Here* Take here t.co/uNwHaRY5Qy?RxX2K7y9o 0:41
Mathilde Plouffe (8 days ago)
work like charms!
Jackthekilla 3D (10 days ago)
Wewowe report the shit out of the hacker
我是偽文青 (11 days ago)
Mrshort is a good gamer
Memerschmitt (11 days ago)
Always teamkill hackers dont take advantage of them or youre just as bad as them
Ya Boi Fuze (11 days ago)
Honestly hate the entire enemy team for not team killing him. Except my man Mr.Short, Respect!
Dank Baby3 (11 days ago)
Damn that is one good gaming chair
Austin Allen (11 days ago)
Respect to EierkinnLenny
Damissx Channel (12 days ago)
The toxic people are shit
TD BEELZEBOSS (12 days ago)
I honestly don’t get why hackers have to ruin such a good game...
That Boi (12 days ago)
How do you get killed hacking
gamer4life asd (12 days ago)
Imagine him hacking as clash
xXswagtrollGamingXx (13 days ago)
no hes good at roblox so he must be good at rainbow 6
Trimurthy Panchal (13 days ago)
mf hakar...in game
Raphael Martin (13 days ago)
music at 3:10?
Tim Brinkman (14 days ago)
The hacker is dutch, his name means eggchinlenny
Tim Brinkman (14 days ago)
Or german
Cappy Days (14 days ago)
I’m more than heartbroken I’m heartbroken for a cookie (if you don’t understand the joke it means you deserve a cookie
onemanarmy (15 days ago)
That’s called modding, not hacking. They’re totally different. Careful, you’re retarded is showing.
ChrisGR93 _TxS (15 days ago)
Fking small dickers
;}Zenkosaur (15 days ago)
Anyone aware that tux messaged in chat saying “hello youtube”
Squirtle Kyu (15 days ago)
gabriel sedano (15 days ago)
Noah F (15 days ago)
Battle eye gave him what he deserved
olywxm (15 days ago)
I know this is old but i saw the same tix on a battleyetm guy on battleyes team getting boosted so this was probably battleyetm if not tix was still defo getting boosted
Ayy Conner (16 days ago)
What's the song name at 0:50
punch3870 (16 days ago)
fact: the average script kiddie is around the ages of 10-15 trying to show off their mad 1337 5k1llz to their teammates, but refuse to play with them because they can't play the game right.
Pause at 6:52 and look what the kid said In chat.
Kyle Klodnick (16 days ago)
Mr short u the real MVP
Christopher Gagnon (16 days ago)
Just use the shield to block bullets Lol
EliteGaming delxr (16 days ago)
666k subs!
R6 Mashed Potato (17 days ago)
Rugmen was an og too he at least killed him once
R6 Mashed Potato (17 days ago)
and gave h armor
ManiacMatt (17 days ago)
Give the hax the absolute DAB ON!
Que Fase (17 days ago)
What is the name of the song at the end of the video?
TROUGH NATION (16 days ago)
Dylan Reese Reese (18 days ago)
viziroth (18 days ago)
and then he just paid 5 cents for a new account from a Russian account seller
kenzo_gaming (18 days ago)
Why would you hack when you have pulse and drones its basickly The same
Brian Pavon (18 days ago)
Why is no one bashing Tix?
Churronizer (16 days ago)
Pretty sure Tix was banned along with the hacker considering neither him or the hacker has played since white noise (which was the season of when this video was released) so they were most likely friends. one of the guys who defended the hacker Imgoininraw isn't banned. big_rugmen's account doesn't even seem to exist anymore.
Bowhy Nation (18 days ago)
This is what I beat my meat to at night
Mental Case (18 days ago)
Rest in absolute peace mr.short
Jolaun Lewis (19 days ago)
McYodo (20 days ago)
Battle eye dabbing on them haters (kill me plz)
darrell moncada (20 days ago)
What did he censor out
Toxicity (20 days ago)
So n Hurensohn 😂
Dillion Koob (21 days ago)
Rip Mr.short he will remain a legend
Gabby Joes (21 days ago)
6:20 Ladies and gentlemen... We got em.
Unknown Vlogs (21 days ago)
0:50 what’s this song called?
Lynox MKG (21 days ago)
Maybe he's just good
The Bacon Bros (22 days ago)
the only reson im climbing to diamond is to meet you
QuadrumGaming (22 days ago)
Clash is the anti hacker for defence now
Drak0n_ _Kill3r (22 days ago)
*sigh* always the hackers being toxic and cheating in easy games
antsport 2002 (22 days ago)
This is why i like xbox you never see people hacking but if they are they always suck and you kill them anyways
kspcat111 (22 days ago)
Dose any one know the song at 0:50?
LeonardPrydeGAMING (23 days ago)
5:34 but can it do THIS!?
Ben E (23 days ago)
I bet he's a copper anyways
Marc Simard (23 days ago)
Long live Mr.Short
Mason Moore (23 days ago)
Instead of banning, they should try to remove the persons hacks and make it so they’re forever copper 4
Captain Autismo (24 days ago)
Mr.Short is up there with Tachanka in the heavens
The Beerex (24 days ago)
Press f to pay respects to Mr. Short
Mektiq _ (24 days ago)
Rip mr short
Ágatha Oliveira (24 days ago)
*YEAH! I found a super quick way to get unlimited R6 Credit guys! its shared on here* Check t.co/uNwHaRY5Qy?IcA4K8u7y 5:11
Xiu Juan Liao (19 days ago)
did you get?
Lissete Jaimes (23 days ago)
new version
that one guy (25 days ago)
Mr Short is da real MVP
JM Gallo 18 (25 days ago)
Tking ur teammates would make more witnesses wouldn’t it cuz then they can spectate u and see the hacks
ツMythic (25 days ago)
Catster The Gangster (26 days ago)
Jay Rude (27 days ago)
This is why i hate Pc gaming....
ItsHisyamaster (27 days ago)
This is larry he is 0 year's old 😀 👕 👖 1 Like : +1 year old
Riccardo Raspone (27 days ago)
Respect for Mr. Short: he was a good boi😣😔
Frappier Inèssa (27 days ago)
*The simpliest way to get unlimited R6 Credit in Rainbow Six Siege is by using* More t.co/uNwHaRY5Qy?OgJ1T9p9m 5:53
Fidela Venegas (25 days ago)
happy mate
Joya Borrego (25 days ago)
why ?

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