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Fired Guild Wars 2 Dev Responds and Still Doesn't Get It...

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YongYea (8 days ago)
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Jess H. (10 hours ago)
YongYea also woman have stronger work rights in jobs in America. All they have to do is say sexual harassment and the guy gets fired without investigation and the wage gap is a myth.
warren lynch (1 day ago)
YongYea Sadly, she has no integrity, lacks character, no commonsense, she's mean spirited, contemptuous, a self anointed martyr/victim, she is without honor. She is another foot soldier amongst the hordes of SJWs, PCers, snowflakes, cream puffs, bleeding hearts and the like..........sad little human.
SonofKalas22 (1 day ago)
YongYea given that she considered Deroir's comments "toxic" and a byproduct of "sexism", I have severe reservations about her claims of "sexism" and "toxicity" in the community and at arenanet. She has demonstrated herself to be unable to accurately identify "toxicity" and "sexism"
the1tigglet (3 days ago)
The thing is this isn't new, this is exactly how the Devs at GW2 think of the playerbase. They have shown discontent with the community for years. This is just the latest.
Neon P Lotus (3 days ago)
Jessica is a textbook narcissist, period
Ja Lee (5 minutes ago)
Nailed it, YongYea!
R G L (11 minutes ago)
She mentions personal space so much, NASA contacted her for being qualified and ready to go solo exploration on Mars.
Kyo Svoboda (51 minutes ago)
I’m sure both were compensated well for their time with the company so I wouldn’t feel too bad for them
Anders Hansen (1 hour ago)
People really should understand that when they are on social media they are NOT in private anymore. It doesn't matter if you are tweeting naked in bed, posting on instagram while making dinner or update your status on facebook when at a friends house, everything you do on social media is public. Maybe it's why social media swept the world as it did, nobody understands that when you use it you give up your privacy and personal information. Another thing is that if you have the name of your employer and job title in your twitter bio that then makes you a representative of the company on twitter and anything you then post becomes the business of your company. Any infraction means getting you then get fired but you can avoid that by simply not having that in your bio or posting about your work or company.
CrazyassBeach (1 hour ago)
If she thought the guy was telling her how to do her job she clearly has something extremely wrong with how she perceive things, he was so respectful and chose his words carefully so not to offend. This is what’s wrong with feminist they just make up shit in their minds.
flacsmada (2 hours ago)
good example of an insecure feminist, making everything about sex, and attacking anyone. Makes me sad actually, she probably worked really hard to get to that position, just to throw it all in the shitter because she is too insecure to realize that he is not attacking her personally, but she is pretty dumb as well saying "im not on the clock" as if her actions while she was not working were not a reflection of the position she held within the company. Definitely deserved to get fired.
TheFilthy Casual (2 hours ago)
She seems to think she is a god calling people who aren't her below her. This is sad to see
WhiteWorlB (2 hours ago)
The attitude of "I wanna share my view with the world, but don't you dare to disagree" is pure narcissism.The second you engage in social media you willingly give up your private space. You can't have your cake and eat it too. When you go out into the streets with a sign that says "LOOK AT ME" . You should expect some reaction. Now if your are unhappy with that reaction then you probably shouldnt have made that sign in the first place. Some people are simply unable to grasp what social media is. The reaction of Mike O Brian is exactly what should and did happen in this situation as these two employees are unable to understand their work environment. If you want privacy stay off twitter or make your account private.
Knigh7z (2 hours ago)
This is how she acted when both a male AND female were fired. Imagine her uproar if it was just her...
Evilmike42 (2 hours ago)
Awwww. So a rando asshat ex-dev is still crying like the Nazi bitch she is. Have fun making burgers, you incompetent no-talent cunt. Did I hurt your bitchfeels? Too fucking bad. Now kill yourself.
L Y F E (4 hours ago)
This behavior is what reinforces the emotional bitch stereotype, and what feeds sexism. Ironic
SnSMuNitioNs (4 hours ago)
i dont even play this.. utube please
Thugorp (6 hours ago)
This was an excellent piece. Truly well spoken, and also Respectfully! spoken. I hope you are proud of this video.
Gilles (6 hours ago)
Good from Arenanet to fire this pathetic person. She has big time issues for sure. I hope she’ll regret this big time. No mercy.
Katima XP (6 hours ago)
Agree agree yes yes, nodding my head in the car all the way to work while listening to this vid. Great job.
2ndchanceinlife (7 hours ago)
Jessica and Peter are our teachers. Teaching us not to be “dumb cunts” like them.
TheDyingDaysOfYoutube (7 hours ago)
So which is it? Were you speaking truth to power or was some dopey amateur daring to challenge a seasoned pro? Who was the power in that situation?
/\'Cypheir (7 hours ago)
For once.... justice.... I bet she admires Anita Sarkeesian.
GigglesTheCat (8 hours ago)
since when did the media that used to protect the masses from the few with power flip and started protecting the few with power from the masses?
Everything Kaufman (8 hours ago)
Don't become the thing I hate? don't mansplain to me.... FOOLISH HUMAAN 👽
Everything Kaufman (8 hours ago)
Tell her to put some salt in the spaghetti this time 😂😂
Everything Kaufman (8 hours ago)
Death note like environment 😂😂
Everything Kaufman (8 hours ago)
Is she getting a new job 😂 who would hire her !
kinfeofspaghetti (9 hours ago)
Deroir should get her old job.
ChampEoT (9 hours ago)
Sad that her antics also sunk another Dev, (much loved by the Gw2 community) who had been with the company over a decade and was also a lead story/lore dev.
Socialism Sucks (9 hours ago)
Feminism... it's a disease
Hyperregression (10 hours ago)
Toxic vagina and mangina got douched. After Disney and Lucas Arts shitting on its fan base and costing it millions, and maybe potently billions, Im glad companys arnt putting up with it anymore.
Mr. Lonely (10 hours ago)
I love how people, of ALL RACES AND BOTH SEXES play the sexist, feminist, and racist cards!!! When they have NO more legitimate argument, they get desperate to play idiocracy cards... grow up people! Seriously...stfu or stay off the internet!
Jeffrey Cao (10 hours ago)
You know what's most scary about all this? This experience will not cause her to reflect on her action what so ever. It will only reinforced her twisted view that every male is out to get her. She will keep blaming others for her own faults and eventually pass onto that ideal to impressionable young girls. It's a shame really. She clearly has talents but instead of working out her personal issues and strive to be better, so would rather stoop lower.
Shane Maitland (10 hours ago)
Female privilege
Jess H. (10 hours ago)
This bitch was the bully. How the Fck does she mean stand up for herself?? Your the fcking billy bitch! Shut the Fck up.
As I comment this, there is exactly 666 dislikes.
Harry Felker (11 hours ago)
I am not sure how, in the current environment, she can claim what she says cannot have consequences, even outside her workplace. People are getting fired for their non-professional, out of work words and actions. I am an employee of an entertainment business (Culinary Professional at WDW) and I am always considered as representing the company, and as such, am liable for consequences. Mike had a difficult decision, he did what he (I am certain) was the best option among the options.
brian loy (11 hours ago)
I agree with everything you said except for one thing. Women aren’t victims, people are some of whom are women. You are not a victim for just being a woman that’s collectivist nonsense.
Ell Tee (11 hours ago)
Women have it harder in the workplace? Where, what fields are we talking here? Sure, if we were living in the past, but that's not the case anymore. Have to stop watching now. Bye!
Thejewishpeople (12 hours ago)
How to dig your own grave in a few easy steps.
William Kuykendall (12 hours ago)
Aaron Cardenas (12 hours ago)
Every single further quote I read from Price is causing my brain to cave in. How can this person POSSIBLY believe that she is some kind of advocate for standing up for some righteous cause? She was straight up an oppressive ass hole and everyone knows it except her.
Lone Wolf (13 hours ago)
I suspect that there's probably more to this than is being let on. I suspect that she's probably been warned in the past for her behavior and this was the straw that broke the camels back. I think that Peter Fries was probably in the same boat. They strike me as the type of people who would be as disruptive as possible in the work place due to their views on 'Social Justice'.
KingCrazy9 (14 hours ago)
That advice at the end is definitely something to live by, and I think it's something a lot of people seem to forget these days. Thanks for including that!
John ara (14 hours ago)
if one is feeling that their job is not bringing happiness, maybe they should change the fucking job?
Neo Thurmic (14 hours ago)
I'm a shelf stacker on Nightshift. And "bringing the company into disrepute online" is a stackable offence. So I find it hard to believe it's not in her contract.
Jared DeMarzo (14 hours ago)
So according to Jessica Price, a "safe company for women" is apparently one in which women can shit all over fans on Twitter and not be held accountable for it.
Kahrem Favors (14 hours ago)
Have no idea why this is even in question. If you talk crazy to your customers you're getting fired. Think that goes for every job under the sun. Mindblowing how completely out of touch this woman is. Got exactly what she deserved
Tony Carr (15 hours ago)
lol anther dem asshole fired lol lol
SlySpyKurt (15 hours ago)
TLDR; Anzy sexist feminist blows her frustration of not being praised as a god on a poor unsuspecting twitter soul.
Daniel Bob (15 hours ago)
Looks like she had a really bad day, and took it out on someone who had nothing to do with it. In public. She doesn't deserve to get fired for that, but I'm glad she was just because of who she is, and has been for years.
William Barr (16 hours ago)
Made an absolute cunt of herself, tried some back peddling that was nonsensical, oh and then the classic "boss was a man...." Yip all White men are evil......what a stupid cunt
Ayleeum (16 hours ago)
What a bitch., I'm glad these hostile people who make everything about gender are getting cut from the industry. Their warped and disfigured values don;t belong in gaming.
Neuro Mancer (17 hours ago)
A true leftist, you make the slightest peep that they don't like and they lash out and REEEEE.
Ericat (17 hours ago)
There victim complex is strong with this one.
Jakob K (17 hours ago)
As someone who has worked years as tech support. The reason why she feels like women are given support work, is simply because women usually are better at social-work. And no, support work is actually not harder than actual developer work, it seems to be that she's not used to be held to the same standard as men, no incel-rant intended.
Estevan Valladares (17 hours ago)
People has this strange notion that they "publish" things and keep the rights of having that private. If I say something about GDP or Unemployment in social media, even if it is only among my friends, if it is public, it is public. Would I think that criticism to my concepts of GDP or politics is because I am latino, nearsighted (literally), or whatever ? You are really not allowed to make statements detrimental to anyone regardless of being about work, personal life, or anything, not because you are in game developing, economics, or anything else. It is not because you are this or that business, it is because you are a human being inside a community, and that, you either are or are not, there is no "right now I speak of game but I am not the dev and I can say shit even if it reflects the game I represent". I like the "switch to something else and see how it goes" approach: "Would anyone like to see their congressman or president (yes Americans, I know, sorry) writing shit on twitter and not take this as gov related just because it is their -personal- account ?". Should we take them and everyone else who does the same off the hook because it is their personal account and they may be stressed out ? I love GW2 and that just makes me sad.
Emin Eke (18 hours ago)
good! because thw writing in guild wars is utter shit!
MrBanditoMan (18 hours ago)
Third Wave Feminism needs a major face lift. It's beyond toxicity and I'm so massively against what it is. Have some respect and quit being such terrible people. People in general are so tired of insane feminists doing this crap and their supporters enabling it. Simply act like an adult, act educated, and grow up.
MrBanditoMan (18 hours ago)
Arena Net is definitely a safe company for women lol...they are exceptionally good to their community, and I would almost doubt even 10% of the base of gamers in Guild Wars are toxic it's hands down the best online gaming community I've ever been on. They acting like ANet is a bad company is laughable, to me being a happy consumer of their product for many years with very few negative experiences and even disregarding the very very few negatives due to the bad being vastly outweighed by the good speaks for itself in regards to the company. They treat their community very well and also created a very welcoming community that invites the best of personalities to come together. It's really a special community as far as gaming goes that is on a level of it's own in a positive way.
Eder Ribeiro (18 hours ago)
I feel bad for the whole Feminism moviment for having people like her destroying it's image *sigh*
Akhil V Nair (18 hours ago)
Why is she even hired in the first place.....(Happens when Ego shoots above Talent)
Kiddeth (19 hours ago)
well she sounds toxic as hell... I wouldn't want to work with her.
Alicia Koester (20 hours ago)
Very well put. She jumped and was offended way too easily. I hope eventually she will step back and realize that she was in the wrong.
Lt Darkstar (20 hours ago)
Sounds a lot like the devs of Archeage... except those manchild-level employees don't have any endangerment of being fired, sadly enough. Trion Worlds = Garbage. Maybe she should go work at that toxic company.
Footde Coulde (20 hours ago)
i think Areanet was very professional in there choose and statement end of the day you work for a company your social media is connect to your work place and you say something that may come of rude or offensive people and it goes against the company's believes they are in every right to dismiss you if her account wasnt connected it may of been brushed of as a warning instead but it wasn't she shot her self in the foot and as an adult has to live with that tho from how shes talking shes in the belief she did nothing wrong, and there's no doubt what she said was true for female devs but its obsessives to anyone that nothing in the comment written even came close to begin anything else but a conversation about the MMO it was the least sexist then Ive ever read suck it up Jessica move on.
NukaPooka (20 hours ago)
Just to add as an Artist myself (Yes writers are apart of that artistic community, though i'm more of a drawer than writer) You have to expect that you will get critique even if you do not want it or get it all the time. Its an easy "Thank you very much for your words, i'll consider it in future work" That is all you need to say and move along, you can completely ignore the critique if you do not agree with it at that stage in your career.
Money Luser (22 hours ago)
fire all SJWs or your enterprise will eat itself
ebolamorph (22 hours ago)
If you ask me they should be blacklisted from other game dev companies
jarrod neuhaus (23 hours ago)
To me this is a bigger problem. People can not take criticism these days, even for others they like. I made a point that I didn't like a choice about a Critical Roll character made and that the character was not my favorite and had someone tell me that my "negative opinion" doesn't belong in the comments and that I was only saying it because the player was a female. There seems to be this idea that public art can not be criticized, whether that is writing, performing, painting, etc. I'm not the type of person to victim blame either but some people are taking the victim mantel on with no recourse. In this case she obviously was being worn down and instead of saying "I reacted poorly and did not uphold the standards I am expected to hold and will make up for it", it became about whatever would make the critics seem bad. I know there are toxic trolls and I know sexism exists but you have to be willing to take on criticism and if you need help with dealing with the stress your job is bringing seek it.
Douglas Kai Cong (23 hours ago)
Hope she never gets hire by any other company because i will boycott that company if they hire such a cancerous human.
Daniel Potts (23 hours ago)
Women like this are actually the reason why the "problem" is still around in the work place lol. She's created it out of absolutely nothing, and now apparently spread that fear into the place she got sacked from for being a silly bitch, now I imagine discussions in ArenaNet will circle about sexism no doubt because of these bullshit reasons she has thought up to cover her idiocy.
Douglas Kai Cong (23 hours ago)
No shit the quality of your work doesn't matter... if you are so great why don't u open a company yourself and shit on all your potential players because they slightly disagree with you. Let's see how far you can go :) Retarded human.
olearris (23 hours ago)
Why is there always some snowflake crying anytime someone put an opinion in. Geez lady you could ignore his post
Thurein Daniels (23 hours ago)
Great video dude. Everything is spot on, well explained and well edited.
Because REASONS!!!! (23 hours ago)
So this story is about a woman who hates her job and tried crying sexism to change the environment of that job to better fit her. Sorry, ladies that is not how it works. GW has been around long enough that they know changing the community to fit their business is a failing market strategy. The business changes to fit the market, it is called supply and demand. Good on the CEO for firing them, it is easily the best decision he has made this year. Also, devs working on MMOs are expected to do customer service as part of the job. So, her complaining about that bit is even funnier as she is literally complaining about a portion of her position. Just shows she was in the wrong line of work.
ChivKnight (1 day ago)
Get woke go broke. SJWs will be starved out by their inability to control themselves and hold down a job.
Ryan Lippincott (1 day ago)
She isn't even a "developer". Tell me with that experience and no STEM degree listed....that she programs....yeah right. Quit acting like a "developer" all to get free followers on your social media. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessicalibbyprice/ Then she bashes them. You think a creative writer would be better at taking criticism.
Zephyr Xu (1 day ago)
persecutory delusions
Chaos XD (1 day ago)
I want all the attention i can get lol
Stephan Rasmussen (1 day ago)
Good riddance to that nutjob
Burner Fire (1 day ago)
If he apologized and denounced her actions, do people believe he could be rehired?
Joel Norgren (1 day ago)
Very well spoken, thought through and respectful towards everyone involved. Great video. You fucking man
John LaBone (1 day ago)
What an ignorant idiot. What is with these people shitting on the costumers? I guess they are that stupid to think their jobs can survive without income. Also, why do they always seem confused to the reason they got fired? They need to start canning all these ppl if they want to keep their industries alive. Gaming, movies, and comics.
AngryKhan (1 day ago)
She is stupid for being a salty bitch and anet is stupid for bending to the hypersensitive SJW fanbase. Modern internet culture is cancer.
mamba701 (1 day ago)
well, the legal aspects of it is murky, but one could argue when the filthy fucking cow was still working for arenanet, the guildwars 2 customers owned the "rights" too guildwars 2, in order too play it. which if you take it too its logical conclusion, gives you legal "ownership" over her work, in a way we DO own her and she does OWE us
adam harlan (1 day ago)
Bioware or ea will pick her up. They shoot for employing people like her.
Can (1 day ago)
Don't imply that you are a feminist and give it a bad reputation if you are going to use it to cover your insecurities in random situations ffs.
Simón Salgueiro (1 day ago)
The huge ego this new fems have. Oh and women do not have it harder in the workplace. It's actually the opposite, as statistics and studies show
Elle Tailor (1 day ago)
Female gamer here... Jessica Price sounds like a precious snowflake hearing what she wants to hear, living in her own special little world.. She sounds like a fucking twat. And also... 2 ads in a 17min video? Ew
paisith sengsouriya (1 day ago)
guild wars sucks anyways lol
zuluknob (1 day ago)
Her next job interview is going to be interesting...
Morgan Odom (1 day ago)
Idk I don’t think she should have been fired.... that’s her job man
Auric Dalanis (1 day ago)
“Women have it harder in the workplace” when is the last time you were in a real workplace? They have it on easy mode
MrHustler (1 day ago)
Azzhole always get whats coming to them!
Eatable Bread (1 day ago)
As someone who works retail with a heavy emphasis on customer service, if I do say or do anything slightly stupid on facebook, twitter or any social media and I advertise on those accounts my workplace, I would get fired in a heartbeat. These big companies have a reputation to uphold and they make it pretty fucking clear that you shouldn't do stupid shit like this. This could've been easily solved if her account was set to private, if she didn't put her work in her bio, or simply didn't start shit. But I guess its the company's fault for her mistakes, right?
kylehboc714 (1 day ago)
Women have it harder? Really, the only women who have it hard are those who make it hard for themselves. Equal work, equal pay. Not standing around, skating past the heavy lifting or ladder climbing etc.. Tired of this "oh me" complex, suck it up buttercup.
R Doom (1 day ago)
Her responses caused me to sprain my eyes from rolling them so much.
Ani Ga (1 day ago)
Guys! GUYS!! I'm a victim! Look! Victimhood! I'm great at it! Look at me! I am special! Victim! Victim here!!
Richard Embree (1 day ago)
bitch is delusional.. cant stand people like this that live too much in their own heads and cant grasp reality.
Weyland Yutani (1 day ago)
I would like to know if she brought the other Guy Peter in for the wrong cause, say no and you are a sexist right, not much of a choice.
Mr. Sky Shark (1 day ago)
Jessica bitch should learn something from digital extreme dev! alot of women working at DE and they're very professional when it comes to the game community respond
Kelp on the Way (1 day ago)
You don't deny that women have it harder in the workplace than men? How many female roofers have you met? Sanitation workers? Over the Road truckers? Any special federal protections for men in the workplace like there are for women? Sensitivity training classes to prevent men from feeling uncomfortable while they're on the clock? Believing that women or any other class of immutable characteristic are victims because of said characteristic are victims in a meritocratic work environment is always a lie. Jessica Price fucked up and got fired because she started a twitter fight with a member of the player base who wasn't trying to pick a fight with anyone. If she worked for me, she would have received the same treatment. The only thing that is hurting women's opportunity in game development and tech in general is her behavior.

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