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Fortnite Battle Royale Season 5 Battle Pass Theme. In today's Fortnite season 5 theme video I take a look at the real life durr burger and the potential of pirate ships, pyramids and so much more. Sub to Josh for Fortnite real life footage - https://www.youtube.com/c/ItsJosshA ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sxvxn Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sxvxnyt/ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/sxvxn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SxvxnYT Discord: https://discord.gg/sxvxn Merch: http://bit.ly/2qAQCt8 Sponsor: http://bit.ly/2xxvlm3 Vlogs: http://bit.ly/2jVgBn ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credit for other clips: Anchor - https://bit.ly/2fttEvx Wagon - https://bit.ly/2KYSa9t & https://bit.ly/2KUURZG Motel Portal - https://bit.ly/2L1G7F2 Tomato Head - https://bit.ly/2zl6zZ6 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Use my link to start earning from your YouTube videos! http://bit.ly/2ywWtlb Get Fortnite Battle Royale for free: Link: https://pixly.go2cloud.org/SHGJ Thanks to Epic Games for supporting my channel Affiliated with Obey! https://www.youtube.com/user/ObeyAlliance https://twitter.com/ObeyAlliance ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for watching. (319,500). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More about Fortnite Battle Royale: The Battle Is Building! Fortnite Battle Royale is the FREE 100-player PvP mode in Fortnite. One giant map. A battle bus. Fortnite building skills and destructible environments combined with intense PvP combat. If you are reading type FORTNITE In the comments.
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Text Comments (962)
SXVXN (12 days ago)
Egyptians, Pirates, Cowboys and more. What do you want in Season 5?
SXVXN dragons
MineBlox 249 (9 days ago)
SXVXN a skin called drift
Kindlamb 77 (10 days ago)
The noise from the call could make an image I forgot what it is called but there are sounds that can make an image doki doki literature club did it by having you rename a file format to .ogg
Owen M3152 (10 days ago)
SXVXN the registration is the same as the police car in fatel fields
RuskiNator (11 days ago)
BrenanTheGreat i cant right now but send a friend request to me username: RuskiNator
Rameses John Carisma (9 days ago)
Me my name is Rameses im a god of ejips
nifergus1 (10 days ago)
Ryan Andersons YouTube (10 days ago)
D07 double 07 007 the movie?
Cyber & LaZer (10 days ago)
7wk is probably because it was when the blockbuster was first available
Mental harry Gaming (10 days ago)
It’s also a japanese kitsune mask
Cj Powell (10 days ago)
I think that Egyptian place will be called perilous pyramids
Slippery Tower (11 days ago)
donky kong (11 days ago)
It would be cool if dir burger becomes a legit restaurant
Eli Anders (11 days ago)
Thanks for the videos
Leithan Thompson (11 days ago)
D707 I think means day 7 of 7 so Sunday
It is a Japanese kitsune mask
Daniel Savkovic (11 days ago)
7wk was The Visitor so mabye he will come back in Season 5 week 7??
faceplant 1000 (11 days ago)
dude u are amazing
Ender YT (11 days ago)
dinobone in mosity and in tilted there was a sign of something hitting earth and this is how to know where secret battle stars are youll need a weekly challenge loading screen and look at it carefully there is a faded battle star if you go there its there and a free tier
Allan Rojas (11 days ago)
Did we forget about the lonely lodge sign?
AB Gloves (11 days ago)
"worlds collide" If you look in the news it says "Season 5, Worlds collide!"
AB84 FortNiteLegend (11 days ago)
The registration plate probably means Wednesday when season 5 comes out
Lil Tardy (11 days ago)
Freezi boi (11 days ago)
The car has the same number plate as the old on ne’er dusty before it went boom
My friend said it was clickbait but I told him omg it isnt clickbait
You were in a bcc trolling vid
SXVXN (11 days ago)
Wicked! I'll check it out later. Thanks for letting me know :)
The police car is one that disappeared a police car disappeared on the map with the same number plate
Daniel Vasques (11 days ago)
I love how you take your time to reply to the fans that means you really do care of them Subscribed hit that notification bell AND smashed that like button👍
SXVXN (11 days ago)
Thank you! I always try my best to reply to all comments and even speak to everyone in the Discord server :)
Devin (11 days ago)
Thx for the news sxvxn really hyped for season 5 :D
SXVXN (11 days ago)
Thank you :))
Devin (11 days ago)
SXVXN (11 days ago)
No worries, mate! I can't wait for season 5
savie martina (11 days ago)
Somewhere else in moisty is a portal, pls like so SXVXN can see
Khael Beats (11 days ago)
The mask is a Japanese Fox called "Japanese Kitsune"
boomday454 (11 days ago)
maybe we can go back in time and go back to the old map where dusty depot was still in the game and the meteor did not hit at all
FreshNuggetsY T (11 days ago)
the number plate the end it cold be representing a specific place?
The visitor trying to leave our time completely broke fortnite lol
Joanne Tibby (11 days ago)
The 7th week was the week the visitor came out
Bizarro Junggle (11 days ago)
i feel like greasy will be covered in sand because the durr burger is surrounded in sand put the pieces together
SXVXN (11 days ago)
Yeah, believe the whole map might be covered as well.
Fred Rey (11 days ago)
the lama in the telephone box is linked to the doctor who and his tardis
SXVXN (11 days ago)
No worries, mate! I hope you're having a great day!
Fred Rey (11 days ago)
Fred Rey (11 days ago)
no way Im a big bro this means alot
SXVXN (11 days ago)
Yeah we have a lot of ideas in the works.
LUKEY (12 days ago)
This was amazing! Im mind blown. I also think we are going to see Vikings because that is a viking anchor, im a big fan a vikings so i hope we get a viking skin. Great video Martin
SXVXN (11 days ago)
Thanks mate,. :)
Josh Ammari (12 days ago)
Btw SXVXN i subscribed and like and I didn’t forget to SMASH that bell keep up your SUPER GOOD WORK
Josh Ammari (12 days ago)
SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN I FOUND SOMETHING if there is something about week 7 in season 5 well.... season 4 had a blockbuster skin in week 7 and what about week 7 in season 5 there will most likely have a blockbuster skin and he ( or her) might do something
LuiG (12 days ago)
LuiG (12 days ago)
SXVXN What if you built a part of the new map for a video
SXVXN (12 days ago)
Whispe r (12 days ago)
You Are My Favorite Youtuber your so cool
Whispe r (11 days ago)
SXVXN oh and btw can i pls add u on epic friends my username is Slime_Show_ i really wanna build something cool with you
SXVXN (11 days ago)
No worries, mate!
Whispe r (12 days ago)
SXVXN Thank you so much for replying back 🙏
SXVXN (12 days ago)
Thank you. I hope you're having a great day
jorja hawkins (12 days ago)
I think the themes ejyption
Cloud Sparxzzy (12 days ago)
Going off of the ufo stuff on the table in season 3 when the "meteor" was in the sky to the right of it there was a ufo
Yerk 43 (12 days ago)
Hey sxvxn👌
SXVXN (11 days ago)
Minato Namikaze (12 days ago)
If u want to gamesharw add broly_nisya on psn i have some games i juste want assasin creed or something like that with history mode.. peace
Daniel Playz_YT (12 days ago)
Dude. The mask in the background of the picture isn't a Egyptian goddess. It is a Japanese fox. It is called a 'Kitsune'.
Daniel Playz_YT (12 days ago)
FINALLY! A YOUTUBER REPLIED TO MY COMMENT! You produce such good content. I wish i could make gold content. :(
SXVXN (12 days ago)
Hmm possibly :) epic make their own variations of everything, we'll have to wait and see!
TrigaaFingerr (12 days ago)
Guess they should of saved ride the pony for this season🤔
SXVXN (11 days ago)
Yeah, that would be a laugh.
Chris (12 days ago)
d070 could mean dozen and maybe they’re will be more of the durburgers
SXVXN (11 days ago)
That's a good theory.
Josiah Lipscomb (12 days ago)
You should do a season four review if you have time before the launch of season five.
SXVXN (11 days ago)
Appreciate the support and the idea. :)
holdthedoor2go plays (12 days ago)
Who is hyped 4 season 5
holdthedoor2go plays (11 days ago)
You replied thank you that was the first time a YouTuber replied to me thank you your awesome
SXVXN (11 days ago)
I'm very hyped.
obert roblox robert (12 days ago)
Nvm u know that
SXVXN (11 days ago)
That's okay, appreciate it. :)
obert roblox robert (12 days ago)
I saw the teleporter at the tomato town at the head
SXVXN (11 days ago)
That's okay, appreciate it. :)
Aqueiz (12 days ago)
The UFO magazines might hint season 6.
SXVXN (11 days ago)
Yeah, you never know. :)
Jeydin Alejos (12 days ago)
honestly all this stuff seems kinda in vain when the season is about to come in like a couple days and everyone will find out what season 5 is about anyways
Jorge Negron (12 days ago)
I think the license plate has something to do with the blockbuster aka The visitor skin because of WK7 week 7 is when you unlock the blockbuster so idk
Evan Bardis (12 days ago)
I wish there was a ancient Greece theme too this too ;-;
Jeydin Alejos (12 days ago)
how did you see the carriage get teleported in? when i go there now the carriage is already there
DriftyManiac (12 days ago)
It's definitely not bastet since she has a full on black face and looks more like a cat. On the other hand the Kitsune is detail to detail the exact same and has the power of bending time and space. This makes sense with appearance and story.
Daniel Playz_YT (12 days ago)
ReaproarAmv, Thanks.
DriftyManiac (12 days ago)
Daniel Playz_YT nice
Daniel Playz_YT (12 days ago)
ReaproarAmv, hopefully he replies to your comment. He replied to my comment.
Daniel Playz_YT (12 days ago)
ReaproarAmv I just commented something like yours.
Xander El-Youssef (12 days ago)
AssassinDamon12 (12 days ago)
There is a place code D707 (Its sandy)
HodieM (12 days ago)
As always no clickbait and 100% trusted👍👌
Doc. Plux (12 days ago)
U deserve more subs than pewdiepie
jimnji maski (12 days ago)
D070 MEANING. D means day. 070 means the day off the season 70 days.
SKAR 24 (12 days ago)
Everything will get sucked into portal and will get placed in Egypt and everything will be like dunes and sandy
Bram Mackaaij (12 days ago)
Its maybe the and of Fortnite
franklin garcia (12 days ago)
Pirates ship is going to be in moisty
H4Di 666 (12 days ago)
Bro how do u have 300 thousand subs I remember when u had 12k
Joseph Figueroa (12 days ago)
No dude, that is most definitely a japanese kitsune mask in that teaser image.
jjl gang (12 days ago)
Thers a UFO. im the crack in the sky
TheHunter00009 (12 days ago)
Did PUBG do this ....
Nathan Green (12 days ago)
First Jk I’m like comment #300 Edit: more like #700
The mask isn't egyptian it's Japanese mythology "kitsune" not a cat it's a fox they used to wear masks
SeanBrady (12 days ago)
I’ve been watching u for a while u have inspired me to make my own creations thank u man much love
TheLazyTrain (12 days ago)
I swear you know everything
Noah Seaton / Muffin (12 days ago)
License Plate means C7 the square that Greasy Grove is in.
classic (12 days ago)
fortnite is making me confused
IZ (12 days ago)
d707 = day 707, i'm quite new to fortnite but maybe thats how old fotnite is or how old epic games is when season 5 happens?!?!
Sk3ptic (12 days ago)
Aj Styles (12 days ago)
I think there will also be old London
StruckMallard61 (12 days ago)
I get the wagon because wild west would have a prison
MR f4m3m0us (12 days ago)
Telefonebox is a reference to a timetravelschow
Jaco The Namib kid (12 days ago)
Its going to be Epic!
DonTheMLGKID _YT (12 days ago)
I like your viss
poke h766 (12 days ago)
I know what the sound was it was doinosurs so plz read this
Brandon Tishelman (12 days ago)
You know its weird how season 2 was medieval times, season 3 space, and season 4 superheroes, the seasons were progressing like just like there were knights and then space travel was discovered irl, and now season 5 is going back to history.
Brandon Tishelman (12 days ago)
Wait, that mask/face, i thought that was supposed to be anubis
Jonathan Sharp (12 days ago)
Cool video
OrangeGuy (12 days ago)
I'm excited for all the new glitches! :D
SXVXN (12 days ago)
Haha, I bet. Keep up the grind mate! :)
Kaboom plays Ftw (12 days ago)
Talan guile (12 days ago)
In the weekly challenges y have to serch battle stars the thos could be the qordinits
Dragon Fly (12 days ago)
I'm half Egyptian
Spungy Gaming (12 days ago)
I knew it would be history themed
cookygirl xox (12 days ago)
I LOVE your vids. Your amazing. I was 5th to watch also. Personally I don't really like all the changes but I'm an og player. Like if u agree
Kolin Renner (12 days ago)
This is going to be super cool !!
Szymon Chmielecki (12 days ago)
One of the best YouTubers about who does fortnite so much information in this video
Koen Brouwer (12 days ago)
Season 5 is about time traveling, the rocket opened the portal to other times in the past like pirats , egyptions and the cowbows! Some of the skins Will be time travalers and other themes that are in the past!!!!!
Jonathan Died (12 days ago)
A weird thing happened to me while playing!! I went to the indoor soccer field for a rubber ducky and it was a pool with a truck smashed into it! Was that a glitch ?!? Or! Because it went back to its normal soccer field in my next game
Mine Monster (12 days ago)
We are sand area it has been leaked I found a wild west hat in mosty am upload on Twitter
Kevin Wiemers (12 days ago)
It is the sound of the crack in fortnite
A Anime Weeb. (12 days ago)
I want you to get more 1mill subs! Almost everyone appreciates the work you have always done for us :D keep up the good work
Kyle Iomas (12 days ago)
To men of earth(including white sands incident)🧠
Kevin Wiemers (12 days ago)
The tent is not part of fortnite
Aiden Robinson (12 days ago)
The licens plate might be a code of some sort

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