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Text Comments (1611)
Gaming Knight 110 (5 days ago)
Yer i love sroud which ninja technique do you use tell me next vedio from india..😂
PubgMobile (6 days ago)
You are very nice
imvegan now (7 days ago)
0:54 kills #unknown 1:00 kills #unknown second time 1:30 kills #unknown third time Wtf is that shit????
the hunter171 (9 days ago)
And I cannot even afford pubg
PaulPlayzGames06 (11 days ago)
Shroud can Shred Cows ?
Ultra Gamer Ph (15 days ago)
Nooooooooo Yeeeeeeeeeeees
ShinyPeachCraft (20 days ago)
Shroud should stream snipe wadu for a change
Ansh bhardwaj (22 days ago)
Blue (24 days ago)
Omg😲😲the king of military base😲 (pubg mobile) If u like the video subscribe the channel and press the like bottun link below https://youtu.be/zuDHfWG7idM
Grifty Shift (28 days ago)
Shroud is no longer as funny as he was...😔😔
Eduardo Mendez (29 days ago)
He killed wadu twice
baguzt Saputra (30 days ago)
Bro You Kill Wadu........
ARIBA SEAL (1 month ago)
Emad Khan (1 month ago)
SOng name ?? at 10:06
sayandip bera (1 month ago)
5.35....what is this songs name?????
sayandip bera (28 days ago)
+Grifty Shift thanks man
Grifty Shift (28 days ago)
sayandip bera ROCK STAR
ghost love (1 month ago)
CST_ABDOO _PLAY (1 month ago)
Play pubg mobile
Dylan. (1 month ago)
We're actually quite proud of our vehicle physics
christopher's vids (1 month ago)
Shroud and chacotaco are the best also powerbang i have this friend that is a wepon master his name is crykilljoy
Samith Gurung (1 month ago)
Which song ?
Drive Home (1 month ago)
Shroud playing to vengaboys is the best shit eveeeerr
Abhik Raj (1 month ago)
"Shroud" Absolute boss!
Serama PH (2 months ago)
Did wadu says shroud why?
Aryan Vivek (2 months ago)
Visit my channel to see how pubg is broke
Mrunal Padvi (2 months ago)
You're awesome man
Keep Calm Buddy (2 months ago)
Notice he didn't say I don't smoke weed.
[MR- RG ] (2 months ago)
Well I found free $6435a money making system that is really working for me>>>getpplcash.win/?m6kByG Woow amazing....thanks.
Radeox (2 months ago)
probably they were doing like erasableninja at 3 26
zaheed ismail (2 months ago)
please don't kill wadu :D
будь здоров.
pandtt 0052 (2 months ago)
3:25 #erasableninja
Opium (2 months ago)
Young dumb and broke high school kids
Abang Juja (2 months ago)
shroud sir gve me 600 uc pls.......i do watch ur video without mssing a single day im huge fan of u
arthos26 (2 months ago)
3:53 "Do you know Tupac??
RAWERSson (2 months ago)
и нахуй ты это сделал?
prachi ugale (2 months ago)
All are #uknown in first kills
Dongsaeng Jon (2 months ago)
Did wadu and shroud already met in person?
Soft Ookoo (2 months ago)
I love shroud. And only you can kill wadu we get it
nextFauzindo (2 months ago)
can you buy me pubg?
Gytisz Skl33pyr (2 months ago)
18:15 when shroud drives :D
Lil Smoky (2 months ago)
3:24 When I need a ride
Lazuardi Pratama (2 months ago)
I don't go out I don't go to clubs I don't buy tables I don't buy bottles Buy skin!!! anyway, consistency makes you legend
Echuron (2 months ago)
shrood hak
Jonáš Lukačovič (2 months ago)
Wadu is more like waldo... U have to find him in every single game u play
Ian David (2 months ago)
I wanna know how many games shroud loses
Mayo Tayo (2 months ago)
NitroDragon911 (2 months ago)
Why not just use your BP?
Igone (2 months ago)
before you kill someone say oh the yes
Apo Pie (3 months ago)
Hehe xd
bogota vaping company (3 months ago)
Hưng Đỗ Phan (3 months ago)
What is that song at 5:40
Eidref (3 months ago)
Little did he know he has his own skin now.
newt3k (3 months ago)
mobile legend gamer (3 months ago)
Wadu hek
battle fags (3 months ago)
Shroud will be the first playdr to find out that u get diamond slins after killing 50 people in one game
Vinayak Singh (3 months ago)
Don't kill wadu please😧
Rodrigo Escobar (3 months ago)
Shroud I love the akm is my favorite gun in pubg and I love the kar98k too and those are my most favorite guns 😃😃 and I really love those skin for your guns it be really cool if they added those skin for pubg Mobile
m3gAgoof (3 months ago)
Shroud this is an intervention about your addiction to buying expensive skins.
ali baba (3 months ago)
can u fix cheat
Ninguém '_' (3 months ago)
ViRuS YT (3 months ago)
Wadu skins: QBZ and QBU
Casey Johnson (3 months ago)
Noooooo wwwwwaaaaadddddduuuu
プリちゃちゃ (3 months ago)
xXLODZZX x (3 months ago)
The ninja of PUBG!
Rocker rick (3 months ago)
How many times will you kill wadu
Grimm Fandango (4 months ago)
All the lobbies he gets into are like 50% stream snipers
Youssef .A (4 months ago)
holy lool 9:33 💔😂😂😂😂
carlos pivo (4 months ago)
shroud stream snipes are the best HAHAHA
Zyrexism (4 months ago)
Will skins/different optics ever make it to Xbox? Or will Xbox be as updated as pc version?
user user (4 months ago)
Who is wadu ? 🤔
8:00 i didnt know shroud can talk to guns
Milan Ferko (4 months ago)
I love you.Not gay tho
FrEaKiNg GaMeR (4 months ago)
*noooo* *yessss* 😂😂😂😂
T-rannosaurus Rex (4 months ago)
Theres a crimson knife skin in CS:GO thats $3k :T
Artal Beatbox (5 months ago)
why all c9 mem have the same intro
肥宅_刺刺 (5 months ago)
you killed wadu.....
BamsFour (5 months ago)
Shroud’s only good because of wadu
SnM Vital (5 months ago)
I love wadu
COOL FROGGY (5 months ago)
6:30 IBuyPower
Nam Phương (5 months ago)
5:32 What's the title song?
Marko Räty (5 months ago)
This so called pubg player makes me sick
César González uwu (5 months ago)
9:32 I smashed the hell out of the F key
Luis Raymundo (5 months ago)
U ever play it on xbox shroud
Bike and Fire (5 months ago)
конечно я российский
Bike and Fire (5 months ago)
я люблю шрауда
Extra (5 months ago)
That's just bullshit you make alooot of money stop being so modest :)))
David Doyle (5 months ago)
4:56 “Why am I wasting ammo on you please don’t pan me in the head” lol that was me hahahaha
Pure Dope (5 months ago)
What a nice vid dude. 20 min of u killing stream snipers...
BigFat Chancho (5 months ago)
Word on the street u got a fat cock
NRS_RePSaC (5 months ago)
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa look at it
NRS_RePSaC (5 months ago)
NRS_RePSaC (5 months ago)
Jim Vaizidis (5 months ago)
Shroud is turning into Gross Gore.
BDMCAST (5 months ago)
I buy cases, I buy keys, *IBUYPOWER*
Zdog123 (5 months ago)
Chaos Theory (5 months ago)
12:44 best part 😂😂😂
sxmds Minecraft-and more (4 months ago)
Chaos Theory lmao
Ludwig Sundberg (5 months ago)
Chaos Theory o
Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat (5 months ago)
Getting killed by Shroud would be an honor.
AlmightyLennyM8 (5 months ago)
11:14 Nooo the cliffhanger, i really wanted to know what song he meant.

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