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PUBG'S new desert map 'Miramar' is finally here and it's awesome! Join myself, Aculite and StoneMountain64 as we squad up and explore this vast new landscape for the first time. Enjoy! :D ▶ Subscribe here! http://bit.ly/2nJgtxS Playing with: Aculite - http://bit.ly/2Ab0sWV StoneMountain64 - http://bit.ly/2kMYO7d ▼ Connect with me: Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/tomographic Twitter https://twitter.com/itstomographic ▶ NEW Steam Group! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Tomographic __________________________________________________ ★ My PC Specs: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Tomographic/saved/pJHQzy ♫ Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com https://www.youtube.com/WeAreEpidemicSound
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Text Comments (78)
BlutRatte (5 months ago)
I hate the mini, but this is just great gameplay with it. Impressing, i cant hit shit with this rifle
SquiffedArdvark (7 months ago)
The second to last guy died from playzone lol
SquiffedArdvark (7 months ago)
i dont get what glitch you guys talk about with the ads... ive never had that happen to me lol
Bluesmachine100 (7 months ago)
I like how as soon as he says “I’m getting PTSD” an advert for Dacia cars popped up with the number plate reading “I LIKE IT”, with the music “Dacia way I like it” :D
FoxyKingOfFoxes (9 months ago)
Those 5 people who unlike are gonna burn in hell
Daniel Castro (9 months ago)
tom when are you going to reveal you re face
Brent Morrissette (9 months ago)
lol 4:30 Tom: Its got some sort of weapon branding on it Stone: oh look theres something on the side of it Tom: Yeh, it says Beretta™ Stone: Berahtta! Tom: Ahh.....
ProtoTag Shelo (9 months ago)
Tom's voice is so... Orgasmic.
Xoraly (9 months ago)
cool stuff Tom
LOFA Taco (9 months ago)
Stone: he's behind the only tree on the hill Tom: * looking at like 7 different trees *
Juan Carlos Luna (10 months ago)
9:21 Spanish message on the wall means "I rule at this game"
The18x18x (10 months ago)
allahu akbar
Joan Diel (10 months ago)
Bring back fugglet
Saucy Biscuit (10 months ago)
game good (10 months ago)
4:44 something flying?
Kolt Cooper (10 months ago)
The muzzle break on the front of the Mini is bent to all hell. It's bugging the hell outta me.
APEX (10 months ago)
You guys should play with Fugglet man!
Ment0ssLive (10 months ago)
Tomo my man!! love your vids bro!
shane knolls (10 months ago)
It’s fun watching this from all 3 angles. I’ve followed Aculite and Stone for awhile and now I’ll follow you too! Good vid
Indigo Ali (10 months ago)
Tight video this game looks nuts
EpicBlob (10 months ago)
i like Stonemoutain, he brings some excitement to your videos.
ProCharged HD (10 months ago)
That thumbnail tho... Keep up the great work tom!
20707523 (10 months ago)
I dont understand how stone get so much hate just for talk more high, maybe it´s because i´m Spanish but love both players, looks how good guys.
v yoga p (10 months ago)
Do a west wild duty Tom, just shotgun and revolver in Miramar
The Average Churro (10 months ago)
i don't like stone. His voice is annoying and he is almost always complaining about meds.
Apololmonkey997 (10 months ago)
hey tomograpthic i was the guy who killed you as you jumped out the window on solo fpp love your videos sorry for killing you
thecaveofthedead (10 months ago)
This is a really fun squad.
Tedankhamen Bonnah (10 months ago)
A polite Canadian, a friendly Brit, and a funny American parachute into a desert deathmatch...
craftyman (10 months ago)
10:20 We've all been there... *Friends* "Squad SE next to the rocks!" (62342 shots later) "Got 'em." *Me, never saw a thing* "Well then!... Glad I could help!"
epri wisda (10 months ago)
where is noahj tom?
ReZZa (10 months ago)
1:53 Stone:2nd floor 2nd floor 2nd floor, Tom: I know you guys got it covered I just need to take some stuff. xD
Scrooge McDuck (10 months ago)
Hope you doing more Streams and videos in the future. Love it to watch your side of view. Thank you.
Lee Jordan (10 months ago)
@10:24 Tom is what I'm like on every single squad game
Joe Walsh (10 months ago)
Tom you need to get these guys to play on the EU servers and feel the lag spikes now and then!
Mohit Dodeja (10 months ago)
It's fucking stupid that you have so less views. Do something about it brother! The content is top-notch.
xd FrigZ (10 months ago)
5:25 Shots fired
Aaron W (10 months ago)
"Burrata, that's sweet" @ 4:38 Agreed, definitely one of my favorite cheeses
roflex2 (10 months ago)
"Behind the tree, the only tree"... tom looks at like 12 different trees.. lol such a bum steer from SM
roflex2 (10 months ago)
Stonemountains voice is so annoying, you and acculite I find are soothing and relaxing to listen to. When stone mountain opens his mouth I just want to mute it.
TheJakeRay1 (10 months ago)
@15:19, you can see that the 5th guy dies the Playzone, but it's only displayed for a couple of frames. Weird.
kashyap gaddam (10 months ago)
tom vs connor in the boxing ring next video? 😉 🤣
Ray Clemenes (10 months ago)
Tom deserves more
Frase (10 months ago)
Love ur games with stone great plays Tom 🤙
Nathan McMullen (10 months ago)
So much hate for stonie what the heck
roflex2 (10 months ago)
Because he is so loud and just talks shit, its annoying. I just feel like saying "shut the fuck up" half the time.
Arnolf Mendoza (10 months ago)
Team A.N.T.S.
Daniel Echegoyen Ulleland (10 months ago)
Good game Tom. :)
__darkhorse (10 months ago)
Fight me
Reckless Roges (10 months ago)
I like the new end music. Good to have you have Tom. Thank you for the quality video.
Oleksii Kolesnikov (10 months ago)
Abi Karami (10 months ago)
Just need a fuggman in this squad. Always love ur vids mate!
Michael Krämer (10 months ago)
OOOOOOOOH, that jab at Battlefront II came out of nowhere, haha :D
최정한 (10 months ago)
Better PUBG with Best players! Thanks!
Wick (10 months ago)
tony montoya (10 months ago)
yeyeye. Get out there, girl and be someone!
Zach Graham (10 months ago)
Baratta... lol. For a self proclaimed Military man Stone doesn't know a brand from his ass.
David Perry (10 months ago)
stone has never claimed to have been in the military which if you watch his u tube channel you would know!
KMAC323 (10 months ago)
He was reading 'Baratta' off the side of the gun. PUBG obviously changed the name to avoid any copyright/trademark infringement. I would've thought that was pretty obvious...
Dick Butt (10 months ago)
good vid Tom.. stone a lil uhh ruining the ASMR/calm gameplay you guys always have.. Fugglet's better.. it's just Stone's way of talking.. can't help it..
Harshal (3 months ago)
ikr.....he's like full of energy
Borsec666 (10 months ago)
I'd reckon stone considers this a warm up match :)
dom sturman (10 months ago)
I think stone is great. I admit I wouldn't want him playing with you and aculite in every video but I enjoyed this collaboration.
enigma9789 (10 months ago)
agreed. I dont really like stone.
Ray Clemenes (10 months ago)
I agree. Stone needs to chill (the reason why I am not subscribed to him).
NoHacksJustPing (10 months ago)
I larv you
Tim Offen (10 months ago)
I'm getting a massive dose of deja vu.
Fi Ya (10 months ago)
Time to take some popcorn boys. Wacth new vid tomographic now you can see true peace
kalamarusffm (10 months ago)
hate stonemountain. So glad you and Acultie provide high quality content, but can't watch this guy
Luis Castillo (10 months ago)
I personally like the mix. It's good that he's not a permanent fixture, but featuring him every now and then is interesting. It adds some excitement to the videos, and his call outs are usually pretty good. He works well with Tom and Aculite. If all you get is "cool, calm, and collected" allll the time, then the videos tend to just blend in to each other and there's not much growth or difference. Good on Tom and Aculite for trying new formulas to see what brings in more entertainment.
kalamarusffm (10 months ago)
Cool, calm, collected
roflex2 (10 months ago)
He is so loud and obnoxious American sounding. Acculite and Tom are much more calm and relaxed.
John H (10 months ago)
kalamarusffm (10 months ago)
I watched his stream just a couple of minutes but I just hate when people start yelling and screaming. It the complete opposite of Aculite e.g.
Aditya Shah (10 months ago)
FINALLY! The wait is over.
OldTalez (10 months ago)

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