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Text Comments (699)
Shroud (8 months ago)
Lets get 5 million likes!
lia lilly (1 month ago)
TenSe Lightning (1 month ago)
Mmmm 162k
Karlou Montecillo (3 months ago)
Tf 5 mil?
Haaave you met me? (7 months ago)
Where does shroud live to get 1gb down/up????????
Unknown Artist707 (8 months ago)
of course he does you maroon
Home-made Science (24 days ago)
Can you win a match with 0 kill its a challenge
DrainTheSqueake Djkdod (1 month ago)
3:50 Shroud Just rename urself aimbot dude all hacks are made just off of ur aim
Rangga Atmaja (2 months ago)
Samurai (2 months ago)
damn the way he controls that recoil LOL
SempakSipit GT (3 months ago)
in Russia Flicks use you shrood
Hengky Jiang (3 months ago)
those keep calling shroud cheat, u fucking retarded shroud is a profesional csgo player, no wonder his aim is so fucking good sry fr my bad english
Quick Scope King (3 months ago)
6:40 his skill is so good his kills don’t register into the game properly or right away.
OsS EliTe gamer (3 months ago)
Jeez why u so pro at all games?
AcGaming (4 months ago)
Why does Shroud always refer himself in third person?
PumpkinHD GT (4 months ago)
3:59 this what you call real time traveler...
BigFat Chancho (4 months ago)
"What"- Shroud 3:05
TiraMisu (4 months ago)
He is cheating. he uses Aimbot. wake up Fanboys ! stop sucking his dick
Mi Mi GAMING (4 months ago)
New subscriber here i love your insane gamplay 😍
rec0il _ (4 months ago)
God Gucci gang is such a trash song I thought I’d never have to hear it again... it gives my ears aids
rec0il _ (4 months ago)
Pfrinze Fries (4 months ago)
Shroud looks like Bosx1ne😂
Tommy Mack (6 months ago)
blabla bleble (6 months ago)
how to swap 4x to rds like shroud?
Mrityunjay (6 months ago)
4:00 wow direct headshot 😨
Snofall (7 months ago)
That`s what happens when u listen shitty rap music 7:29
Beer Muscles (7 months ago)
what mouse does shroud use
Chris Kouroushiaklis (7 months ago)
Hello guys! Check out my INSANE flick in my chanel! I hope you like it :)
VillYum (7 months ago)
Q: "What's your internet speed" Shroud: "1000, 1000" Gigabyte internet is dank
BlackHavvkk (7 months ago)
The longest kill on Xbox so far is 900 meters here it is https://youtu.be/CyS1cgiTheA
CWC Technologies (8 months ago)
Had a lot of fun playing with you guys. Drop by anytime: CoachCWC
Mbxwell (8 months ago)
damn the screen tearing is real
Randy Stalcup (8 months ago)
8:11 ROFLMAO!!!
Randy Stalcup (8 months ago)
2:53 when you are so good you don't even know how you killed the enemy.
StealthyDead (8 months ago)
Lynnx (8 months ago)
Is the S12 good on PC? Cause on console it’s actual garbage
jeyaner90 (8 months ago)
Can you upload in 1080p60 please?
k k (8 months ago)
cheat I'm just kidding don't serious
Ivan Rico (8 months ago)
Nice Gameplay,keep it up
daniel s (8 months ago)
3:58 literally what the fuck
Sok Davin (8 months ago)
Dude plz play pubg in csgo.....
Fexiq (8 months ago)
What headset is that? In need of a new one.
Versatile (8 months ago)
My boy shroud got aimlock, 3:56
Chad_Fury (8 months ago)
I’m surprised this channel isn’t in subscriber only mode
tech tack (8 months ago)
ZanusCZ PC Gaming (8 months ago)
3:57 aimbot activated:D
stylejunge (8 months ago)
shroud has a very nice cheat
kovács Vilmos (8 months ago)
3:56 Nice Aimlock :)
Tibor Dombai (3 months ago)
Kurvára nem de mindegy...
Tarik Ugarak (8 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtOGjrYx8QQ&t=476s IF you like PUBG check my channel!!!
Poseidon Rucoy Online (8 months ago)
Shroud u should play rules of survival its basically a mobile pubg i play it its pretty good actually for a mobile game
SammyR6 (8 months ago)
I wish I could be half this good :( can’t even control the M4 properly haha
Datz Gaming (8 months ago)
More banana man!!
shroud you are of csgo and pubg
shroud the king of pubg
Mercenary Tô (8 months ago)
đéo nói nhiều
Mercenary Tô (8 months ago)
ê thằng lồn anh tao bảo đón thằng Kiệt về nè
emre_esicii (8 months ago)
850k daaaamnnnn dad
Сусяка (8 months ago)
Inspired (8 months ago)
sSubtle (8 months ago)
play rainbow six
Tyler P (8 months ago)
Why is Arteezy playing PUBG?
RedReign (8 months ago)
Look at his chair what a fuckin homo
Castillobbx (8 months ago)
Shroud you have inspired me to play this game. I carefully pay attention how you play. And each day I’m getting better.I hope one day I catch you on a game. I love you bro
Thomas the Dank Engine (8 months ago)
Hey Shroud, what's your favorite gaming headset?
Gempot Molina (8 months ago)
Do you have instagram account shroud?
Django Steve (8 months ago)
https://youtu.be/w-TcgJYzWb0 I found a cheater :D. My NAME is chucky66 and i was inside that 2 floord building.
Damien (8 months ago)
4:07 id call hacks if I watched that in my death cam
AlexTheHaszard (8 months ago)
the title looks like it says fuck shots xd
Ajus Lucky (8 months ago)
last 5 videos on this channel ALL HAD FIRE IN THEM. STEP UP UR GAME, EDITOR
#UNKNOWN yeet (8 months ago)
Love u shroud iv been with you for 1 half year i support what ever u do
korng (8 months ago)
Guy Gibson (8 months ago)
Why doesnt shroud like Barjok?
Pranjal Ghoshal (8 months ago)
Please Send Me Csgo key in my steam id i don't have csgo in my pc
oG JIMMY (8 months ago)
Wtf i just had my car teleport glitch.. check it out! has anyone else had it happen to them? https://youtu.be/clMZOrkN-SU
Garrett Cotton (8 months ago)
I love PubG and all but he should upload a different game at least like once a week you know
Quatanox (8 months ago)
At this point the bird should know where the fuck he is.
soyfanaticon88 (8 months ago)
Madre mia xD 3:59 que fusilamiento
barsaXD (8 months ago)
Why does shroud titles him self in 3rd person in his videos ??? Someone else controls his youtube channel?
Wonders Cx (8 months ago)
This kids ugly
D OMEGALUL C (8 months ago)
play fortnite new map
Nightreal (8 months ago)
I really wanna know who disliked this video XD Shroud is MAD super skilled!!
Huay Fong (8 months ago)
wow what an insane fuck
Chan Xu (8 months ago)
Now Shroud uses the same headset as I do. I'm closer to be Shroud now.
rdwan bzaa (8 months ago)
The master 😎
EMadera (8 months ago)
*I was so hapy when I saw the title untill I noticed "PUBG" was in it... **#RiPC9Shroud*
George Fournier (8 months ago)
7:20 Doc?
Daedric Helio (8 months ago)
3:54 ........ god
CanadaRulez4Ever (8 months ago)
Shroud, you need a vacation.
Dirty X HippY nerd (8 months ago)
I don't like this Game all that much but I love watching you play it's so entertaining. thank you for existing :)
ArkeyYT (8 months ago)
Minuto 5:50 "Jumbo" ??????
Killa (8 months ago)
Instand 80- 100 PfS pffff why?
OxiClean (8 months ago)
0:50 UZI kills a full speed motorcyclist like it's nothing within the first 10 bullets.
Ishyskwishy (8 months ago)
The day has come ladies and gentleman SHROUD has resorted to click baity titles
Sam Bull (8 months ago)
Whats the two headsets he is using? They look sweet!
Еба ты жоский
Titan SixtyNine (8 months ago)
shroud still in C9
BlueFlame (8 months ago)
I think u are like father in that game!
SAMONIX (8 months ago)
inb4 the inbred kids calling hacks smh
Jaylen Prak (8 months ago)
Who else thought it said Insane Fuck shots in the title
Badzi0o0o0o0 (8 months ago)
Where the fuck i am???
Badzi0o0o0o0 (8 months ago)
*P* *U* 🅱 *G*
Vinity (8 months ago)
What the hell, 1k Internet speed? What provider? How?
kimpah (8 months ago)
your plays are always Epic wtf shroud
_Demon_ (8 months ago)
LoafO'BowlingBalls (8 months ago)
Come back to CS:GO and do like 1 cs MM match, we miss you shroud ; - ;

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