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snakepitsam (1 year ago)
can someone help me and explain to me how do i equip tank skins, its like i cant do it from the main menu where u can customize ur soldier, neither on bf1 webpage under career nor the mobile app.
5tat (1 year ago)
+snakepitsam you need to equip it when you are about to select the tank in game. Press triangle when hovering over the tank at your spawn and choose a new skin if you have some available
Fernando Zammit Terus (1 year ago)
best tank killstreak in battlefield 1
Kenny Fetsurka (1 year ago)
Great use of the hills as cover!
Power House (1 year ago)
They should add a tank only game mode.
Fernando Zammit Terus (1 year ago)
your damm right sir
LiterallyNothing (1 year ago)
OMG! Last time I looked at this channel it only had 45,000 subscribers! You have done so much!
Luca A (1 year ago)
cool video
Every1Talks (1 year ago)
There for a minute I thought I was watching the trailer for the F8 of the fast and furious movie.  HAHA!
Mart Tiemersma (1 year ago)
What one pigeon can do against the german army of ww1......😂🕊
Mattimus Prime (1 year ago)
Sponsor hype. Haha
Chris Nobles (1 year ago)
Awesome run 5tat. Everything else okay your way?
Jacob Thompson (1 year ago)
why are you not streaming. Is it only a special stream for donators and sponsors?
Nisim Shusan (1 year ago)
ido perlmutter (1 year ago)
Icy Motto (1 year ago)
Got 71 kills and 0 deaths with the new DLC tank.
Good video 5tat! I've learned something though playing BF1.....just getting to the trench raider is tricky because a lot of other players beat you to it. #TheStruggleIsReal
Saucy (1 year ago)
noiceee lolz
Farix 94 (1 year ago)
bieutiful a video oooo yes
FoRtNiTe iS BiG gAy (1 year ago)
its not my birthday i have not got aids my pet rock hasn't died i am not a small youtuber with a small goal of 10,000 subs i am just a guy with a rocket launcher
markitos650 (1 year ago)
omg. soy la visita 666 😱😰
TheSouthpark899 (1 year ago)
Christopher A (1 year ago)
xbassistdoodx (1 year ago)
I was willing to let you slip by pronouncing Z like "zed" but I draw the line at you spelling "Awesome" as "Awsome".
Buns & Bass MYFHC (1 year ago)
Phillip Gonzaba (1 year ago)
haha you killed me in this one dude good stuff ready for a stream Friday
Elijah London (1 year ago)
that tank is 🔥
Axel Andersson (1 year ago)
Drako Martin (1 year ago)
TheLightningNinja (1 year ago)
Great video man really enjoyed it you gave me some tips asswell
LIGHT TERRITORY (1 year ago)
Big fan
LIGHT TERRITORY (1 year ago)
LIGHT TERRITORY (1 year ago)
Tank Cooper (1 year ago)

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