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5 Items That Will Go Up In MARCH 2018 - Steam Market Investing Tips #16

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Speluh (23 days ago)
Thanks man
Sam (7 months ago)
Looks like gamescon have taken a bit hit, no one could of predicted that though :p The item is way too low for the price in my opinion
Brainlag (8 months ago)
Hey man what do u think is going on with the comiccon’s crate is it a good time to invest in it ?? @Static Gaming
Arman Clark (8 months ago)
love your content! i have a bunch of white and blue items on pubg for a while now waiting for the winter map!.. can you please do a update on the pubg crates? like if the survivor and wanderer will ever be discontinued?
j s (8 months ago)
Thanks, I really like videos that focus on investing. Have you ever looked into any other games on the Steam Community Market like Depth, Rust, or H1Z1 (theres a lot more)?
j s (8 months ago)
Ive made some money on some weird games on the market Turned 5 into 50 buying gift boxes for a game called business tour. There's a game called Depth that is going from drops to DLC and making future items unmarketable/trade-able not sure if this could increase the prices of items in the future. H1Z1 is back up to 30k players since it went F2P yesterday, might be worth looking into again. Sucks the new PUBG map isnt a snow, was really hoping it paired with the desert map would drive up white item prices.
Static Gaming (8 months ago)
Yeah i used to be into h1z1 investing but its a very dead game now so I've stopped doing any investing with it. Ive always been into csgo in the last year I've been into pubg. I should probably look into other markets for other episodes
Lanif Angelkiss (8 months ago)
I'm a bit new to investing, and I would like to grow my $100 steam balance (I do 3D art commissions, and one of my commissioners pays me in EUR Steam cards (instead of paypal), which convert to quite a bit of US dollars). The pashaBiceps suggestion has me curious. With a $100 balance, can I buy ANY Biceps sticker, like the " Sticker | pashaBiceps (Gold) | Boston 2018 " , or should buy just a few hundred of the regular stickers like the one you showed in your video? (Also trying to add you, I go by Lanif on steam)
VerticalAmaiChocolate (8 months ago)
thx :D
Lanif Angelkiss (8 months ago)
Alrighty, I'll try those out then, thank you, Static
Lanif Angelkiss (8 months ago)
VerticalAmaiChocolate Understood! I never thought of that, thank you!
Static Gaming (8 months ago)
Yeah in this case its probably better to go for then normal boston ones then sell during the hype that comes from his retirement.
VerticalAmaiChocolate (8 months ago)
Gigapig RKGD its more save if you buy many low price stickers bcs the gold stickers only have about 100-200 guys and can do with the price what they want
Lil Máriusz (8 months ago)
What about Operation Hydra Pass?
Static Gaming (8 months ago)
I have a few myself they could go up over time but probably not within the next month.
Sam (8 months ago)
You reckon desperado crates might go up a bit?
Static Gaming (8 months ago)
To me desperado crates are dead. Nobody wants to pay the €2.20 to open a €0.05 crate
Sam (8 months ago)
K6dax Gaming yea true but i feel it's already factored into the price. 5c is really low
K6dax Gaming (8 months ago)
there’s probably millions of them bc most ppl don’t open it
K6dax Gaming (8 months ago)
Sam nope
speedy 9906 (8 months ago)
Nice content. But i would like a summary at the end of a month wether you have been right or not. Sorry for my english. Keep on the good work and maybe it is a good idea.
Static Gaming (8 months ago)
Ok in the future i might do an end of month episode or an addition to April's episode. Thank you guys so much for the feedback and ideas!
Lanif Angelkiss (8 months ago)
Agreed with Speedy, I would interested on the results of some of your investments as well, Static! :D
Elliot (8 months ago)
speedy 9906 i agree!
Pensive (8 months ago)
First 😋

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