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ONLY 6 DAYS LEFT TO COP: https://represent.com/zerodeaths GREENSCREEN VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqVAti3WNJM MEMES: https://www.reddit.com/r/PewdiepieSubmissions/ Subscribe to Jacksfilms: https://www.youtube.com/user/jacksepticeye Headphones:: http://rzr.to/edgar Chair:: USA & Asia: https://usa.clutchchairz.com/product/pewdiepie-edition-throttle-series/ Europe: https://europe.clutchchairz.com/en/product/throttle-series-pewdiepie-edition/ Canada: https://canada.clutchchairz.com/product/throttle-series-pewdiepie-edition/ ‎
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Text Comments (21813)
keptcmack (1 hour ago)
HEY FELIX UR GRB, jk ily senpai san
A.V.S.M channel (2 hours ago)
so you copied jackflims. *BUT CAN HE DO THIS?*
Jasmine Yeo (1 day ago)
hears pewdiepie copied jacksflims......... ok no point in that comment anymore.
Jasmine Yeo (1 day ago)
PewDiePie: Leave your entries in the sub reddit bros and ill watch submissions in the next episode of LWAIY JacksFilms: Leave your answers in comments below ill pick my favorites in the next episode of YIAY me: who copied who? there both the same. HMMMM or could it be a coincidence? or if 1 of them copied the other guy claiming the other guy copied him,im pretty sure his brain is like this: 3:55 sorry for long comment
Lolster - (1 day ago)
Wow 380k ice creams
Drinky Winkyy (1 day ago)
Sandro Volpe (1 day ago)
if ur clappy and ur hands heppy know it
DeDerpyBunny (1 day ago)
I can't believe 380K people are ice creams, that's a lot
Marcus Rempel (2 days ago)
Lol you fucked it with the jack thing pewds, ive got decent sense when it comes to memes but i had no clue that you were actually messing around
Chehal Jewrajka (2 days ago)
6:07 man that was beast
Toasty Games (2 days ago)
10:46 😂🤣
RPGOMEGA37 (2 days ago)
PewDiePie copies jacksfilms jacksfilms confronts PewDiePie PewDiePie turns it into a meme Jackson gets mad
Mia Johnston (2 days ago)
nix james (2 days ago)
Jonna Norberg (2 days ago)
Jess 123 (2 days ago)
Dat rap tho... :D
B Kilingson (3 days ago)
Giant Isopods are like giant versions of rollie pollies
Radioactive Pugman (3 days ago)
you started 2 years after him you cheat i guess liars truly do want intimate adoration
heavyn leigh (3 days ago)
Why is the "theme song" so catchy...i been singing it all week...my dad ask what i was sing and i saud lwiay he asked if lwiay was cancer...lol
ExplosiveStickFigure (3 days ago)
Pewds copied Jacksfilms
Serbia Rock124 (4 days ago)
Pewdiepie why u copy YIAY
Marie Catleen Cisse (4 days ago)
Did any one see that above pewdiepie is a sign saying send njdes
Jaydan Playz (4 days ago)
Hayley .Elr- (4 days ago)
I will buy your chair please send it to me I’ll pay
Luigi Kingdom (4 days ago)
I thought it was real...
Luigi Kingdom (4 days ago)
Paracord King (5 days ago)
Crap it was a joke
Zekeriya Açıkgöz (5 days ago)
Get Wanda Coah to get very nice 8 pack < Get the chair Buy 4 very nice, fragrant, expensive colognes < Get the expensive ass Lamborghini of chairs
6:40 I imagined the sad music in "Excel Saga" hahahha.
0:08 TT_TT.
Salty (6 days ago)
Salty (5 days ago)
if you go to 1:06 then hit J 0:56 fits in with the sentence from 1:06. *Sounds confusing*
Caden Lucas (6 days ago)
I can buy that chair of you
chicken nugget (6 days ago)
no pewds, your chair is not 399$. its 469.36$ I know bc I have one..
Diable16Z (6 days ago)
Pk le titre ye en francais?😅
Lil Fresh (6 days ago)
I want pewds chair so bad :(
.___.derpface (6 days ago)
Jackspedicy: Can i copystrike pewdiepie?
.___.derpface no because pewdiepie is legally the owner of lwaiy Jack copied him
Whisper (6 days ago)
why is no one commenting on the fact the description says “jacksfilms” and then links to jacksepticeye
Rainz (4 days ago)
Whisper some one did it’s the top comment
UselessCompanion (7 days ago)
who copied who? LWIAY 22 lol
Bjarni Hólmgrímsson (7 days ago)
Take jacksfilms head
Joshua McGee (8 days ago)
what if admitting to being the real one that copied him is the real meme?
Samantha Lindhuber (8 days ago)
I want jack to get the chair and say it’s his own brand or whatever and do the “but can you do this” and pewds get shook
Dine Lalumiere (8 days ago)
What a dopee 20 first seconds!! Ur the man felix 👊
gonna rekt you (9 days ago)
Sworn Dungeons (9 days ago)
How could you use us for views? You re usually demonetized. Youre just a glorified chair salesman hahaha
George Jowers (9 days ago)
i would like your chair#
figure 2206 (10 days ago)
It's bearded Pew's
Vilas Patel (10 days ago)
Can we copy strike Jacksfilms
Mr.Pickleknotts (10 days ago)
You both copied ThioJoes's series, "Your Dumb Comments".
Rainz (4 days ago)
Mr.Pickleknotts that’s dumb comments lol
InsaneGamer53 // IG53 (10 days ago)
Shane Amsterdam (10 days ago)
Well, it looks like 379k people are ice-cream.
Jay's stupid channel (10 days ago)
Jack copied
kot kot (10 days ago)
Мне будто что ты масон, этак будто если бы ты не был им, то тебя бы уже издавна уничтожили.
kot kot (10 days ago)
Для вас 400 баксов будто 4 копейки
Arland Meredith (10 days ago)
Meme : He did it! Pewds: No, WE did it! *COMMUNISM INTENSIFIES*
Samma Potatisprodr (11 days ago)
I am a ice cream now.
Duke Dean21 (11 days ago)
My favorite original content
darkknigt magician (11 days ago)
for the love of god go back to gameing
darkknigt magician (4 days ago)
Wow im not a hater i still like his videos
Rainz (4 days ago)
darkknigt magician gaming*
Jpwarrior05 (11 days ago)
I would buy that chair if I had enough MOENY
eetu pelaa (11 days ago)
Lwiayw is better than yjai
The Fierce Deity (11 days ago)
11:36 it’s funny cause it’s actually true
Valdemar Jessen (11 days ago)
Hej monica is also danish
Harley Ramström (11 days ago)
Valdemar Jessen NO its not, fuck of
FOREIGN STEPH (11 days ago)
Pewdiepie is #unbothered lol
Mohdaliffhassan Hassan (11 days ago)
I’m on Pewd’s side
Louvatu Vosailagi (11 days ago)
Am i the only one who sees send nudes in his bacground.
Ecuddix Gamer (12 days ago)
future and past pewds equals infinite best pewds
Flux (12 days ago)
I like how you linked jacksepticeye in the description.
Mohamed Ezedeen (12 days ago)
u have to name it tdisum : this day i see ur memes
Aaron Stafford (12 days ago)
5:40 *plays USSR anthem *
pixel Gam (13 days ago)
The Bros And Howdy (13 days ago)
Pewdiepie crys vs jacksepticeye crys vs narkiplier crys how cry the most i alreddy no
Thede5troyer7733 (13 days ago)
I honestly love pewdiepies beard
Alex Eriksen (13 days ago)
I Swedish Skratta
Shy Guy (13 days ago)
How come every time I smile everyone runs away
its ya boi james (13 days ago)
now i saw u smile i got nightmares for the rest of my life
lhandleylol (13 days ago)
Surly he is not the best comedian if he only has three million subs like you have 64 million subs huh
GALAXY COCONUT (13 days ago)
Nah, I'll rather watch Jack.
GemuTabi (13 days ago)
The one whos fault here is one of the fans of pewds, and pewds use it too. so its all Accident. sorry for late comment. i got interested the history of this lwiay and yiay
Lexicon (13 days ago)
Comeone Felix u can do it
gregory wald (13 days ago)
We need to talk about the Zaku, keep him off the history channel,he's very impressionable to imperial tyrants.
Presley virbalis (14 days ago)
The First YIAY Was In 2015 And The First LWIAY Was In 2017
Er Wut (14 days ago)
Stop copying jacksfilms
Rainz (4 days ago)
Er Wut you know their friends right he’s been in jacks video before
mrkazoka (14 days ago)
Leave your in entries in the sub Reddit BROS, and I'll watch submissions, in in the next episode of LWiAY!!
I am new why does pew die pie have a Asian I think Muslim woman on his border
Nilava Saha (14 days ago)
8:40 he's naked! ... reporting him for sexual content
Zucc Me (14 days ago)
Jack films and pewdiepie collab???
Rainz (4 days ago)
Zucc Me that happened before
derpythe muffin_ (14 days ago)
Good job pewds jacksfilms will not be hated on anymore
derpythe muffin_ (14 days ago)
Good job pewds jacksfilms will not be hated on anymore
derpythe muffin_ (14 days ago)
Good job pewds jacksfilms will not be hated on anymore
kubilay91 9 (14 days ago)
Let's look at the first episodes of lwiay and yiay Jack films was right Yiay=3 years lwiay=1 year I think we can see the difference.
Plotagoner (14 days ago)
Felix is a ketchup.
Hitler Youth (14 days ago)
I can't believe Google copied both of you guys with their multicolored logo.
McCrafter_Gamer _ (15 days ago)
How could you have 64mill subs but only 6.3mill wharch ur videos😱
Rainz (4 days ago)
McCrafter_Gamer _ yeah I guess idk
McCrafter_Gamer _ (4 days ago)
+Rainz like me
Rainz (4 days ago)
McCrafter_Gamer _ because people would start getting bored and stop watching but stayed subbed or stopped watching because he doesn’t really do gaming anymore
Bree YT (15 days ago)
Markimoo was the first for those fidget glasses... Mark is god
Shayna .A. (15 days ago)
10:45 I shouldn't have drank water while watching that. It spewed out of my nose ;-;
Connor Radle (15 days ago)
11:31 This is bullshit he does not use us. O H H I M A R K!
Kei Central (16 days ago)
jacksfilm subscription link leads to jacksepti eye
Juaquin Aguilera (16 days ago)
Handshake meme 10/10

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